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Title: Reunion

Categories: MC, MF, FF, MD, HM

Description: The former school nerd takes revenge at his high school reunion.

It was good to be back.

Tom couldn’t keep the smirk off his face as he walked up to the wide-open double doors leading his old high school gymnasium. Had it really been ten years? It seemed like only yesterday that he’d been the star quarterback for the Midtown Falcons. His hand on his wife’s waist pulled her closer to him. Chrissy had been the head cheerleader back then. The perfect match. He wanted everyone at the reunion to know that even now, a decade later, he was still banging this hot piece of ass.

“God, I haven’t seen so many of these people in so long,” Chrissy said, casting her blue eyes over their former classmates as they entered the gym. “Brings back memories.”

“It sure does,” Tom agreed. “Remember when you blew me behind those bleachers?”

She playfully slapped his arm. “Get your mind out of the gutter, babe,” she laughed. Tom smiled down at her. She still had her figure. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and thin as fuck. In the years since high school, she’d gotten implants and Tom had enjoyed her new and improved tits many times.

He looked back over the crowd. A few people were noticing them. Some of the guys looked jealous. Of course, they’d always been jealous. Tom had ruled this school, he’d been the king here, and he’d had the hottest babe in the school as his queen.

Lots of guys had envied him, and if any of them had even thought of trying to get with his girl, they were in for a world of pain.

“Hey, Tom? Tom!”

It took Tom a second to place the guy talking to him. Vince had put on weight and lost his hair. Tom put on a friendly smile and shook his old teammate’s hand. “Hey there, Vince!” he said. “Long time, no see!”

It was gratifying to know that he’d done a better job taking care of himself.

Vince went on and on about some bullshit that Tom didn’t care about. While he pretended to listen, he looked out over the crowd. It was surreal, all these faces from a decade ago, colored lights drifting over each one while the music droned on in the background. He found himself reminiscing about the good old days.

He’d been king here. Men wanted to be him and women wanted him. He must have fucked half the girls here back then. There was Lucy, the redheaded firecracker, and there was Rene, student council president and valedictorian.

Tom hadn’t managed to get into Rene’s pants until an end of the year party Senior Year. She looked almost exactly the same ten years later; short brown hair and glasses and small and thin frame. The sexy librarian look. Tom blinked as his eyes fell on the guy at her side.

Collin Grey. The school nerd. Wimpy and meek. Tom had enjoyed putting the little dork in his place back in highschool. He’d heard that the dweeb and Rene had gotten together in college, but it was still surreal to see them together.

Maybe he’d chat up Rene later. Tom was sure she was dying for a real man.

The loser caught his eye from across the gym and quickly looked away. Tom had to hold back a laugh. Yeah, he was definitely going to fuck Rene later. Just like old times.

The music played on. It was good to be back.

* * *

Rene tapped her pencil against the paper. There was a list on it, of everyone in their highschool graduating class. “Has anyone managed to get in touch with Harry Payne?”

Theresa shook her head. “He’s got no social media.”

“You know that people did organize these things before Facebook, right?” Rene asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t know how.”

Rene sighed. Planning this reunion was eating into her work time at the law firm. She almost wished she hadn’t agreed to help organize it. Almost. “I’ll track him down,” she said. “What else is on the agenda?”

“Music,” Brenda told her. “The DJ we were going to hire had a scheduling conflict.”

“That’s no problem,” Rene told her. “Collin and I know someone. She’ll give us a good price.”

Theresa and Brenda exchanged a glance. They tended to do that whenever Rene mentioned her husband. It was extremely annoying. Rene had to hold herself back from rolling her eyes.

“You know,” Brenda said, “I still can’t believe you two got married.” Brenda had been a cheerleader back in the highschool. “I never got the feeling you guys were close, you know?”

“We didn’t get close until college,” Rene told her. They had both gone to the same school, Rene pursuing law and Collin pursuing psychology. He’d finally gotten His doctorate a few years ago. Rene was so proud of Him.

“I didn’t think he’d be close to anyone,” Theresa muttered.

“He was shy back then,” Rene said. “He’s a good man. A gentle soul. And honestly, you’d have been shy too if people gave you half the shit they gave Him.” She looked Brenda dead in the eye as she said that last bit. As a cheerleader, Brenda was certainly complacent in the bullying Rene’s husband had suffered.

The other woman had the good grace to look embarrassed, so at least there was that. Brenda had gotten married right out of high school and pumped out three kids with her deadbeat husband before divorcing his ass. She was definitely doing better without the dickhead, but she’d also put on some weight since her cheerleader days. Try as she might to be gracious and generous, Rene couldn’t help but feel a vindictive glee that she looked so much better than Brenda now.

“Sorry,” Brenda muttered.

Rene shook her head. “Water under the bridge,” she lied. “But yes, I’ll talk to Claire.”

“Who?” Theresa asked.

“The DJ we know,” Rene told her. “Her name is Claire.”


“Alright, well, hopefully she won’t fall through like the last guy,” Theresa said. “So moving on…”

* * *

Rene was exhausted. Playing nice with Brenda and Theresa always took a lot out of her. Especially Theresa; the fucking bitch. They used to be friends, and then Theresa had offered Rene up to that bastard Tom at that party.

She tried to put the memory of that night out of her head, but it was difficult. Every time she remembered it, how he’d held her down and forced himself on her while she was too drunk to fight back, she felt like vomiting. Collin had done what He could to help her, but the scars from that night had never fully healed.

Hopefully their Reunion plans would set things right.

Rene unlocked the front door and walked into her house. “I’m home!” she called out as she closed the door behind her.

“In here, babe!” Collin called back to her from the living room. Rene felt a smile form on her lips. She always smiled when she heard His voice.

Rene walked into the living room and smiled at her husband. He was sitting on the couch, naked. He brushed His sandy hair from his eyes and smiled at her.

On the floor before Him knelt a young woman with a half shaved head and tattoos covering her naked body. Her head was bobbing up and down on His cock, slurping and licking away.

She ignored the woman for now and sat down next to Collin, leaning into Him and giving Him a kiss of greeting. Their tongues met and He squeezed her breast through her blouse, sending an electric pulse through her body. She loved the taste and feel of Him.

Breaking the kiss, Rene looked down at the woman on the floor, who was still sucking her husband’s wonderful cock. “Hello Claire,” she said.

Claire popped Collin’s dick out of her mouth and grinned up at her. “Hello, Mistress!”

“Have you kept our Master happy while I was gone?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

“Good girl.” Claire shuddered when she heard Rene’s words and went back to happily sucking Collin off.

Rene rested her head on Collin’s shoulder while His hand worked its way into her blouse and began playing with her nipple. She cooed and melted against Him. This was bliss. This was what she was made for.

“Claire has a job at the Reunion,” Rene told Him.

“Good job,” Collin said. “Did you hear that, Claire? Your Mistress got you the job.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Claire said. “I won’t disappoint either of you!”

Collin’s free hand loving brushed the side of her head. “I know you won’t,” He told her. He held Rene closer to Him, and she happily pressed herself against His body.

“Do you think you’ll be ready to see him again?” Collin asked.

Rene shivered. She didn’t like thinking about him, especially not when she was with Collin. “I think so,” she said. “The hypnosis has helped. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid.”

Collin was quiet for a moment. “He won’t hurt you,” He said firmly. “He’ll never hurt either of us again, babe. I promise.”

Rene nodded and closed her eyes. It was easy to be calm here, in His arms. There was nowhere else in the world where she felt safer.

“I love you both so much,” Collin said. “I hope you know that.”

“I do,” Rene told Him. “I love you too, Master.”

She heard Claire’s voice below her. “I love you too, Master!”

* * *

Tom had to give it the dyke they’d hired to DJ this thing: the music choices were pretty good. It was mostly pop songs from their high school years, with a few hits from other genres in those years tossed in for variety’s sake. The DJ was also pretty diligent, constantly keeping an eye on her equipment, changing sound levels for each song to make sure everything sounded crisp and clear without drowning out any conversation. It was way more than he would have expected from someone looking like that.

Chrissy was chatting with her old cheer squad. A few of them even still looked a bit bangable. Tom drank some punch.

“Hey Tom.”

He glanced over at Rene. She had sidled her way next to him and smiled up at him from behind those glasses of her. This one was definitely still bangable. Tom wondered again just what the fuck she was doing with that little bitch Collin.

“Rene,” he greeted her. “I haven’t seen you since… well, that party, I think.”

A weird expression crossed her face before her smile returned. Probably remembering how much fun they’d had there. Tom took a sip of punch and eyed her little black dress. It showed off her legs pretty well. He couldn’t help but imagine them wrapped around his waist.

“Come find me later,” Rene tod him. “I’d like to catch up a bit more.” Her voice made it clear what she meant, and she walked off, swaying her hips and drawing his attention to her ass.

Tom grinned and scanned the crowd until he saw Collin. The loser was talking to that dyke DJ. Tom almost felt sorry for the guy. He was about to rock his wife’s world the way Collin never could.

* * *

The fist buried itself in Collin’s gut.

He felt his back slam into the wall and he collapsed, gasping for breath, pain filling his stomach. Tom stood over him, grinning savagely. The meathead’s eyes danced with sadism, mockery, and power. He was in charge here; Collin was powerless and they both knew it.

“Look where you’re going next time, Grey,” Tom spat. “I like my personal space.”

Collin tried to gulp down air.

“What do you say, Collin?”

“S...sorry…” Collin gasped.

Tom laughed. “Apology accepted.” He turned and walked away, his arm wrapped around Chrissy’s shoulder. The cheerleader glanced at Collin and smirked. Students walked passed him the hall, ignoring him.

When his breath calmed down, Collin stood up and nearly fell over. The bastard had hit him hard this time. He felt like the pain and humiliation was going to knock him out.

He stumbled down the hall to the nurse’s office. Nobody offered to help him. Collin was alone in this school. Nobody cared about him. Nobody would.

* * *


Collin blinked. He wasn’t expecting anyone to talk to him. He wasn’t used to anyone talking to him, except occasionally teachers. That hadn’t changed much in college so far. Even his roommate barely spoke to him.

Not that he’d really minded this state of affairs. He was used to it. And in his experience, attracting people’s attention rarely had good results.

But now here he is in the school library, doing homework on his laptop, and someone was talking to him. He looked up from his screen and stared in shock.

It was Rene, from high school. The valedictorian of his class. Class president. He’d never really spoken to her before, and she’d never spoken to him.

“Collin!” she exclaimed. “Oh wow. Do you remember me? From high school?”

He nodded. “Rene,” he said quietly.

She smiled at him. “Hey, um… are you doing OK? I mean, since graduation.”

Well, nobody had beaten him up since graduation, so that was a plus. “Yeah,” he told her. “Yeah I’m good.”

They were quiet for a moment, just looking at each other. Then, her voice barely above a whisper, she said: “I’m sorry.”


“I said I’m sorry.”

Collin had no idea what was going on. “For?”

Rene sat down next to him. “I could have done something,” she told him. “I knew about the bullying. Most of us did. I was the class president; I could have done something to stop it, but I didn’t. I just… it was easier to do nothing, I guess.”

“It’s OK,” Collin told her. He didn’t mean it. Tom had been his worst tormenter in high school, and the rumor was that Rene had hooked up with that fucker at a party. If she really had an issue with how Tom had treated him, then why would she have done that?

Maybe she felt guilty now, but Collin wasn’t sure. He didn’t trust her.

“...Have you decided a major yet?” Rene asked.

“Psychology,” Collin told her.


He nodded. There was something about the way she was looking at him; he got the impression she was waiting for him to say something more. “I want to be a hypnotherapist.”

Collin didn’t tell her why. He didn’t want to admit that he was mostly interested in self-hypnosis, to make himself better, to make himself into someone who wouldn’t be hurt and treated like shit again.

“Oh,” she said. She gave him an odd look. It didn’t seem like a bad look or even a judgmental one; it was just… odd.

“I’m studying law,” she said. “I’m going to be a lawyer. I want… I decided I wanted to help people, you know.”

Collin didn’t know. “I guess,” he said.

There didn’t seem to be anything else to say. He thought she was going to leave, but instead she pulled out her own laptop and started working on her own schoolwork, right next to him.

Collin didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what he should say. So he just went back to work.

* * *

Tom was eyeing that slut’s ass.

Chrissy drank down her punch as she watched. She needed something stronger. The bastard was probably going to try and fuck Rene again tonight. She started making her way to the drinks, looking for anything alcoholic.

Her husband had never been faithful, but Chrissy had chosen to ignore that. After all, her parents liked him, and everyone respected him. He made enough money at his dad’s company to take care of her, bought her expensive gifts, and the sex was pretty damn good too. If some infidelity was what she needed to put up with in exchange for that, then she’d pay that price.

Didn’t mean she had to like it.

A redhead with her hair pulled back in a ponytail was apparently the Reunion’s bartender. She even wore a black vest and black slacks like some fancy caterer. Definitely wasn’t one of her old classmates; so probably some caterer or bartender the organizers had hired. “Can I get you anything, ma’am?”


The redhead blinked and got to work. Chrissy looked out over the reunion and glared daggers at Rene’s backside. The fucking slut.

Bitch had already fucked Tom ten years ago at that party, and now it looked like she was angling for seconds. Fucking whore. She was a married woman. The fuck did she think she was doing?

“Here you are, ma’am.”

Chrissy took the glass without even looking at the redhead. She drank it while fuming about Rene, hitting up her man. Her man. The bitch.

Her eyes fell on Collin Grey. He looked more confident than he had in high school. Stood taller. Wasn’t exactly unattractive, even if he still seemed to have a bit of that shyness, given how he tended to linger on the edges of groups instead of fully engaging. His wife probably dragged him here; Chrissy couldn’t imagine that he was eager to see his classmates again. They’d all been shit to the guy.

Did he know that his wife was sleeping around on him? Did he know what a whore she was? Fuck, how did those two even end up married in the first place?

She took another drink and listened to the music as she watched Collin. Rene must have seen something in him.

* * *

“Why am I here again?” Collin asked.

Rene had been meeting him at the library every day for weeks now. She’d even managed to drag him to lunch. At first her motive had been simple: guilt. She could still remember how filthy she’d felt after the party, how Tom had so utterly violated her, rendered her helpless and useless. She remembered the jeers of her classmates, Chrissy spitting on her and calling her a whore. She remembered curling up in her room in the dark, on the floor because she couldn’t even make it to her bed, and crying.

The guilt, she knew, was not a rational response. She knew that the mind would try to rationalize trauma, to find some reason for it. She knew, logically, that feeling like her rape and humiliation was all her fault, a punishment for allowing Tom’s behavior to continue, was wrong and irrational.

But that didn’t change the feeling. That didn’t change the shame. That didn’t change how much she hated herself.

And Collin… he was a victim of Tom’s too, though in a different way. Maybe, she’d reasoned, if she helped him, she might be able to escape these irrational, self-destructive feelings raging within her.

So when she saw him at the library, she approached him, intent on befriending him and making things right. And then he said he was studying to become a hypnotherapist.

Rene hated the rush of adrenaline his words had brought forth in her. It was her secret shame, her private obsession: hypnofetishism. Even back in high school, she would lose herself in online erotic stories about being hypnotically enslaved and brainwashed.

Collin studying hypnosis had excited in ways she didn’t want to admit. Maybe that was a motivating factor here, but… no. No, she wasn’t doing this because of that. She’d encouraged him to look more into hypnosis because she wanted him to help her. Her motives were pure, she assured herself.

Besides, she was tainted. She could never give herself to anyone.

She just needed Collin’s help. That was why she was guiding him through the halls of her dormitory, to her room. And hey, maybe helping her would give the guy some confidence. Lord knew he needed it.

“I told you, I want you to help me,” she said. “I’ve been having trouble focusing, so just use some hypnomagic and help me out.”

“It’s not magic,” Collin muttered. “And I’ve never done it before.”

“I promise I’ll be a good subject.” Rene ignored the tingle in her body when she said those words.

Sarah, her roommate, was just leaving their dorm when they arrived. The redhead blinked in surprise when she saw Rene turn up with a guy, but didn’t question it. She just nodded at them, said a quick “hello” and “goodbye” to Rene, and then headed off.

“She has a once-a-week class tonight,” Rene told Collin as she unlocked the door. “So we’ll have around three hours.”

Collin followed her into her room, wide-eyed and clearly out of his depth. Rene realized that this was probably the first time he’d ever been in a girl’s room. She probably shouldn’t bring that up. Just act like everything’s normal; no need to make it weird. Poor Collin looked like he would bolt at the first sign of trouble.

“So how do you want to hypnotize me?” Rene asked, shutting the door behind them.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Collin, I’m sure.”

Their eyes met. Rene saw the fear on his face. She wondered what he saw in her. For a brief moment, all was still and silent, and then Collin nodded.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, he seemed… different somehow. It reminded Rene of some friends she’d had back in high school; the ones in Drama. The change that came over Collin was just like when her friends got into character.

“Lie down on your bed and get comfortable,” Collin told her. There was a firmness to his voice that wasn’t there before. No pleading, just… a command.

Rene did so, smiling. “You seem more confident all of a sudden,” she noted. “Far cry from how you usually are.” She winced. That had come out a bit harsher than she’d intended. “Do you have any acting experience or something?”

Collin seemed to falter, then shook his head. “Dungeons and Dragons,” he said quietly. “On a virtual tabletop online. Over Skype. I, uh, don’t know anyone else who plays in real life.”

He probably did, but just didn’t know it. Rene’s brothers played that game. Her younger sister too. She’d sat in a few times but always had other things to do.

“Well, keep going,” she said.

Collin nodded, and then he started in earnest: “I want you to close your eyes, Rene, and take a deep breath. Take a deep breath, and feel how the air fills you. Fills your lungs, fills your body. Now, slowly breathe out, and as you do, feel the tension releasing from your muscles, feel it escaping your body with that breath. Feel your body relax…”

* * *

It turned out that hypnotizing people was a lot easier than Collin had imagined.

Maybe it was because Rene was such a willing subject, but she’d gone under quickly and easily. If she wasn’t responding verbally whenever he asked her a question, he’d think that she was sleeping.

He’d stumbled his way through telling her to focus more on her studies and be less distracted, and he thought she’d taken the suggestions well, but only time would tell. There was something else about all this bugging him, however.

Why did she bring him here, really? Sure, maybe Rene did want study help, but why him? He knew that she’d fucked Tom at the end-of-the-year party, so why would she want to hang around him? Tom and Collin were opposites, and Collin had been Tom’s favorite punching bag in high school. Collin was used to people pretending to be friendly with him only to set him up for some cruel joke, and while he didn’t get that exact vibe from Rene, there was definitely something off about her interactions with him.

Maybe he just wasn’t used to people being friendly to him and that’s why it felt so weird. Fuck, there was a depressing thought.

Collin was about to start walking Rene out of her trance, when an idea suddenly occurred to him. He was in a prime position to learn what she was really after.

All he needed to do was take her a bit deeper.

“Rene, I’m going to count down from 10 to 0,” Collin said. “And with each number, you will drift down deeper and deeper into trance. You will drift so deep that the rest of the world will simply cease to be, and there will only be my voice. Only my voice, Rene, not even thoughts to distract you. Do you understand?”


“Good. Ten. You are drifting deeper and deeper, Rene. Nine. No need to worry, no need to think. Just relax and sink. Deeper and deeper. Eight. You are sinking so deep, Rene. So deep. Seven. No thoughts, just my voice. Deeper and deeper. Six. Relax and sink, Rene. Relax and sink. Five. There is only my voice. Nothing else. No thoughts to distract you. Four. Deeper and deeper. You are sinking deeper and deeper. Three. So deep now, Rene. Deeper and deeper. Only my voice. Two. You sinking into a deep trance, Rene. Let go of all your thoughts. Let my voice fill your head. One. Deeper and deeper. You are sinking deeper and deeper…


He couldn’t be sure, but he thought that Rene seemed even more relaxed and asleep than she had a moment ago. Collin decided to soldier on.

“Down this deep, you have no conscious thoughts. This is your subconscious, Rene. You will not remember anything either of us say while you are this deep. Your subconscious knows everything about you, Rene, and it cannot lie to me. Your conscious thoughts are gone this deep. You will not remember anything that happens down here. Do you understand?”

Her voice was soft, distant. “Yes.”

“Good. Now, Rene, I’m going to ask you some questions, and you’re going to be completely honest with me. Why did you want me to hypnotize you?”

“To help me focus,” Rene told him. “And to help me heal from what happened. And because it excites me.”

Collin blinked in surprise. “Hypnosis excites you?”



“I love the idea of giving up control so completely. Of having my mind reshaped. It’s… sexy.”

Collin was flabbergasted. He never in a million years would have thought that Rene had such a fetish.

“Rene…” he said. He was afraid of what her answer to this question would be. “Are you attracted to me?”


Collin’s heart pounded. But this didn’t make any sense. He was a nerd. He was pathetic. Why would she…?

“Did you have sex with Tom MacIntire?”

For the first time sense he’d put her into trance, and uncomfortable expression appeared on Rene’s face. “Yes…” she said, reluctantly, almost as if it pained her.

Collin was confused. “Did you not like sex with him?”

“No…” She seemed really upset. Collin started to worry about her breaking out of the trance.

“It’s OK, Rene,” he said, as soothingly as he could. “You’re alright. You’re safe here. Nothing can hurt you here. You’re OK.”

Slowly she seemed to calm down. Collin took a deep breath. “Tell me about what happened with you and Tom.”

“Theresa gave me to him,” Rene said. “She wanted him to leave Chrissy for her. She thought he would if he knew that he wouldn’t have to sneak around to sleep with other girls with her. So she kept giving me drinks and encouraging me to drink them. I got drunk. I couldn’t even stand. And then she guided me up the stairs to that bedroom, and he was there. He was there and he took my clothes off and threw me on the bed and there was nothing I could do. He…”

“Stop,” Collin said. He felt sick. “It’s alright, Rene. You don’t have to say any more.” He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. Hadn’t Theresa been her friend? How could she have done this? And Tom… Collin knew he was a bastard, but a rapist?

And Collin had gone this whole time thinking Rene had slept with Tom willingly. That she was a slut. How many more of Tom’s “conquests” were like her? This was disgusting. Collin realized he was clenching his fists. He took a deep breath and relaxed himself.

“Rene,” he said, “how do you feel about that night now?”

“It tainted me,” Rene said. “I’m disgusting. I’m dirty. Nobody would ever have me now, like this. I feel dirty every time I look at myself. Nothing gets me clean.”

Collin’s heart sank. He stared at Rene, wishing desperately that there was something he could do to help her. The idea that she was somehow tainted by what that son of a bitch had done to her was ludicrous to him. The sin was Tom’s, not Rene’s. It could never sully her. He wished there was some way he could make her see that.

He checked the clock. There was plenty of time before her roommate got back. Collin looked at Rene’s sleepy face and steeled himself for what he needed to do.

He was going to help her, no matter what.

* * *

Her husband was apparently hedging his bets.

Chrissy took another unhappy drink as she watched Tom chat up Theresa. She’d never liked Theresa. That bitch hadn’t barely bothered to hide how much she wanted to steal her man away. Chrissy wasn’t sure how often, exactly, Tom had cheated on her with that bitch, but she knew it was often; Theresa was his go-to lay.

“Another,” she told the bartender.

The redhead raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure, ma’am?” she asked. “This would be your fourth one.”

“I’m fine,” Chrissy snapped. “I barely even feel a buzz.”

The girl just looked at Chrissy quizzically for a moment before shrugging and making her another drink. “Is there a problem, ma’am?”

“What do you mean?”

The girl smiled. “I’m a bartender, ma’am. Professionally, not just for this event. People vent their problems to me all the time, and I can tell when someone needs venting.”

Chrissy sighed. “Just my husband’s an asshole,” she said.

“Is he the one you’ve been watching this whole time? Who keeps chatting up pretty girls?”

“Yes.” Chrissy didn’t bother trying to hide the venom in her words.

“Dump him.”

Chrissy laughed. “It’s not that simple. Our families are pretty well-connected.”

“Oh, one of those situations.” The bartender looked thoughtful. “Perhaps there’s some way you can teach him a lesson.”

“I don’t it. He’s a thick one.” Chrissy took her new drink from the bartender’s hand and had a sip. “This is different.”

“Special drink, ma’am. You seem like you need it.”

Chrissy nodded. “What’s your name?” she asked.

The redhead smiled. “Sarah.”

* * *

They sat side by side on the edge of Rene’s bed. School was out for the Winter, and her parents weren’t home. Collin and Rene had officially started dating four months ago.

They’d taken things slow; Collin due to his inexperience, Rene because of her fears. They’d held hands, kissed a few times… It was all very chaste. But Collin couldn’t deny that part of him hungered for more, and he knew that Rene felt the same way. She’d had him put her under hypnosis multiple times since that first session almost a year ago, and there was little he didn’t know about her now.

She was fiercely intelligent, much smarter than him. She was funny and loved to paint, but rarely had the time to indulge her passion. Collin would fantasize about them owning a home together, of him putting together a special room for her, full of paints and easels and canvasses, so that she could create whatever images came into her beautiful, clever head.

Fantasies like that were becoming more and more common. Collin was falling hard for this girl.

But now was not the time for fantasies. Now the real, flesh and blood Rene leaned against him. She was shaking. Collin reached his arm around her and held her close, trying to steady and comfort her.

“I…” Rene began, but she faltered. “Collin,” she whispered. “Can you please hypnotize me?”

“Now?” he asked.

“Please. I’m… there are things I want to say, but I’m afraid to. But when you put me under, you can take away those fears. Please, Collin. I want to have an honest conversation with you.”

Collin nodded. “Lay down,” he told her gently.

Once Rene was comfortable, Collin told her to close her eyes and relax. It was easy to hypnotize her now; they had done it so many times, she practically went into trance before he’d finished telling her to relax. He had started working on installing a trigger phrase to instantly put her under, but so far it only sort of worked. A few more sessions and he was pretty sure they’d have it down.

“What do you want to say to me, Rene?” Collin asked.

She was silent for a moment, and then she said: “I want to have sex with you.”

Collin felt his heart skip a beat. It was what he was hoping for, but he wasn’t sure how to respond. Besides, he needed to stay projecting the illusion of confidence; subjects responded better to authoritative tones. He couldn’t let his anxiety or elation show right now.

“Why were you afraid to tell me that?” he asked.

“Because I’m tainted.”

He’d assumed as much. It always came back to that. He’d done his best to help her, but a hypnotherapist he was not. Not yet, at least. The process had been slow-going, partly due to his inexperience, and partly because he intentionally took it slow, for fear of accidentally fucking up her head.

“You’re not tainted,” he told her firmly.

Rene was quiet.

“Rene, you’re a wonderful person,” Collin told her. “What Tom did to you is his sin, not yours. It cannot taint you. You understand?”

“Yes,” Rene said. “But…”

“Rene, I love you.”

Her eyes flickered open. The shock at hearing those words was apparently enough to jolt her out of trance. She stared at him.

“Do you… do you mean that?” she asked.

Collin nodded and leaned over her, his face inches from her own. “I do,” he told her. “I love you. And I don’t love tainted things.”

Her eyes were wet. Rene blinked back tears. “But I’m not worth it,” she whispered.

“You are,” Collin told her firmly, using the same voice he used for their inductions. “I can’t think of anyone more worthy of being loved.”

She nodded, a smile forming on her lips. “I can think of one?” she said.



And she kissed him.

This was not like any kiss they’d shared before. This one was hungrier, almost primal. Collin felt her hands roam over his body, and he took that as an invitation to explore hers as well. For the first time he held her breast, small but firm, and felt her nipple harden between his fingers.

They kissed. They moaned. They needed each other.

At some point, their clothing came off. Collin found his hardness between her legs. He looked down at her, small and beautiful, and their eyes met.

She gave him a nod, and he pushed into her. And as he felt her envelop him, he went in for another passionate kiss.

* * *

“So, Sarah,” Chrissy said, taking another sip. “Do you ever offer suggestions, or do you just listen?”

“Depends on what the customer wants, ma’am.”

Chrissy eyes Tom. He said something that made Theresa giggle; or at least he seemed to think he did. Chrissy could tell a fake, flirtatious giggle when she saw one. “He’s such a horndog, I’m tempted to walk away now so that he doesn’t end up cheating with you too. No offense.”

Sarah laughed. “None taken,” she said. “But trust me, you don’t have anything to worry about on that front.”

She raised her eyebrow at the redhead. “What makes you so sure?”

“I’m taken.”

“So is he.”

The bartender laughed again. “I’m taken by the DJ,” she said.

Chrissy looked over at the DJ; the tatted up butchy girl they had playing the music here. “Oh.”

“Nearly six years now, ma’am,” the bartender said. “Trust me, if your husband tried to get into my pants, he’d leave very disappointed.”

Chrissy laughed. She almost wanted to watch Tom try to chat her up, just to see what it would look like.

“So then what do you suggest I do about my unfaithful spouse?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s simple.” Sarah leaned forward and spoke with a conspiratorial grin. “You get even.”

“Even?” Chrissy asked.

“Yeah,” Sarah said. “Turnabout’s fair play. Find a guy and rock his world. Let your husband be the one who gets humiliated for once.”

She’d considered it before, but she’d never really found anyone who excited her like Tom did. “I’m very picky when it comes to men.”

Sarah suggested. “Just a suggestion, ma’am. But if you want my advice, I’d say go for someone who you’re husband really wouldn’t approve of; someone who, if hubby found out about him, would be absolutely humiliating.”

The idea was… not unintriguing. “Who would you suggest?”

“I have no idea,” Sarah told her. “You know your husband better than I do, ma’am. Oh, hold on.” She spun to address someone else. “Can I get you anything, sir?”

“‘Sir?’ Really, Sarah? How long have we known each other?”

Sarah laughed. “Come on, Collin. I’m on the clock. Gotta be professional.”

Chrissy blinked and looked over at the newcomer. Collin Grey… Interesting.

* * *

“God, it’s been ages,” Rene told her old roommate. “What have you been up to, Sarah?”

The redhead smiled. “It’s not like we’ve had no contact, you know. You’ve seen me on Facebook and Instagram.”

“Yeah, but it’s so impersonal,” Rene said. Sarah had dropped out in their Junior year and started tending bar. She was apparently very good at it, and had met her girlfriend through the work. Rene looked over at Claire, sitting next to her. “You hold on to this one, you got it?”

Claire smiled and nodded. She was a shy one, despite her tomboyish tough-girl appearance. Rene actually thought it was kind of adorable—the butch girl and the girly girl lesbian couple.

Sarah had come over to Rene and Collin’s new apartment for dinner. It was the first time she’d met Claire, and the girl’s shyness reminded her a lot of her Fiance. Speaking of which, Collin was in the kitchen finishing up dinner right now. Rene had often tried to help Him with meals, but He seemed to enjoy cooking far more than she did, and claimed that He loved to spoil her.

Rene had finally given in and just allowed Him to rule over the kitchen. Her Master was, admittedly, a much better cook than she was anyway.

Her old roommate leaned forward. She and Claire were seated on Rene’s couch, while Rene sat in the armchair across from them. “I’m surprised,” Sarah admitted. “I figured you’d be cooking and he’d be sitting here entertaining the guests.”

“Have you seen Collin try to entertain guests?” Rene laughed. “Besides, it’s the twenty-first century; men can cook.”

Sarah smirked. “Not what I meant,” she said. “I mean, given your whole, you know, kink thing?”

Rene blinked and glanced over at Claire. The girl was clearly interested in this conversation, but trying very hard not to look too obvious about it. “Um…”

“Trust me, Claire’s seen weirder,” Sarah told her. “And I’m just saying, usually the submissive serves, right?”

“Collin likes to cook,” Rene said. “I’m not going to deny Him that.”

Sarah broke out into a grin. “You mean your Master likes to cook?”

Rene’s cheeks burned. “Yes,” she admitted. “Do we really need to talk about my relationship, Sarah?”

“Honestly? Kind of,” Sarah told her. “See, me and Claire were talking, and… well, do you remember some of the conversations we used to have?”

Rene did. She’d shared a lot of her kinks with Sarah back when they’d shared a dorm. Sarah had even joined in with her and Collin once or twice. Both in sex and trance. She nodded.

“Claire’s like you,” Sarah said. “She’s got, you know, that fetish. The thing about hypnosis. But she’s never really gotten to explore it, but, well, I thought you and Collin… You might be able to help, right?”

Rene looked over at Claire. She was pretty cute, she had to admit. Rene had known she was pansexual for years, but hadn’t openly admitted it out loud until Collin had uncovered during a hypnosis session. At first He’d just filed it away. Then a few months later, Rene had asked Him if He ever thought about threesomes.

He had; of course He had. He was man whose girlfriend also liked girls. But He had never brought it up because He didn’t want to be “that guy,” as He’d put it. And besides, He hadn’t wanted her to feel like she wasn’t enough for Him. That was just like hHim; always thinking of her and her comfort before His own. It was part of why she loved Him, why she’d given herself so completely to Him, why she’d trusted Him enough to ask Him to brainwash her.

The idea of being part of a brainwashed harem had always had some forbidden, sinful appeal to Rene, and that fantasy returned to her as she contemplated Claire and Sarah. Maybe, if Claire got along with Collin, that fantasy could become a reality. The idea made her wet.

“I see,” she said out loud. “I’ll talk to Him.”

Sarah smiled and nodded. Claire seemed anxious but eager.

“Just don’t hold your breaths,” Rene warned with a wry smile. “You know hopeless He can be with women.”

* * *

“Collin Grey,” Chrissy said, once he’d ordered a drink. “It’s been a while.”

He paused and glanced over at her. She caught his eyes flickering down to her cleavage before fixing themselves on her face. It was almost cute; he was trying to be a gentleman.

“Ten years, Chrissy,” he said. “You still with Tom?”

“Of course,” she said. “And I heard you and Rene got together?”

He smiled. “You heard right.”

There was love in his voice. Chrissy felt pity and anger rising up within her. He really didn’t know what a skank his wife was, did he? “Congratulations,” she said out loud, smiling sweetly.

It was at that moment that Sarah handed him his drink. “Here you go, Collin,” she said.

“Thanks, Sarah.”

Chrissy looked back and forth between the two. “How do you two know each other?” she asked.

“Oh, we met in college,” Collin said, taking a drink.

Sarah grinned. “We used to hook up.”

Collin coughed up his drink and shot a glare at Sarah, but the bartender just grinned.

“Oh,” Chrissy said, surprised. “I thought you were…?”

“I don’t discriminate based on gender,” Sarah told her. “But I do have a type. Skinny nerds? Yes. Big muscle jocks? Nope. Turn off. I do generally prefer women, but with Collin I made an exception. And let me tell you, I did not regret it.”

Chrissy nodded, and tried to imagine Collin hooking up with the redheaded bartender. It was bewildering; Sarah was gorgeous. She could have been a model with a bit of exercise and better makeup. And she’d gotten in bed with Collin? Collin?

Maybe Collin was secretly some sort of sex god. Maybe that was what Rene saw in him. She looked at him with an appraising eye. Yes, maybe she knew someone who would humiliate Tom after all.

“I think we should catch up,” she told Collin. “Walk with me?”

* * *

Collin groaned as He slid into Sarah from behind and started fucking her doggystyle.

Rene watched them, smiling at the pleasure on her Master’s face, holding Claire by the hair and pressing the girl against her pussy.

“Oh, Master!” she gasped. “She’s such a good little pussy eater. I want to keep her!”

Below her, Claire groaned into Rene’s crotch. Collin laughed. “We can’t just keep her,” He said.

“But we can,” Rene insisted. “Oh yes! Keep doing that, baby… You can fuck her pretty little head, Master. Make her yours. Make both of them yours!”

“God yes!” Sarah gasped.

Rene was only a little bit surprised at how receptive Sarah seemed to the idea. She’d always suspected that Sarah might be far more into Collin’s hypnosis than she let on.

Collin smacked Sarah’s ass. “Is that what you want?” he asked her. “To be brainwashed into my little slut?”

“Yes!” Sarah cried. Claire moaned her approval into Rene’s snatch.

Her Master leaned forward and spoke gently into Sarah’s ear: “good girl.”

The trigger had lost its power after two or three years of disuse, but the pleasure Sarah got from hearing Collin say it was still enough to push her over the edge. Rene watched with glee as her former roommate’s eyes rolled up and she gasped and shook with pleasure as the orgasm washed over her.

And still Collin kept fucking her. Through a combination of fitness, self-hypnosis, and kegel exercises, He had trained Himself to last a long time in bed. Rene’s Master could marathon fuck her, pleasuring her with his body and his commands until she was overwhelmed with orgasms and could barely function, her brain fried by the pleasure. She could tell that He intended to do the same to Sarah now.

“Keep licking, little slut,” she told Claire. “Do a good job and Master will take you too.”

“Yeth mithtreth.”

“What was that?”

Rene relaxed her grip just enough for Claire to pull away an inch and speak clearly: “Yes, Mistress.”

She felt a shiver go through her. Oh yes. Oh yes. She definitely wanted to keep this one.

* * *

Tom drank his scotch and looked around for his wife. Last he’d seen Chrissy was about fifteen minutes ago, over here by the bar. The bartender, however, didn’t know where she’d gone. But Tom decided to stay and have a drink anyway; the redhead they had serving booze was hot as fuck.

“You know, someone as sexy as you should be a model, not wasting your time serving drinks,” he said.

The bartender giggled. “Thank you, sir.”

Oh yeah, she wanted him. Tom wondered if he could fit ploughing her into his schedule. He already planned on fucking Rene and Theresa, and maybe Chrissy once they got home. Well, he was sure he could do it. Maybe he could save time by convincing the redhead to have a threesome; Theresa would probably be down if he asked. That slut always did what he wanted.

“Oh, Tom, I see you met Sarah.”

Tom blinked and looked away from the bartender to see Rene beside him. She was giving him a hungry smile; almost predatory. Damn, she must really be needing it right now; but he guessed that was what happened when a woman married a wimp like Collin. No way that nerd could satisfy her.

“Sarah?” he asked.

“She’d my old roommate,” Rene told him. “We used to… well, we used to have fun together.”

The bartender giggled.

Tom raised an eyebrow and looked from one girl to the other. Now this was interesting. “Oh, really?” he asked.

“Yep,” Sarah said.

Rene gave him a come-hither look. “Why don’t we show you?”

* * *

Claire switched to a new playlist and quickly adjusted the levels. These next few songs wouldn’t be as optimized as the rest of them, but she was willing to take the blow to her professional pride for this.

Master and Mistress were making their move.

She was barely able to contain her excitement as she watched Mistress and Sarah lead Tom out of the gym. She knew that as soon as they found somewhere private, the two of them would start whispering words relaxation to the bully until he was completely under. Between the drugs Sarah had slipped into his drink and the subliminals Claire had been pumping into the music all evening, there was no way he’d be able to resist crumbling.

Just like his no-doubt had by now.

Claire was wet. Oh, she wished she could be with her Master and fellow slaves right now. They would have such a celebration together once this night was over.

But it wasn’t over. Not yet. It was only beginning. Claire licked her lips and left her post. It was time to find Theresa.

* * *

Tom shook his head. “Huh?” he asked.

“Did you zone out? Were we boring you?” Rene teased, smiling.

He could have sworn that these girls had led him into an empty classroom, but… no, they were still walking through the halls of his old high school. Yeah. Yeah, they’d only just left the gym, so why did he feel like he’d just woken up from a nap?

Tom shook his head again. Maybe he’d had too much to drink.

“You seem to know where you’re going,” he noted.

“Oh, I do,” Rene told him. “I got a classroom all picked out for us, Tom. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Well of course she had. She’d probably wanted a second go at his dick since the first time he’d fucked her. Tom grinned as he watched Rene’s tight little ass through her dress. Then his eyes roamed over to Sarah’s, juicy and sexy in those black slack. This was going to be fun.

They rounded a corner and began making their way to an open door. It took Tom a minute to realize that there were sounds coming from that classroom.

“Wait…” he began, slowing down.

“Come along, little boy,” Rene told him.

Tom blinked, then picked up the pace. Yes, why wouldn’t he come along? Wasn’t this what he wanted?

But what were those noises coming from the classroom? They sounded so familiar. As they approached, he realized they were the gasps of a woman. And they sounded like… like…

His eyes went wide and his mouth fell open as Rene and Sarah guided him into the classroom. Chrissy was there, naked and sprawled out on the teacher’s desk, her legs spread wide and standing between them, pumping his cock in and out of her, was Collin Grey.

“What the fuck!?” Tom shouted, and stepped forward, his hand clenching in his fist. That weasel Collin glanced over at him, then smirked.

“Cucky Cuck,” he said.

Immediately, Tom relaxed his fist and just… stood there, watching as the school nerd kept fucking his wife. Chrissy looked over and seemed to notice him for the first time.

“Oh god, Tom!” she groaned. “Have you come to see your wife get fucked? Did you want to watch Collin make me cum? Oh, he fucks me so good, babe! I’ve already come three times and we just started! Oh! Oh God! Oh FUCK! Ah… four times…”

Tom stood there, staring in shock. His pants felt so… tight. No, no there was no way he was getting off on this.

There was no way this was really happening! Chrissy wouldn’t be fucking that loser. And she definitely wouldn’t be enjoying. He looked at Collin. He wasn’t as muscular as Tom; his dick wasn’t even as big as Tom’s! This was absurd.

“What?” he asked. “Why are you…?”

He looked back and forth at Sarah and Rene. They were just standing there. Rene was just standing there, while her husband fucked another woman! How could she be OK with that? Wasn’t she angry? Upset?

But no. She wasn’t. She smirked at Tom, then walked up behind Collin and wrapped her arms around him.

“Does she feel good, Master?” she asked, kissing the side of his neck.

“Not as good as you, babe,” Collin told her.

Rene laughed. “You always know just what to say.”

“Oh wow, Tom, it looks like you’re about to burst out of your pants!” Sarah chuckled. “You know, you can jerk off to this if you want.”

“Fuck! Is that what you want, Tom?” Chrissy asked. “Do you… oh God!... do you want to jerk off while watching your wife get FUCKED? Is that what you want, you pathetic piece of shit?”

Tom recoiled as if struck. He felt wetness in his eyes. No, why was he crying? He couldn’t remember ever crying? “Chrissy?” he asked.

“God you are pathetic!” she laughed. “Running around fucking all these girls while ignoring your wife. And here I was thinking you were the best I’d ever have. Fuck was I wrong. Collin fucks me better than you ever did. And look, he’s not even neglecting his wife while doing it!”

Tom did look. Collin’s tongue was down Rene’s throat, and his hand was up her dress, his fingers sawing in and out of her wet pussy. All this while he continued to thrust into Chrissy.

“Now that’s a real man!” Rene cried. “A real… oh God! Oh my God! Oh YEEEEES!!!”

She shuddered and spasmed, closing her eyes as her mouth opened in a wide O. Tom had never seen her cum so hard.

He’d opened his zipper and pulled his cock out before he’d realized it, and started stroking himself as he watched.

“God, you are pathetic,” Sarah told him, frowning in disgust and turning away. She approached the three people at the desk.

Collin pulled out of Chrissy, then bent Rene over Tom’s wife. He hiked up her dress and slid into her. Sarah leaned over and gave Rene a kiss.

“Is Master fucking you well, Mistress?” she asked.

“God yes! You know He is!” Rene gasped.

Sarah smiled and looked down at Chrissy. “And did you enjoy yourself, Chrissy? Was Master good to you?”

She laughed. “I don’t know about all this ‘master’ talk but yes, God, it was amazing!”

“It always is,” Sarah said.

“What the FUCK!?”

Tom turned around, still clutching his dick, and saw Theresa in the doorway, accompanied by that dyke who’d been DJing the reunion. The DJ just smiled and walked past him, giving Collin and Sarah each a kiss before bending over next to Rene.

“Theresa?” Tom asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Claire said there was something she needed to… Nevermind! What the fuck are you doing!?”

“Oh, Theresa!” Rene called. She threw her ass back against Collin and moaned. “Fuck yes! Theresa, you always seemed confused about why I married Collin, so here’s a demonstration. Look at how well He fucks me! How well He fucks Chrissy! Stick around and you’ll see how well He fucks our two little slaves here.” Both Sarah and the DJ—Claire, Tom guessed—giggled. “But you know what, Theresa? I—oh yes!—I don’t think He’ll fuck you.”

“What?” Theresa asked. She looked around the room, confused. “Why… why not?”

“Because you don’t deserve it,” Sarah told her. “You can fuck Tom instead. Watching Collin plough his wife really got the pervert going.”

Chrissy started laughing. Tom felt the tears come again. Her laughter was just so… cruel. He looked over at Theresa hopefully.

“But…” She was shaking. “I don’t want to fuck Tom! Gross!”

Tom collapsed. This was too much.

“Yeah, I feel you,” Chrissy laughed. “Tom’s such a pathetic cucky; who would want to fuck him when there are such better options around?”

“Better options like my Master!” Rene laughed, and she shook. “Oh yes baby! Oh God! FUUUUCK!!!” She threw her head back and screamed as Collin buried himself in her. After a moment, she calmed, gasping, while he pulled out, white semen dripping from her cunt.

“Master!” Sarah cried and fell to her knees, immediately taking Collin’s cock in her mouth.

“Get him hard again if you want him to fuck you and Claire,” Rene told her, patting the redhead’s hair and stepping away from the desk. “Well, Theresa, I’ll tell you what you can do. You can eat me out.”

Theresa looked at her with disgust. “Gross,” she said. “I’m not a lesbo.”

“But I’m full of Master’s cum right now,” Rene told her with a smirk. “Think of how yummy it would taste.”

Theresa hesitated. “Well…”

“Or you can fuck Tom of course.”

Tom looked up hopefully, but Theresa scowled. “Why would I do that!?” she demanded.

“Because if you do then maybe—maybe—Master will fuck you too.” Rene chuckled. “If he still has anything left over after fucking his slaves. But just think, if you eat me out, you’ll get his cum right now.”

“And I wouldn’t have to fuck Tom…”

“Exactly,” Rene said. “You wouldn’t have to fuck Tom.”

Theresa stood there and stared at Rene. She glanced at Tom, then looked back to Rene. Slowly, she walked forward and sank to her knees. Rene smiled and lifted her dress, and Theresa pressed her face against her.

“Oh, Master YES!”

Tom looked back at the desk. Claire had thrown her clothes off and was now bent over and crying out in joy as Collin fucked her. “Thank you Master! Thank you for your Master cock! Fucking Master cock fucking me your slave YES!” she babbled. He grabbed her short hair and pulled her head back and she screamed out in orgasm.

“Look at them go,” Chrissy said. She was standing next to Tom now, smirking down at him. “And look at you, pumping that pathetic dick of yours. Maybe I’ll fuck your friends from work, baby. Would you like that? Would you like to watch?”

A thrill shot through Tom. He pumped his fist harder.

“Oh, it looks like that idea excites you,” Chrissy teased. “Yes, I think I’ll call all your drinking buddies over and have them run a train on me, then afterwards, once I’m covered in their thick, creamy cum, maybe I’ll even give you a kiss.” She grinned. “Would you like that, cucky?”

Tom shuddered as he felt himself climax, and he closed his eyes and let darkness overtake him.

* * *

“I can’t believe he came so hard he passed out,” Rene laughed.

Collin smiled and kissed her on the cheek. They were in the parking lot, walking to his car. He had his arm around her and his hand on her hip. “You think he learned his lesson?”

Rene smiled at him and pressed her body against his. “I’m sure,” she said.

“And Chrissy will make sure that he doesn’t hurt anyone else again.”

His wife nodded, then kissed him. “Thank you,” she whispered. “I… it felt good to be in control there. To… to…”

“To take control back from him?” Collin finished.

Rene nodded. “Yes, exactly. I love you.”

Collin kissed her. “I love you too.”

* * *

“Theresa and Brenda are planning the ten year reunion for our high school,” Rene said.

Collin paused and put His fork down. They were eating teriyaki chicken; a simple meal, but a delicious one, especially when her Master made it. Claire and Sarah, sensing that something was up, also paused in their meals.

“I offered to help plan it,” Rene said.

Her husband and Master nodded. “So what we discussed…?”

“Yes,” Rene told Him. “Yes, I want to go through with it.”

Collin studied her silently across the table for a moment, and then smiled. “Absolutely, babe,” he said. “Whatever you want.”