The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By S. P. Riley

Much in the universe is unknown. This is not to say that everything in the universe is not understood. I am one of the few people that understand everything in the universe. Not to say that I know everything, but I can learn what is needed. My mind has tapped into what science fiction fans call ‘The Force’, but students of science call the universal theory of everything. Allow me to explain with telling how this came to be.

I was a simple student in college. I was trying to understand biology. Well my senior year I was an average student. I did not remember everything said in class, and that showed in my grades. Well one day at the house that I was renting with three other men I was working on the dryer. Then I received a massive electrical shock. As near as I could tell the electricity burned out some of my brain. I don’t know if the destroying part of my brain that accepted emotions or the idea that some things just happened, or unlocked the part of my brain that understood everything.

I woke up on the floor, and looked around. What I saw is not what you see. I could focus on the smallest particle of matter, and see how it was composed of energy. I saw the dryer and the heat that was coming off it. Yet this did not confuse me. Everything seemed natural to me, for it was nature. I looked at a can of soda pop and could see how the molecules of carbon dioxide were compressed into the liquid to the point that it was dissolved.

I also found that control over such things were simple. How simple to create matter from energy, and energy from matter. Any type of energy could be made from any type of matter, and any type of matter could be made from any type of energy. I took the head from the dryer and changed it into a cube of gold. Granted a small cube. I looked at a mouse that was crawling on the floor and found that I could turn it into an ice sculpture, and then into a mouse again, and finally I changed it into oxygen. With a mental whisper I fixed the dryer, and understood why everything that has happened in my past was.

I went outside, and found that the warmth of the August day was because of the sun. I took that warmth and used it’s energy and turned it into dark clouds, and in moments it began to snow. I could see how the energy, and thermal currents made each and every snowflake fall. With only a fraction of a mental whisper I made the snow fall into the shape of a snow-man.

I walked on. The snow became higher and higher hindering my motion. I found that it would be so easy to just fly above it. Making my matter move through other matter at any elevation, with out the effect of gravity.

I made it to the biology building where some people were playing in the snow, while others were inside the building wondering why it was snowing. I could see the joy in the brains of the people in the snow, and the confusion in the brains of the people inside. One little whisper of my mind I changed the confusion of people’s mind on the inside to joy for the snow, and they came out to play. Then the people in the snow had their minds changed to confusion as to why it is snowing.

I entered the biology building by going threw a wall. I found that a professor was shocked to see a man going threw a wall, and two feet off the floor. I changed the energy in the professor’s mind that produced the fear into dopamine. I proceeded into the main hallway of the biology building. I was going to the biology lab where I work to pass on the knowledge needed to complete the research that I was doing.

Still two feet off the floor I saw a woman, Kelly. This was a woman that I had feelings for at one time. She on the other hand did not feel anything for me, but dislike. The group that she was with saw me two feet off the floor, and stopped. With nearly no thinking the three other women that were with Kelly were transported to the outside of the building. Kelly looked directly at me. I could see in her mind as she tried to figure out what was going on. She knew of the snow, her friends disappearing, and now me flying yet didn’t understand any of it.

With a simple manipulation of her mind I eliminated fear and doubt. I then created energy in the form of love, devotion, obedience, servitude (it is all the same thing) towards me. She came to me, and felt nothing but the happiness for being with me. I then saw something emerge in her brain that could only be described as the physical manifestation of love, devotion, obedience, servitude, or in simpler terms sex. She pulled down the shorts that I was wearing and proceeded to place my dick in her mouth. I could feel my own brain producing the physical manifestation, sex. I decided to increase the effect and found that it was pleasurable. I decided to increase the effect in Kelly.

Kelly’s mind was filled with energy. She went at my dick with far more energy than before. She then pulled off her pants and shirt and then her undergarments. I came in behind her, and proceeded to place my dick into her. In all the books that I read women like men with thick long dicks. I took energy from the sun and proceeded to turn it into matter in the form of carbon and placed it in my dick. I now had a dick, inside Kelly, the thickness of my arm and 50 centimeters long. Kelly gasp as this happened. I proceed to enlarge her own sexual organ to accommodate my enlargement.

In Kelly’s mind energy was starting to build. I kept the energy building, but would not let it be released. I then released the seed that I had kept in me. I saw how the sperm traveled into Kelly, and how it became part of her. Feeling that I had received enough pleasure I let Kelly feel pleasure as well. I released the energy that had been building in her. The most massive orgasm Kelly has or will every have over took her.

I didn’t feel the least bit exhausted, but Kelly was gasping for breath. When she had finally calmed down she rose to serve me. I saw in Kelly’s mind that she would like to have bigger breasts and a thinner waist. A simple manipulation and Kelly’s breasts became the size CC, and her waist shrunk to 20 inches. I also saw that the sperm inside of her was making it to her egg. I felt that if I was going to be gone my parents would want something left of me.

Kelly clothed herself, and in a final act of love, devotion, obedience, servitude she kissed me on the lips. At that moment I wanted to stay. I didn’t want to proceed with what I knew to be my final designation, but it was only flesh, so I continued on. I did enter the mind of the wealthiest man on campus and proceeded to make him fall in love with Kelly, and forever love her to the point that he would stay with her forever and do what she wanted. I entered Kelly’s mind and made her feel love for that man as well, and would always love him (not in the same way as me), yet put the needs of our child first.

In the basement of the biology building I entered the lab where I worked. I walked over to the computer and placed my hand on it. I spent many hours in front of that computer, and now I was leaving it with the information I had in my mind. On the hard drive I placed the formula to cure cancer. That was what I was working on. Now the professor that I had worked under was going to become a legend. I also place on the computer how to create a vaccine for the HIV virus. With a final act of kindness I entered the mind of a physics professor and showed him how a person can travel faster than the speed of light, create any type of matter from energy, and that there are in fact 21 dimensions.

I had but one last thing to do. I made a hand gun. The temperature in the lab became icy cold as the metal formed. I created a bullet and the gun powder inside the gun. I transported myself to a quiet part of the world. With the gun to my head I again ran through why I was doing this. I understood everything, but what happens when a person dies. Since this is something that I didn’t understand first hand experience is what I needed. I could hear the tendons in my finger stretch. I could feel, and hear, the metal touching metal. I could feel the gun powder ignite. I could hear the bullet propelled down the chamber. I felt the bullet touch the skin of my temple.

What happened next, well I don’t know. You see this story is what was going through my head in the time between when the bullet touched my skin, and when it broke the first layer of skin. I do not know what will happen next. Religion says one thing, but there are different religions. So first hand experience is the only sure way. People may try to understand the universe, but there is more than just the universe. There is heaven, hell, or nothing. Is your mind ready.