The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by J. Darksong

Well, here we are again.

Seriously, what the heck? Sometimes I find it hard to believe that a series I started WAY back in 2006 is STILL being updated with new stories. I’ve been on a pretty busy schedule this year, all things considered. There’s the old saying that if you want to write, just open up a vein. After so many years, I can certainly agree with that sentiment. I’m definitely feeling a few pints low.

Nevertheless, I am very happy to present to you all, the fourth volume of River City Stories. Several very kind and talented authors have submitted stories of daring do, of good versus evil, of heroic tales and unfathomable tragedy, all within the setting of my humble little burg. And I’m very happy and touched by their participation. Many were asked, but could not because of their busy scheduled. Those who submitted stories were likewise busy—hey we’re all writers, after all, working on one story or another, am I right—but still somehow managed to squeeze out a submission for the event. I thank them, including those of you who could not participate, for even just considering.

I can say now, honestly, that I don’t have many more of these stories left in me. I’m working on Light & Shadows 12 at the moment, which will hopefully be ready before Christmas. And next year sometime, Light & Shadows 13. That one will be the last in the series... the wrap up for my telling of this decades long tale. I still intend to write, of course, and I may revisit River City a time or two, if the mood strikes me. But for the most part, that’s it. I’ll be done.

I also intend to leave the gates to the city, as such, open for others to visit and frolic in. Assuming Betsy Leohtar leaves the city mostly intact and hasn’t killed off EVERYONE (I kid, I kid, really!) I feel pretty comfortable letting others take over when I lay down the mantle. I’ve worked with some wonderful dynamic and creative people over these past years, and in this Anthology, I will be presenting another sample of their works. Please, read on, true believers, and enjoy. I hope you enjoy their tales as much as I have.

And in the immortal words of the great Stan Lee: (which I now realize comes across pretty arrogant to compare myself to, but screw it, I’m already committed)