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I am fairly new to this kind of writing, both as a reader and as a writer. A friend made me aware of this site and the kinds of stories it showcases. I was in awe of the imagination and creativity of those authors I first read. The concept of mind control is fascinating and is a good subject for stories. I tend to read and focus my attention on stories that tell a good story and make me care in some way about the person involved within the stories. I also like to have a story flow as if it could happen or has a hint of reality to it. If I can believe yes this could happen or I feel for the characters within the story I am intrigued by it and will get myself involved with the journey that story will tell. I tend to read and enjoy more of the female/female stories. Though I have enjoyed both male/female stories as well.

Tether by trilby else

A story about a daughter and how she copes with her kidnapping and the after effects of it. I found this story to be very detailed in the right ways and each detail moves the story forward. The ways of induction are creative and unique.

Mythic incorporated by Graphic Paul

A special operations group tries to solve what is behind mythical creatures and gathers them for their employer. Sounds simple yes? Not when the same creatures are influencing them. This story is delight to read and brings mythology off the page in an exciting and erotic way.

Ruby dreams by Kaereni

Friends meet for a drink and one gets more than she bargined for. With the help of a ruby crystal one woman takes from another what she wants. This story seems to be in my opinion a classic mc story. I like the imaginary and the development of how the ruby is used to ensnare the person.

Wonderful Fog by Katriana Venture

This story takes one girl into a nice spin on the journey of mind control. Using smell and taste of a food she is drawn into her boss’s control. I read this and loved how the mixtures and textures of this story delivered the young unsuspecting girl into submission and obedience.

Black queen: impending doom by S.B.

Playing video games can be the death of you or at least your will. The way men are captured using the game and sucked in is genius. I can see this story becoming a serial of sorts. The writer has great vision and uses technology to implement the Queen’s plan. I hope to see more from this writer.

If At First You Do Succeed by Flibinite

A young super heroine tangles with a foe that is hypnotic. Another superhero story that reminds me much of a nosy mouse’s the black Kat series. Well written and set up for future encounters from her foe is done well. The way Flibinite turns the tables during the induction is great.

Country club by Colleen White

Two girls come to join a country club with a higher price than they can pay. This story and the way it flows is very well done. From the moment the two friends step into the office to discuss their entry into the club, through the hours and days of training and delightful torture, to the end where they meet up at opposite sides of dominance and submission is simply outstanding.

Femily by Mindbender

One woman’s night takes an unexpected and life changing turn when she meets a stranger who has a secret to share. You always should be careful whom you meet in a bar. Much more is be careful what you do when it happens. This story unfolds innocently and quickly takes off on a journey you must read. One woman’s lifestyle and cunning ensnares helpless and hopeless females into her world. The story should be continued and I hope I see more of this and the family.

Siren’s song by J. Darksong

Who ever said sirens do not exist were very wrong. As we find out in this tale. Her song can capture anyone but it’s by invite only. Mr. Darksong elegant way of bringing this tale to life kept me on my toes and wanting more. As the unsuspecting college student gets a taste of the most beautiful voice she has ever heard, she falls under the spell, as did i.

Tea for two by Hypno sister

Doing your job is always good but for one investigating cop it was her duty that helped her relax and more. One woman finds out while conducting her inquiry. Who said little old ladies are not dangerous. The slow and steady way the induction is done and how simple and devilish way the old lady does alter the girls and keeps things a secret is wonderful.

Succubus by Alei

In this story, a girl on a work program encounters an ancient evil that is looking for the perfect vessel for its lust. This story starts out with the history of the creature and goes into the modern world where it has waited for its time again. The description and atmosphere drawn by Alei is simply divine and delicious. It drew me right in and held me as i uncovered the spirit just as the girl did. This tale is twisted and tempting from the start in my eyes. Look forward to more of this story and others like it from Alei.

Waking dream by blankpage

The waking dream is a sensual journey granted to one woman on the verge of a breakdown. Starts with a stop at a store for some clothes for her vacation and ends up the spark that cases her to travel into bliss for a week. As you read you find yourself living it right along with carla. The main character becomes the pleasure that carla is invited to feel and it is welcomed indeed.

“Chateau Aensland” by blankpage

As I read it I found myself picking up a sadness that is through out this chapter. Its like havinga broken heart but finding how to mend it and remembering what was broken. It is truely one of his best work in My opinion.

“Bridesmaids” by trilby else

Another one of his that got me hooked. His way of seducing your senses while you read with his descriptions is always a treasure. I loved how it unfolded as a bet and a confrontation which ended up into something much much more for the main character Tegan. Well done once again and is up there with his other work “Tether”.

Sisters of Stone by AmandasHypnoLips

Well written and drawn. Immerses you from the beginning and takes you right along on its journey. The ancient spirit awoken makes me feel as a reader i want to belong and follow it. I hope there is more of this.

Yellow by Tabico

The way she writes the tale of a sorceress and her unique way she uses the slaves she gets every month is outstanding. A nice twist and surprise at the end and is worth the read. Yellow spins its tale exquisitely and deliciously.

Colors by dreamfire

this told by the view point not of the subject of the mc person but that of the controller. I love the way dreamfire takes you inside the head and shows you the intent and purpose but in peices and not altogether fully pictured. It unravels bit by bit as the stalker getscloser to her prey. The language is devine and the way the stry flows drags you long almost whimiscally. I found myself needing to know howi t would ned and to what end the prey was meeting. I loved every word of this peice. i hope others will too.

Read me by a sinster bent

What happens when a boy finds the girl of his dreams inbetween the pages of a magazine? Read me answers this question and provides an interesting look into every boy’s or man’s fantasy woman. nice spin on the mc method and very entertaining.

Wench by trilby else

A young girl learns her familys purpose in life and her destiny. Told in a fairytale kind of way, with a maturity and grace only trilby can produce. Another good story from Trilby.

Medea’s redemption by blankpage

A stand alone story that relates to blank’s universe of goddess and sad hope. It is fun, sexy, and brings characters to life. fun for those who love a good tickle fest.

The audience by dreamfire

What happens when a cross between the game show and the MC genere cross paths? A very unquie opprotunity for people to experience things a whole new way without the trappings of their own doubts and hangups getting in the way. What happens to those chosen to stay? like all good game shows you will have to wait and see or in this case, read.

Ten doors and an exit by BlueLyric, CatusJuggler, Darkmind, Flibinite, Ms Myrrth, Sara H, and writerzblocked.

This was a fun and exhilerating read for me. I loved how each door offered something new or differnt in either content or point of view. I will never look at a fun house the same again.

Rose Petals by Madam Kistulot

A romatic and simply melt all over story of a friend’s love. It has everything i like in a story. It has texture and good descriptives and imagry. The dharacer I cared about and wanted to ride with he along her journey. It is well written and left me blown away. It is very much worth a read.

Alone with Myselves by mike z

The story of twins in the Hero academy go after a nortorious and charming villianess. One twin gets more than she bargined for or expected in this mission.

I loved how the author uses visuals and smybolism within this story. Not only does it help tell the story but it also helps reveal secrets and triggers of the characters involved. I was drawn in as Shiloh is ensnared and brought slowly down to submission and acceptence to her fate.

Worth the read.