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I am very much into Femdom stories, whether it be F/M or FF. A particular favourite for me is where the domme pretends to be helpless or submissive but manages to turn the tables.

Gigi’s Control by Mike Smitus

I thought this was a very well written story. A Thai domme takes over a rich “farang” (Thai phrase for foreigner) and fleeces him of his wealth. I especially enjoy the way she uses the subs fetish for mini-skirts and panties to ensnare him. I really hope that this series continues, who knows where Gigi will end up next :—)

Attempted Takeover by Anonymous-029

What a fantastic build-up. The premise is as follows :— Chap breaks into his opponents office to see what he can dig up on her computer only to find a file of her stripping.

Great idea, I just love the way that the induction is slow—yet still very erotic—and how he is being hypnotised without being aware. A wonderful ending too, this is a story I can read over and over again, a big high-five to the author

Planet of the Catwomen by Witchman

This story raised serious questions about myself—why do I find the idea of a catwoman erotic ? Answers on a postcard please.

The buildup is well done—the ships captain explains briefly the origins and makeup of the fabled catwomen (with a sense of humour).

The catwomen are creatures of pure sex who will have humans servicing their needs in a small amount of time. They have hypnotic eyes, emit pheromones and have a entrancing mating call. The author went some distance to ensure no-one escaped the clutches of these creatures :—) A joy :—)

My reasoning for liking this story I suppose, is that we have the supposedly higher-intelligent lifeforms succumbing to the sexually hypnotic powers of felines. There is little dialogue from these creatures, only their natural allure.

Currently three stories written, however, I can see plenty more storylines in the offing.

A new job by hypno-tits

What can I say ? I have a bit of a fetish for darker skinned women (which is probably why I also like Gigi’s Control), so the thought of a black woman from the Caribbean enslaving her victim with her breasts (and some voodoo) is perfect for me. A nice extra is where you see the older women witnessing candy’s enslavement To think that she’s done this before on several occasions indicates that her actions are pre-meditated—This adds a little more to the story IMHO.

A nice ending, especially the hint given of Emmas possible enslavement. Perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part :—)