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This story continues where my last one “Reality changing” left off. Reading it may give you a much better understanding of the start of this story

Reality changing…at the office

Heather pulled up her van and stepped out to retrieve yet another delivery to yet another nameless company. She pulled out a medium sized package from the back and headed off to the building’s main entrance.

As she walked in she noticed the front desk girl deep in thought and occupied on her computer. The receptionist’s nametag said “Stephanie” but Heather decided not to be so informal. She cleared her throat but that only produced an upturned head from the woman and a look that clearly told Heather, WHY are YOU disturbing me at all? Heather asked for what floor she should go to for the delivery and Stephanie just pointed to the elevators and held up five fingers in the air, not wanting to waste air on this annoying disturbance.

Heather walked past the desk towards the elevators but turned and peeked on the girls computer, visible from the back, and saw a half designed webpage in progress. She just shrugged and walked into an empty elevator and pressed the number five button to take her to the company.

Unknown to her, or any human, a being awoke inside her mind, a being that liked to wreak havoc on anyone or anything around it just for the fun of it. As Heather reached the floor and walked out of the elevator it jumped off her mind to someone else nearby, but not before leaving a small gift for her.

As Heather left a minute later yet another delivery done, she stepped into the same elevator. She did feel slightly uncomfortable somehow but could not put her finger on what. However, when she passed through the doors all of her clothes spontaneously combusted into the atoms that built them and quickly flew out the air vent and door cracks.

She was standing naked in the elevator, but no, this was not what felt strange to her. Her body then moved on its own, kneeling down in the inner corner of the elevator so her feet touched the corner and her knees pointed toward the center. Yet, this was not what felt strange to her.

Then it hit her: she was thinking about things, she should not do that. It became so clear in just a second, and within that second her entire mind emptied of all thoughts and emotions letting them drool out of her wide open mouth. Her eyeballs rolled back and disappeared from her eye sockets, replaced with two glowing green lights.

A man walked into the elevator, pressed the bottom floor button, then very casually unzipped his pants and pushed his free cock into the awaiting mouth of what used to be Heather. Her eyes suddenly turned dark red and her mouth and tongue gently sucked on the new item inside it. It quickly managed to get him to cum, and swallowed every drop of it. As the man withdrew from the “elevator stress release life like machine©” the elevator’s tiny ding announced that the destination floor was reached. He restored his pants to their usual appearance and walked out.

Remaining inside, the “elevator stress release life like machine©” relaxed and returned to its normal state of green eyes and a fixated open mouth. At least it never had to deliver anything anywhere, as the elevator delivered it there instead.

* * *

As Emma walked up to the water cooler for the fifth time that day, her heart skipped a beat. HE stood by it already. On legs that felt like liquid rubber she walked up to him. However even before she could form a single thought in her head of what to say, he left her with a cramped smile and a simple “hello”.

Imagining banging her head against the wall she could not believe her humiliation. She felt red, not only in her face, but across her entire body. As she poured herself some water she reflected on the past few days. Brad had been transferred from another office out of town. With the most beautiful blue eyes that she felt someone easily could drown in, that friendly face that could melt her with just a smile and his athletic body that caused her most intense erotic dream ever last couple of nights.

Emma stood by the water cooler thinking of her own looks. A little chubby, she had eaten one too many donuts in her life. Normal brown hair she never dared to do anything exiting with. Her pale skin that never ever took a brown tone, even after too many visits to the tanning salon, and even though she got those extra kilos on her none of them ever went to her chest where she looked like a flat board. Dressed in a pair of light blue jeans and a dark blue shirt the competition in the office could not be harder. Even with a few buttons undone barley anyone noticed the effect.

So the last few days Emma went by the water cooler several times a day as Brad’s cubicle could easily be seen into from there. A few times he must have been away as his chair echoed of the same emptiness as Emma’s heart. But on more occasions he did sit there. Every time she saw him her heart took a small leap of both joy and fear. Maybe today she found the courage to walk up to him and actually talk to him, she thought every time. But it never happened. She could have sworn that he noticed her a few times though, by the quick glances he made.

She put that mug of water in her hand to her lips and raised it to pour some of the water into her mouth. But at the same time as she did so, a sweet voice entered her head, without using her ears first, and said:

“She is drinking so much water, she must be made of it.”

Somehow she recognized it, which could only have been HIS voice. But how could he speak to her like that? It felt like the voice appeared directly inside her head. With this and many other thoughts running through her mind at the same time she completely forgot about the water running into her mouth from the cup.

Without swallowing, the water should have clogged up her mouth pretty quickly and then spill out on her shirt. But it didn’t, as it absorbed into the skin and muscles surrounding her mouth instead. Very fast her lips took an appearance of floating water and even with a hit of sun reflecting off it from time to time, despite the area she stood in had no windows. This new looks spread like waves across the surface of her skin as it expanded all over her face and head. Her eyelids smelted altogether into her skin, and her eyes left open like big puddles of water, but still looked like small rays of light coming out of them, similar to reflections on a liquid surface.

All her other human features like her nose and hair stayed, but very soft around the edges, and her hair seemed to connecting into one big clump of water but it somehow moved like her hair used to. All of these parts seemed to be connected by the moving ocean that now flowed where her humanoid head existed only a few moments ago.

This new water soon spread down from her head and her upheld hand, into her torso and arms. It seemed not to affect her clothes very much (other than making them very wet) as it crept along the skin under them. The water flowed down her arms, out her hands and fingers something even odder happened to her already liquefied arms. To the outside it seemed more or less like the water in her arms moved upwards and soon it could be seen in her face as well, still moving upwards, wave after wave.

The extra fat from her arms, now turned liquid, had moved away leaving them very thin and beautiful but still resembled humanoid arms. This extra liquid flowed past her face and up into her hair. Within a few seconds her hair grew several inches down her back and seemed to have a life of its own, forming itself into very different hairstyles every few seconds.

Simultaneously the water cascaded down her body, turning every organ, every muscle, all her skin and everything else it passed through into a gooey liquid. As the transformation continued down Emma’s body, the new liquid in her stomach and legs moved up her body. When the water disappeared from her thighs, the pants and panties simply dropped to the floor with nothing holding them up. Some of the moving water it continued upwards even further, but most of it stayed on her chest and formed two medium sized cups of water.

Her belly and leggings turned into very slim and gorgeous parts of her new body, a supermodel could kill for a figure like that. Her hair, given some more liquid, now stretched down to what used to be her ass. The changes reached her feet and toes and then all of her lower body merged together, forming a single beam of water. At the floor the water seemed to touch the ground as a tongue but had no problem moving over the now useless clothing. Her entire being now liquid, it had a muddy and slightly dark tone to it.

Inside Emma’s mind however nothing changed so far, although completely oblivious to her physical changes. However her mind soon followed her body, when thoughts such as of the embarrassment she felt, how she ever could talk to him and how to dress tomorrow simply melted and ran out her mind and into the now ever present water her body existed as. In their place thoughts of how to survive, how to create more, and why she had such a craving for something she could not put her water on.

The creature looked down and noticed that the shirt still clung onto her expanded breasts, but strained against her wet body. Ten very sharp nails temporarily made of ice soon shredded it entirely, leaving it on the floor in tatters. Her base that touched the floor glided out of the pants and shoes and continued forwards. She “walked”, or rather glided her base across the floor leaving only very small amount of water drops on the ground, over to the nearest cubicle and stood motionless as she noticed a man sitting in there. After he recognized her presence, she bowed her head in servitude. The man seemed to think for a second, then nodded, pulled his pants and underwear down to show he accepted her offer.

Quickly jumping down she put her liquid lips around the cock as if it contained life itself and in a way it did. Two feet of her lower base body rushed upwards as it soon settled into her breasts as the guy fondled them, they grew. Most of it though went into her hair that shortened but instead formed 5 ponytails around the backside of her head. As she sucked on the cock, in and out of her mouth, the ponytails bobbed up and down in pace with her movements. Inside her mouth some water press to the sides forming a tongue that slimmed tight around the cock.

Soon afterwards he came into her. When he did, she created bubbles around the cock. They stimulated it to a point where it kept shooting into her until he could no longer produce any more cum for now. As his cum entered her body, it quickly absorbed into the liquid and then her entire body shifted in color. From her previous dark or muddy blue, it shifted into a very clear light blue and her eyes took almost a pure white glow. Her hair and body returned to its normal state as she stood up. She bowed in gratitude and left the cubicle silently, leaving Brad behind still catching his breath from the bubble stimulation.

Strolling down the hallway, thoughts other than survival entered her mind. Maybe she wanted to keep her breasts this big. Maybe she should spread this joy of being free of bones to other women. Or maybe she just needed to meet some other water and enjoy that instead. Fortunately she had a lot of men to get more cum from, and at least 24 hours more of living. She had time to decide and strolled down the hallway, bubbles surfacing all around her body and as they surfaced it sounded like a happy tune from her entire body.

* * *

Imtithal smiled big as she sat by her desk. This did not happen often and when it did, no one could ever see it. With her curtains down and a closed door she felt safe. However her smile could not be described as happy, neither satisfied, but diabolical fit the bill perfectly. Just this morning she got to deliver the news that her boss, the Vice President of Corporate Human Resources, would no longer be working for the company. With a promise that she intended to keep, she would visit Matt, the Vice President of Corporate Human Resources old boss, tonight and “entertain” him in any way. After that he would sign the document that made her the new Vice President of Corporate Human Resources moving her up the ladder and up the pay check list. Being a third generation immigrant from the Middle East she had it even tougher to climb the ladder than other women in the west. But she really wanted to stick it in men’s faces that she, despite her background and gender, could beat them at the corporate game.

Sitting in her chair Imtithal looked very businesswoman like, a black suit with white vertical stripes that still hugged her feminine body very tight, showing off her breasts nicely. Her black hair tied up in a short ponytail made it bob behind her head when she walked around. She decided long ago to ditch the traditional clothing of her culture and embrace her new corporate culture style with a passion.

Suddenly a short knock came on the door. Her smile disappeared as quickly as chocolate ice-cream in the summer. “Come in” she said in an irritated voice. Imtithal’s secretary Samantha opened the door, walked in and threw some letters in Imtithal’s IN box on the desk. Imtithal quickly looked at the letters and then lashed out in a series of profanities, some in English and some in Arabic, against Samantha. The dates on the letters indicated some of them had been around for almost a week but Samantha just shrugged her shoulders and walked out the door.

Samantha slumped down in her chair, filtering out the profanities spewing from the doorway to her boss’s office. A high school dropout that tried modeling for a few years but decided to quit it when the clothing became less and less on her and the photographers became more and more leering at her body. Now she drifted around from job to job trying to get by on her looks alone and it was much harder now than when she was younger. Being short and thin, she could not get much attention in larger crowds, but when she did get the attention of someone her fiery red hair made sure she got some action with the men around her but no long term.

She did hand in some letters too late to her boss on purpose but not without reason. Her chair still smelled of the previous people that had used it, despite having this job for a month now, and creaked as soon as she moved the slightest. Her old wooden desk could fall apart at any moment and looked like it once stood in the front of a classroom for 7-year old children. Her computer, ten years old, barley mustered the monumental task of typing in words. All of these out of date stuff she did demand to get upgrades of, but her boss said no to all. This all meanwhile her boss got fully new inventory carried in and out of her office nearly every week.

Imtithal built a reputation around the office. She always said no when people asked her for things. Computers, chairs, she even refused to replace a broken window for two days out of stubbornness, even though that her current job details did say she had to sign for and grant such things for her department. She only did so a few times a year to please her boss’s but always made sure she got some other favor out of the people she did grant stuff to.

Sitting in her office, very annoyed at yet again late letters from her secretary, halfway through them yet another knock came on her door. Glaring up with murder in her eyes she looked straight into the eyes of the man standing by her door. He looked like he would wet himself at any moment but he managed to stutter out something about his desk falling apart from placing a book on it. Imtithal could not remember this random employees name as he only worked for the company for less than a week so she made it very clear to him he just had to suck it up and grow a pair.

She quickly looked down onto her letters getting back to work but after only a few seconds she felt a voice inside her very self say:

“She won’t even grant us a single wish”

Looking up toward the door as if that new guy still stood there but it contained none. She did recognize the voice as his but she could not figure out the how. She stood up quickly and pushed back her office chair, but as she tried to stand up to move toward the door to get a fast explanation for this her legs refused to move an inch. Something felt extremely odd but yet familiar at the same time so she looked toward her legs but could not see anything there. Somehow her body ended at her waist. Imtithal felt panic rising inside her but pushed it down, there had to be some kind of explanation for this so she slowly turned her torso around 180 degrees, this act somehow felt familiar and yet crept her out enough to make her grimace. What she saw on her chair though made her forget anything occupying her mind at that time. On it stood a bright golden oil lamp and from its tip pure blue smoke poured out into the air but in a thin tube that widened and ended up below her waist. She could even feel the smoke as it flowed all the way from the lamp and into her body, a sort of “water against skin” kind of feeling but all through her lower body.

For the first time ever in Imtithal’s life she froze up. She could not remember that she, ever in her life, felt so powerless and weak against anyone or anything. The pieces of the puzzle merged in her mind but nothing there could look or understand the big picture of the word GENIE that the puzzle formed. The blue smoke, that already absorbed her pants, kept moving upward while Imtithal stood there motionless. It crept up her body absorbing it and the suit like nothing and then quickly moved out her arms merging them into the body of smoke. This left a head floating on top of the smoke. At this point Imtithal’s mind freeze shattered and the only thing leaving her lips before they got muffled by the smoke was “O-sh…”. As the smoke finished its job along her last strands of hair, it got sucked back into the lamp with a big “Plop” sound accompanying it and leaving the lamp alone on the chair slightly rocking back and forth for a few seconds.

Imtithal materialized above a large number of brightly colored pillows. She exclaimed “” just before landing comfortably. Immediately she noticed her clothing, or rather the lack of it. It could have looked like any other two piece bikini, if it wasn’t for the fact that it sparkled a lot. Whenever even the slightest source of light hit any part of it, it glittered like all the gold and diamonds in the world together. Looking around the room she noticed that the illumination came from four torches on the walls and that the room, shaped like an oval, had a long tunnel leading up one side and that the pillows she rested on sat right in the center of this oval and all the walls seemed covered in gold. Sitting up in her bed of pillows caused her clothing to shine even more to such a degree that it shortly blinded her. Thinking how that could get very annoying the light changed and her bikini suddenly sported a lot of diamonds only that still sparkled, but only so much that a lot of diamonds usually would.

Suddenly she felt a tug on the side of her head like someone pushed a hand inside her head, grabbed something inside and pulled it out. She turned toward it and suddenly saw the word “Business” hanging in the air spelled out in beautiful big white letters and it moved slowly away from her, doing a little loop and sort of swimming in the air, toward one of the torches where it burst into flames and disappeared forever. Imtithal could not remember what that word meant but somehow it felt important and yet at the same time not. Suddenly she heard something on the other side of her head. As she looked over there the word “Obey” appeared seemingly out of thin air and looked like the same color as her blue mist had earlier. It floated around a little bit in front of her eyes before it simply floated into her head on the opposite side of where the first word left it. As soon as it had entered, she remembered that she always had to obey.

Somehow all of this felt very, very bad but Imtithal could not even muster up the strength or willpower to fight anymore. Many words walked out of her head but the feeling when they did still felt very odd so she tried to put up her hands against the spots where the words left and entered, more of a reflex rather than resistance. When the word “Free will” burst into flames her hands limply slumped down onto the pillows besides her and her muscles holding her mouth failed to hold it in any other way than wide open. A few seconds later the word “Servitude” got absorbed into her head and her body reacted on its own. The back straightened up, her chest shot forwards and her lips reformed into a big eternal smile. Finally the last word “Genie” hovered in front of her eyes, it shot right into her forehead instead. Its force pushed her body down into the pillows but suddenly all her new words made sense. She stayed down on the soft bed taking a nap while the words worked away inside her mind.

Samantha shuddered in her chair like a cold wind blew past her. This seemed off as she had no windows anywhere near, she barley had one in her computer. Something about this however made her spine chill, and not in a good way. Sorting through the papers on her badly organized desk one letter fell to the floor. Samantha immediately felt bad as the letter showed in big red letters “URGENT” and addressed to Imtithal. Samantha did not feel sorry that her boss missed this letter up until this point, but she did feel a little bit stupid for not delivering this letter with that other bunch before. She walked over to the open door of Imtithal’s office and knocked on the frame, not looking in. When she got no reply she knocked again and looked into the room but she could not see anyone in there.

Samantha walked in and had her suspicions of what happened. She got proof by the lamp sitting on the chair all by itself. She rubbed it quickly on one side and out of it poured blue smoke into the air. The smoke took the shape of a woman before the top half of it materialized into the solid form of Imtithal that quickly bowed her head down. Samantha did not have the time for this again so she only threw the letter in the “In” box after giving Imtithal a short version of the lecture that she could never go into the lamp for a nap without giving Samantha a time when she needed to get out again.

Imtithal sat down, or at least made it look like she did, and read the letter. It said something about how the emergency exits where blocked by vendor machines. She vaguely remembered she put them there so people could not use the exits to escape the office before the end of the workday. She quickly rearranged the vendor machines around the office and at the same time made them magically self supplying with a flick of her hand.

Before she could dig into the big pile of her “In” tray someone knocked on her door again. This time however her response simply consisted in bowing her head down asking the unknown person how she could serve him today. It only turned out to be some minor disagreement between this man and the woman he worked together with on a big client for the company. Imtithal knew from inspecting the man’s brain that he clearly understood the needs of this specific client a lot more than the woman he got assigned as a partner, so with a simple snap of her fingers the woman from now until the end of the assignment had to obey anything the man said and she had to do it with a big smile.

Samantha sat down at her own desk generally unhappy with her life, job and the universe. She mostly thought of how unhappy she felt about herself and all the wrong turns she made in her life. Now she had to babysit this genie whenever it couldn’t stay outside its bottle. Angry, she tried to get some work done on her computer but as a single press if a button took over ten seconds to appear on the screen she ended up smashing at her keyboard before pushing it away. She exclaimed loudly “I wish I could be a LITTLE bit more effective around here”

From the open door to Imtithal’s office Samantha thought she could hear the word “Granted” being said over a little giggle. Samantha froze up in terror, as such a vague wish could end up with several unpleasant results. She sat frozen still for minutes but nothing seemed too happened. Breathing out a sigh of relief that she might have heard wrong earlier. As soon as the air left her lungs something seemed to exit her with her out blown air. Lots and lots of small glittering tiny stars formed all around her. If she could have seen herself, the glitter covered her entire body and desk. After only a few seconds both seemed to shrink, Samantha shrunk toward a point mid air making her feet and body leave the chair that together with the desk shrunk down toward the floor much faster. Silently the desk and chair simply disappeared in a silent explosion of tiny stars.

Samantha’s clothes did not shrink with her body, so very soon they fell off her shrinking body and as soon as they landed on the floor they too disintegrated into sparkling stars. Hanging naked and tiny in mid air two wings, large for her current tiny size but extremely thin and very colorful, sprouted from her back and immediately began to flutter at high speed. As soon as they did the sparkles and stars disappeared in the wind but she now sported a soft pink glow at all times that somehow matched her red hair.

Samantha got more and more relived as she shrunk. All her previous worries about her job, her money, her future seemed to shrink away with her body mass. Slowly a big and permanent smile glued itself to her face and a very high pitched voice to accompany it. Her nude body felt every single wind and motion around her and it caressed every single cell of her skin constantly. This effect only got boosted 10 times over as the winds from her own wings constantly showered her body in. Being bombarded from all these emotions and senses, both physical and mental, what remained of Samantha’s mind collapsed in the wing-powered orgasm she had mid air. The now empty space left in her mind quickly got filled up with some mental protection against the sensations on her skin or she would be locked in constant midair orgasms for the rest of her life.

Composing herself, Samantha flew straight through the wall into Imtithal’s office. Hanging there in the middle of the office a paper appeared in front of her and only with her thoughts, words appeared on it. Imtithal calmed Samantha down with a promise that the fairy-sized papers would get in stock next week and that this way had to do until then. For the first day ever, Imtithal and Samantha got along for the entire day. Imtithal had to grant a few wishes along the day but it never got in the way of her ordinary work. Samantha filed all of the wishes so that no one abused them too much and so that there could be a record of whom and what got changed. She also magically transported the letters and files in and out of the office and wrote down everything at the speed of magic, making her very efficient.

* * *

Amanda strutted between the cubicles. Letting her long golden blond hair hang down freely past her backside, she felt in control. She could feel the looks in her direction from her coworkers, the men with animal lust and the women with glares of envy or hate. She turned 29 last year and that is something she would continue to celebrate every year for quite some time. For some, this might have been difficult but not for Amanda. Looking very much like the young and trendy hot models of a catwalk, but when people thought of her as some stupid bimbo she retorted with some very deep insight in the subject, no matter what it was.

A lot of people did wonder how she had the time to be the office slut, she took that title with pride, and yet be the bitchy snob who managed to know so much. Amanda knew the secrets but never told anyone how she worked. The most important part of that work could only be described as wild and passionate sex. Humping around in the sac made all of her senses extra strong; she noticed this the very first time over 10 years ago. By letting all of her problems stack up inside her brain, she could release them during sex and then sort all of them out with tremendous speed.

However, today Amanda felt a bit frustrated. She recently got the upper management to finally give her a much more challenging project to lead so she could finally show off her skills to them and just maybe get a promotion in the end. As it turned out though, the project came with all of its different directions and specifications and burst into something so big that Amanda never had worked with before. All of this was a bit more than she could handle and problems in all the situations and simulations stacked up her brain so it felt like it could explode at any moment so she needed release, and soon.

Looking around she noticed a new guy, who was currently packing up a medium sized box of various belongings to make his cubicle a bit more personal. Noticing no pictures of girls among the items, Amanda went in full force. Leaning in from behind she dropped a pair of panties into one of the boxes and whispered in his ear seductively to meet her in the janitors’ closet. As she walked away she could feel his stare and his heat rising to the occasion. However she did turn around to make sure he knew where they would be going as she unlocked and opened door, licked her lips sensually and closed it behind her.

In here she had things set up for over five months now, a comfortable and clean mattress in the corner, a stack of condoms even if she was on the pill constantly and some clean places to hang clothes on. This of course did not come cheap, but after a few test runs with the janitor in here he made sure only they had the keys to this particular closet and let her keep the stuff in there. But today she had not seen him around so he must have been sick or something.

Coming into the closet she took off her jacket and her blouse showing the very sexy bra she usually wore underneath. Tugging her thumbs in her pants she stopped herself a little and decided against it. She did wonder what was taking so long though, so she took a look out of a crack she opened in the door and saw the guy coming towards her, very slowly and very anxiously looking around. Amanda returned in with a very big smile on her face as this would be a very interesting round.

As the guy walked in she posed as sexy as possible just doing a fling with her hand mentioning to him to close and lock the door. When he had done so she put her hands on her pants and slowly slid them downwards revealing some very sexy bright red panties. Amanda slowly rotated to give him a good show of her perfect butt but most of this now had come down to routine. She did do a few different ones for some guys she used as regulars but with this guy the basic one would suffice.

Feeling the heat rise up inside her body she could feel her brain racing along. This could be described as her biggest rush, when all of her problems suddenly almost solved themselves but today she had so many she had to remain focused on them. Her body on auto, it slowly removed article by article of clothing from the guy’s body, folding them on the spot for clothes, all the time wiggling her ass or pressing her breasts together. Soon he stood naked with a raging hard on and she slowly removed her bra and panties.

The best way of describing how her mind worked would be that of a train, racing along its tracks. It picked up problems along the way, fixed them and tucked them away as her mind stood in the locomotive, working away all of those problems. Behind her locomotive raced several carts along with her. These carts contained the rest of her, the personality, the good and the bad qualities of any person, however currently they rested quietly in the carts to not disturb her mind and memories working in the front, but still hanging along.

Her mind had by now worked itself into overdrive, seeing things in ways she never even thought possible as she raced past a third of the way through all of her current issues. Her body had by now moved onto the sort of bed, kissing and fondling the guy. She made her way underneath him on the mattress as her mind was far too occupied with other stuff to do anything more interesting on the top.

As he entered her, her mind raced past the halfway marker. The more sex she had the faster her train of thoughts could go and still make sure the problems got solved. Her body felt however that her partner got some experience below the belt, something she did not expect from someone that looked so bland like him. Maybe his slightly chubby look or his glasses somehow made her think this round of sex would go very easy. If she actually could pay attention to what he did to her she could have kept up, but with her body on auto like this the mind had to be active to compete.

Suddenly Amanda felt a great shift, something that she never experienced before. She simply had to look up in her mind from the track and onto the oncoming “finish” marker in the horizon. The sight chilled her to the bone and even made her body tremble but her partner only took that for a semi-orgasm. Across the entire horizon she could see gigantic letters spelling out the words:

“Dam, this girl feels stiff, almost like a doll”

Still terrified beyond recognition her mind could do nothing to prevent the oncoming accident. So set in its routine the mind kept on solving all the problems along the way, even as a small part of her tried to stop it. The rails went on and steered off to the right until it straightened out in a straight line towards the bottom of the letter O in doll.

At the same time her partner did not make this easy for her. With his experience he seemed to hit just the right spots all over her body, and by doing that also sending her mind faster and faster towards its final destination. The small part of her mind aware of this could simply do nothing and just stared into the huge letter as the train crashed full speed into it.

Right then the weirdest thing happened. The locomotive of her train passed straight through the letter as if it was built of air. But the crashing sound that emitted from behind her, she quickly realized belonged to all the other wagons of her train. The wagon containing her feelings at the very bottom of the pile, further up her wagon of personal relations and at the very top all of her movement skills falling out of a utterly smashed wagon and down into the small fires of obliteration going on in the wagons below. Only the memories of her life and what she had learned in it remained safe with her in the locomotive.

As she looked back at the wagons a massive explosion erupted among them. Probably some of her heat reached a pocket of feelings to highly attractive ex boy-toys. At the same time, her body rocked itself to a massive orgasm but somehow it did not even move the slightest. From her brain and spreading downwards rather fast was something that could only be described as glistering skin that slowly absorbed her, like paint flowing down her skin all across her body. As it passed her pussy, the sound emitting from inside turned to that of penis vs. plastic.

Inside her mind, Amanda now turned forwards again. It had nothing that now could disturb it from its most important task, solving problems. No more of those feelings, emotions, moving or anything. It felt a connection into someone and could pick up a few problems this person seemed to grumble on. With its speed up, solving them turned out to go very fast and sent them back with a tiny “thank you” note attached to it.

As Steve came hard into the company thinking doll he realized all the answers to his current problems. He slid out of it, cleaned his cock off with some toilet paper and picked up his clothes to get dressed again. As he slid out, the dolls lights went out, everything turned dark and the train grinded to a halt. With nothing inside it, nothing had to be solved so it could not currently do anything but wait for the next person. Inside the dark aftermind, a small nametag saying “Amanda” fell to the floor of the locomotive with a tiny cling noise and bounced off the train into the dust beside the rack.

* * *

Finally the clock ticked over to 17:00 and Andy exhaled a sigh of relief, finally a weekend ahead of him instead of behind him. Thinking of a head, he pulled out of the water elemental that spent the last 15 minutes pleasuring him under his desk. Silently she thanked him and headed off to wherever they existed over the weekend.

On his way to the elevator Samantha flew past him picking up all the employees internal paper mail and, with the sounds like someone opening a can of soda and added massive sparkling stars, magically transported the mails to the correct mailboxes. As Andy entered the elevator he felt no need to use the stress release unit today and waited patiently for every floor below him to cram what felt like its entire staff into his elevator before reaching the bottom floor where everyone spewed out from the temporary metal prison it becomes at this time of the day.

For just a second Andy felt a bit perplexed as he saw the company greeter on the receptionist’s desk, but then shook that feeling away as he must just have been very tired from the weeks work and couldn’t wait to get home. He did manage to say goodbye to it as he passed the golden haired metal head on top of the computer screen, which not only acted as a talking infocenter for all the company and each individual floor but also managed the company webpage. The “Reply services Unit nr. 8″ said its farewell to the worker in a happy, monotone and almost obedient voice just as it talked to anyone.

Inside Andy’s head The Titan relaxed after a hard day’s work of reality altering. It would soon be back but for now, it felt the need for a bit of what we humans call sleep. It did wonder where it would wake up next time but that surprise was always its best treat. After all the reality changing of course.