The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: The Rise of the Veritas

Part 2

Earth Date: 21st Feb 2238

Log: Commander Philip Goldberg

Transport: U.F.P Titan

Location: Planet Verius VI (orbit)

The run to the planet was successful and supplies were dropped to the planet without incident. Camp Restart probably needs a change of name now as it has grown to a sizable city and it is every bit as beautiful as reported.

The streets are clean, the air is good and the scenery is gorgeous. However looks are deceiving.

We were unable to get any info on the fate of the 3 agents when Isiah Tashime requested a meeting with me a few days before we were about to leave. He had taken over the position as leader of Earth Return and he bought me to the morgue where he showed me the bodies of Agent Valerie Lim, Agent Robert Booth and Agent Shane van Hook.

Coldly, he stated that Earth Return had no idea about the real identities of these 3 colonists and requested that the Federation returned the bodies to their families. He also implied that the Federation should have no problems finding out their real identities. When I asked as innocently as I could on how they died, Tashime said that the 3 were criminals involved in 2 murders and were executed for their crimes.

He was clearly referring to the deaths of Dr. Marcs Boecker and Mahmoud Pompano. Gentlemen, I fear I have bad news. Our agents are dead and Earth Return knows the Federation is responsible for the deaths of their leaders.

Small Colony City: Restart

Population: 40,827 (male: 19,607; female: 21,220)

The city of Restart is a fully functioning city with all the necessary facilities available to the people. Agent Valerie Lim’s earlier reports that the Earth-house capsule was sabotaged beyond repair looks to be in error. My crew reported that the Earth-house capsule was in working condition with various corps being harvested.

The city looked beautiful and it was a stunning sight as we broke orbit to land on the planet. However looks are deceiving. Members of my crew reported that the people of the city were cold, and in some cases outright hostile, to them. I have no doubt that Earth Return had my crew watched as they were in the city.

There are 3 things I would like to highlight.

First is that there are a number of Mind-Runners within the city. All previous reports state that the Mind-Runners seldom came to the City of Restart but that seems to have changed. Although not numerous, there are some within the city. Sensors pick up that there were about 6-10 of them within the city at any one time, sticking mostly to the outer fringes of the city.

The second thing I wish to report is that there seems to be a dress code in place for women within Restart. All the women are required to cover their hair in public. All the local female humans we saw were wearing a bonnet that totally covered their hair. My female crewmembers were handled bonnets and hats and were told that they have to cover their hair if they wish to get off the ship.

The last, and most important, thing I have to report is that there is a Mind-Runner camp located not far from the City of Restart. Not only that, the camp looked like a permanent one.

All records we have so far had clearly state that the Mind-Runners are nomads. The fact that there is a permanent Mind-Runner camp located near a human city is something of great concern to me. Isiah Tashime knew of the camp but seems totally unconcern about it. He refused to say anything about the camp except that the Mind-Runners are allies of Earth Return and are always welcome in Restart.

I suspect that there is heavy cultural interaction between Earth Return and the Mind-Runners as that is the only reason for women in Restart to cover their hair. If I am right, I fear for the future of the human race if we allow this to continue.

Note: Earth Return has found the 3 Federation agents within the new colonists and had returned them to us.