The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Return of the Armored Warrior

by J. Darksong


“...hurt... should go... hospital...”

“...fine... sleeping peacefully... trust...”

“ concussion... responsibility... dies...”

I groaned softly, lulled back awake from the... really crazy dreams I’d been having. I groaned again, shifting slightly in bed, the sheets swirling gently against my naked body. I moaned softly at the sensation. It felt so good against my heated flesh... but at the same time, a wrongness prickled at the very edge of my consciousness. As if this was a bad thing somehow...

“... still think she should go to the hospital and get checked out,” a female voice was saying.

“I agree,” a second voice said. “You’re not a doctor, Gwen, you know. Or, well... you never SAID you were a doctor before.”

A third female voice harrumphed. “Yeah, well, I’m not a doctor,” she admitted, sounding slightly sullen. “But I do know what I’m talking about. She doesn’t have any broken bones, and she is not bleeding internally. And believe me, if blood was pooling up anywhere inside her body, I’d know. Trust me. She’s MAYBE got a little bit of a concussion, but everything else is just superficial scrapes and bruises.”

The voices seemed to be getting louder, or rather, getting closer, as if approaching me. I frowned slightly, eyelids fluttering. I wasn’t quite ready to wake up yet, I almost never got to sleep in, but something about their words... I started to stir again.

“Okay, but still, the concussion part worries me,” the first voice stated again. “Aren’t you, like, NOT supposed to fall asleep when you get a concussion? What if she ends up falling into a coma? I mean, those guys hit her hard enough to shred her armor after all...”

Armor. Shredded. I gasped loudly, eyes blinked open, sitting up suddenly as their words finally trickled in. The wrongness I’d felt about things finally registered—naked in bed? No! No, no, no, no, no! I’d been wearing my armor. I’d been fighting a bunch of crazy people dressed up like giant bugs! Looking around, I groaned again, this time in dismay. It was true. I was lying on someone’s bed, naked, stripped of my armor, with a bandage wrapped around my head.

I’d been outed. While I was thankful at being rescued, the fact remained that whoever had done so had clearly seen my face! Granted, I wasn’t a famous celebrity or anything, had only been in the city for a little more than a week now, so the chances of anyone recognizing me was practically zero. Still—

“And I’m pretty sure she’s that new kid, that transfer student that just started at River City U last week,” the second girl commented.

Well... shit! Just my fucking luck!

“Oh! You’re awake,” a dark-skinned young woman in a blue and silver costume stated as she walked into the room. “That’s good! We were... well, starting to get a little concerned about you.”

“Yeah,” the second girl, a svelte pale-skinned woman in an orange and black costume chimed in. “You were out of it for quite a while.” They both walked over to her bedside. “How are you feeling?”

“Uhhhh,” I began, not really knowing how to answer. I felt okay, all things considering. Not great. I felt really sore all over, kind of like I’d been in a fight—which, obviously, I had. But, as they’d ascertained during their conversation, there were no major injuries, no broken bones, or anything. And if the third person was to be believed, no internal hemorrhaging either.

“See, she’s fine,” the third person stated flatly as she entered the room. I took a moment to glance at her, and blinked in surprise. Even though I’d only caught a fleeting glimpse of her before I’d blacked out, I was 100% sure this was the weird crazy vampire girl that had jumped in to save me! “No harm, no foul. My friends wanted to haul you off to the hospital to get checked out after your little battle, but considering the fact that you were pretty much naked underneath that armor, I figured you probably wouldn’t appreciate having to answer any embarrassing questions to the authorities if you didn’t have to.”

I nodded at that. She had a good point. Still... “Well, I would hope that you’d have dragged me to the hospital if I really WAS hurt, mind. But yeah, thanks.” I swallowed, blushing slightly as they stared at me. This was really beyond awkward. “S-so... I guess I should, er... get dressed and get out of your hair. If someone could just bring me my armor...”

The girls glanced at one another. “Er, no, that’s probably not a good idea,” the dark-skinned one replied. “It was really REALLY trashed during your fight. And that was BEFORE Sanguine had to peel it off you to make sure you were doing okay?”

Wait. What? “You broke my armor?!?”

“Hey, kid,” Gwen snapped. “In case you’ve forgotten, you took a supersonic blast to the face! Your armor was thrashed before I even arrived.” Gesturing to the far corner, I glance over and sigh. Unfortunately, she was right. My armor was totally ragged, with huge gashes and warped and bent metal, plating missing and torn, with wires and servos completely exposed. It wasn’t a suit as much as it was a collection of loosely connected metal parts.

“Ohhh... okay,” I muttered softly, hanging my head.

“Okay, kid,” Gwen said, walking over to her wardrobe, picking through the closet for a few minutes before returning. “Here, you can wear this. We look to be pretty much the same size. And, well... sorry I bit your head off just now.” She grinned, and I gasped, seeing her fangs. “Hehehe... well, not literally biting your head off. Just saying, I know this all has to be a bit jarring for you, waking up naked in a strange room surrounded by strangers...”

I laughed ruefully at that. “I little bit, yeah. But I guess we’re not exactly ‘strangers’ anymore are we, considering that you’ve seen me naked. And, I know your name is ‘Gwen’,” I said, pointing at the vampire, who winced, “and you two,” I gestured to the other two heroines, “recognized me from college, which I assume you both attend as well. So, I guess that’s something.”

Splash and Sunbeam glanced at one another, then sighed heavily. “Um, yeah. I guess it’s not fair that your identity got revealed that way, is it?” Splash muttered with a grunt. Reaching up, she removed her mask, showing her face. My jaw dropped, both in recognition of her face and the fact that she’d just willingly revealed herself. “Tina Anderson,” she said, extending a hand for me to shake. “But I go by ‘Splash’ when in costume.” Woodenly, I shook her hand.

“And I’m Janika Lang,” her light-skinned partner replied, removing her mask, and shaking my hand as well. “Codename’s ‘Sunbeam’. And yeah, I remember you from our Chemistry class, though I don’t recall your name,” she added sheepishly.

“It’s Erika. Erika Patrick,” I replied with a small smile. “And it’s okay if you don’t know my name. We’ve never really spoken before, and you guys sit all the way across the room from me.” I paused, glancing over at the third member of the group, who stood silently watching. “And, er... you’re Gwen, right?” I asked.

“Yeah. Gwen. And my costume-wearing persona is ‘Sanguine’,” she replied, stone-faced. “Like the color of blood. Easy to remember, and ironically fitting, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied, looking her over. “And obviously a fan of the Teen Titans.” That at least got a reaction, as she blushed heavily, leaning back so that her hood obscured her face again. Not that I meant it as a bad thing. I had a serious girl crush on Raven back in the day, and Gwen definitely pulled off the look. Hell, she even had the surly attitude part down pat.

“So, um, what now?” I asked, slipping on the T-shirt I’d been given. “I mean, what do we do now? Are we all, like, Super friends or something now? A team? Or do we just... I dunno... go on our separate ways and pretend like none of this ever happened?”

Janika laughed. “How about we split the difference? Since we all kinda know each other now, let’s take some time to time to get to know each other socially. And if we ever get in trouble out there as Supers, we can call one another for backup.”

“Yeah,” I mumbled, glancing again at my ruined armor. “Not sure how much use I’ll be at the moment.”

“Really? You don’t have a spare suit or any tools or resources to fix your armor?” Tina asked.

I paused, considering. “Well, there IS someone I could go to,” I replied hesitantly, sliding on the pants I’d been loaned. “But, I’d really wanted to think of him as a last resort.” That was certainly true enough. My first encounter with Eugene Frasier had gone rather badly, with my trying to arrest him as Shining Paladin. and him basically shutting down my armor and hypnotizing me into obedient compliance, turning me over to my mom, of all things! Besides, I’d sort of been avoiding contacting him, trying to forge my own path as a hero in this city. I didn’t want to come to be known as Armor Man’s kid sidekick!

But, well, it looks like I no longer had much of a choice in the matter. He was the only one I knew that could repair my armor. It was either him or go crawling back home to my mom and admit defeat.

“Let me guess... he wouldn’t happen to be that billionaire industrialist and inventor, Eugene Frasier?” Gwen asked suddenly, causing all of us to glance at her in surprise.

“Um... yeah. That’s right!” I replied stunned. “But, how did you guess that?”

Gwen responded by gesturing to the window behind her. “There’s a long black limousine parked just outside the building right now. It arrived about half an hour ago, and just about the time you woke up, a dark-haired man got out and has been standing by the car, waiting. I recognized his face from his picture on the cover of Forbes,” she concluded with a shrug. I walked past her and glanced down, and sure enough, it was Frasier, leaning idly against the limo. He glanced up at the window as I peered down, and smirked, nodding his head.

“Well... ladies, it looks like my ride is here,” I joked weakly.

* * *

So we rode in silence for several seconds, Eugene choosing to stay silent, and me silently waiting for him to say something. I mean, there were dozens, perhaps hundreds of questions buzzing around in my head. Why had he come to pick me up? How did he even know I was there? Did someone call him, or had he been spying on me? Had he been watching me all this time? If so, then why hadn’t he zoomed in as Armor Man to help me battle the Big Bad Beetleborgs when they attacked? And... worst of all... was he going to tell my mom about this?

As we turned left, entering the parking lot of River City General Hospital, however, the more pressing concern was what he’d brought me here for. I opened my mouth to protest, only to be cut off. “Yer getting an MRI, and CAT scan,” he stated, his tone clipped and stern, leaving me no room to argue. “With the damage, you took facing Cricket, you need to be checked out.”

I huffed, blowing hard enough that my bangs fluttered. “I’m not hurt, just shaken up,” I mumbled, sullenly. “And anyway, where were YOU? If you know enough about what happened to me, why didn’t you do anything to help me?”

Rather than look irritated, he peered back at me with the same cold and composed expression he’d worn this entire trip. “And why did you not come to me when you first arrived in River City?” he asked, meeting my glare, causing me to glanced away guiltily. Dammit... I couldn’t really chastise him for not having my back when I hadn’t even gone to him in the first place. Especially since I was pretty sure Mom had contacted him to let him know I was coming. “Look, Erika,” he said after a moment, causing me to glance back at him. “I get it. You’re trying to be independent. You’re trying to make a name for yourself, without being stuck in my or your mother’s shadow. And I admire that.” His expression darkened. “But this is no game, lass. ’Tis not for the faint of heart! The life you’ve chosen to pursue is a dangerous one. And if yer to survive, you need to learn to swallow your pride and take help when its offered to you.”

I nodded, feeling properly chastised. “Um... so does that mean... you’re offering to help me then?” I asked, hopefully. “My armor, the suit I wore? It got really trashed during the battle—”

“Ach, we’ll talk more about that later,” he said dismissively as the limo’s driver pulled to a stop in front of the emergency room entrance. “For now, it’s time you were checked out. Come on, then. I contacted my doctor just before I picked you up, and she’s standing by with a whole battery of tests to run.”

I couldn’t help but bristle at that. He’d called ahead even before picking me up?!? And now he just expected me to follow suit like a good little girl, and let me take charge of everything? “Don’t I get a say in any of this?” I growled, placing a hand on the door handle, but not opening it. “You’re not my father after all. You’re not even a relative. How could you even arrange medical treatment for me without my sayso?”

“You mother authorized everything,” Frasier said smoothly, stepping out of his side of the car, walking around to mine. “And before you comment that you’re an adult, that you’re over eighteen and no longer need your mother’s permission for anything, just remember the condition of your armor. I’m the only one that can fix it, and thus the key to your continued life as a costumed heroine is dependent on my good will. And I desire you having a full medical checkup before we even BEGIN talking about repairs.” He gestured towards the entrance. “Now then... shall we?”

Sighing inwardly, wondering when exactly I’d lost total control of my life, I followed him inside the hospital. “Tch... fine. But there better not be any needles involved...”