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I really enjoy many of the different styles and perspectives offered by the authors on this site and in these pages you’ll find some of the best erotic fiction anywhere.

My tastes tend to run to the more positive aspects of EMC. While I enjoy a good vampire-style evil abduction or occult-style induction story like anyone, and I can appreciate the science-fiction fans as well, I really like it when the EMC is more diffuse yet just as overpowering, when it’s subconsciously integrated into the character’s daily life in complex and erotic and imaginative ways.

So much of life is neither good nor evil but is instead of course in that vast gray area in-between, I love EMC when it isn’t immediately apparent to the captive yet is part of that bigger picture.

“Lila Teaches French” by Dripping Yams

This one’s a classic and was one of my inspirations in my own offering to the EMCA. In a highly erotic flow of images and scenes the MC is absolutely insidious and real genius. I like how the character’s dreams and daydreams become part of her daily normal life, and it’s especially cool how the boyfriend is used as a hapless tool in the capture. Great stuff, mais oui?

“Boots,Leather,and Smoldering Eyes” by Markarama

Both of Markarama’s stories were among my early favorites and I hope he sends more. If you like traditional leather-clad dominatrixes as sizzling hot as they come, who also happen to be nice girls, except that they happen to also belong to secret matriarchal societies that hold wild orgies, read on!

“Sweating in the Principal’s Office” by Mistress Evilena’s Servant

This is one hot read. It’s part of a group of a few stories with the same characters and in all of them Evilena has that hard dominatrix edge of intense “evil -yet-playful” hypnotic power that is so sexy you will read them over and over again. Driven by vengeance and all-powerful, she’s enticing and totally irresistible. They’re not cleaning the blackboards in there! Erotic hypnosis at it’s best.

“Pleasing My Mistress” by Doug7gx

All of Doug’s stories are entertaining and some very humorous, and he does some of the best MM stories on the site too. Doug loves to dwell on that single moment where the captive finally decides to tumble, rich imagery flows, and you wonder if they really had a choice after all.

“Lesbian Garter Hypnosis” by Archibael

Another hot hot read. Great seduction, get your ZZ Top CD’s out, she’s got legs and she knows how to use them!

“For Sharon” by Pseudonym200

A perfect excample of MC that is totally overpowering yet not evil. Or is it? Can you tell? Maybe it’s just a love story!

“A Black Hole-in Sunnydale” by A Nony Mouse

If you like the Capture to be pure evil and otherworldly and wildly erotic, with some of the best seduction scenes you’ll find anywhere on the site, these deliver.

“Birth of Obedience” by Iago

Iago is mentioned a lot in Reader’s Picks and for good reason. The seduction of Chelsea in Part I is sensational, and in most of Iago’s stories the captives cling then let go then scrap their old identities and become completely submerged into their new roles in ways so overpowring you’re left speechless.

Like the stories of another great, Sara H, these characters actually celebrate their capture in a way that embraces the Divine Feminine in cult-like fashion, and does so with torrid lust in a head-long plunge into the Dark Side. Brilliant.

“Attempted Takeover” by Anonymous-29

Guys will love this one. Ever sit in a boring class when you were 15, gushing hormones as it were, watching some educational video and imagining instead that the hottest girl in school was the star of a very different video you’re watching instead? Check it out!