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Reader’s Picks: rifleman


I am a middle aged man, pretty average with wife, 2 kids, and a dog. I teach at the local community college. I enjoy snow skiing, wine tasting, and family bbq. There is no particular TYPE of mc story I like best, I enjoy a very wide range of them. I guess ts and in w/ hu would be at the top of the list.

Stop watch (all three)

Very well written, just the right mix of descriptive, action, and plausibility (for scifi). One of the very few stories I have actually written to the author about. Made me want to get on of those watches.

Card games

Written by a man after my own heart. I like to think in the same situation I would do things almost exactly like the kid. I love a story where I can see in my head exactly whats going on as I read it. This story had a lot to visualize. Anyone that steals chapter titles from Mony Python movies has to be worth reading.

Master PC (original)

As an original story type it shows a great deal of thought and imagination. And face it every man here that has read it, has done so with a computer. Now tell me anyone, that they haven’t wished for a copy of MASTER PC. The ability to move an entire audience, without missing a single person has to be the greatest trick ever pulled.

So It Is Written

I think the problems faced when trying to do something basically good, that come around and bite you in the ass present a good subject. I also think our hero george carfax (hmm Dracula fan?) puts up a good fight to do his best with a wild situation. Well written and interesting enough to keep you reading the whole thing.

Life at the orphanage

Life is a bowl of cherries, but I got all the pits. So I throw them at people that annoy me. And that’s exactly what our young hero Rowan does in this short but entertaining story. And he still has time left over to be nice, what a guy...


Another story with just the right mix of descriptions and action. I can just see in my mind this kid going thru all these crazy thoughts when he invents his device. After all if I had created this device the last thing on my mind would be winning a science fair.