The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Shadow


I love incest stories and beastiality, exhibitionism, female and male dominant, female-female, fetish, growth or enlargement, time stop and of course mind control.

Clarrisa Becomes a Slut

It’s a really cool story about Clarrisa and how she is transformed into a slut by getting tattoos, piercings, and getting huge boobs. Plus i like how she wears all these sexy outfits.

Bimbo Class

I love this story because this girls teacher hypnotizes her into becoming the perfecct wife so to say.

The Sweet Smell of Lust

One of my favorite incest stories. Young boy creats powerful pheremone and accidentally his mom and sister fall under it’s effects and creats a harem.

I dream of Genie

I love genie stories and this guy finds a genie and turns her into his slut and creates a harem of girls.

Disabled Powers

A kid in a wheel chair hypnotizes his nurse, maid, and hot girl from across the street, I love this.

Wife of Many Roles

How this guys wife turns into anything he wants whenever he turns on the control device and then later gets his sexy neighbor to be his too.

The Virus and The Virus—Amanda

Great series about how a madman creates a virus and turns all the females into busty sluts who need to be fucked.

Time in a box

Great story about a kid who gets this device that stops time and he can leave subliminal messages in the persons mind, eventually fucks his sister and best friend. Very Good.

Aliens Gift

When aliens probe this kid they leave with an awesome gift of mind control. He fucks lots of girls and his sister and mom.

Britley’s Indecent Proposal

Could this be a Brittney Spears story? You be the judge. Britley had it all and started to loose it and a righ man offered millions to spend one night with her. Well, he left out one minnor detail, he can hypnotize people. Well, the night turns better when he has her way with her.

Finding Middle Ground

2 young ladies bump into each other and the story goes crazy from there. Sula follows Claire around and finally into a junk shop. Claire buys a choker and Sula does the same. When Claire gets home, she finds herself dressing more sexy and the same happens to Sula. Well Sula needs a job and goes to a law firm and guess who she meets? The story gets way better from there and I hope it continue to gets better.

The Process

Imagine finding the secret to controlling women through hormonal drugs. Well in this story, a man does just that and turns his girl friend into his love slave when they are alone together. He makes her younger, big chested, and more kinkier. WOW! She even gives off milk and makes him drink it. The milk starts to make him.......well you’re just gonna have to go read it. Hope the author continues this story or journal as it is written.

Breath of Spirit

A drug rep gets possesed by an ancient witch. Well the story goes crazy from there. She starts making a harem of beautiful women and even seduces her boss. Great fem dom story. Go read it!

Millenium Products

This great lil story starts out with a busty mother taking a drug and makes her addicted to sperm. She does the same to her daughter and makes her turn her friends into sluts. And we saying “Incest is best”! In this story it truly is....

Mind Worms

Seeing how I have a snake fetish, this story hit my heart quick. An alien worm comes to the planet earth and starts taking over it. First with the animals and eventually humans. Well, they’ve got the last one and about to kill it but this doctor notices it’s her shrink who is infected with it. She has her hypnotize her and the worm infected body tells her to take the worms from the disposal can and infest herself with them. She does and well you go read what else happens. I just hope that Tabico adds more because this is truly one of my favorites.

Cindy’s New Program

I absolutley love this story! I first read this on the asstr homepage and I’m glad it found its way here. Cindy goes on vacation but when she comes back the town has been enslaved by a corporation and it picks up from there. really great story, Farleven should add more to it.

The Glass Ceiling Cracks

Amanda is a prude buisness women and sues the company she works for. Lil does she know, all the women have been turned into corporate sluts for them and Amanda is next. Big Daddy, write more!

The Sandal Master

Seeing how I have a foot fetish, this story kicks ass! Krinstine develops a computer chip and puts them inside sexy shoes and gives a pair to her friend, making her a sandal slave. Really great story, I suggest you read it.

TV Guide

Teenage boy uses subliminal messaging to turn his sister into his person whore. Soon his mom turns that way too, hopefully in more chapters, they will fuck too. Great incest story and family turn slut story. The Sinner has great stories!

Happy to Oblige

I read this story and fell in love with it. It can get confusing but it’s very well written. Lots of detail in the clothes and I wish I could do that to some of my teachers. Young man seduces his teacher with a hidden talent he has and then he takes over the school. Very well written either way. Leaves plenty of room for a sequal too. I recommend it to your students out rhere, wish my school was like this.


Very good incest story. Boy touches an artifact giving him the power of pleasure to women. He has his way with his neighbor, teacher, the hottest girl in school, his mother and sister, and his best friend. I hope there’s omre comming with this story. Very well written I might add to. Writter has a lot of talent.

Hypnotist’s Son

Nothing like having a father who has hypnotized his patients and writting down their activation words. He has sex with many numerous towns people in the process. Anynom is an incredibly good writer.


I love teachers and in this story, a student hacks into the goverment web site and steals hypno program and uses it on his teacher. Very good story, I recommend it too for all you students out there.

Haven’t got the Legs for It

Girls start dressing mini skirts getting shorter and shorter everyday. People start having sex at work...whats going on? Go read it! It’s a great story where the office becomes a sex filled emviroment.

Free Ride

Farleven has done it again. Not only is this a great story, it’s filled with lots of detail. Girl goes to a private college and she changes into a bi with no inhabitions. Like I said, it’s one of the best out there.

Movie Mania

Stupid movie comes out but grows on the people as a clothing line opens up based on the movie’s clothes. Well the movie itself has strange effects on the town and causes everyone to dress like the characters. Filled with lots of detail, I love this story.

New Management

Company starts to go bankrupt and gets outside help. Well he has his way and puts in a special sound system and orders new uniforms for everyone. No one seems to mind how skimpy and kinky they look. Well eventually the clothing company makes “new” customers soon by meeting to their deepest desires. Really neat story.

The Submission of Kim

Young couple go out but only because Daddy secretly hypnotizes his date and they are even for more of a surprise after the prom and daughter makes a video for daddy. This story is a great incest story.

The Candidate

Nothing like a slutty politic! This story is one of a kind. A scientist invents a way to turn girls into nympomaniacs and cause “other” changes as well. Well, one candidate gets lucky and backs up this noble doc and cause his opponent to turn into a slut and loose. A must read!

Company Property

Girl thinks of quitting her job but her boss has other plans for her and installs a new program which hypnotizes her and has her get MM implants and makes her dress slutty and eventually her assistant joins in the fun as well do the office ladies and work gets more productive....

New U Salon

Guy wants his girlfriend to be more the wat he wants her so he sends her to a salon which specializes in that. Her tits get bigger and her new name is TITS actually. Nice little story.


Seeing how I had permission to edit this story on the greyarchives( I had to put it on here. I absolutely love this story. Girl gets infested with snakes in her body and they change her into a lesbian who wants to take over the world. Come see what I”ve written to it, I keep adding to it. Look around in paranormal.

Miss Titus’ Day Off

Student invents a way to have fun with anyone he wants. Well, he decides on his english teacher. I couldn’t think of anyone who would be more appropiate. He spends the day off with her as he makes her less prude and more nude. I can’t wait for the sequel!

Magic Lessons

I wish my neighbor was this way! She seduces a boy that gardens for her...very entertaining, especially when he’s dreaming...really hope Ravenswings continues this, I think he’s on to something!

Sunday is Sinday

Going to church was never this way! Man drugs the new vicar and turns her into a harem girl just like the rest of the town. Very erotic, hope there’s more chapters coming.

The Monkey’s Penis

A guy comes home and finds his mother acting like a dog in heat. Can he resist the urges? Then his friend stops by and is very shocked by the mothers behavior and finally takes advantage of it...and spills out the whole story. Very well written story with a surprise twist, I’m sure you’ll like it a lot.

Sophmore Jinx

There’s something about the way this student looks at Ms. Kepler, she can’t quite figure it out. All she knows is that she’s been having very very erotic thoughts about him and she can’t stop them. Then when she thinks it’s all over, her daughter starts dating him. I can’t wait for the sequel to it...

Debbie, Dan, and the Demon

Debbie buys this bracelet that is posessed by a sucubus of some sort and slowly manipulates her in to drawing sexual energy. Whoever this guy is who wrote this story was very talented, it’s a shame they are annonomous...but Debbie begins to enjoy life more with this Demon and he helps unlock her deepest fantasies. Very descriptive...thats what I like.


I haven’t seen a story like this in a while. I love succubus stories and this one is superb. A girl borrows a book that has demon pictures in it and accidentally chants the words out loud and then her mom finds it and does the same. Slowly, the succubus reveals its plans to the mother. GREAT story, I give it a perfect score. This is absolutely perfect!

Horny Little Valentine

A loser nerd invents a “love” potion even cupid would be jealous of. He tests it on two bitchy girls and his lab partner accidentally smells it as well as some family members. Lots of detail. Perfect Valentines Day story.

A Flower for Mina

Guy breeds flower that makes women basically his slave. He gave it to his neighbor and she is turned into his sex slave and later is given to a friend of hers. Lovely plant story with lots of well detailed scenes. This author shows alot of promise.


Great alien story where a plant type creature copies humans in hopes to take over the world. So much detail in this story and the plot is incredible, a must read for those who like Tabico.

Penniless Shoe Shop

A woman gets a job at what she thinks is a clothing store as in “Humans Relations” but is turned into a “cock cleaner” instead. She gets fucked in her own house with her husband in the next room by a close family friend, then eventually performs her duties in front of her husband, and even has “changed” her sister from a nun to a “cock cleaner”. I absolutely love this story and I can’t wait for more, Sato really has something good going here and needs to keep at it!

Melora’s Cavern

A young girl is intrigued by lights in a cave and decides to investigate them only to find a mysterious woman inside who seduces and possess her. She learns how to “please a women” and she seduces her best friends. I wish the author would write more, she’s pretty good.

Mona’s Makeover

A man reprograms a woman’s mind while she gets her hair done and then takes her sister. This story has so much detail, you can really imagine everything with clearity.

Mood Musak

I work at a mall and the management are such assholes. In this story, management gets what they deserve. I wish the story was a little longer or even another chapter in it, but satisfying either way.

The Invention

A boy genius creates a pheromone that makes women attracted to him and tests it out on his sister...then his mom...and then the school. Who hasn’t fantasized about doing that? I know I have many times and this story describes it all pretty well. Who ever wrote this, e-mail me, you are a pretty good write more.

How I Became My Step-Brother’s Slut

Just as the title says, boy turns his sister and her friend into his own personal slut. Very well writing story because Farleven is one hell of a writer, go read it.

Double the Pleasure

A man hypnotizes a high schooler and is unaware of her twin sister that he just has to enslave too. He makes them pick up two guys, have sex with them and then switch identities...very hot. This story is great and twins just add to the fun because two is better than one.

Dressing Room Delectable

This is another good story with great descriptions. A woman goes to shop for clothing and listens to subliminal messages in the music playing in the dressing room. She eventually starts dressing more revealing and gets a job at a strip club. This story is pretty hot, I suggest you read it.

The Doll Factory

Since I love fetish stories, especially ones about clothes, this one has my pick. Some of the best clothing descriptions I’ve seen in a story and yet the author only has one story...a shame really. This guy is really talented. A woman is kidnapped and is slowly transformed into a fuck doll and is sold. Nice story indeed...


Another great Tabico story where in this one, someone breaks into a young girls house and places and alien pod between her legs and takes control of her. Once that’s done, she has some “friends” come over and they take her mother too. It ends very well with a nice mother-daughter sex scene.

Dating Service & Dating Service: An Alternate Thread

I wish I could find a dating service that performs these benefits for their customers. Jafar writes some of the best stories and this is just one of the many examples; Much like Connections, this revolves around a dating service that brainwashes their female customers and allows other to have their with them using trigger phrases. The descriptions are incredible throughout the whole story and this is a must read for anyone who likes the “dating” theme.


A women decides try a video dating service but is brainwashed instead into becoming her date’s slave. I just love the trigger phrase, Candy, that makes her orgasm and do basically whatever the man says.


This is by far one of the best stories that includes a form of drug in it. The detail is perfect and the story is even better. I wish there was another chapter though or even a different story in the series. The plot is an undercover agent trying to bust a porn star who is believed to be behind this wonder sex drug called “Blue”. Well, she inevitably is forced to try some and she is hooked. Great story but like I said, wish there was more.

Black Pastures

This is a nice story about a woman who decides to help her husband out


Yet another great story from Tabico. I love the authors subjects, and this one involves demons. This is a must read for those who have liked Tabico’s stuff. The basic plot is a college girl summoning a women but there are a few twists and turns. Go read this.

At The Fair

These two girls never learned that stealing was wrong and they pay the price for it when they try to steal some science projects from some nerds. Well they messed with the wrong ones because they got to personally “test” all their inventions. They are even turned into sluts after graduating high school, at least the nerds weren’t that mean. It’s hard to dislike the story because so much goes on, there’s role playing, slutty clothing, body modification, and plenty more. A good read if you haven’t read it yet.

Bimbo Dot Com

Another story about a website that hypnotizes people, but this one turns

Wendy and the Witchdoctor

Probably my favorite interracial story. I love how Stormbringer uses voodoo to transform the prude housewife who has only had sex with her husband into a black whore who resents everything about her husband. This is an incredible story and everyone should read it.

All We Like Sheep

Nice story about a man gives a co-worker a “spiritual” C.D. with subliminal messages turning whoever that listens to it, into his sex slave...including high school girls. The writer tells such great plots and gives a lot of detail; I would really to see more of this type from him.

Having a Tennis “Ball”

A man brainwashes one of the best tennis players in the world and has some with her and her tennis friends. As like most of Rinky Dinks stories, this one is great.

Angel Of Darkness

A professor at a school gets infected by a plant he is studying and has plans to infect the rest of the school with his alien plant. Many good stories within it and I would love to see Majun keep going with the series. As always, he has great detail and just like all of his other work, this is worth reading.

Alien Prison

A women goes to a prison for a crime she didn’t commit, but it isn’t so bad...she meets some friends to help her deal with the change. Her prison is actually a breeding ground and she is put in a cell with a few women who are carrying an alien life form that breeds with in women and she is their next host. Majun is such a great writer, I wish he’d write more because there so much detail in this story (I especially liked the raped scene).


I love stories that use nanobots. This story tops my favorites list for that subject. An orphan genius decides to get a little revenge on his foster parent and her two bitchy daughters by infecting them with the nano’s. He changes their body features, attitude, and of course their clothing style to suit his needs and of course, he bangs them all, over and over, along with a few others he adds to his harem. Like I said, great story, nuff said.

Channel 497

I wish I had this channel. This is a tale of a girl who is basically forced to baby-sit for her mom’s boss’ kid. Well after watching a little t.v., she doesn’t mind going over there so much as she slowly is transformed into a teenage nymph that drops out of school to work at Pony Tails, the local strip club. Definitely a must read.

Ad Campaign

A college student doing a research paper on subliminal messaging gets snared, along with her friend, by those pesky pop-ups. After receiving an email, they are told to show three people the website and then have sex with them when they have been entranced....and so on. The story has great detail, especially in the last chapter when describing the club scene. After reading this, I have a new found love for pop-ups as should you. Great story and I would like to see a follow up or something by the same author. This is by far his best story.

A Friend Like Candy

A popular girl befriends a mousy type girl in their senior year of high school. Slowly she is transformed into a slut who drops out of high school and starts working at a strip club. Great story, this author is excellent what they do. I wish I had a friend like Candy...

Bridget Goes Abroad, Roman Holiday, and Roman Holiday—Consequences:

All three are wonderfully written stories that are linked by the same mystery company “The Association”. Cafetray gives such detail in their stories and makes him one of my newest favorite authors, I hope that he makes an origin to this company or organization...(story idea).

Women’s Health Issues 101:

At first glance the story seemed boring to me but a few days later I read it all and I can’t get enough. Cafetray did it again and I am looking forward to seeing more from him. If you like lesbian, you’ll love this.

Try Wacky Snax!:

I love stories with mystery foods and women getting transformed but what sets this one different is the women still dominates the man a little bit. I can’t wait for more, lets just put it that way.

Donna’s Delight:

Incest is one of my favorite themes and add a hot hooters girl in the mix, you got yourself a really fun time. Nerdy kids deserve to get girls too , it doesn’t matter who he chooses to use his formula on. This is also a weird one because his step-sister knows whats going on when she drinks it, it offers a little humility to the mix as well. I can’t wait for the next installment.

Women in Heat:

As you know, Jafar can write pretty damn well and he hasn’t dispointed yet. These magic pills turn a prude housewife into a wonton slut for her son and daughter and son’s girlfriend head over heels for daddy. What more could you want? I suggest you read it because Jafar is the man.

Cheryl’s Story:

This story reminds me of Penniless Shoe Shop but with a high-tec twist. Cherly gets turned into a whore for a company who knows a thing about gene mapping. For the authors second story, he’s doing a fine job.


This is such a nice scifi story. I’m surprised I’m the only one to use it as a reader’s pick. The guy dick attracts women and his sister does the same thing and eventually grows one. Very weird but it’s very erotic. The stories are very long and very detailed and you can’t go wrong with it. Check it out!

The Mom’s Teaching Club:

A boy finds out his mom is being hypnotized and changes the word and has total control over her. He learns how to be a man from her from her “teachings” Here’s the thing, if I was in his position, I wouldn’t tell any of my friends...he does and they all have fun with her. Ohh well, nice story and I can’t wait to read more.

Jelly Bracelets-

I remember when I heard about what kids these days are doing with these...very cool. Anyways, story starts out with the guy friend who doesn’t get the love and attention he’s giving the girl and does something about it with these special bracelets. You can pretty much figure out what goes on after it happens. Go read it, it’s a nice story but I wish there were more.

The Pill Man-

Ever been down on your luck? Well this guy has and meets another guy who has the answer...special pills who can change anyone into what he wants. Very nice begining and I can’t wait to read more from RAB.

Winter Flesh-

I love vampire stories. I don’t know what it is but when you have a female vampire story, it just makes everything better. Tabico is such a great writer with already having written Hot Oil and Mind Worms, you can’t do wrong with his twisted SciFi stories. Keep it up!

Megan’s New Clothes-

There’s just something sexy about clothing to me and this one tops it off. Who wouldn’t want clothes that changes our lovers into our fantasies. Keep writing Abe!

Rekam Tuls-

I love it when a mc-er changes ordinary people into an object of lust. This story does just that and it has great detail and sexy clothing. Check it out.

Pleasure Island-

Wish Darkmind would finish a few more chapters but this story is great if you love nanobots. It has everything from girls acting like horses to an entertainment girl, all transformed by a mad man with nanobots.

Monkey Shines-

Most people don’t like beasitality but this story is a keeper to me. The ape actually increases her libido and you can pretty much guess what else happens. Read it, you’ll like it.

Merlynne’s Catalogue: Costume Change-

Makeup that changes you? Good concept, now give that to some lesbians and you’ve got a great story. Such detail with some role reversal makes for a steamy collection of scenes.

Season of the Witch-

Nothing like a good witch that gives these trick or treaters the power to be what they really want. I wish it were a little longer but it will definetly make for a good sequal for Halloween.

The Secretary Group

This young womens concept of work is work hard and go far, little does she know there is a plot to turn her into a ditzy secretary who will go over “documents” anytime she’s requested. Great idea, too bad it’s not real life.

THE SAPPHO CHRONICLES, Sappho Chronicles—A Housewife’s Tale & The Sappho Chronicles—Dr. Dyke-

All three stories with the same theme, jewlery that helps the wearer seduce whomever she chooses. All three are so well written, it’s hard not to like them. Read them, espeically if you like lesbian stories.

Bawdy and Soul

Gotta love school stories. This story is so raunchy and it makes me think, is this what teachers think about while at school? She sells her soul to become a walking fantasy and seduces her way around the school. She even gets the devil himself. I would love to see more of this story Downing.

After-School Special

God, I love cheerleaders. When a whole group of them change after watching a tv show begin to change...well this would get anyone attention. They eventually begin to experiment on themselves following the shows “special message”. just need to read it to see what they do...

The Plague Maiden

Alien’s, parasites, what more could you want from a scifi story? It reminds me of the stories Tabico writes. This parasite works it way around town from female to female from sexual contact. Very detailed and hot.

Frankinsense Monster

Probably happening today somewhere, a secret lab doing experiments on people. But this one has a lovely side effect. An uncontrollable sex drive and the ability to make any women go crazy for that wonderful sex. Indeed very well written. I’d like to see more by this author.

The Sinful Parasite

A nice parasite story that changes a girl into the perfect form for the parasite. She then goes to begin infecting the planet one female body at a time. Pretty nice and detailed.

The Six Pills of Domination

Nerd controls a slew of women, including his mom and finds love. Man, mind control can do good. Great read.


Proof we can live together with long as it’s sexually. It just takes a little getting used to..and some force.

Dating Serviced

I wish all dating services were like this one. Thie girl does it all...and with good fashion. Highly detailed and erotic. But what else would you expect from Mr. Froman...the sausage king of the midwest?

Talk to Jack

Aren’t bosses helpful? This one sure is. This story is filled with sexy clothing and slutty deeds.

Talked Themselves Into It

Dirty policticians...who would’ve thought? This one has a mind control power and develops a lust for his staff. What ever would he do? What would you do?

Transforming Jennifer

Subliminal cd’ they work? Here they do and wow, do they work! Ever wonder what it’d be like to “help” your girlfriend do things she didn’t or wouldn’t before? Well becareful what how you do may have unexpected results!

The Adventures of Jade

This is how I see all girls school...well with all luscious girls that is. Add a tad of incest and there you go...

Boy Toy

Every woman needs one...she has her son. It’s amazing what a little chemistry can do to help a bond between mother and son. Wettstar come back!

Brainwave of Horror

A normal Jafar story. Everyone becomes a slut and do the dirtiest of dirties. In this one...everything happens in front of a father and husband. Would you go along with it? I think I would...

BimboTech: BimboDrops and A Special Introductory Offer

You can’t go wrong with a BimboTech story. Really, you can’t.

Cheerleader Slaves

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, cheerleaders are hot. This story teaches a few about the other side of sex education, being nice to others, and who to obey. This is one dirty story. I wish Heather2837 would finish it.

Universal Remote

This story is cool. Seriously. A real universal remote. What would you do? I’d probably do something like what this guy does...change my wife into my wet dream, mess with a bitchy know, the usual.

Sappho High

A girl is turned into a lesbian by a machine...or is she? Maybe she was just trying to fit in like all kids her age do...she just “went with it”

The Shard: Blood Is Thicker Then Water

Aliens think of everything. This lucky boy finds a crystal and well, lets just say it has some lovely results on his family and friends of the opposite sex. I wish I had one...

Seed Eaters

Also by KnifeCutRight2, this story. I love bukkake...this is kinda right up that alley. Girls addicted to sperm. Werid huh?

Trisha’s Memorable Weekend

Man did she have a weekend! She woke with vague memories of what she did this past weekend. Man...this teen did some really naughty things. I can’t wait for the sequel...whenever it comes out.

The Adventures of Rania

This truly is a masterpeice. I wish it were completed. It kind of leaves off abrubtly. Will there be a happy ending? I don’t know...but it starts out very, very nice.


I wouldn’t consider this a plague....yet. Slugs take over a girls body and she begins to do things with cucumbers. Enough said. She then moves on to other her sister.

Good to the Last Drop

Another cum addictive story but this one the guy actually programs the girls. It’s weird. His sperm is the drug and he actually has them memorize lines and they begin to act on it. It’s pretty cool but I kind of wish he would finish it or add a few more chapters though...hint hint...

The Entrepreneur – a Master PC Story

Very lovely MasterPC story. I can’t wait to see where this guy is going with it...

The Darkling

Finally, a demon story. We haven’t had one of these in a while. She gets possessed and begins to make some sisters to enjoy her new “out of body experience” with...I hope malys16 writes more!

Under the Bell Curve

Trigger phrases are awesome. It’s weird how someone could say a really strange word and someone will act as you tell them. Well Chet found this out...but was his doing?

How Porn Broke Into Tamara Divine

It’s always the shy ones isn’t it? It’s isn’t her fault. It’s someone else’s fault...but who’s really complaining? She was...but not for long.

Theresa’s Transfer

I tell you, women will never be respected in the workplace like this. Damn government jobs! Sure the benifits are good...

A Better Body

A great start for a story! You can’t get a better body in takes longer than that...or does it? Man, I wish there were more. So many little to answer it by.

Unholy Desire

Don’t mess with witchcraft...or the devil. It’s pretty simple really. Oh well, if you’re horny, you’re horny. I’d do what he did. Seriously...I would’ve.

A Fistful of Sand

I love Egyptian myths. But just like most of them...there are some catches. For instances, don’t go into a tomb and mess around with stuff! You may unlock something bigger than anything you have ever seen. It’s ok’s just your average sex god...


A couple of girls reluctantly take a class by teacher at their college. Well they did and learned a lot more than the school could offer by going to strip clubs for some “hands on training”. Little did they know, they were being programmed and turned into the very thing they were studying. Author has talent, which she wrote more stories....

Break the Habit

What a good son. Helping his mother quit smoking by offering her an alternative thing to inhale in her mouth. It even has a clever lead in to Mom’s Teaching Club, written by the same author.


I love stories with plants in them. I don’t know why. This one follows the same plot. My only nit pick is that I wish it were longer.

Girl Sex Heaven

Rinky Dink has done it again. This story has it all; great sex scenes, deception, and re-brainwashing. You just can’t go wrong with this guy!


This story is a weird one. It starts off one way then the next thing you know, it’s got some alien references. Pretty weird but really good. I hope the story continues...

Lesbos Crystal

What if you had desires and could make them all come true? This happens to Kara. After a bad incident to a series of extremely good ones. From girls at the office to doing it in front of a mother and daughter on the beach, she uses her crystal to receive all the sex she could ever dream of. See, ancient magic isn’t all that bad, now is it?


Subliminal messaging is really cool. Especially when you keep using it on beautiful woman. What’s incredible about this story is a lesbian is turned to the dark to speak this guys wildest fantasies come true.

Kara’s Survival Training

My dad used to be a park ranger but I don’t think they had training like this! Kara goes to survival training but slowly gets programmed into enjoying oral sex and learning to use semen as a food alternative. She doesn’t get just get it from her instructor but also his dog. Yummy...


I guess you should never complain your roommate and her boyfriend are being too loud. You may just join them. Nice story


Too many bad STD’s are floating around out there. Well this one is a very good one. It makes the person who has it very submissive and they must follow directions. Although it isn’t quite an STD, it can definitely improve your sex life. I’m surprised no one has picked this one for their list.

The Hornometer

Another “be careful what you wish for” story. Guy buys a pendant that controls his frigid girl friends sex drive but doesn’t realize he’s been misled. Nice twist and I can’t wait for more.


A woman gets a surprised package from her soon to be ex husband. At first she is upset about the rudeness of the gift...but slowly comes to deal with it and begins to imagine a new life with her ex. This new life also includes her daughter. Hot story, wish there was more! Keep writing it! Please...

The Aliens Gift II

I have the first one as part of my picks and it makes no difference that this one shouldn’t be on here too...even if it is by a different author. The sequel takes the story to a new level and adds some nice hero and baddy drama.

Alien’s Gift: Tempest & the Twins

Alien’s are good to people too and so is JR Parz. Basic story about a guy who gets powers and uses them to brighten up his life and gets a little pay back for his high school life. As he does this, he slowly builds a harem of “enhanced” girls.


What an interesting story. Most weight loss stories involve a sperm diet, this one involves a lot of hypnosis with plenty of twists and plenty of sex. Pretty cool idea.

Placebo Effect

Wow, another great transformation story. This one is a little bit different because, well, she knows about it afterwards but doesn’t seem to mind. Definitely read this. My only problem is I wish there was more.

Infernal Destiny

I saw this on the Grey Archive before it got all messed up by a new webmaster. Very, very nice and nasty story if you’re into that sort of thing. Basically demons begin to impregnate unwilling woman and try to take over the world. Can’t get any simpler than that. Just read it.

Amanda’s EZ Dating Service Experience

Since I liked Dating Service, this one is just as good. Just wish there was more of it. So add another chapter or two. Basically Amanda signs up for a dating service and basically gets pimped out and she can’t do anything about it.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Not too many people say I wanna be a dentist when I grow up! Well, if you were like this...there’d be a lot more dentists in the world, wouldn’t you say? The plot is very simple, a dentist helps his patients and nurse cope with the stress and fears of a dentist visit. The only thing is his methods are, well...different from others. He helps his latest patient and then helps her daughter as well.

Internal Affairs

Apparently it goes a long with the StareWare series and begins to break off into Pranic Attack. This story starts out as a bit of a mystery but slowly reveals itself into something demonic. Very nice though. Subtle hints of what will transpire and lots of deception. Check it out along with Pranic Attack.

Downsizing Lisa

Don’t you hate people that get promoted instead of you? Well, Rod fixes that little problem with him. He successfully turns a star lawyer into his secretary and then finally his personal slave. Nice material all around.

Julie’s Hypnotic Erotic Adventure

Long distant relationships suck. We have all been in them but I never thought of using hypnosis to drive you two closer. What a concept. Also, why not add in a few suggestions to make the time when you are together even better.

Tale of the Tape

This story is awesome. Something that would probably happen to me though. These guys get this tape that hypnotizes their ladies into basically becoming nymphs. But it’s more than they thought and turns out to be a classic “be careful what you wish for” story. Can’t wait till there’s more. Good job Worm.

Job Opening

Job interviews are hard. Especially when you’re a woman. Especially when you’ve already got the job once you get subliminaled in the elevator. Wait. What? Hot story. Wanda goes for an interview but by the time she’s reached the floor, she’s pretty much transformed into “office” material. Another Worm story. I want more.

Advantage Slavery, Advantage Slavery: Vignettes and Vignettes Deux

I love Rinky’s stories. They are so erotic. This one is no exception. In this one, the mind controller gets mind controlled herself and becomes a pawn in a huge secret corporation. Very hot indeed. Can’t wait till there’s more.

Diary of a Perfectly Normal Girl

This story is so hot. Privacy is what we all want, do you really want your mom reading your diary or looking through your porn? Well this is the payback story we’ve all been looking for. Mother reads her daughters diary and as she does this, she is transformed. The funny thing is, she can’t stop reading how slutty her daughter has become or what her friends mother has done with her own daughter. Very nice indeed. Write more Villainy!

Fridays at the Smiths

Therapy can either break or help a marriage. This one does both but helps it very quickly. I hope there is more in store for this family. They all got the help they needed.

The Outfits

Once she puts on the outfit, she is transformed into it’s persona. It even does wonders for her body and helps her seduce a college girl. Very, very hot. Like most, I wish there were more chapters.

My Wife, the Professor

I love a good wife. Especially one that hypnotizes her students and having be my birthday gift. Too hot. I’m not sure what it is with the panties through the whole story but either way, it’s a great one to read. And once again, more!

Daddy’s DVD

A father tricks his daughter into watching a subliminal dvd and well, it works. She is slowly transformed into his willing slave through her teacher in her dreams. Very nice detail and what a great father.

Bubble Gum Bimbo’s

Nice little revenge story by accident. Ben buys this gag gum and offers it to his boss’ wife when they meet by chance at the mall. Well, the gum does it’s magic so Ben can do his. Nice story, can’t wait for more...if there is more.

Getting a New Job

Nina goes in for a job interview and does basically whatever he says. The funny thing is, she’ll do it, no questions asked just to make him happy. This story is very nice with lots of detail and great woman in sexy clothes. Nice one Archibald.

Giving Herself To Charity

A reporter’s life takes a 180 when she goes for an interview that she eventually gets but takes on another life of her own becoming a toy of sorts for the CEO. I like where it’s going and I like the detail. I wanna see how slutty she can get.

Applied Hypnosis Lifestyle

Father son bonding is great. Especially when a father teaches his son the art of mind control. What would any teenager do with that sort of power? Something like this? Probably...I would’ve just added cheerleaders on top of the mother daughter duo. Awesome.

Quality Control

This is the first stories I have read that has to do with bees. You know what? I absolutely love it. It took some time but man, the transformations this woman goes through as well as the little harem he makes is just awesome. Great job Captain Eazy. Keep up the good work.

Strings Attached

A weird one. This has a scifi twist with no scifi. I don’t get it. It’s still in the raw stages (I hope) but it’s basically just a spell that a company put on this college girl that makes her...sensitive. I really like where it’s going, just hope it gets there.

Alice Sin Wonderland and Alice Through the Lusting Glass

These stories are sequels of sorts...I think. Basically, a super smart guy invents nano’s that make him perfect and pretty much ever lasting. He’s he found a companion. She learns to love it. In the lusting glass, it’s a continuation of their lives together with some staff and another great seduction. Hot read, Captain Eazy is getting good.

Shockingly Black

Stories with objects with mystical powers arouse me. This one is no exception. Claudine finds this sculpture instead of her bag but slowly begins to realize the more she touches it, the better she feels about it. Over time she gets her niece and by the end, her doctor in on the action. Very hot stuff indeed.

Pranic Attack and Bottie and Soul

Goes along with Xenos’ Internal Affairs plot line but pushes it a lot further. If you like one of them, you should like them all.

Life: The Gorland Edition

Kind of like Jumanji...but with sex. They begin to play but are tricked into continuing it and are let down by the ones they love. How does it end? You’ll have to read to find out...

Something in the Water

I love parasitic stories. After a hard days work, Catherine takes a shower to relieve her stress only to be raped and infected by a parasite. Being a good mother, she begins to share it with the rest of the family and so on.

Ancient Desires

A Trio of lesbians accidentally awaken a 2400 year old Princess. What do you think would happen? Lots of wicked sex and it’s very hot. It links up to his Advantage Slavery stories a bit but once again, Rinky does it again.

Voodoo Enslavement

Man gets two ladies from his office enslaved by voodoo but they find a loop hole to get out and run. That doesn’t really bother him for long when he sees their replacement.

Passion Grades

Going to a new school is tough. Especially when you room with older kids and want to be apart of their “older world”, this is the case for Fionna. She eventually begins to get a taste of what her friend is into and tries to escape only to be pulled back in and is taught to appreciate the lesson.

The Thought

Written kind of like the Borg Collective (The Thought), it follows around who it infects. From the gorgeous over to her brother and then her mom and so on. Thought the ending was rushed and wish it were longer but still a nice quick read.

Tryouts ,School, One Long Day in December

The same story line follows the same girl around..I think. All are hot and steamy. I would read School first and then Tryouts, and then One Long Day in Decemeber. Gypsy has a lot of talent.


A mothers father comes to stay wit her after he retires and strange things start to happen. All of her friends act like sluts around him but it’s not all bad. He gets his grandson laid. Great guy. Jafar does it again.

BimboTech: An Equal Opportunity Employer and Employee Relations

2 more BimboTech stories that are smoking hot. The first one transforms someone who isn’t BimboTech worthy into a perfect creation and the second one uses traning videos and a new type of coffee to transform their Employee Relations officer into someone who can raise moral and keep the hard workers...umm...hard and long lasting with the company.

Amy at the Shoe Shop

She buys a pair of shoes that makes her crave stimulation on her feet. But it isn’t enough and is eventually led into a secret cult of sorts controlled by one man. Nice story, can’t wait for more.

The Rain

2 girls get caught in the rain and begin to obsess over the kind man that took them in to dry.

Bingo Bango Bongo

Not everything here is real hypnosis/mind control. Sometimes all we need to do is believe it enough to go through with it.

Wishbone: Good Neighbors and A Whole New Lover

The first one incolves a a 58 year old neighbor that gets it’s effects. She is transformed and transformed again into whatever slut these boys want her to be. And the second is about two lesbians and how one of them wants control in their relationship.

Nice Ass

Poor girls are being transformed into mindless bimbos for buyers of their services. Goes through the process pretty well and gets pretty hot and degrading. Sleazeuk should write more.

The Armoire

A woman is seduced by thie Armoire and begins to act out it’s curse to her husbands dismay. Damn curses. He should really just learn to enjoy them.


Ugh, a hated subject among men. This one has a nicer twist though. A strong feminst finds this book and it opens doors for her. She burns her bra and gets in touch with her sexuality. After all, college is a time of experimenting.


Why do all lab assitants fall for the whole, “lets test this out on you” thing? Jeez. One brilliant lab assistant begins to control not only the other assistant but his boss and more.

Dress Code

Police can be anal. Well this station has a new policy on that subject. The woman officers are dressing sluttier, sex is a common thing within the station, and new recruits are coming in everyday. I wish all stations were like this. I’d try to get arrested.

Taryna’s Costume Boutique

I love costume stories that involve people getting “possessed” by their outfits personality. This one is no different and very hot with lots of costumes.

Dolls Play: Stoneware

African dolls causing people to act out of character? Nah, stuff like this doesn’t exist.

Cheerleader Audition

Coach Turner is a smart man. Using dvds to “train” the squad. This is the story of Bree who just got accepted on to the squad. Very hot. I really hope there is more to this story.


A geek gets his dean and her daughter under his control by using a remote control device. Simple enough and what a pervert. I want more.

Learning All About Moms Job

I love take your child to work day. This has nothing to do with it but a mother gets her daughter a part time job at her office and shows her the special training dvd. Then at the office, she introduces her to her great boss and is reintroduced numerous times through out the day.


Great story about a magical book. A boy finds it and uses it to alter his loving family into a better loving family. Can’t wait for more!

Satan’s Revenge

Don’t really understand the ritual but either way this cheerleading squad gets nasty. They begin fucking their way to the top so they can control the school. There is even a smaller plot line involving their coach’s college years. Could that spawn another story for the series?

Bulk Purchase

A lot more detail than most costume stories, this one really does it for me. All I can say is what a great wife for putting it on.

Y B Lonely?

Computer bugs are a common plot line in mcstories. This one is no different, it’s just nice to see the nerd get the girl with no global conspiracy.

Young Lust

This story rocks. It has a great plot and what is morally right. Save his sister and mother or screw the hot neighbor. It grabbed me in the first chapter when he finds them in the bed room. Hot. Nice work.

Fallen Grace

A Preachers daughter slowly gets consumed by her lust because of her dreams of a whore. Fantastic story and I like how it’s like a newspaper interview. Can’t wait for more.

Big Changes in Riverside and Big Changes in Riverside High

After a strip club opens in town, everything changes. Read Big Changes in Riverside first, then enjoy the highschool’s perspective. Great job by both authors.