The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Flubble


Flubble is that sound that one makes as one is turned inside out. With that in mind:

I love sick, degrading, humiliation stories in the first person from the perspective of the victim. Male, female, gay, strait; all that matters is the struggle and the eventually SNAP as they realize that they are no longer in control and that their disgust for themselves only reinforces their submission.


Office Pumps

Cowgirl is my favorite author in the archive and a true master of humiliation erotica. Office pumps is one of her best long stories. The blurred lines between the degrader and the degraded.

In every sentence one gets that she truly understands the twisted yearnings of her pathetique narrator and by reading it one can’t help but understand it too.

I was very sad to read the announcement of her retirement from erotic fiction.

Phred Pharkas

Candace’s Rules & Crush

Jennifer meets her fiancé’s sister Candace and learns how important it is for everyone to follow Candace’s rules. The follow up story, Crush, is the most disgusting story I have ever read. I hate scat stories! Really, I hate them!

Another must read story of Phred Pharkas’ is Cheryl, A Loving Sister

A stranger opens up the top of Cheryl’s head and fills her head with the nastiest, filthiest thoughts and oh, how filthy they are.


New Neighbors

Every person has something about themselves that they feel self-conscious about. The new neighbors have a way of turning that against someone in the most perverse of ways.


Eve’s Enchanted Ass

A magic spell turns Eve’s ass into a weapon strong enough to make her the most powerful person in the world. I just love the idea of a woman’s ass being turned into this scary weapon with mind controlling farts.


Mitsu Ling’s Subjugation Training Method

One of Curvasion’s stories of Natural Slavery. No drugs, no magic powers, no machines, just pure physical dominance and control of one person over another. A wonderful change of pace.


Raggedy Anne

thrall’s stories scare me. I never enjoy stories where the subject looses all sense of themselves and doesn’t have a chance to fight, but that’s just what thrall does and I always love it, and that scares me.

Abe Froman

Master PC: Gaps in Time

This is my favorite of the Master PC stories. I like how the focus isn’t on the all powerful gizmo (Yawn!) but on the protagonist’s struggle as her personality is split in two.

Andrew J. Mellon

Sweet Home Alabama

Big city girl Jamie Buske gets a flat at the wrong gas station and makes the mistake of pissing off Betsy May. Before you know it she is Jamie Buske. she is. Jamie Buske. she is Jamie. Lynn. she am Jamie Lynn, she be Jamie Lynn, the best piece of ass in the county! Betsy May’s conditioning doesn’t last that long. If she can just take her eyes off the Gerry Springer Show long enough to escape before Betsy May gets back...