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Reader’s Picks: I. C. Stars


For most of my life I have been under the effects of hypnosis. First captured by a “kissing” cousin then tricked and taken by girlfriends in High School and both times then separated by fate. I spent the next 20 some years abandoned and awaiting the “Perfect” Girl. This experience forms my bias against vulgar and profane words or deeds and selfish acts. I appreciate writers sophisticated enough to get a point across using subtlety rather than obscenity. I appreciate writing that innocently means one thing to a ten year-old (hopefully) while conveying an entirely different interpretation to an adult. I prefer stories where the subject is treated with love even if on the receiving end of just deserts. I like them best when at the end of the story, the protagonist are left better off and on a higher plane of unselfish love and concern with a growing sense of morals. I do believe erotic fantasy is best when it is not written as porn. I also do not care for MM, FF, and IN and/or other stories that promote or aggrandize immorality, illegality or add to the pain and suffering of victims. If I find the story to be so rough as to be beyond redemption, I stop. Turn offs are sin without repentance, injurious abuse, scatology, financial slavery etc. Turn ons are victims winning in the end or bonds of enforcement turning into bonds of love. Where the victimizer is caught up in his or her own web. The hunter becomes the hunted, the owner becomes the owned. Realizing these stories are written in the realm of fantasy, I still think the motivations, actions, techniques and tools should ring true; otherwise it is merely poor fiction. I feel fantasy is best when it is an alternate and plausible reality, maybe one in which I could see myself. I appreciate writers that apply the correct names and labels of devices even if it means some research. Of course a victim may not even know what’s going on but it would be nice if the writer did, to better present the scope of the application. I don’t know the name of the tape the girls tricked me into watching but it was on a Studio Quality Sony Super Betamax. My favorite inductions are gentle and coaxing, with a hint of betrayal and entrapment I also like those in which the subject sees their fate. I am also most intrigued when the subject or victim is later aware of the control and unable to fight it. I was in perpetual denial and unable to remember most of my second induction even when I overheard the gossip, laughs and jokes, yet I remember my first capture and nearly every word when I was taken years earlier by a wonderful girl that wanted an obedient husband to father her children as told in my story “Antoinette”. I prefer FD stories and that may be due to spending most of my life under posthypnotic suggestion. I have this unnamed yearning and certain experts (mostly hypnoteuses) say I can never rest or be happy until I am taken again. I don’t think I can ever be taken again but if I am I hope it is by a loyal, lovely, loving, hot lady wanting children and baby making and will not abandon me but keep me forever this time. Therefore stories where the subject or victim is forever bound and cognizant that there will never be a hope of escape, are most compelling. I do not care for open ended stories. Don’t leave us hanging, bring the story to a conclusion or let the reader in on plans for the future, i.e. ... As he looked at the marriage certificate with his and her signatures on it, somewhere deep down inside a shred of the old Rick was still alive but only for the moment, only until her unrelenting hypnotic brainwashing exorcised him from existence. There in a soft fog, he knew what was going to happen and knew that no one would ever be able to help him and that this slave he had become could never resist the horrible, terrible and unbreakable bond that would forever bind his flesh to her side and for her pleasure. A last thought, a glimmer really but bringing him untold happiness as he realized his spirit would survive and his destiny fulfilled in his seed he would share with her and that gave him one last moment of freewill. He took her by surprise, shock then delight in her eyes as he held her in his arms and kissed her deeply, passionately before the fog closed in. -Rick

Corporate Package (Parts/Chapters 1-4/5) Author/s: Hypnotic Flower & Liplover

This is one of the first MC stories I read and it has stuck in my mind as a favorite for several reasons. I first found it on another site while looking for self-hypnosis scripts to treat sleep apnea. I was fascinated as the subject; Scott Roberts is a friend of mine for over twenty years. Neither Scott nor Hypnotic Flower will deny his participation. Dr. Stephanie Nelson is the reoccurring female hypnotherapist found in several of Hypnotic Flower’s stories and it would seem she is a young widow in search of a man to be her next husband, slave and playmate. I love the idea of husband and wife being each other’s playmate. Of course Scott is destined also to be her guinea pig as well. Stephanie uses several different but effective inductions. Her favorite (a Liplover influence) is involving Scott in her make-up routine and overcomes his resistance by distracting him with her lipstick. Since I know Scott, I suspect Dr. Stephanie is an outward persona of Hypnotic Flower who is herself the famous Hypno-Mistress Soforia or as I affectionately refer to her as the Mistress of the Blue Mist, known for enslaving men ( with her hypnotic enchantment. I like her and her stories because she likes for men to be men and thus most vulnerable to her “charms”. There is a fifth chapter but fortunately it has not made it to the MC site. It was written by a different person and frankly perverts this beautiful work of erotic fantasy. I rewrote the fifth chapter, changed Scott’s name to mine and modified all five parts to run on the Hypnotizer 2000, a script reader. Somehow I ended up with the headphones on one night and “arrived” ten times in seven hours, three times in twenty minutes. Every time Stephanie would wake Scott/Rick, I would come too only to be taken back under. Understand this, I am so resistive that none of the available tapes or Internet Hypnotic MP3s have worked on me, yet this story read to me stopped my apnea while it played. Hypnotic Flower likes some of my astronomy photos and has offered to hypnotize me to clear up the remaining spells I have been burdened with. Makes me wish she were Dr. Stephanie looking for a man like me. An elegant, provocative and compelling while fairly clean story for parts one through four. I highly recommend it for the MC reader.

Dawn and Ken and Maria and David. Author: Homer Vargas

This story breaks a few of my rules but Homer redeems himself a bit before the end. Soon to be an unemployed Dot Com, Yuppie, Character David finds himself seduced by his dominant housemaid. His woman doctor and neighbor Dawn has the same problem with a brutish contractor she just can’t resist even though he will keep her at home and ruin her career. She and David hatch a plot to have her lover Ken taken in a battle of wills, with Maria the conniving “dommestic”, so they may both be free. With the aid of a drug Maria enslaves Ken and in typical feminine trickery Dawn takes David to be her househusband/babysitter. There are a few dirty words but I have a deal with Homer, I clean up his story for my personal archives and he dirties up mine for his gratification. The story starts out with fornication but everybody winds up in love, married and pregnant, the Mistresses treat their slave/husbands with tenderness and respect-my kind of story. One word of warning... the drug is actually a poison and would not do as described in the story. I suspect there is a drug though that used in Homer’s most delightful way, would captivate any man. On second thought who needs the drug anyway? Read and understand.

The Evolution of a Hypnodomme. Author: DreamSender

I fell in love with this story, and its title “Evolution of a HypnoDomme” has a wonderful double meaning. While it describes a hypnoteuse moving into the Domme world it also describes the evolution beyond Domme to love. What better love can we ascend to than surrender? It is slightly explicit (minor mention of parts and functions.) It piqued my curiosity. Here was a female hypnotherapist persuaded by a fellow to take control of him sexually. For the same reasons I would have, he felt a legitimate therapist would not take unethical moral and financial advantage. Then she allows him to take her and... do we see a Romance blooming? Yes Yes Yes...Love Blossoms. I like to see love even if I seem to be destined to be deprived of it myself. Beyond the unique induction via an internet chat program, there is a promise of more to come and it will!! I sensed something special about the story and the protagonists so I had to inquire of the authoress-DreamSender, if she was familiar with actual hypnotism. Oh Boy, is she ever!!! She is a well-known, full-fledged Hypnodomme-Mistress Sapphire! She takes men captive at This story is a true one, with the names changed to protect the hypnotized! I wouldn’t have thought typing on a computer screen could induce somebody but Mistress assures me it can and did. I like her suggestion of a recording better ;o). Still I think somebody must want to go under pretty badly to be taken by type??? The good news is, Part2 should be coming as Mistress and her man, this man, are engaged. I always believe truth makes better fiction... This story is hope for tender hearts.

HypnoSister (Parts 1-3) Author: FranZAM

A most interesting story though it is a bit explicit and sadistic. I am glad I missed the IN designation because I probably would not have read it. Actually the “IN” is really only suggested as vague memories, which from my own experience under hypnosis can be anything from razor sharp scenes to warm and very fuzzy dreams that may or may not have an element of reality. The telling of this story is actually a bit more sophisticated than most ‘sister hypnotizes brother’ stories. Maybe because I am one in four million men that have “The Gene” or just the excellent writing of FranZAM, perhaps both but I can see the point of view of both characters-Alicia and her younger brother David, even though the story is being presented first person from David’s. My guess is this story is told by a female though because David is just a bit too shallow. Also I don’t believe too many brothers are turned on by their own sisters. Common agreement when I was seventeen was that the other guys older sisters might be hot but even thinking of our own was a sure turn-off. Also in this story David is being a naughty brat picking at and pestering his older sister and I can see why. He is retaliating against women’s control over his life and invasion of his privacy. His mom and his sister often find him the topic of their conversations sharing information that shouldn’t be shared like grades and girlfriend info. No wonder he treats girls poorly and moves own. Now at seventeen he is being further insulted by having his big sister come 600 miles home to “baby-sit” him for his mom while she visits a sick friend for the weekend!! I know how young men are hurt by women sharing “his” private information. Even my kid sister knew I was circumcised a full decade before I did. How embarrassing... I often wondered what was there that could be removed... all the while, all the women in my life knew. I felt betrayed so I am sure David does also. No wonder he is being a brat! FranZAM captures this well. Alicia, Allie as he calls her decides to teach David a lesson and next comes one of the most alluring inductions I have read. Elsewhere I have asked if it was possible to be hypnotized by reading text and here I think I might have been slightly taken by her induction. I actually could not remember reading it so when I went back to see where I lost it, I actually felt myself being pulled under, as I was when my own Antoinette took me ages ago. Once again women are ganging up on David as his sister and some of his girl friends use the hypnosis to control and humiliate him, even to the extent of taking photos of him while he is helpless and naked under their power. Although the story is retold from ten years in the future it does leave us hanging wondering if that weekend is enough. Did it teach David his lesson, did he become the property of one of the girls? Maybe FranZAM will grace us with a sequel.

Karen’s Ready For Play Time Author: Dr. Gass

This story has many of the elements I object to i.e. explicit parts and functions, monetary motive and a chemical induction by a mythical chemical. It also has FF but in this case it is not the typical affair. The FF is more of a clinical molestation to trigger an endorphin rush in combination with nitrous oxide to overwhelm the conscience mind. I would like to discuss this more with an Anesthesiologist because I am intrigued by the insight in this story. Several years ago I had to have a couple of impacted wisdom teeth removed. I received the nitrous oxide supposedly so I wouldn’t feel the I.V. for the sodium pentothal-bull, I have had I.V.s since and never needed a painkiller. There has to be more than that to the reason for the nitrous oxide. I was out for hours, all day went by and when I was driven home I was still in a very good and cooperative mood. I had become hard while going under when I learn this beautiful nurse was going to sit and watch over me for an hour before surgery and three hours after. I remember her talking to me and my answering as the renown truth serum did its work. I was wearing these soft and loose double-knit pants and I felt her hand touches my calf and moves slowly up to my crotch and dwell on the warmth there. Afterward I had a sticky damp spot there and the doctor said people often pee their pants while under sodium pentoathal. This wasn’t pee and I often wondered what might have happened and if it had to do with a secret project I was working on. Here in the story, sex, drugs and NO2 are employed to make a BIOMED principle give up company secrets. I recommend this little story not for the things I like or don’t like but for the insight. I do like the victim having full realization of what is going to happen and has some chance (very little) to fight it. Happily it looks like the victims were not just used and tossed but left with a permanent and beautiful relationship. Karen loves the sex so she uses one of the enforced submission triggers on our BIOMED guy and he “plays” along!

MC Horror Story Author: Ms_Myrrh

I have to admit Ms. Myrrh is able to stir things up in me even with stories I really do not care for like her “AMAZ” series. I do not like it when either sex is brutalized by the other and there is no way women ever conquered men other than by love. Still one wonders what it would be like to be held for a week in Ms. Myrrhs spell and live out the “AMAZ” series. That is indeed the sort of magic brought to the MC reader and Ms. Myrrh makes a point that I have been dwelling on for some time- being able to finish my story. After years of being hypnotized and unable to even think about it and now free to write it, will I be taken again before I am done? At least a couple say yes and another is already trying. Here, Ms. Myrrh has elegantly stated the truth and the consequences in a somewhat humorous fashion. Here the female MC writer has the typical husband that can’t find his socks in the morning and becomes jealous of her miss-spent time. Instead of her hypnotizing him into getting prepared for work the evening before, He hypnotizes her into becoming his house servant and love slave. Too bad, but from my male point of view-Not too bad at all! Heh heh heh. After being a subject most of my life I appreciate the guy on top where he belongs every once in awhile. Still he ought to get his own socks. Well maybe I have too much training to overcome for right now! At least this is a story involving faithful love between a husband and wife which thanks to Mind Control has become a more effective and stronger marriage where both are much happier than before. A MC writer’s must read...

Corporate Domination Series (Parts/Chapters 1-3)(More to come no doubt) Author/s: Hypnotic Flower and the Red Guy

Like the Corporate Package this group of stories is Co-authored by Hypnotic Flower-Pen name for Soforia. Once again we are introduced to her persona possibly alter-ego, the lovely hypnotherapist Dr. Stephanie Nelson. In part one Stephanie is hired to take a Lawyer under her hypnotic spell and basically deliver him to his Law Office partner, a devious and callous lout. She tricks the first man into an argument about the old Sherlock Holmes Movie, THE LADY IN THE GREEN DRESS. A favorite of mine. Actually I have never seen the movie all the way through as I am always interrupted right at the induction scene and I have to grab a pillow or newspaper, cover my lap and ease out of the room with a “tummy ache” that keeps me bent over. I remember it well because the first time I saw it was eleven and it caused my first involuntary-well you know! Dr Stephanie had certainly picked a good movie to capture a man’s attention! And his mind! Part one leads into part two but I won’t review that one as it is a bit raunchy and fails the girlfriend test. You know the one. If it were on TV and you and your girl friend were on the couch and her parents were about to walk in would you quit kissing and pretend to be watching TV or keep kissing and pretend not to be watching TV. Sorry Mistress... Suffice it to say she owns the Law Firm Part Three is it for me. It is clean, a bit funny and warm and fuzzy all over. Makes me wish I were Richard. Hey! I am Richard and I even have my own Commercial Uplink (not up at the moment) and am thinking of starting my own shopping channel. Hmmm if this is not a coincidence how would Mistress know? Anyway since my youth I have often had this dream of being strapped into a chair while a beautiful hypnoteuse forces me under her hypnotic spell. This may be from my first capture when I was held down by several girls and my “cousin” taught me a lesson! Just like my dream/nightmare, this story opens with Richard bound to his chair in his locked office. I would have hoped this story would answer my question of how I wound up in a chair bound hand and foot. Well that is where we find Richard anyway. His induction is so sweet and kind so we must accept the excuse that he is too busy and fidgety to sit still for long. Here is a man driven to leadership and afraid of exposure and abandonment and here is Dr. Stephanie offering him comfort and safety in her arms. Ahh! I could almost submit...and now she owns a Law Firm and a Shopping Channel!

I pity the mind that cannot grasp the erotic extreme of being trapped by love for life. Of a sinner brought kicking and screaming unto repentance, bound for life and saved by LOVE. I do not read or endorse Porn and refuse to read any I suspect of being that. I find such a turn-off, repugnant and have not finished those stories when I discover their nature.

Since my first reviews I have through hypnosis learned more about my previous capture and I have learned more about hypnosis. I also have become a Certified Hypnotist. My life was saved by hypnosis and hypnotherapy helped me to deal with what had happened in the past. I always maintained my being controlled was from my sense of Love and being loved. The dangers lie not in hypnosis but how far we will let or fantasies control us. For that, one does not need hypnosis to get in trouble.

With these reservations my next review illustrates my point, sadly better than I would have wished.

CYAN’S SMILES Chapters (1-2) Author: RUHypnotized

Cyan’s smiles is a Love Story, a true love story in fact. It is as labeled, “A Fantasy” but the people are real and we could but wish the Fantasy were too. It almost was. It could have been. First I want to point out though that there are two or three lines of explicit nature that are totally needless unless you want an “R” maybe “X” rating. I can remove less than half a dozen words I estimate and have a “G” rated story that puts me in a state of arousal. If I am ever owned again my Mistress could then use this story for my fantasy to keep me confused and controlled. Oh yes I could very easily share Richard’s fantasy.

The story starts out with an “online encounter” Our protagonist does not foolishly allow a stranger to hypnotize him but he does give her scripts that he considers irresistible. Realizing too late that his adversary only needed to pick and chose a few choice pieces of extremely “affective” language, Richard is taken under her spell. He is made to forget the hypnosis in their often encounters, Richard is being conditioned for total surrender. Known to Richard only as Cyan, Genie leads him right down the path of impossible retreat. She makes him book his show conveniently in her home town where she is able to snatch him and steal the last of his free will. Fornication flees in marriage and they live happily ever after.

Richard and Genie had a successful hypnosis show predicated on Love and Romance. Hypnosis alone will not hold someone but it can be used to enhance a hold one does have, particularly if it is based on love. Actually true love needs little help but the tempering of egos, the calming of the Id makes hypnosis a valuable aid in any relationship. Most men eventually break their collars and as one HypnoDomme told me, " A lady has to put just as much effort into a hypnotic relationship as she does a traditional marriage. Men like and need constant attention. Hypnosis makes them willing slaves because for them it resolves issues but men tend to be faithful and obedient only when they are the focus of the woman’s attention. Hypnosis alone will not a slave keep, it is the love and attention he feels from his Mistress!” Look at the love and rapport in Cyan’ Smiles. I hope to see a sequel where Genie recaptures Richard and together they have a great Vegas comeback. Cyan’s Smiles is a great story, a fantasy I would like to experience and one I hope lives again.


In this day and age of working parents and electronic babysitters, it would seem so many boys felt left out of a man’s influence and a mother’s love so they become sissies in need of mamas. That is not my case so I found this story of male dominance quite intriguing. Most importantly the story is about LOVE. Once again I have reservations about some of the explicit and graphic nature of this story but it is minor and not meant to be lewd. However the protagonist refers to the person she wants to emulate as a “Slut”. I want to point out that sex between a husband and his wife in private is not slutty. The sex play is called sport in the “Bible” and not only did God say be fruitful and multiply but he commanded sex on a regular basis to be interrupted only for a brief period of prayer and meditation. Imagine that! God condones sex play and commands regular intercourse between a husband and wife in private. The next cottage industry... hypnotizing wives to become wifeys. I have no doubt in this case of “EMC” hypnosis will work! I object again to an un-named drug nor would it be needed unless it for the canned sessions. When I am tranced by a lady, there is nothing more captivating than a gentle touch, a feather light kiss or just lightly stroking my fore arm. In other words nothing beats the personal touch so maybe some drug may alleviate the common complaint of canned trances.

By chance I did look up Wifey’s World, referenced in the story and it is a real place and labeled pornographic. No! I did not go there. The story is based on the premise that Jane has discovered her husbands online visits to “Wifey’s World” and instead of blaming him, she realize a horrific event in her younger life has rendered her “frigid”. Afraid of losing her husband, she wants to loosen up and find pleasure in pleasuring her husband. Jane turns to hypnotic programming to lessen the sexual tension and her inhibitions. This is so sweet. For me it is an Atypical approach by a woman as we all know it is a man’s fault and it is the man that must change. Well in a way it was a man’s fault as she was raped by a cowardly brute. Jane saw her husband as the victim though and desperately desired to give him pleasure, to be able to express her love physically. To this end and for this purpose she was willing to be conditioned into a selfless “slut” through hypnosis. Well sluts are not selfless and this was an act of LOVE. As much as she became a conditioned slave to her husband, he was captivated by her. It works so well that even the lady tist has to give it a try. Well selfless love usually does work. Even though I have always been a pet, I think a wifey like Jane would be mighty fine. Is it unbelievable that a woman would do this? I hope not. I find Wifey’s Training” both intriguing and amusing. Hmmm to have a wifey or a Mistress...any volunteers???

A BRIEF MISTAKE Author: Artemis

A most compelling and disturbing story. I probably would not have read it knowing it involved witchcraft but it was subtle, late and not of bedknobs and broomsticks nor of gory deeds. I justy sort of stumbled into it. Having some small amount of explicit language it could by elimination of a dozen word, be a Harry Potter type book. Witch craft is however, real and has a power upon some weak mines. My general feeling is witch craft, dowsing and astrology are just cover-ups for natural gifts. When I walk in a room witches lose their powers and spells break. I can by force of will, make a dowser get any reading I want. I have plenty of friends that are Wicca and I know no “good” witches. There is no such thing. I have know some that claim to be witches but they aren’t. I have also seen the thrall of a witch completely under her control. He was able only the most subtle of expressions of displeasure and obeyed her with all the fright and vigor of a new marine recruit. Since spells started breaking around me, she has not been back. I never believed in the power of spells mind you, just for some they are real.

Artemis has done an excellent job of capturing the fear and anticipation. The subject’s name never seems to come up but the purpose of the protagonist is to be a focal point of our attention. What about the story would keep me from placing myself in his shoes. Well for one, if I had a wife and daughter I would not be going to a party probably not even a business party without them. So this guy is a somewhat weak willed jerk anyway. Again being married, he is to easily led outside by a strange-in-more-ways-than-one woman. In five minutes she controls him. Then sensual and erotic mind control is so well and I believe accurately portrayed as our subject discovers her control over his body. As his body defies him he gradually comes to the realization that his fate may be seal and his mind will be taken from him more slowly. Like a poison that first shuts down the voluntary muscles and stimulates the mind away from the mercy of unconsciousness. It slowly works on the breathing reflexes leaving the victim paralyzed but alert for days as each breath comes harder and harder, the need for air stronger and more painful with an agonizing end as the hyper-stimulated neurons scream for oxygen. Like this our subject is struggling against his fate, the death of his personality, his persona, his will. Like a spider wrapping up her live victim, each effort helps her bind him tighter as she shows him no mercy. Then the end comes as she sucks his vital fluids out and drains him of his free will.

How would I make this story one I would be comfortable with? Besides changing or eliminating a word here and there, discovering there never was a wife and daughter as claimed in desperation, would remove the adultery. She could give up witchcraft but keep her slave and marry him which would remove the fornication. I would surmise once converted, only being her slave would make him happy so freeing him would serve neither of them. A profound and well written, albeit troubling story Artemis.

TRICKY WIFE Author: Mesmer Eyezed

Mesmer Eyezed has to be on of my favorite EMCSA writers. Though I have not seen a gender identity, certain quirks leads me to believe ME is a he. I could write a whole series of reviews by this author but for now I will stick with my three favorites. I did communicate my apprecian of his work and mentioned that it would be nice to see less explicit language. ME took that as a complaint which it was not. I just think changing a few words would not change the statement and his work might make a household magazine.

In the case of TRICKY WIFE, ME might be accused of plagiarism. I am not but he might be so close is it to purported reality. The story is indeed taken from advice and supposedly true stories posted on the internet. In researching the background of this story, I found indeed there are pages dedicated to the concept of women enslaving us men. Many of these I find troubling because they involve the wife becoming uncommitted and uncaring. The first rule of Mastery is the slave’s needs come first. That is needs not desires. I find few loving domination pages on the web even when some claim to be. If domination involves loss of human rights, financial integrity, religious freedom and cuckoldry, it is wrong and it is sin. If a marriage partner denies sex to control the other, that too is a sin. However leave these sinful elements out and it sounds fun.

There is a duality to this story, if you are a man then Jason is your protagonist yet it starts with Tina and women can live vicariously through her character. Jason is the typical husband, since I have been trained, I have a hard time understanding it but from observation, I guess it is true. Jason could come home and play with his wife and pleasure her while they try to get the household chores done He He He. But no, he flops down and takes it easy while his wife labors to get things done. If she wasted her day with soap operas and chatting with girl friends, that would be one thing but we know for most families the modern woman slaves at work and then slaves at home. At least we men can slave beside our women right?. Let this story be a warning... If we don’t we might wind up slaving alone! This is what becomes of Jason. He is conditioned to associating his pleasure with cooperation, then his pleasure with her pleasure, then her pleasure with his obedience and finally she sets his locks with hypnosis. It will Work!!

Will this work, really? Does covert hypnosis work? Yes it can and women have posted their success. As far as I can remember without sex I was made into a pretty obedient pet and with sex, I might just be ready to be a love slave. If a person is convinced they are getting more from slavery than it costs to be a slave, hypnosis can help them accept that rational. It doesn’t enslave but it frees them to follow their desires. I wanted a solid romance and I made a good slave. Most of the stressful things that placed a strain on my submission were made to become faded memories meant to be lost forever. Under hypnosis one memory recovered was my being humiliated. I was physically capable of walking away and ending the humiliation but I could not even conceive of that option. My mind functioned completely and I was aware of everything including the need to please my Mistresses but the simple concept of walking out was beyond my grasp. If you are a Jason and your wife a Tina, you are done for man! Future wife, take me on our third date please... I don’t want to go like Jason... Well maybe Not!

DOCTOR SUSAN Author: Mesmer Eyezed

I love this story although the clinical use descriptive terms might be called vulgar, after all didn’t we learn our lesson from “Kindergarten Cop”? Ok ok I found this story most seductive. Continuing on the theme of neglected wife, our heroine Beth, warts, woos and cajoles her hubby into attending a Dr. Susan Seminar. He doesn’t want to go and definitely will not go on Super Bowl Sunday. He will find as I did, that he will have no option. That’s right future wife. The gilrs programmed me to take a lady shopping on Super Bowl Sunday or make love to her. Since I am single it has been shopping. I know now they did this and it still makes no matter. Yes Beth’s husband goes to the seminar unaware that he has already being subjected to the same form of conditioning seen in TRICKY WIFE.

At the Seminar, Beth’s hubby is drugged by another mystical combination of muscle relaxant and mind stimulant. I wish authors would get real. If you are going to right about it study it. Anyway after boring her audience into stupor, she informs them that the men can no longer move and must helplessly listen to her hypnotic commands. The wifes place headphones and magical light goggles on the husbands who are awake and alert but paralyzed and unable to resist. I have been told first hand that there is a machine that has goggles with synchronized flashing colored lights and headphone with binaural beats automatically added to voice or music. It also has a monitor that attaches to the wrist. My friends says once on her and turned on she was immediately helpless and went into a deep trance. She could not remove the device until the program quit. I know she tells the truth but it sounds Science Fiction to me. If anyone has seen anything as she described, I would like to hear. Suffice it to say we accept there is such a drug and such a device, and here by the collaboration of women are men subdued and enslaved. Hard to imagine anything more erotic than being in Beth’s husband’s shoes, unable to move and knowing that your are going to be your wife’s slave for the rest of your life. But you will be happy. The definitions of what make you happy are permanently changed so it becomes possible for you to be permanently happy. It is hard to argue or resist.

BEDFORD HUSBANDS Author: Mesmer Eyezed

This is my story or rather it was supposed to be my life. It was what I was hypnotized for twice, to be a Bedford Husband. Well I hoped we would stay in California... Loraine is a patent attorney and her husband is a CPA. He can work from home but she is hired by a prestigious law firm specializing in patents. Located in Bedford the Law Firm expects its counselors to be at hand necessitating a move to that town. Richard will no doubt have to give up most of his clients for the move but hey, a good CPA is employable anywhere right? Well maybe not if he is male and lives in Bedford where all the leaders, all the police and every official is a woman. All of the Law Firms employees are female and when Richard learns none of the husbands knows anything about sports or being anything but a domestic, he freaks and wants out. Too late- the trap for him was already being set and only had to be sprung a little earlier. In his unthinking panic Richard accepts a warm glass of milk laced with another unidentified magic drug. Betrayed by his own wife Richard is helpless as the Law Firm’s senior partner walks in and sends Richard into enforced hypnosis and a lifetime of slavery! This story really moves me uhmm yes down there too. I have already been programmed not to play sports unless they are co-ed. I cannot not watch sports. Programming does work. I am an inventor and am having a problem with a female examiner. I need a patent attorney, Future wife, if a sweet little single lady patent attorney wanting children and her career came up to me with a life time contract, a wedding band, a collar and a glass of warm milk. I might just drink the milk and sign on the dotted line... He He He...

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