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I am a writer of MM so it might surprise you to see a variety of other genres in my list, this is deliberate, I hope to point you readers in directions you hadn’t expected to go. So what do I look for in a story? What does it for me is mental and/or physical transformation..if the story includes an alien invasion, humour, or an evil mastermind, well that’s a bonus.

The Training of 5834 (MM) by Lofaro

This short story is on the pick list because it is the one that got me started as an MC author. I read this and thought, ‘what if’ and wrote my first story ‘Various techniques’. This is a story of pure induction, following a bored technician who’s just doing his job. His job is to process college boys and make them ready for the slave market.

Adaptation (FX Sci-fi) by Tabico

Basically I will read anything Tab writes because her stories are some of the best on the archive. Adaptation is a cautionary tale of what happens when you procrastinate, giving in to temptation even when you are aware that, quite literally, there is a sting in the tail. This is a story where the eroticism is almost purely to do with physical mind control and pavlovian training. It is an excellent example of the horror-alien sub-genre.

Making the Band (MM) by DannyDaLionKing

Boybands, how can I have a gay picklist without a boyband story? This is a story for the fans. If you have ever been to a big concert you ‘know’ how easy it would be to do what these guys do. Added benefit, you can imagine your favourite group is onstage.

Being a Drone (MF RB Sci-Fi) by Slannador

Despite some problems with the writing format, this is without doubt one of the best robotization stories on the archive. If you ever wondered what it would ‘really’ be like to be a Borg, this is the story that comes closest to giving a Borg viewpoint, without coming off like Robbie-the-robot. The MF category is a little loose for this story as by the end all the drones are identical and capable of either function.

The Feud (MM Hu) by purplebootsgywr

Purpleboots is another author I have a lot of time for, most of his work features the rubber fetish; this one doesn’t have any rubber but I would strongly advise checking those tight latex bonds some other time. The reason I chose this over purple’s fetish stories is because it is an example of a Master with good intentions who isn’t in control of events. It is a lesson to us all..never use highly concentrated experimental chemicals that your dad brought home from the bio-lab and stored in the fridge!

Lance Storm and the Slaves of the Hypnotron (MM Sci-fi Hu) by Wersgor

Wersgor is another MM author worth looking at. I choose the Lance Storm stories because of the humour. The best way to tell you about these stories is to tell you who Lance is.. Lance is a cross between Flash Gordon and Buzz Lightyear, in my minds eye I can see the strings attached to that spacecraft. Will Lance escape?..see next weeks exciting episode.

Fruition (FF Sci-fi) by Trilby Else

Trilby is a prolific FF author and another I will check out despite my own MM preference. Fruition is a story for the plant-lovers amongst us, I may be wrong but I think that this is the story that spawned (or propagated) the fascinating tree-hugging sub-genre. An explorer runs into trouble in the garden spot of planet Hecate. Hey girls look at the purty flowers!

Collared (MM) by S2tbhodge

Mmm smell that leather. This one is your classic ‘Tom of Finland’ story. Posted long ago and sadly not continued this first part stands alone very well.

Fringe Benefits by Starro (MF)

This is one of the rare MC stories that looks at what happens to society when it is becoming fully controlled. Starro manages to make every single step along the path an erotic one. My one MM.. although given the data transfer method described MM sex is probably as common as a handshake.