The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Ozhojabbe

“You’re probably feeling a little woozy.” Jake said as he took the helmet off of Alessandra’s head.

She blinked a few times and looked around confused. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something felt... off.

“Woo... zy?” She said questioningly.

“You know: dizzy, dazed, unsteady.” Jake said patiently. “Do you remember the little experiment we’re performing?”

Alessandra looked at him and shook her head. “Me sorry. Me no know.”

Jake sighed. “Okay, tell me what you do remember.”

Alessandra nodded. “Me Alessandra Cavinato. Me from tiny land of San Lutero in Europe. You Jake Anderson of America. We... We work with- withly?”

“Together,” Jake corrected. “Do you remember what we work on?”

Alessandra thought about it. She felt a bit like words were on the tip of her tongue, but it felt like somehow every word was on the tip of her tongue. “We work—” she remembered the word he said earlier, “experiment. We work many, many experiment.”

Jake nodded. “Yes, you’re a neuroscientist. You study the brain.” He pointed at a diagram behind him. “You invented this helmet,” again pointing, “and had me temporarily erase the knowledge of your native language, Luteran, from your head. For example, do you know what ‘Tzu la luteran wos komprenais?’ means?”

Alessandra shook her head.

Jake gave a satisfied smile, “So that part worked at least. Hopefully the other part worked as well. You see, you wanted to find out if you could improve your abysmal English skills with a little forced immersion. Your memories should all be there, but you’re probably just having trouble connecting them to your relatively small vocabulary in English. Thankfully, that little helmet of yours isn’t only for modifying memories, it also has the ability to increase the speed at which you learn new things. Right now, you’re set to about 20x your natural learning speed. You were already a quick study, so I bet you’ll be speaking eloquent, full sentences in no time. Then we’ll be able to present your findings and finish that pesky grant you’ve been working on.”

Alessandra understood maybe a fourth of what Jake had just said. She just smiled and nodded.

“See, you’re already doing great! Now, you had a pretty strict schedule for yourself for the first week: today you’ve got four hours of English television before lunch, some basic errands downtown and then I’m supposed to read you one of my translations of your science papers in the evening. Does that sound good to you?”

Alessandra stared blankly at him for a few moments. She could tell he was asking a question, but...

Jake sighed. “Do you want to watch TV?”

“Yes.” Alessandra nodded, happy to finally have a sentence she could understand.

* * *

Jake flipped through the channels and eventually settled on some trashy reality television. He figured since that stuff was supposed to appeal to the lowest common denominator it would be perfect English 101 for Alessandra. Once he was sure Alessandra was comfortable, Jake went off to try and get some work done.

Alessandra sat there enthralled. Her supercharged but empty brain was like a sponge, not just drinking in the language being used, but also the tableau of “culture” being put on display. Every show seemed to have vapid young women buying clothes and having petty drama, or getting pregnant as teenagers and dropping out of school to take care of their baby, or partying the days away. In commercials it was obvious that women were just accessories for the men—meant to look pretty and not much else...

* * *

Jake was surprised to see Alessandra in exactly the same place that he had left her. She hadn’t moved an inch in four hours.

“Hello, Alessandra! Did you learn anything from your first TV session?” Jake asked.

Alessandra giggled. “I totally did. I learned a lot of, like, things. I can totes understand you now!”

Jake laughed. “Hm... seemed like you picked up a few verbal ticks.”

Alessandra pouted. “Is there something, like, wrong with the way I talk?”

Jake shook his head. “No, no. You’re doing great. In fact, I’m amazed you were able to make this much progress in just four hours. Your invention is even more incredible than I thought!”

“My... invention?” Alessandra said. The word was one she had not heard during her marathon.

“You know, your helmet? Do you want me to give you the whole spiel again?” Jake asked.

Alessandra’s struggled to connect her old, wordless memories with her new repertoire of English words. “No, I think I remember. We’re both, like, brain-sciency people. You’re super smart, and I work with you.” She had wanted to say ‘we’re super smart’, but somehow that concept didn’t seem right. She was a girl, right? “You made that invention, that, like, helmet-y thing, and I helped you?”

Jake smiled. “That is just... amazing. This morning you could barely get a sentence out, and now—I mean you obviously don’t know any science jargon yet—but you’re giving a pretty coherent description of our work here. It has always been a pleasure working with you, but to have our first human experiment with the helmet go this well...”

Alessandra picked up on something she hadn’t before. No, that wasn’t right. She had definitely noticed this before, but had chosen to ignore it in the past. Jake didn’t just admire her as a... brain-sciency person(?). He was clearly in love with her. He wasn’t bad looking, why had she never even thought of him in that way? It just didn’t add up. He was an attractive guy, she was an attractive girl... She had to do something to to fix this!

She lightly touched his hand, and moved her face closer to his. “You know, I’ve always thought it was, like, a pleasure working with you as well. In fact...” She moved in to kiss him.

Jake was surprised at first, but he didn’t resist. Soon the two of them were making out. Jake had tried to remain professional all this time and keep his feelings to himself, but to find out that she had been harboring the same feelings? All his previous caution was thrown to the wind. They soon started helping each other undress as they made their way to the couch.

Alessandra felt Jake’s cock enter her. Making love had always seemed like a base pleasure to her, less worthy of pursuit than her science. However, with every moan, with every electric sensation on her skin her brain was being trained for pleasure. She realized that she needed this: to fuck, to suck, and to please men. It was what she was good for. Her memories of this were being amplified—telling her that surely, this wasn’t something she did every once in a while. This was something she did constantly, because she needed to feel this good all the time.

* * *

“Wow, that was amazing,” Jake panted.

Alessandra smiled, as she pulled on her bra. She frowned at her clothes. Conservative lab wear. Yuck. How was she going to attract fuckable guys in this?

“Well, we’re a little behind schedule, but we could still head downtown and do the errands you scheduled. I think you wanted to do some shopping to train yourself on basic store interactions in English.”

Alessandra jumped up in excitement. “That sounds, like, totally amazing! I want to buy some super cute outfits.”

Jake shook his head. “I think you were just going to the supermarket or something.”

Alessandra shoulders collapsed. “Aw... can we please, like, change it to a clothing store? Pretty please!”

Jake gave her a strange look. “I mean, it’s your experiment. If you want to change something, go right ahead. I don’t see how a clothing store is any worse than a supermarket for observing and practicing some common English interactions.”

Alessandra was so happy he had given her permission. She didn’t know what she would have done if he had said ‘no.’ Probably just have gone with it... he was the smart one after all.

* * *

The clothing store was paradise for Alessandra. Jake stood outside bored, while she shopped. She read the tags and learned so many useful new words: lingerie, push-up bra, panties... She also started chatting with some college girls there.

“Oh my gosh, how have we never met before, Lexi. You are, like, a riot!” the brunette, Amber, said.

Alessandra had never been called “Lexi” before, but she actually liked the sound of it. “Like, I don’t know! We should totally hang out some time.”

Tori, the redhead smiled. “You should totally come to the party at Amber’s place tonight! There’s going to be a ton of cute boys there, and my cousin is going to be DJing.”

Lexi wanted to go, but she knew that Jake was going to read some fancy paper to her tonight... What if she snuck out of the store though? She existed to please boys, and Jake was just one boy. There was a whole party of boys to please tonight...

* * *

A month later.

“Thank god! I thought I’d never find you.” Jake said excitedly.

It took a few seconds for Lexi to recognize him. “You’re that, like, cute science boy, right? I’ll totally suck your cock if you want!” she said happily.

Jake looked at what she was wearing. A tied-off t-shirt that showed off her midriff, booty shorts that emphasized her butt and legs, and no bra. That much was obvious from the jiggling. Jake found himself aroused in spite of himself. Stop. He had to focus!

“No, first tell me where you’ve been? What you’ve been doing!?”

“The real, like, question,” Lexi giggled, “is who have I been doing?”

“Oh, shit,” Jake said. “I need to use the helmet on you now, I need to fix this. You’re a brilliant scientist not some brainless floozy!” He pulled out the helmet.

“Me? A scientist?” she put her finger to her mouth in thought. She did have some vague, wordless memories of something like that, but... “No way! I was just your sexy assistant. Woah, why are you putting that thing on my head?”

Jake pressed some buttons on the helmet, and looked at the screen. His faced turned white. “No way...”

“What’s wrong, mister?” Lexi asked.

“Your brain. It’s rewired itself. All the old pathways... they’re gone. Your memories, your native tongue, years of research... poof.”

Lexi giggled. “Poof. I love that word. Poof!”

Jake shook his head. “How could I let this happen!?”

“You know, mister. My offer to suck your cock is still totally on the table! I am your sexy assistant after all.”

Jake looked into the empty eyes of his former mentor. If he couldn’t restore her to normal, the least he could do was keep her safe. He could return her learning speed to normal, so she wouldn’t remove what little of her old life was still in her head, and maybe he could find a way to reteach her all the things she had forgotten some day.

She pulled down his pants, and smiled at the stiff cock she found greeting her. As she started sucking, Jake found his worries melting away. Yeah, he could keep her safe... He did need a sexy assistant after all.