The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Darkself


I prefer bimbofication stories, stories where straight woman are turned into lesbians and stories where women are gradually turned into sluts. I enjoy the occasional male-male stories, if it’s written well and the sex is tame enough (oral is OK, but that’s about as far as I can read).

Bimbo Class

“THE” bimbo story at this site. Sharon tried to resist but Miss Adams uses that resistance against her, as she goes from being a hard-worker to a brainless sex toy.

Bimbo Dot Com

An excellent fantasy spin on the horror movie “The Ring.” Just like the movie, a reporter tries to uncover the truth before it’s too late for her.


I really can’t explain why I seem to enjoy this story. Maybe it’s the utter humuliation of becoming a bitch in heat for her dog, or just because of the way it’s written.

The Bra

It’s the usual “hypnotist overcomes authority” story. This is one of the best of those, as Rachel is turned into one of Madame Cong’s sluts by a mind-control bra that feeds her suggestions.

The Great Mysto

One of the few male-male stories that I really enjoy. A stage hypnotist ensnares a man during his show, then used a post-hypnotic suggestion to control him after the show. What makes this show is the girlfriend’s failed attempt to save him.

New U Salon

A classic. They say clothes make the man, and that applies in this story to women as well (clothes, along with makeup, hair and figure. I’m surprised this universe hasn’t been explored more than it has, although the Woman Woman entry (not on this site) is just as interesting.

The Pyramid

This story left the site for a while, but thankfully it’s back. A nice, simple lesbian conversion story. The conversation Suzy has in her mind make the story.

Raggedy Anne

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or in this story’s case, their own will. Charie never saw it coming.

The Smokey Seduction of Sarah

I hate smoking, yet have a smoking fetish. Go figure. Gill remakes her step-sister in her own image, from the head down.

Student Services

This has a feel similar to Bimbo Class, with the addition of making Sarah want to have lot of babies.

Brief Resistance

There are so many stories with a man turning a woman into a bimbo who desires sex with him. This one is different, which makes it so special. Here, the bimbo is turning the tables, seducing the man to make him want her.

Walking Broad Street by Tang

This story defines itself early with a comment about Di considering anyone on her patch to be her property, and weaves a story of submission so seductive that Miranda’s new life just sees so elegant.

Be Careful What You Wish For by Candace

What makes this story so interesting is that the transformation starts out as something that Candace wants. The changes are slow and gradual, and eventually both Candace and the audience realize how much trouble she is in.

Jill’s New Baby by pshadme

I find the idea of someone being hypnotically turned into a baby to be very interesting, but the incontinence angle is quickly a turn-off. So for me, this kind of story is perfect. I would have liked to see a little more explanation on how the baby powder affected Robert, but that’s just nitpicking an otherwise great story.