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Likes: This reader’s picks are for people who, apart from Mind Control, also like beautiful female feet. I’ve been reading the stories from the Archive for over a year now, wrote some stories for it, too, and I think I am trained to discriminate the good stories from the lame ones (which doesn’t mean that my stories are good at all), and I can offer a good selection for true mind control-foot fetishists like me. So if you are one of us, trust me and read!

Tan lines, by hoselover98:

For me, the number one, the best, the most erotically told female transformation. Jodi, the typical female sex bomb goes to a tanning boutique and is converted into a foot fetish controlling “alien” device. The first part (“bedded down”) is magnificent; you can almost feel the girl’s orgasms exploding. The rest of the story is good, but not as good as this incredible beginning.

Something about Mary’s feet, by Nick Vegas.

Also a good one, with more submission and humiliation, but also a great foot worshiping description. It also has two parts: the first one is really good, and the second is somehow redundant. If you like this story you may like my own Foot massage, since the plot is very similar.

Ronda Rings a “Belle”, by Nick Vegas:

another story by the same author. If you read them one after another you will notice that there are strong similarities in the plot and in the hypnotic suggestions. It also seems incomplete; we would expect a second chapter in which the dominant woman would “use” her slave to please her wildly. Well, that chapter was never written, unfortunately.

Carla’s Conversion, by Nick Vegas:

There seems to be a connection in the North American collective memory between Filipino women and feet: a lot of stories like this one tell the story of a Filipino woman who hypnotizes someone and forces them to worship her feet. The transformation is told in a kind of scientific, cold way, but it also has some exciting moments; and after that, the scenes of foot worship are really good. It’s really worth reading.

Leg Therapy, by Pinky:

although the title talks about legs, the story is more about feet. A female psychiatrist treats a man to help him concentrate... in her legs and feet; as usual, he is transformed into a submissive slave. The story is told with only the dialogues between the doctor and the patient, but it’s easy to follow and well developed. You won’t find much strong sex scenes in this one. You will find none, really. It seems that the story was never finished, so we only get to see the patient’s transformation into a foot &leg fetish slave.

Loving Linda’s Legs:

Another story about a woman who uses her legs to hypnotize a man, in this case her boss, and then uses her abilities to get what she wants: a salary raise, a promotion, a husband... Good transformation process, and some good foot and leg licking scenes by the end. No sex scenes though, and the end is a bit too innocent: marriage, happy ending...?

Shoe Shop girl, by Guy Compton:

I am not really into shoes (not even high heels) but this story really caught my attention. It’s the story of a young innocent girl who is slaved and turn into a foot fetish by an evil shoe shop assistant. It has also some kind of bondage and humiliation.

Sole Sisters, by Guy Compton:

same author, same style of foot fetish strong control and humiliation. This time the story is about two twin sisters, one of them with mind control power and a strong foot fetish. The sex scenes are more hardcore-like, but in general it’s more pornographic than erotic. I also didn’t like the continuous references to “smelly feet, dirty feet, sweaty feet”... What’s wrong with clean feet, why do they have to be sweaty to be sensual? Anyway, a good and strong ff story.

Play Time, by J. Darksong:

This is a tickling fetish story, quite simple, but also quite erotic. A man has implanted hypnotic suggestions on a younger girl, and she plays with her feet before shagging her. The style of the story is soft, not brutal at all, and the plot is well developed. There’s also another tickling story in the Archive, Tickling her fancy, by the same author, you may like if you liked this one.

Hot Summer, by Sara H:

This is not a foot fetish story, buy I wanted to include it, just as a tribute to the author, Sara H, in my opinion one of the best erotic writers in the net. She usually writes ff stories with an incredibly erotic style. She has given us some of the most sensual stories in the Archive, although, unfortunately, none of them involve feet! Hot Summer is the story of a girl that enters a lesbian sex toy shop and ends up transformed in the owner’s slave. The way Sara H tells the story, the way she describes the victim’s submission, or even the final orgasm... well, I have not enough words to express it. You may just read it and experience it directly!

These are some of the best foot-fetish stories in the archive. As soon as I find more, or more stories are posted, I will add them to the list. Also, if anyone knows any other foot fetish story that I have not included, you can send me an e-mail and I will add it.