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I like a selection of different types of stories, but my real interest is stories that involve the corruption of the Innocent. As such, I tend to like stories that are a bit more magical in nature as opposed to flat out hypnosis stories. (Although this selection may or may not reflect that bent.) I also like fetish oriented stories, and stories that involve transformations: not just breast growth, but some sort of permanent physical or mental change that reflect the actions of the story. I don’t mind MM situations that are worked into stories (personally, I think there ought to be a lot more stories with various pairings that include some MM action), but I generally don’t read stories that are exclusively MM and so there probably won’t be any in my recs.

“Shockingly Black” by Eye of Serpent

I’m not quite sure what makes this story so fantastic, but it is just HOT! I like all of Serpent’s stories that I’ve read, and recomend his Ancients saga. But this is the story of his that does it most for me, especially the ending. Wow.

“Incubus (formerly Succubus)” by personanongrata

This is a great story about a demon that works to corrupt a family, and just started to get into a battle with the church officials who were sent to recapture the creature. It isvery well written, and I just love the slow corruption of everyone involved so far. I /desperately/ hope personanongrata will add some new chapters soon! Please!!!

“Highschool” by Heretic Bloodline

This is a bit of an outlier for me. I’m not a real big fan of teen girl stories (although it can be hard to get away from them), but this story is well done, dark, and just deliciously cruel! But another one that was really hitting its stride and never finished.

“Snakes” by Majun Gotenks

A wonderful little story about parasitic snakes who take over a girl. The initial infection is just wonderful, and the rest of the story is very artfully done: a serious of further infections, some of which are almost completely left to the readers imagination. I really appreciated that, having a mix of blow-by-blow details along with some fade to blacks to keep it interesting.

“Smoke Deluxe” and “Smoke Royale” by Whyte, Colleen

This is a fun series about a guy who uses magic cigarettes to seduce a girl, and how it complete spins out of his control. A lot lighter than a lot of my other pics, and very well done. Colleen Whyte’s is actually one of my favourite authors here: also especially check out “Shortskirt Street”, another favourite.

“Chemistry of a Good Idea” by Pause88

A really great story, and kind of a treatise on NLP. This is a great example of what I mean by a transformation that doesn’t involve just bigger boobs and longer legs. it’s a great story that is very well thought out and just hot as hell! I wish it had gone on twice as long.

“Sacrifice” by Cesare

A short, okay story that has a great scene in the first part describing how a woman transforms into a succubus. I like it just for that first part. :)