The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Polecat


I’m unashamedly part of the ‘guilty pleasures’ club. The stories I like tend to be fairly short, to the point, with no deep philosophical meanings or extensive character development. Nonetheless, the story should be well-written and descriptive. I don’t like lengthy sex scenes or verbose inductions—what the victim does is more important. My particular tastes are MF, FF, and nearly always MD. I like a touch of HM, though not complete debasement.

Transmitter by Quazi

I like the public nature of this story, virtually all of it takes place when other people are around. The freezing sections and restaurant scenes are particularly well-written.

Anchors by Iron Nick

Short and hot, this story introduces a number of ideas then leaves them to your imagination, which is sometimes the best way to write. I’d love to see more stories with scenes like the one in the restaurant in this story.

Double Cross by Stingmist

Mainly included for Stingmist’s excellent descriptions of the altered girls in this story. I would have loved to have more of what happened to Joanna.

Mental Captivity by Lara V Cataluna

Conveys very powerfully the depth of feeling by the victims in this story at what they are made to do, and then switches viewpoint at precisely the right time. Nice unexpected twist at the end as well.

The Humiliation of Jane by Various

One of the most erotic stories on the archive, though it does lose its way in the later chapters. We really get a feel for Jane’s helplessness in this story, and her actions are described very well.

Teddy’s Toys by Iron Nick

Though it contains a little more humiliation then I usually like, Iron Nick handles the story very well. The car park (’parking lot’ for you yanks, I guess) scene is particularly well done.

Reprisal by Smartass

Atmospheric and genuinely scary, the writing is imaginative and very hot. Shelly’s scene is very impressive. The final scene is a little over the top, but the protagonist gets his comeuppance in the end.

Queen’s English by Blue Kahuna

A brief but very sexy story, it’s exquisitely cruel. I actually felt guilty enjoying this story, especially the end, which is pure evil. Very juicy stuff.

Red or Blue Membership? by Twilightsight

An interesting idea that manages to be a hot story at the same time. It’s not the kind of the thing I would usually like, but the writing is fluid, and the first paragraph effectively sets up a feeling of betrayal throughout the whole story.

Yemmens Stone I: The First Stone by Thomas J Hyde

The perspective of this story is unusual but makes for a good tale. Tina’s only allowed to sit there and get horny whilst her friend has all the action. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Family Game Night by Drtybstrd

Although the incest made me a little uncomfortable, I loved the changes the girls went through, and the pacing and descriptions in the story.

Mental Pills: Refill by Mr Grey

What I loved about this story was the impending sense of doom felt by the girls before the effects of the pills kicked in. And the helplessness as they felt the effects overwhelm them was top notch stuff.

Brittany’s Adventures by Blue Kahuna

Queen’s English gets all the attention, but Blue Kahuna’s other works are equally as hot and evil. Part two of this story suited me down the ground; set in a classroom, a nice length, and juicy events.

Cheerleader Slaves by Heather2837

Strictly for the first chapter. It’s the sub-characters that make this story—random people being picked on in the mall. The following chapters hit a number of my squicks, but the first is definitely worth a read.

It’s Not Nice To Hit Keith by bobwhite

Incest isn’t usually my thing, but this is a superb story nonetheless. What is no doubt a loving, God-fearing family being made to such things provides the erotic thrill here. Good stuff.

Cheryl’s Story by Justin

This has got to be one of my all-time favourites. It’s told from Heather’s point of view, and you can really feel the lack of control she has. Read it—you won’t be disappointed.

Control Issues by Kenna

If you want a short story to read, this one will do more than satisfy. It’s got a neat, tidy plot, good pacing, and even a twist at the end. Oh, it’s also very arousing (though it ends suddenly).

Nicknames by CactusJuggler

A study in why the written word is the best form for MC tales. The hottest part of this story is the main character’s reaction to the trigger word, simply because of the way CactusJuggler portrays the irresistible desire it entails. Fantastic.

Vocation Day by Bobwhite

Simply fun and sexy. A girl is sitting, bored, listening to a talk about careers. Things get more interesting when one of the speakers displays a mind control talent. I loved the way it affected the girl behind her, and her casual reaction to being mind controlled.

Femforming by Captain Nice

Probably the ultimate bimbo tale on this site. Captain Nice takes us inside the new bimbo’s mind and we see her reaction to all the changes that have been wrought on her.

Do Me A Favor by Jafar and Viviane

This little romp takes us through the experiences of some women at a party who have to do whatever’s written on the party favour they’re wearing. Sometimes they know what’s coming and sometimes they don’t, but either way it’s good fun.

Donna’s Delight by MagicCarpet

The main thing I like about this one is the changing awareness of the victim. Her stepbrother makes her drink a potion which allows him to condition her. He then allows her to know what’s happened to her, before making her forget and changing her further. It’s a great read, although longer than most stories I like.

Welcome to Morning Wood by Farleven

The opening chapter sets up the main character’s confusion at what is going on at Morning Wood and, more specifically, what she’s being made to do. This sticks with us throughout the whole story, somehow conveying Terri’s simultaneous confusion and compliance. I really didn’t want to like the later chapters, as there’s a couple of my squicks in there, but I couldn’t help it—they are very very hot.

Cindy’s New Program by Farleven

I’ve only just realised that this and the above story were written by the same person—I thought they were similar. Farleven has an economical style of writing that manages to tell you two or three stories at once without you really realising it. Also, the sex in this one is some of the hottest I’ve read. It didn’t end in a way I liked, but it more than made up for it in the first chapter.

Bachelorette Party by Eppy 37

Eppy’s first contribution to the archive, and it’s a goodie. It’s written very much in the Afternoon Well Spent style, with a mysterious individual dispensing random injustice. There’s an awful lot stuffed into this relatively short story, but I’m not complaining—that’s the way I like my stories. I would have liked to have had more, but I’ll just have to wait for Eppy’s next.

Best Served Hot by moebius1956

For someone who doesn’t like incest, I seem to be including quite a lot of it. This, however, is a story that deserves everyone’s attention. A family is toyed with by a past victim of torment. As the title suggests, it’s very hot stuff, well-described, and well-paced. It did go off at what was (for me) an unwelcome tangent towards the end, but overall it’s splendid.