The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Trent


I have very specific tastes in MC stories. One of these specific tastes is that I am not interested in the sexual content in MC stories. What I find most erotic about a good MC story is a subtle hypnotic induction done as realistically as possible. I often read books and academic research related to hypnosis. Some of the most erotic “stories” I’ve read are true descriptions of research experiments.

I am a gay man, so I usually enjoy stories where both the hypnotist and the subject are male. Mostly, these are MM stories. I am partial towards stories where the hypnotist is an authority figure, like a doctor or a professor, where there is an element of trust and betrayal involved. I also sometimes enjoy female-dominant stories if the subject is male and the story satisfies the rest of what I like.

I have a fetish for men’s formal clothing, such as a business suit or a uniform. This is not an uncommon thing but in most stories, these clothing tend to come off rather quickly and then sex begins. I find hypnotised men in suits and uniforms much more erotic than naked men. The stories that satisfy this condition tend to involve hypnosis with goals other than sex, such as company takeovers, industrial espionage, government and military spying.

It is often difficult to find stories that satisfy all of my criteria for the perfect MC story. However, over the years of frequenting this website, I’ve learnt to read stories for their merits rather than nitpick on what I don’t like. With that in mind, here are some of my favourites. They represent a rough cross-section of stories that are good in at least one of the aspects that I’ve mentioned above.


Wrestlr is one of my favourite authors. His descriptions of hypnotic inductions are extremely well-written and very close to being realistic. Many of his stories also involve a “Doc” or a “coach”, which is the authority figure that I mentioned. I love the subtle way this story proceeds, with the subjects coming to Doc for help, unaware of his ulterior motives. Doc uses this trust to his advantage, putting his subjects into a deep trance using realistic hypnosis procedures. The subject tries to resist, he succeeds to some extent, but Doc wins in the end. Very nice.

Coffee Shop

The sheer length of this story and the detail that Animal360 puts into it impresses me. His hypnotic induction procedures are subtle and realistic. My nitpick is that he uses telepathic power as the tool for hypnosis in this story. I find his induction procedures realistic enough that it should be able to work without the use of that telepathic power. But that telepathic power does have other uses as a story-telling tool. I especially like the mental combat that the main character has with the other men. This story also describes in detail the types of suits that these hypnotised men wear. Very erotic. And some of them actually keep their clothes on.

Business School Rules

One of the very few stories that do not involve sex. It has a very subtle and interesting induction procedure. This is supposed to be chapter one of the story, but unfortunately, there was never a chapter two.

Miss Susan: The Escape and The Return of Mynx

These are a few female-dominant stories with male subjects (mostly). They don’t have hypnotic inductions and involve rather blatant mind control that is normally not my cup of tea. But the subjects are usually government agents, police captains, senators and other men that are easy to imagine in uniforms and suits. They are examples of stories where sex is not always the prime objective of hypnosis, but secondary to some other purposes, such as gaining political power and control.

Christopher & Craig

This is another long and good story. SoxnTies does a good job with the hypnotic inductions and the idea of unethical mind control bound by ethical rules has a certain appeal to me because of the added realism. The premise of a romantic relationship is also a nice touch. I especially like the part where Craig hypnotised Chris while he was hypnotised.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Scandalous Sketches, and Corporate Domination series

A story set in Britain is usually a good place to find hypnotised men in suits. The unsuspecting Watson, scoffing at hypnosis, falls under the spell of his own pocket watch. This is an interesting story set in a different backdrop from the usual MC story. Related to this, I recommend watching the Sherlock Holmes movie, The Woman in Green, where Watson also scoffed at hypnosis and ended up being hypnotised. The Corporate Domination series is the natural follow-up to this movie, which uses The Woman in Green as the initial focal point for hypnosis and moves on to a corporate espionage setting.