The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Redrawing the Hand We’re Dealt

by Maxamillion Saberhagen

Added 23 April 2016

Updated 22 July 2017

mc mf ff md gr ft

An enigmatic figure takes an interest in a single guy who’s been dealt a rough hand in regards to his love life. He has a thing for bimbo transformation and despite all his attempts to come to terms with it his love life has become a disaster. The enigmatic figure decides to give the guy a redraw, in particular with his three most recent girlfriends.

Chapter Length Added Updated
Prologue 894 words 23 Apr 2016 22 Jul 2017
Chapter 1: Melanie 4245 words 23 Apr 2016 22 Jul 2017
Chapter 2: Wendy 5971 words 22 Jul 2017