The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Captain Dunsel



Jeff sat on the sofa, flipping through an ancient copy of International Beverage magazine, trying not to stare at Debbie. She was doing her best to empty that thermos and, judging by her giggles and hiccups, she was succeeding.

What the fuck is going on here?

The powers that be obviously knew that their gorgeous young receptionist was wearing a bikini and systematically getting herself trashed on… something green… and that she planned to fuck her co-workers. And not only did they not object, they approved. Indeed, Mr. Freeman of Human Resources obviously intended to bang the teenage love doll as soon as his duties would permit. Read: as soon as he was done fucking the girl he was currently fucking in his fucking office. It was fucking insane.

Jeff snuck a glance at Debbie’s tits. Christ almighty, what a cute little rack. That fucking bikini top barely covered her nipples, let alone-

He forced himself to look away, lest she catch him ogling again.

This place is nuts.

It wasn’t just delectable Debbie, after all. There was drunken April wandering around the place in a goddamned see-through nightie. And his limo-mate, the redhead with the great body, who had somehow changed from nervous fellow job candidate to slutty bimbo since their arrival at the nuthouse. Jeff sighed at the memory of her plump ass in the hallway. Damn, he should’ve grabbed a piece of that when he had the-

Will you please stop it! he scolded himself. Something very weird was going on here and he needed to figure out what it was. Preferably before his meeting with Mr. Freeman.

Jeff blinked, considering. Unless.

Unless Freeman was going to explain it all. Maybe he was. He might not have known he was on speaker phone, but he had to know that his prospective employee could see Debbie, in her bikini, getting methodically plastered. He must be planning to explain it all. Somehow.

But how? “Well you see, Dr. Napier, the reason we encourage our gorgeous female staff to get wasted and then fuck us like libidinous whores is…”

Is what? What sensible, logical explanation could there be?

Jeff knew he should probably get the hell out of there while he could. This wasn’t a research and development lab, it was a nuthouse. He should leave. No question.

But if he left, he would no longer be able to look at Debbie, not even in furtive glances. And if he left, he would have absolutely no chance of fucking her. Jeff had to admit that, deep down, in the dark part of his soul that he didn’t want to admit existed, he was hoping that would happen. He snuck another glance.

The beautiful blonde was concentrating hard as she attempted to do something or other on her touchscreen monitor, stabbing at icons, failing, trying again, her tongue sticking out slightly. A strand of blonde hair was dangling in front of her face. One firm little tit was pressed up against the desk, bulging out of the bikini top. Holy fucking shit. How could he walk out on that?

Jeff looked away, closing his eyes.

All right. All right, no need to panic here.

There was no reason to run away. He wasn’t in any danger, other than the danger of coming in his pants. This was all weird as hell, yes, but in no way threatening. In fact, if he was going to be honest with himself, it was pretty fucking amazing. Like a wet dream fantasy come to life.

So far, anyway.

Sooner or later, the other shoe would drop. Had to happen.

Suppose he did get to fuck delicious Debbie. And the hottie in the see-through nightie. And the redhead with the amazing ass. There would be a price to pay. There had to be. There always was. There was no such thing as a free lunch.

But still… in the meantime… he could look.

All right. He’d stay. At least long enough to hear what Freeman had to say.

He tried to read the magazine, to forget about Debbie, but that was impossible. After all, she was the most seductively irresistible creature he had ever laid eyes on.

Jeff scowled. Now wait a damned minute. Logically he knew that wasn’t true. He had laid eyes on a lot of beautiful women in his life, especially if you included internet porn. Debbie was gorgeous, absolutely… but was she actually more desirable, pound for pound, measurement for measurement, than any other female he had ever seen? More desirable than inebriated April in her see-through nightie? Or his limo-mate with the amazing ass? Jeff sighed. Well… maybe not… but at the moment, it sure as hell felt like she was. She was fucking intoxicating.

He stole another glance. Jesus. She was sitting on the edge of the desk now, refilling her glass, one leg curled up under the other, and he could see the whole package. The pink bikini wasn’t exactly a… what do you call it… a thong, but it left very little to the imagination. She had a fantastic body. Youthful, but all woman. Her thighs were slender, but by no means skinny. Her tummy was toned, but by no means slim. Her ass was tight, but by no means flat. Her perky little tits weren’t whoppers, but she was far from flat-chested. Her face was… Jesus God, her face was flawless, the perfect combination of innocence and sin. So okay, he had been right the first time. She was the most seductively irresistible creature he had ever laid eyes on. It was all he could do not to walk over there and-

She looked up and caught him staring at her again and giggled. Jeff quickly looked away, embarrassed. This wasn’t the first time he had been busted. Of course, she had never given any indication that she was offended, or even annoyed. On the contrary, one time she had winked at him and another time she had blown him a kiss. She obviously knew he was lusting after her, and she was obviously enjoying his discomfort. Flirty little bitch. What she needed was someone to bend her over that desk, rip off those bikini bottoms, and slam fuck her until she-


Jeff looked up to find Debbie standing right there in front of him. His eyes bugged out.

Holy fucking shit.

She stood there in her skimpy little bikini, slightly knock-kneed, smiling at him coquettishly and twirling her long blonde hair with a finger. She was a teenage boy’s sex fantasy come true. Jeff wasn’t a teenage boy, but he had been a teenage boy once upon a time and his cock remembered. It very nearly burst right out of his khakis.

By now she was, very clearly, very drunk indeed. She swayed and stumbled where she stood but managed to keep her balance with the skill of a girl who had lots of experience keeping her balance when she was very drunk. To Jeff’s delight, every time she stumbled and reset, her cute little baseball tits bounced and shimmied and strained the straps of her bikini. He cleared his throat and tried to smile normally. He shuddered to think what that must look like.

“Huh… hi,” he said, somehow managing not to stare exclusively at her tits.

“Do you mine if SIC!... if I SIC!... if I sit nest to you?” Debbie asked innocently, her words provocatively slurred, blinking her big bloodshot blue eyes at him.


“I… uhh… umm…” Jeff stammered. “No. I mean, yes. I mean… sure.”

Her face lit up, like she was genuinely pleased that he was willing to let her sit next to him on the sofa. As if any man would decline the offer. She giggled and enthusiastically plopped down beside him, curling her legs up under her and draping one arm behind his head.

“Thanks,” she said, and she hiccupped, tits bobbling.

Jeff cleared his throat again.

“Did you, uhh… need… more information from me or… something?” he asked, sounding like an idiot even to himself. She giggled and started flirtatiously walking her fingers up his right thigh.

“Nnnnnoooooo,” she said, eyes on her fingers. “You juss looked so LIC!... so lonely sitting over here.” She snuggled in closer and grinned up at him. Her skin smelled like strawberries. Her breath smelled like a distillery. “I juss thought you… you might wann some KIC!... company.”

“Oh. Sure,” Jeff croaked, trying to ignore the way her tit was pressing against him. It was like the Rebel Alliance trying to ignore the Death Star. Hopeless.

“Really?” she asked, again seeming sincerely delighted that he wasn’t making her go away. The walking fingers idly massaged his chest. The hand draped behind his back started twiddling his hair. “You don’t mine if we JIC!... juss hang? Cuz I know you DIC!... don’t work here. Yet.”

“Umm.. no. We can… hang,” Jeff replied. “You don’t usually… sit… with guys who… don’t work here?”

“Welllll, technically,” she said coyly, fingers drumming on his chest, “I’m not s’pposed to FRIC!... fraternize with protective… pro… ssssspective… employees. Ann really… I usually don’t. Honest.”

“Oh… I see,” Jeff said, sure that Mr. Freeman was going to walk into the reception area at any moment and catch him illegally canoodling with his inebriated receptionist. Jeff wondered if that would result in him losing the job offer or getting a better job offer. This place was so crazy it was impossible to say.

Debbie snuggled in even closer, grinning.

“But you’re very cute,” she said, her face close to his. Her tongue darted out mischievously and licked his cheek. She giggled. “I mean, the way you’ve been TRIC!... tryin’ soooooooo hard not to… to stare at my boobies.” At that exact moment, as it happened, Jeff was staring at her boobies. He looked up, blushing, but Debbie giggled with delight. “Like that.”

“I uhh… I’m sorry, uhh… Miss…”

“Debbie,” she prompted.

“Duh… Debbie.”

Jeff wouldn’t have thought it possible for her to snuggle in any closer, but she did. Her stiff nipples were now poking his chest with enough force to be mildly uncomfortable.

“Oh, you don’t haffta a PIC!... pologize,” she purred. “I like it when you stare at my BIC!... boobies.”

“Oh… well.” Then I’ll make sure to stare at your boobies in the future, he didn’t say.

“The thing is,” Debbie said softly, her booze breath washing over him, “today I’m dzzrinkin’ Beash Bums.” She snuggled her lower half in closer, draping her thigh over his. “Ann Beash Bums always make me very, very HIC!... horny.”

“R-r-really,” Jeff said, as if they were just making polite conversation. Debbie’s left index finger was now playing with his left ear.

“Mmmm-hm,” she confirmed, licking his cheek again. “Even MIC!... more horny than usual.” She leaned in and started kissing his face tenderly, no doubt leaving little glossy pink lip prints as she went. “Ann… smooch… lemme tell you… smooch… thass pretty fucking… smooch… horny.”

“Is th-that right,” Jeff responded, desperately trying to maintain control of himself, but knowing in his heart it was a lost cause.

“Mmmmm-hmm,” Debbie whispered in his ear. “So… I know I’m not s’pposed to ask, but… I was HIC!... I was hoping you would fuck me. If thass okay.”

Jeff swallowed. She was crazy. She had to be. Some kind of crazy nymphomaniac crazy person. This whole fucking thing was crazy. Insane. He knew he should walk away. Just walk away and never look back.

He also knew he should start saving ten percent of his income for retirement, but that wasn’t gonna happen either.

“When? Where?” he asked hoarsely. She grabbed his face and kissed him. Hard. Open mouth. Lots of tongue. Lots of sloppy lip-squashing. Jeff knew his lips were now probably as pink and glossy as hers.

She broke away, panting.

“Here,” she whispered lustily. “Now. From behind.”

That’s it! Jeff screamed at himself. That’s all I can take!

Jeff lost his mind. Or found it.

Debbie squealed and giggled happily as he, none too gently, lifted her from her snuggle, flipped her over, and plopped her down on the sofa, ass in the air. Before he knew what he was doing… or maybe before he could think too much about what he was doing… Jeff had unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants and boxer briefs, knelt behind her on the sofa, and unceremoniously yanked Debbie’s bikini bottom down her thighs. His cock was bigger and harder then it had ever been in his entire life as he guided it past her cheeks, making exploratory stabs at her wet pussy.

“Uhhhnnnn… ohhhhh,” Debbie groaned, a pained smile on her flushed face. “Oh, thank you, sweet baby. Thank you!” She was either the world’s greatest actress or she was genuinely grateful that he was about to fuck her brains out. For reasons he couldn’t explain, and against all probability, Jeff was convinced it was the latter. This delectable, drunken sex kitten… exactly the kind of girl who would have never given him the time of day in high school… sincerely wanted Jeffrey Napier the science nerd to fuck her silly. The knowledge made his cock even harder.

With a grunt Jeff heaved his hips forward and buried himself deep inside her.

“Ahhhhhhggg!” Debbie screamed out in pleasure, rattling the Caribbean art work.

“Jesus,” Jeff breathed. Her pussy was wet and warm and tight and seemed to eagerly embrace his invading cock, squeezing it tight. Nevertheless, Jeff pulled back out, wanting to start the main event, too turned on to mess around with even advanced foreplay.

Jeff began the beguine, pounding her, pumping in and out, in and out.

Slap! “Unngh!” Slap! “Ummf!” Slap! “Ahhh!”

He was holding her by her slender hips and violently yanking her ass back into his pelvis with every cock plunge, then arching his own hips to draw himself back out with a sloppy sucking sound. Debbie squeaked or squealed or moaned or cried out with each slamming, ass-squashing thrust.


Slap! “Ahhh!”

…and over…

Slap! “Guhh!”

…and over.

SLAP! “Ohhh!”

Faster and faster and faster.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Uhhh! Ohhh! God!”

Jeff was half-insane, intoxicated by the sight of this fantasy teenybopper he was slam-fucking like a submissive ragdoll. Debbie’s long blonde hair was splayed out across the sofa, and her tits, jumping with each violent thrust, had finally popped right out of her bikini top, free at last, her stiff nipples dredging the sofa cushion. Jeff surrendered to depraved impulses he had never even known he had, exulting in the fact that he possessed this girl. He became a maniacal machine, slamming into the besotted beauty like a pile-driver, his thighs slapping against her ass and sending her tits flying with each thrust. Debbie gasped and moaned and cried out for more, faster, harder, imploring him not to stop, to never, ever stop. Jeff couldn’t have stopped if he had wanted to, and he certainly didn’t want to. He wasn’t a machine… he was a primitive brute, a savage, banging away in a mindless, animal frenzy. It was the best sex of his life, no contest, his physical sensations the most intense… and his screaming, lust-maddened partner the most beautiful and sexy and passionate girl he had ever even thought about fucking. The usually mild-mannered, sensible, courteous, completely logical doctor of bio-chemistry had transformed into a lust-crazed beast… and it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

It was too amazing to last. The end wasn’t long in coming, and neither was Jeff. When it arrived, his climax was like nothing he had ever experienced, a volcanic eruption, his hot cum spewing into Debbie’s welcoming pussy. He froze like a statue, his whole body shuddering with pleasure, then he collapsed onto her back, grabbed and squeezed her sweat-soaked titties, and orgasmed with a long groan of immeasurable satisfaction. His ejaculation was massive, never-ending, his spasmodic cock spurting again and again, filling the sloshed sex kitten with his semen while she shuddered and quivered and twitched beneath him. The small part of Jeff’s mind that was still sane understood that Debbie was coming too…. if anything, even harder and more violently than he was, if that were physically possible. It went on and on, both of them jerking convulsively, like two sex criminals being electrocuted for their crimes.

Finally, after what felt like hours, they were both done. Debbie groaned happily and collapsed limply into the sofa, still quivering with aftershocks from time to time, her teenaged body soaked with sweat. Jeff knelt there panting, still grasping her tits, while he slowly came back to his senses.

At last he sighed, chuckled, released her slick little boobs, and gently pulled his cock free of her cunt lips. Suction fought it, but eventually his exhausted but still thick member withdrew with a slurping sound and a wet pop. Debbie lifted her a head a bit and squeaked as it happened, half in pleasure, half in disappointment, then slumped back down, giggling and drooling into the sofa cushion.

“That was…” she breathed, “…the best… ever.”

Jeff smiled. He had to agree. He didn’t really know how many times he had fucked in his thirty-one years… he hadn’t kept track… certainly hundreds of times… but none of those couplings had come even close to what he had just experienced. He wasn’t sure why. Was it Debbie’s teenage, jail bait, sex-kitten allure? The fact that she was drunk off her ass? The danger of publicly fucking the receptionist at the company where he was about to have a job interview? All of the above?

Jeff slumped, sitting back. He would probably never know. But he knew he would never regret this, no matter what happened now, not even if Mr. Freeman walked in and saw his deflated cock dripping semen onto the reception area sofa.

Fuck it. This had been perfect.