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Well, it’s been a long strange trip for me as an author. I’m a 30-year-old American heterosexual male and collared slave. My perspective on erotica is that it’s creative. There can be a power in the words that can touch on the very nature of desire, especially when you throw mind control into the mix. The best authors of the genre display a great perspective on how the mind works and how it can be manipulated. There are many different kinds of stories that can do it for me. Mood pieces, effect pieces, or epics that create a character and deeply explore her/his spirit.

My personal preferences are FF fiction with a romantic twist, where the mind control is inevitable as a result of deep emotion. I also like stories where the characters are fleshed out and real, and not just mouthpieces for the eventual sex scene.

“Ancient Sonata: Adagio” “Dangerous Questions” “Shockingly Black” “Needle Blinding: Mrs. Jesby” “Friendly Takeover” by EyeofSerpent

I hate to gush, but Eye is by far the most brilliant author in the genre. She (gender’s up in the air, but it’s generally accepted) has created a world around mind control and made engrossing historical tales centered around her creation, the very real and elusive Corelle d’Amber. In my opinion, these stories are required reading if you’re new to EMC. If you don’t read anything else, read these.

“Presents” by Alphax

An interesting mood piece with an unseen controller, this one conveys the irresistibility and horror of mind control well. The characters aren’t as real as what is done to them, but that’s okay. There’s a delicious betrayal here as well.

“Emotional Bonds” by Simon bar Sinister

This story deeply affected me personally. There’s a horrible beauty behind the idea that emotions can be so easily manipulated so that the controlled is aware of what is being done to her but unable to do anything about it. It’s very hot, too.

“Wicked Wanda” by Caesar

This story has incest and that squicks a lot of people. Not me, though, but be forewarned. A mood piece featuring a lonely girl who learns how to be irresistible and takes her sister and mother. Full of smoky scenes, especially the final enslavement of everyone.

“Femmes Fatales” by Homer Vargas & Trey Gallant

I’m a sucker for a good succubus story, and this is one. It’s been awhile since I read it, but it’s a lot like a good vampire story. The controller is an evil but benign lady who only wants to have a little fun, but lets it get out of hand. It works as a mood piece.

“Pretty Maids All In A Row” by The Worm

This one is powerful! I don’t believe in subliminals as a rule, except this story forces you to. The method is so incredibly hot that I almost want to use it in one of my own stories. The downfall of the main character is so inevitable, she talks herself into slavery. And sexual slavery is always a good choice ;)

“How I Saved The World” by Sara H

If you believe in the power of words to shape your realities then this is a story you need to read. If you don’t have time for any of that new agey stuff I just said, read the story anyway. It would be criminal of you to NOT read this story. I don’t know what else to say about it. Just read it and remember I told you to ;)

“Colors” by MichelleLovesTo

In 2004 Wiseguy conceptualized the idea of a “Mind Control Academy”, Puysegur University, where young adults with natural mind control talents could learn to control their abilities. Among the stories written were EyeofSerpent’s “Only the Lonely” (which is definitely worth the read), but the best story to come out of that idea was, in my opinion, this story by Michelle. It tells the tale of a woman who was looked down upon for nothing more than the color of her skin, the awakening of her abilities, and the sadly erotic story of her one moment of happiness. It explores new ground which is rare for EMC these days. Read!

“The Web Mistress of Dot HL” by William Pratt

A praise that comes up now and again for MC stories is “humorous”, something often associated with selected Sara H stories. Personally, I always thought her stories were too hot to be funny and always saw the two as mutually exclusive... until now. This story is the first one I’ve read that is able to successfully blend humor and eros into one neat, intriguing package. The interplay between Chari the Librarian and Doug is consistently hilarious even as she melts the brains of Doug’s secret crushes. I would definitely recommend this story to anyone new in the genre.

I also heavily recommend “World Peace” by the same author. It showcases Mr. Pratt’s unique style in a different setting, a world youth council which is ripe for all kinds of possibilities.

“The Hypnotic Cab Ride” by Witchman

The first chapter of a sensual journey of an erotic conspiracy. Not only is it sexy as hell, it also highlights tension between Arab and American cultures and turns them on their heads. In fact, this tension is what drives the story to its conclusion. It takes a little work to figure out which chapter follows which, but it’s worth the read.

“Stay Gold” by Dreamfire

This is a story of particular interest to those who have real-life experience with hypnosis. Hypnosis, like any psychological practice, is very much in the mind of the beholder, and many people have been hurt when this is used by people inexperienced with the art. This story is a nice encapsulation of that thought. Written with a no-nonsense flair typical to the author, it’s definitely worth reading at least once.

“Twin Soul” by cat_slave

Heartbreaking in its intensity, earnest in its message, and direct with its meaning, this story will shock all your beliefs at their most fundamental while warming your physical sensibilities. In some ways, this is a counterpart to my own “All Hallows Eve”, something that cat_slave herself has acknowledged; it addresses the same themes of physical death and spiritual eternity. But cat’s story grips you from the beginning and does not let go; I would urge you to read it.

“The King of Wet Dreams” by Chintaya

I’ve overlooked this story for awhile, but it really deserves a space on my Readers’ Picks as it takes an archetypal concept—MC via orgasm—and establishes its irresistible horror in a potent way. Like in “Presents”, the characters are less real than what is done to them, but unlike “Presents”, the change isn’t immediate and the resistance is what makes the story work.

“Keep Myself Awake” by Jukebox

As a sufferer of insomnia and one who believes in the power of dreams, this one just hits right to my center. Jukebox had been writing a lot of well-crafted mind control fare inspired by music, but then this one just comes and knocks it out of Wrigley Field into the stratosphere. There is little more to be said, other than a story that can also make a doctor a sympathetic character to me cannot be called anything but an erotic mind control masterpiece.