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I lay in the small cave in utter agony. I had fed on some of the small creatures that had mistook me for a true corpse, and that blood had healed me to a small extent. But time was running out for me. Dawn was a few hours away, and I knew I could not survive another day in the minimal shade of the shallow cave.

While my body was still burned and scarred, my mind was restoring itself at a faster rate. I knew that I had two immediate needs, human blood and obedience. I remembered there was a perfect candidate, and if I was lucky, she would be near enough to help.

I strode through the convention hall of the Desert Rose Resort, dressed all in black. I began to notice the effect I was having on the women in my vicinity. I had fed on a Chinese beauty in the parking lot so that I would be at full physical and mental power. I confess that I was rather full of myself, enjoying the “high” of my recent conquest.

While I was not purposefully projecting my hypnotic power, the residue of that energy combined with my physical presence was having quite an impact on the female minds and libidos in the hall. I looked back and noted one man was trying to rouse his half entranced date, and that she had slipped out of her heels.

Why this always happens, I cannot say for sure...I don’t intend it. I confess that when I was alive, like you, I preferred women unshod. I guess even fetishes linger for us undead. When I hypnotize a woman, she takes her shoes off.

Several other women were staring at me raptly, some slipping off footwear, making a living trail of my path through the hall. This was bad, I was drawing too much attention. I focused on reducing my aura, and the ladies began to recover

Had this been an ordinary night, I would have enthralled a score of them....not to feed you understand, but to audition. I had recently moved to Las Vegas from the South of France. The urgentness of my departure prevented me from bringing my slave companion Audra. Of course I could have used our blood link and summon her over any distance. She would not resist and would die trying to reach me. The problem was the Hunt, my shadowy nemesis, knew that as well, and would follow her to me. Before leaving, I released her from mental bondage with no memory of our time together but with a large bank account as a reward for her service. I have done evil things in my time, but I’m not evil.

Life without a slave companion, or thrall wife, was difficult at best. During the day, you understand, I am completely vulnerable, needing to rest away from the sun’s glare. The thrall wife, through what you mortals call hypnosis and a small exchange of blood, was a totally loyal and loving companion at night and protector and servant during the day.

But as tempting as the ladies here were, I had a higher goal this night. My investigation indicated that an important member of the Hunt would be present at this reception. This was the first break I had in learning about the organization who had slayed so many of my friends and forced me from my beloved French Riviera.

My thrall recruitment efforts would have to wait.

The cave was growing brighter as the moon rose over the desert. While that light was harmless, the damage done by earlier sunlight was excruciating. The wound in my shoulder throbbed. We may be undead, but we can die and I knew that was exactly what was going to happen if I spent another day out there.

I had to summon the girl from whom I had last fed.

I let another wave of agony pass before I started. Projection of hypnotic commands took concentration. I willed myself to ignore my physical pain and anxiety over my predicament. I then begun to picture in my mind the beautiful Asian woman, slim and leggy in her short, black cocktail dress. I visualized her from her short black hair to her toes. As I did, I could feel the blood link forming. Suddenly, a surge of pleasure passed through me as connection with my slave formed.

What had been a mere snack was now potentially my salvation. Our blood connection should now enable me to easily psychically reach and summon her.

I focused on the memory of her face, and began my telepathic search. Red tinted images began to form in my mind....images of the girl’s immediate surrounding......images of a.......

First class cabin of an airliner.

I cried in frustration. My would be savior was half an ocean away, 50,000 feet in the air. She had been the only woman I had fed on locally, and she was useless to me. I was so devestated, I nearly gave up all hope.

But then, I realized there was another possibility.

Satisfied the hall was returning to normal after my inadvertent enchantments, I proceeded. Eventually, I made it to the “Cactus Flower Ballroom” entrance. The good news was a beautiful blond manned the podium. She wore the “uniform” of the resort staff, a dark jacket over a white blouse, short skirt, sensible flats with no hose. Her name tag said her name was Kaley Zimmer. As I approached she was looking at the invitations of an elderly couple, and checking them against her log book. It would be a simple matter to dominate her will and gain entrance.

The bad news was this extremely bulky man standing next to her, obviously security. Unlike the girl, he’d be immune to my hypnosis. There were, of course, more “direct” methods to deal with him. Despite his size, I knew I could easily kill the man, but I was not here to fight, but to spy. Therefore, I hid in the shadows and awaited my chance.

My patience was rewarded when the guard’s phone rang and he stepped away from the podium seeking a quieter spot for his call. His back was turned. I quickly approached the entrance, focusing my aura on the blonde hostess. As she looked up from her log book, she cheerfully said: “Good evening and welcome...may I see your invitation please?”

Our eyes met. After a moment, her dutiful smile faded into a more sensual expression. I felt the pleasure of attaining control. Her breathing slowed, and her hands took her shoes off, one at a time. They then fell loosely at her sides. Now submissively barefoot, she briefly closed eyes as she bowed her head. When she raised her face her gaze again locked onto mine. Her eyes were dilated and her lips were parted with a slight smile. When I do this, they always have the expression of a woman looking at her lover in bed after sex, but more submissive.

I projected into her now somnolent mind: “I don’t need an invitation, do I Kaley?” She responded by whispering: “No.....Master”. I began to move towards the ballroom’s double doors when I saw the security man in my peripheral vision. He was staring in my direction and intensely talking into his phone. I looked around and noticed other large men converging on the ballroom entrance. They were reaching into their jackets.

The Hunt had set a trap. But for their overeagerness, I would have been trapped in the ballroom.

I quickly turned and ran ran past the first guard who now had his pistol out, the kind that fired the deadly wooden bullets. I projected again, and as the thug took aim, Kaley ran full speed into him, causing him to miss. The gunshot caused a panic in the hall, helping me reach the cavernous casino. I began sensing more of my enemies converging on me, as well hotel security. I made my way to an exit, and saw many black vehicles. I made a dash between two, taking a wooden slug in my right shoulder. Somehow I kept my feet.

The Desert Rose was actually located off the Strip and on the edge of town, close to the Nevada waste land. In my panic, I focused on getting away from the Hunt’s pursuit vehicles. I ran for what seemed like hours, my supernatural speed keeping me just ahead of the black vans and SUVs. Soon they were joined by cross country motor bikes and dune buggys that spread out from the road. Any time I slowed or veered to the side, a barrage of wooden bullets fired from sniper rifles would force me further down the highway.

Too late, I realized that was their herd me into the deadly desert. Already, a glow was forming over the eastern horizon. I used most of my remaining energy for a final burst that took me away from the highway, up a dirt road. A fusillade of wood slugs followed, narrowly missing me. Finding a hiding spot with soft enough sand, I dug into the earth. Then my luck slightly turned when I heard sirens. Doubtless, law enforcement had a few questions for the Hunt about the shots fired at the Desert Rose and their pursuit on a public highway. The sound of the army of vehicles began to fade.

The sun rose, and soon black smoke rose from my half buried body. I was in a living hell. In all my years, I had never known such pain. When the dark came, I saw what I had missed in my earlier panic. The dirt road led to a canyon, and a small cave was there. I was barely able to crawl to this alcove in the canyon wall. Half truly dead, I dug the toxic wooden bullet out, and began hunting small creatures to slate my thirst.

I had not fed from Kaley, so there was no blood link. But she had fallen easily into trance at the convention hall and proven very obedient. My hypnosis always left residue, and once a woman was enslaved she and I remained somewhat connected. I might be able to project and summon her, especially if she was in a deep sleep. She would be a zombie, with little ability for independent thought or action. I could communicate to a thrall wife a general need, and she would apply independent thought to make it reality. Kaley, would be little more than a robotic sleepwalker.

Of course there was a danger they were watching her, but I had little choice. When I had projected into her mind at the ballroom, I had sensed no involvement with the Hunt in her mind at the ballroom. I had to chance that she was just their innocent pawn and not being observed now. The trap at the convention hall had gone badly for both sides, with much public attention. I would think the Hunt was presently laying low. In any case, I had no other option.

I again quieted myself and concentrated. The fact I knew her name was important. Rather than picturing the girl, I focused on her name.

“Kaley......Kaley Zimmer.” Nothing. I concentrated harder.

“Kaley Zimmer......Kaley Zimmer.” I was now speaking aloud, albeit in a whisper.

I felt panic again rising, what if she too had left town or was more resistant than I remembered? What if she was a Hunt operative and “Kaley Zimmer” was a fake name?

I had no choice but to keep trying.

“Kaley Zimmer.......Kaley Zimmer....hear me......hear me.”

This went on for some time.

“ You must hear are mine....Kaley......Kaley....Kaley Zimmer.”

I was about to quit and let myself slip into oblivion.

“Kaley Zimmer.....Kaley, you must...hear me.”

i began to weep blood tears. Perhaps my desperation actually helped.

Suddenly, I felt a pleasurable shudder of connection.

Kaley’s voice sounded in my mind like one talking in her sleep, which was exactly what she was doing.

“Yesssssss......who’sssss here....who are you?” she murmured.

I gasped in relief. Quickly gathering myself, I projected into her mind a dream image of me approaching her at the podium. As my image approached her sleeping mind, the focus became my eyes. Once that was done, I switched my view to her small bedroom. Through the red tint of my mind vision, I looked down at her bed.

Kaley was a sight to behold. She had kicked off her sheets and slept face down in only her panties. Despiete my desperation, I couldn’t resist an appreciative look. Her long blonde hair was splayed around her head. Her long legs were spread and stretched out. As the connection increased, her bare toes with their pale polish began to curl.

“You know who I am, Kaley....don’t you?

“Yesssssss......I know you......I know your beautiful eyes......”

“Tell me Kaley.....Tell me who I am.”

Her body began to writhe. She was now on her slightly arched back, thrusting her breasts upward. Her eyes remained closed, and she was breathing heavy. She slowly licked her lips

“ are my Master.....

As wonderful as the sight was, I lowered the sensuality of my projection. Immediately she flattened against the sheet, and her breathing calmed as her toes slowly uncurled.

“Yes, Kaley....I am your Master......I am the Master of your are the instrument of my will. I obey. I obey.”

Her eyes remained closed as she relied aloud in a quiet monotone: “You command......I obey.”

“Open your eyes and stand up.” I focused on sending the instruction. Until she was closer, I was like a puppeteer. The problem was she was more asleep than hypnotized, and her mind preferred being asleep. I had to continually urge her to keep active.

Kaley lay still a moment, then slowly swung her long legs over the side of the bed. She took another moment, then stood with a somewhat awkward movement. I looked around her room and saw a sheer, dark robe. That would have to suffice as I did not want to expend the time and energy to fully dress her. I had her put on the short robe and grab her handbag, as I assumed her keys were there. I realized we might need her phone, so I had her unplug it from the charger and drop it into her bag. Finally, I had her grab the bed comforter from the foot of the bed. I might need it for sun protection. Satisfied she had all I needed, I had her robotically step out of room, dragging the comforter behind her.

I followed her progress as she padded through the hall. I saw through the reddish tint there was another bedroom from which came the sound of slight snoring. I guided her past that door, until she was in her living room. This was trickier as I had to maneuver her sleeping body around furniture. Finally, she stopped before the front door. I projected beyond it and saw the way was clear. I had Kaley open the door and step out, then carefully close it so not wake her roommate. A line of cars were angle parked nearby.

“Kaley....take out your car keys and press the unlock button.” She looked vacantly into the purse slung on her shoulder and reached in with her free hand. In a moment, a red compact’s headlights flashed once.

I guided her robotically to the car, delayed when the comforter snagged on a bush and brought her to a stop. At the car, I had her put the handbag and blanket in the back. I noticed that between my commands, Kaley’s eyes would close and she would slip back into sleep. I would command and her eyes would open. I had to be constantly vigilant, and that only sapped by remaining life force faster.

I was relieved to see the car had an automatic transmission. Like a drivers’ education teacher, I had to command in increments.

“ your eyes. Put the key in the admission, and turn it”. I paused to rest. “Kaley open your eyes, depress the brake pedal with your right foot, use your right hand to turn the ignition on. Now shift your foot to the gas pedal. Kaley open your eyes and turn on the headlights.” And so on.

As she turned onto the highway, I realized I had run past Kaley’s apartment complex during my escape. The lights of the “Desert Rose Casino and Resort” shone in the car’s mirror. Luckily the road was straight with little traffic. Soon the suburb was behind us, and the open desert was ahead.

I guided her for what seemed a long time, occasionally having to urge her to re-open her eyes. As she got closer, I had to “re-awaken” her less often as her mind began stabilizing under my hypnosis. You must excuse me for growing over confident. The closer she got, the more able she was to act without my monitoring, and I would rest longer between projections. Eventually the monotony of her drive coupled with my injuries and exhaustion resulted in my losing consciousness.

I woke with a start. I couldn’t be sure, but I felt as if I had only been out for a minute or two. It was then I realized the connection had broke. In a near panic, I called for her. After five agonizing minutes I found her.

Kaley was in the front seat, her head on the wheel. I saw no sign of injury, and surmised she had gone to sleep. The car was off the road, stationary and pointed the wrong way. The passenger side front tire was shredded. While I was out, she must have run over something on the highway, and spun to a stop on the shoulder. We were both fortunate she had not flipped the car.

Looking around her, I thought she was close to the cave.

“ must your eyes.....step out of the car....bring the comforter.....come to me.......come to me.....let nothing stop you, my slave.”

After a minute of telepathic prompting, Kaley sat up and opened her eyes again. She undid the belt, and opened her door. After another push from me, both of her bare feet were on the highway. She began walking down the highway, again dragging the blanket with her right hand. She was a vision of submissive beauty: the hot desert wind blew her hair and made her short robe open. Once or twice, she was passed on left by giant trailer trucks. One came perilously close and blew its horn. This shocked me out of my reverie and I ordered herto walk fully on the shoulder.

I let her close her eyes, she was close enough to home in on my projected thoughts. After a bit, she veered off and padded onto the dirt road.

I’m sure you think me inconsiderate, making the lady cross harsh desert terrain with bare feet. What you don’t know is my women are given great strength and endurance under my sway. If I commanded it, Kaley would walk across a hundred yards of broken glass and would not suffer a scratch.

I heard, with my ears and not through projection, her approach. Then, her bare feet were next to my face. Unable to rise, I had her raise her dusty left foot to my mouth, and I fed, taking only one or two of mouthfuls of blood. This consumption formed the blood link, transforming her from somnambulist zombie into hypnotized slave. She blinked twice, fully opened her eyes, and a sensual smile formed on her face. My mouth released her foot, with the bite marks already fading. My saliva is filled with both coagulants and healing properties.

She slowly knelt at my side, a submissive look on her face.

“Master.....command me...”

“You must get me to your car...protect me...from sunlight.” I whispered.

“Yes, Master.”

Soon she had me wrapped in the dark blue comforter as she helped me up and half carried me to her car. As we left the cave, we saw the first hint of light over the horizon. We arranged the thick blanket over my head and face and we set off for the car.

I had just been secured on the floor of the black seat, covered by the comforter when the sun began to rise. I never appreciated a car’s window tint more than I did that morning.

Kaley, as I had ordered, took out her phone and dialed a number. The speaker function was on.

“Connie...sorry to wake you...”

“Kaley....where are you.....I woke up for my run and your car was gone....I went to your room....and you were gone......I called three times..left messages...I was worried about you, Girl.” Conseula was the woman I heard sleeping in the other bedroom. She spoke with a slight accent, and was obviously concerned about her friend.

“I know....I woke up early...I was upset about work....thought a drive would clear my head. So I’m driving...listening to music...then I hit something in the road and spin out. I’m ok...but my tire’s shredded. I’m about thirty miles east on the highway...could you....". Kaley was giving a great could almost hear the tears.

“Stay by the car, honey, I’m coming.”

As we waited, the sun began to rise and I had to retreat beneath the blanket. Traffic began to pick up, but no one stopped. Finally I heard a car pull up on the gravel shoulder.

“She’s here, Master.” Kaley said from the front seat.

I hissed a command, and Kaley got out, leaving her door cracked so I could hear. Connie got out or her car., and spoke first.

“Are you ok, Honey? I’ve got bottled water in the car.” There was a small pause. “What happened.....why are you dressed like that....were you ....I don’t know....sleep driving or something?”

“Connie...I know you have a million questions....of course you do. I promise....the answers are in my back seat.....look for yourself.”

I heard the back passenger door open. I braced myself for the pain to come,

“Oh that a body...did you hit”

I quickly stuck my head from out of the cover, and immediately felt the fire of the ambient light in the car. Ignoring the pain, I focused my willpower into my eyes, as I sought out hers. She looked as if she was going to scream....I’m sure I was still a horrible sight. But her cry died in throat as she locked onto my commanding gaze. The fear faded as her face relaxed. A sensual smile appeared on her lips, and we both shuddered from the pleasure of hypnotic connection. Her body moved slightly as she toed off her shoes. I assumed they lay there still, by the road.

She was a beauty, long straight black hair with a caramel colored skin. She was shorter than Kaley, but bustier.. She was dressined in a sports top and running shorts.

The pain was quickly becoming unbearable, and tendrils of smoke was rising from the exposed part of my head. She was pulling off her ankle socks when I hissed: “Get in the car....close the door. I heard the door close after plunging again into the comforter. “Do what Kaley tells you” was my final command before things turned black.

The rest is somewhat a blur. I do remember the burst of agony as the two barefoot women transferred me first to the trunk of Consuela’s car, then into their apartment.

I have been here a week now, and my two slaves have served me well. I am almost fully recovered thanks to my natural constitution and judicious feedings from them and their many attractive friends. Not enough to kill any of them. As I have said....I do evil things...but I am not evil.

The result of this feeding is I have blood links with enough beautiful women to form quite the hypnotic harem here in Sin City. But I know I can’t stay. The Hunt is still out there, though they must be laying low due to their very public failure with me.

They might assume the desert was my doom, but I can’t count on that. Soon I will leave, and we will need to travel light. I will only take one girl with me. It was a difficult choice, but tonight Kaley will become my thrall bride. Our immediate destination is a beautiful, tropical place, perfect for our “honeymoon”.

After all, how could I not reward the woman who walked barefoot through hell for me.