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Reader’s Picks: Mugglemaid


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I’m into just about any type of story, aside from M/M stories. I’ve always found stories to be more enjoyable when the sex isn’t shoved right into your face; sometimes it’s not what you do see, but what you don’t see that makes the story good. Aside from that, I’m a stickler for grammar and spelling; a story that looks like it was written by a third grade child. English is a beautiful language, and the stories that make the language sing are the ones that make me sing.

Presents, by Alphax

“Presents” was the first story I ever read on the EMC archive; to this day, I’ve yet to find a better written, more erotic story.

Becoming Cupcake, by The Mayor of Cherish.

Well written, very long, very descriptive, and a story that follows the characters all the way from start to finish, rather than just giving up and moving on to new characters halfway through.

Howell’s Way, by Colleen Whyte.

Another story filled with lavish descriptions of the scene, it certainly plays off my own love of clothing, and does so beautifully.

Prince City, by Simon Bar Sinister.

Very descriptive, lots of clothing references, and a story which doesn’t come out and smack the reader in the face with sex.

Silky Destinies, by William Lee.

The method of induction in this one really turns me on; a wonderfully rich story.

Stopwatch, by Chase the Wind.

Another favorite of mine is stories involving stopping time; “Stopwatch” is a magnificent example of writing, combining mind control and time stop brilliantly.

Wife of Many Roles, by Colleen Whyte.

Colleen’s stories are all excellent, but the ending of this one really makes me smile.

Yellow, by Tabico.

An epic story, with a rather unusual method of induction.