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I’m a writer who delves in both the so-called ‘pathic and romantic areas of erotic mind control. My particular fetish involves women who wear eyeglasses. That being the case, the stories reflect a variety of tones, but all have a female sub/victim who wears glasses. In general MC terms, I tend toward mf and ff. I like lightly romantic MC, but a nonviolent yet complete enslavement is certainly not out of the question.

Blind Date

Romantic MC specialist Wiseguy turns his attention to the story of Jake and Natalie, a schoolteacher who wears glasses.

Cindy Crawford, Supermodel Mind Controller

Poor cute, innocent, slutty Molly goes above and below the call of duty as Cindy’s assistant in this comedic and sexy MC tale.

The Kind Men Like

Daphne is back from a noticeable absence. Looking back, I noticed a few stories with women wearing glasses. In this, a woman is a template for a pleasure droid. You might be able to tell where it goes from there.

Mind Worms: Facility

Not for the faint of heart. This is the last part of a series by Tabico about mind controlling worms that enter the victim from various body cavities. Facility is a self contained story, and the glasses-wearing doctor Jessica is quite prominent.

My Cousin the Hypnotist

The most induction based story in the group. I loved it! However, there are some weird grammar and spelling mistakes in it near the end.

Return to the Dorm

This sequel to “The Dorm” by Begbie Rentonspud now has the only thing missing from the previous work, a girl with glasses.

Rose Colored Glasses

Glasses as a mind control device. That’s more like it! I’d love to write a story about hypnotic glasses someday.


Time stop as a plot device. This guy’s also got a glasses fetish to be sure.

Stacy Werd and the Mystery Mesmerer

I read few teenage crime solver books but I just love the idea of the all-knowing young sleuth falling prey to the hypnotic villain, especially at the hands of her own hypnotized nearsighted friend.

Tales From the Club

Very good and the integration of eyewear as sexy fashion accessory is especially noteworthy. It’s an instant classic in my opinion.

Geek Row

Another “geeks get sex revenge story”. But at least one of the sorority sisters wears glasses.

Library of Congress

When you have to satisfy your librarian fetish. However, you may not be entirely gratified by Mark Aster’s ending to stories like this.