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Three things catch my attention, and keep me “re-reading” a story:

  1. The “victim” is at least marginally aware of changes being made to their persons, but powerless to prevent them, either because of blackmail, hypnosis, or explicit mental domination-mind control. In the ones I like most, the victim has at least one moment of complete clarity where they realize everything, but it’s much too late.
  2. One of those changes should be the complete (hopefully permanent) removal of pubic hair, multiple piercings or at least one tattoo.preferably all three. Something like head shaving or breast enhancement are a touch of spice, but any permanent change is better than one that can be easily undone.
  3. Femsub. Although I’ll read and enjoy stories where men are the targets, I prefer it when the woman’s on bottom, at least figuratively. On the flip side, I enjoy maledom and femdom stories about equally. I almost don’t care who’s in charge; I just prefer that the submissive is female.

Apart from that, if I have to spend a lot of time editing a story for grammar or readability, it naturally sponges away at my enjoyment. When I type I use both hands; I can scroll down to read a story with my mouse, using only my left.

Step by Step by Cal O’Shaw (mc mf md)

One of my all-time favorites, it had one of the more unique approaches I’d seen: no dwelling on the means by which the changes have been wrought, no rambling analysis of the mind and motivation of either master or slave, a completely slick 3rd-person perspective, simply showing glimpses into multiple runs of the same event, similar to Groundhog’s Day, each a little “better” than the time before. The payoff, of course, is when the woman realizes-yet again-what’s being done to her, and then “goes under” for what might be the last time. Who knows how far this will go?

The Picture of Dorian Gray’s Mother by Anonymous-024 (mc mf md in)

Another unique approach to mind control: changing the inside of another person solely by changing the outside-of a painted portrait. Although I’m not a fan of incest fiction in general (or pedo, or squick) I found it easy to ignore the fact that the intended victim was the guy’s mom, and just enjoy the story for what it is: a trampling of a person’s inhibitions for their own good, with the side-effect of sexual slavery to the benefactor who freed them.

Bargain Bin by Anonymous-020 (mc mf md)

I love the world of the neural chip socket (admittedly, I’m sure I’m influenced by my professional life as a computer geek) and this one lives at the top of the genre for me. Compelled to do certain tasks, though fighting every step of the way.and finally falling victim once again, by her own hand re-inserting the chip. Nice touch.

The Humiliation of Jane by DJW; Dr. Phil; DW Lust; M D James; Unknown-014 and Very Bad Man (mc nc mf ff md fd)

There will always be a special place in my heart for this one; it was my first real encounter with the mind control genre. I like the theme of well-deserved comeuppance for a truly monumental bitch. (It makes it easier for me to douse that conscience-light if I think the person is only a victim of “justice”, not a madman—or woman.) Everyone who has ever met Jane feels compelled to take advantage of her “condition”.what better proof that she’s simply getting a long-overdue payback?

A Very Fine Mind by Mesmerr (mc mf md)

This one was a nice change of pace from overt control, with an uncharacteristically nice guy as dom and an equally unusual happy ending for all parties. I liked the fact that the struggles were shown to be all of the victim’s own making, and that it seemed the gal was only being freed to do something she would have liked to do, if only she were less inhibited. I liked the gradual build-up to the finale but the ending was just a tad anti-climactic.which just reminds us, sometimes “it ain’t the destination, it’s the trip.” This was a good trip.

Mona’s Makeover by Nineball (mc mf ff md bd gr in)

Having seen women zoned out under industrial hairdryers before, I was well-prepared to believe this story, but the very idea is so outdated, it might not have any relevance for anyone from this generation. Getting past the means, the results are enjoyable, although it was hard to believe the victim was such a complete bitch she really deserved what happened, and harder still for me to feel fully sympathetic for such an obvious loser as he steals her life. Ah, well.sometimes bad things happen even to nice people, and she certainly was a far cry from nice.

Retirement by Jafar (mc mf ff md in)

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening scene of this gem, where the retiring scion is given his retirement gift. Tight-asses offend me by their existence (while tight asses are, conversely, an incredible boon to our existence!) and this story has several scenes where our “hero” compels a few of them to do what they hate most-loosen up, demean and embarrass themselves, and enjoy sex. Again, I’m not fond of the incestuous theme, but there’s enough here to enjoy without dwelling on that small portion of the plot.

The Great Mesma by Rexy4 (mc ff)

Another tight-ass bites the dust. Of course, she also gets turned into a lesbian sex slave, but I’m cool with that. In this case, the climax of the story is the part I embellish over and over in my mind, and naturally, I’m not ready for it to end when it looked like it was just starting to get good, but this is still one of my favorites when I’m in the mood for a “quickie”.

Master PC: Gaps in Time by Abe Froman (mc mf md gr)

Another favorite sub-genre of mine (Can you say, “geek”?) this variant on the Master PC series had that little something extra that, for me, makes it a cut above the rest: moments of clarity where the victim must deal with the changes that have been wrought while they were powerless to fight them. Most of these tales leave the changes totally unnoticed by the recipient; this one goes out of its way to rub the victim’s nose in them.and in other places, as well. Nice addition to a fun theme.

Stopwatch by Chase The Wind (mc mf md ts)

I’ve always liked the “stopped time” idea, but only the addition of the “never-ending supply of mind control drug” makes it a part of the MC realm. This is still a fun little tale despite the thin plot device that binds it to this site, though, and naturally, many bitches get their just desserts. Okay, a couple of nice women get taken advantage of here, as well, but overall, the dom protagonist is not a megalomaniac bent on world conquest, he’s just an average tattoo dude, caught up in some weird circumstances, trying to make his way in the world.armed with a time-stop device.

Painting by Darkmind (mc mf md)

Nice, original premise here, where the first-person perspective tale is told by the creator of a mind control drug administered through face (and later, body) painting. I’m a big fan of Fantasy Fest, though I’ve never gone, and I have a large collection of pictures of the full-body creations those incredible artists put together (How do you GET that job?). The best of them, of course, “Fool the Eye” into letting you believe a naked person is really fully clothed…or some exotic creation like Mystique, a furry cat person, or a robot, so this story wisely let my “Mind’s Eye” roam freely by never really defining WHAT he’s painting her to look like, and letting me fill in the blanks myself. Moreover, the author leaves you with some very pleasant speculation about what the end result for the victim will be…and again, my mind’s eye fills in some very interesting blanks there, as well. A nice open ending with the promise of much more to come for this victim, and others as well.

Countermove by Chrystal Wynd (mc ff ds gr)

Another fairly unique premise, which I’d not seen before. Yes, the whole “mental domination” aspect is not new, but the setting and backdrop for this device—an erotic women’s wrestling federation—was a piquant touch that puts it a cut above the pack. The extent to which the dominant is able to effect changes in both the mind AND body of the women she defeats puts this beyond the realm of simple mind control and into the realm of magic, but that’s not a problem, here, and doesn’t detract from the story in any way. The story has the added benefit of being a morality tale of sorts, as well; the dominant becomes the submissive, learns the error of her ways, pays her karmic debt for the abuses she heaped on others, and all of the evildoer(s) all get some form of rough justice. I like my villains in varying shades of gray, rather than straight-up black or white, and this tale fills that bill nicely; almost no one has a completely sinless nature and almost everyone has varying degrees of deviltry to atone for. Overall, a good (erotic) story with a location that could be used for future installments in that universe with the same or different players.