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“Another prolific writer who really needs no introduction, Greyscribbler has been active sine 2011, with a unique style and voice that certainly catches the eyes and draws you in. A few personal favorites, Business & Pleasure, College Undercover, and of course Fair Share, all caught my eye and convinced me to offer the invite. New to the comic book genre, he nevertheless decided to give it a try. And in my humble opinion knocked it out of the park. What follows is his story about a plucky rookie heroine and a dastardly villain facing off. His story submission: Lasair.“



by Greyscribbler

I hope this never gets old, Angela Finnegan, much better known as the heroine Lasair, thought to herself as she looped in the sky over River City, red and orange flames trailing after her in a blazing contrail. She was new at the superhero business. Not new new, but new enough. New enough that sometimes she’d spend more time gliding and twisting through the air, revelling in the freedom, than looking for criminals.

Oh, Angela thought, coming to a halt and hovering in mid-air, realising that she’d been doing it again. The city stretched beneath her, fading away into the distance. Up here even the skyscrapers looked like toys, something a child might have placed on a play mat. The buildings shone in the sun, all the details and imperfections hidden. Not for the first time Angela wished that her powers included telescopic sight. But they didn’t, so she was too high up to see anything that was going on. Including anything criminal. Spreading her arms Angela bent into a graceful dive and sped back towards the city.

Flying between the buildings she had to be more careful. She’d be alright if she ran into one of the buildings. More or less. She wasn’t invulnerable, it would hurt, but she wasn’t anywhere near as fragile as an ordinary person. But with the flames that wreathed gracefully round her lithe form a building wouldn’t survive any encounter with her unscathed. She jinked, making sure her flames were well clear of the corner of a towering office block.

Corner safely negotiated Angela looked down, her attention caught by cries and the blaring of horns. A line of traffic filled the road, solid and unmoving. That wasn’t anything unusual, traffic was never great in River City. The way the people on the sidewalk were acting was something else. Some were running away from the direction the stopped traffic led, pushing the undecided or the curious out of the way. More than a few of the latter were pulling out their phones, gazing up along the road.

Gah, idiots, Angela thought with a huff. When would people learn that anything worth filming in this city was probably more dangerous than they could handle?

The best she could do for them was take care of whatever was happening. Angela shot along above the line of stopped traffic, a red and yellow streak.

She pulled to a halt at the sight of an armoured car, slewed sideways across multiple lanes, almost filling the space between the tall buildings on either side of the road, and the obvious cause of the traffic jam. A man stood on top of the vehicle, feet spread wide and gaze fixed downwards. He looked muscular enough, short cropped hair and dark, skin-tight, outfit. That wasn’t what held Angela’s gaze. It was the seemingly endless torrent of water that roared from his hands, hands that were held together and pointed down at the roof of the car.

As she watched that roof groaned under the assault, the metal twisting and deforming.

Well, shit.

Angela had a fair idea of who she was facing. Elemental powers weren’t all that common. And as someone whose power was based on fire Angela had made it her business to learn about water users. From the man’s appearance he was almost certainly the villain known as Darkwave. She could see the signature black and dark blue rippled design on his costume, tight over his muscled frame.

Cautiously Angela drifted to the side. Her foe had been around the scene longer than she had, so she didn’t want to take chances. Darkwave didn’t seem to have noticed her, too intent on his prize. She wondered if he was going to flood the car’s interior and what that might do to any money in there. But that wasn’t her problem. If she could get around behind him one good flamebolt might take him down and end this quickly.

She knew that some heroes would have called on their opponent to surrender before attacking. In her experience as Lasair that never worked.

“Hey you, get off my car!” a voice called from just off to her right. Angela’s head snapped around to where a uniformed guard was getting shakily to his feet, a hand reaching for his gun. The man was dripping from head to toe. Nearby another uniformed figure moaned weakly as he lay sprawled on the road, water spreading all around the pair.

Angela could only applaud the guard’s courage and dedication. But not his common sense.

Or subtlety.

Darkwave’s head had snapped around at the man’s voice as well, a casual wave of the villain’s hand sending a jet of water slamming into the guard’s chest, the man sprawling backwards, crashing into the side of a parked car. He slumped to the ground. Angela could only hope that he was still alive.

Because Darkwave was now looking at her.

“Who the hell are you?” he called.

Angela frowned. She didn’t think she was quite THAT new. She hoped that by now that the villains of the city would know who she was. She did look quite distinctive, red and yellow and orange flames wrapping her body, her long hair trailing behind, its normal red colour now transformed into glowing fire.

“The name’s Lasair,” she replied.

“What sort of a name is that?” the villain scoffed.

It’s Irish for ‘flame’ you idiot. Not for the first time Angela wondered if she should have chosen something more obvious. But she liked a name that at least gave a nod to her heritage.

She wasn’t about to explain that to her opponent. Instead for an answer Lasair snapped a blast in Darkwave’s direction, the molten yellow bolt hurtling from her hands and bearing down on the villain.

It wasn’t quick enough, Darkwave throwing up his hands, water meeting Lasair’s blast, steam rising as the elements engulfed each other.

“Well hottie,” Darkwave sneered. “What else do you have?” Obviously hoping to distract her with his taunting the villain snapped a blast of his own in Angela’s direction.

It was quite impressive really, Angela allowed, the water curling and roiling as it held its shape, the light of the sun reflecting off it as it bore down on her.

She wasn’t going to get caught that easily though, a shield of her own flaring into life at a gesture, the torrent sizzling to a stop as it encountered the flaming red disk.

She hovered to the side, throwing another bolt at Darkwave. He blocked it again, but the force was enough to send him spilling off the top of the armoured car.

“What the f…,” he cried, his voice cut off by a thump as he hit the ground.

That enough for you? Lasair smirked.

She soared over to the van, hoping to quickly follow up her strike and end this. Instead a wall of water met her as Darkwave came into view, the impact sending her tumbling through the air.

“Take that, you bitch!” the villain called.

“Don’t you guys ever come up with any more creative insults?” Lasair hurled back after righting herself, twin bolts from her hands forcing Darkwave to leap aside. He dove behind one of the stationary cars, a blast of water aimed in her direction. Lasair twisted aside, heard the water smash into the building behind her. She hoped it didn’t cause too much damage.

Rising higher to get a clear shot Lasair directed another fiery blast at her foe, Darkwave leaping aside again. At least his movements were confirming her suspicion that his arsenal didn’t include flight powers. But that didn’t help when he dived under the awning of a building. She could try shooting him through that but didn’t want to be responsible for that sort of property damage.

“Why don’t you just give up now?” she called, floating lower and aiming a blast in his direction.

“And why would I do that?” Darkwave grinned back, blocking her shot with a wall of water, steam billowing forth, before sending a jet in her direction. “Just when we’re having fun?” Lasair blocked his attack with her own flaming shield, but the impact still forced her back through the air. It felt like she was trying to hold back a waterfall.

Where the hell is all the water coming from? Angela didn’t spend long thinking about it. She had no idea where her flames came from, and now really wasn’t the time.

“You are a hot one,” Darkwave called, choosing to duck the last bolt Lasair had thrown rather than block. “Are your kisses hot as well?”

“Why would I waste them on a wet rag like you?” she shot back. Angela never quite understood the need some villains, and heroes for that matter, had for engaging in banter. “You’re probably a sloppy kisser.”

But she did like giving as good as she got.

“Why you,” Darkwave scowled before tossing jet after jet of thundering water in her direction.

Go on, Lasair smiled to herself. Wear yourself out.

She was ducking more than she was blocking now, or changing course, jerking away to throw off his aim.

She smiled as another water blast thundered through the space she’d been about to occupy, a last moment change of course saving her from it.

“That shot was a bit premature wasn’t it?” she grinned.

Darkwave glared at her, before his features slid into a grin. Lasair paused, then felt a pull on her left leg. Looking down she saw a thin tendril of water snaking its way around her calf. It hissed as it met the flames that surrounded her, but stayed determinedly in place. More than that it was slowly creeping higher and higher, looping around her leg, almost up to her knee now. Another tendril was reaching for her other leg.

It looked like Darkwave was capable of subtlety as well as brute force.

With a thought the flames that cloaked Lasair’s body burned hotter, the tendril dissolving into mist. She dived to the left, a blast from her hand making short work of its fellow.

“Let me guess,” she called. “You can’t keep a girl?”

Darkwave’s face contorted in rage, blast after blast erupting from his hands. His shots were now so poorly directed that Lasair hardly had to dodge at all, simply hovering a few feet off the ground and letting them pass. She was happy to let her opponent do all the work.

It wasn’t long before the effect started to tell, Darkwave looking increasingly exhausted. He bent over, hands on his knees, only just managing to fling up a hand to ward off a flamebolt she’d sent to test him out.

“You ready to give up yet?” she called, Darkwave’s effort in response sailing underneath her to crash against the building Lasair floated in front of.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” the villain grinned, pulling himself upright. He didn’t look at all tired now. He raised his hands, Lasair readying herself to throw up her shield.

She didn’t bother though, the twin jets passing harmlessly to either side.

“I think you should give up,” he grinned maliciously, flinging his hand out and sending another blast passing underneath her. He didn’t look unhappy with the miss. If anything his eyes held a malicious gleam.

“Huh?” Lasair was sure that she was missing something.

She spun around at the sound of tortured masonry from behind her. The building groaned and tottered. Suddenly she realised that most of Darkwave’s shots hadn’t been aimed at her, but at the increasingly unstable structure. The structure that was now falling towards her.

Pain exploded through her as Darkwave’s next blast caught her in the side, pushing her back into the falling masonry.

Oh, Hell. She’d made a rookie mistake, maybe two. Not watching where Darkwave’s blasts went, then taking her eyes off him.

Lasair dove, trying to get out from under the collapsing wall, bricks and concrete already falling around her. But it was too late, Darkwave’s last blast had pushed her right into the path of the collapsing building. Pain was shooting through every inch of her body as bricks and rubble piled on her, driving her to the ground, pinning her as more and more debris piled in on her, crushing her, smothering her. A final bolt of pain lanced through Lasair’s head and she knew nothing more.

* * *

“Oh, you’re waking up.” It was a woman’s voice. Light and insufferably cheery. “Good. Master said to let him know as soon as you did.”


Angela forced her eyes to open. It hurt, but not as much as she was expecting. She blinked, an unfamiliar face inches from hers, peering at her with eyes that were just a little vacant. The woman was definitely pretty, not that Angela bent that way. The stranger had a bright smile and dark brunette hair that tumbled around her shoulders.

Although it was the woman’s outfit that caught Angela’s attention, skimpy black underwear, lacy bra, g-string that had far less material than the woman’s intricate garter belt, and of course stockings and high heels. Apart from that all she wore was a silver collar around her neck, the name ‘Becky’ clearly engraved there. Incongruously the woman held a pen and some sort of clip board and was making notes.

Angela didn’t care about that. Wherever she was she was certain that it was somewhere she didn’t want to be. She realized that she was sitting in some sort of chair. She tried to stand up.

She couldn’t.

Frowning, Angela’s head snapped down. Of course she was naked. With her powers clothing wasn’t an option. Fortunately her flames covered her modesty. It just meant that she had to be careful about where she was when she turned them off. But she’d fallen unconscious. Her powers had switched off and someone had put her in this chair.

She hoped that was all they had done.

Gleaming silver metal cuffs bound her wrists to the arms of the chair. While she couldn’t see them she was sure that there were matching cuffs around her ankles. She could feel another two around her waist and neck.

They weren’t going to hold her that easily. Her flames could burn through almost any metal. All she had to do was…

What the?

Nothing had happened. Her powers were always just a thought away. Always. But nothing was happening, no matter how hard she tried to summon them. Angela could feel the fire deep inside but somehow she couldn’t reach it

A tremor of fear gnawed at her.

“What have you done to me?” Angela demanded. “Let me go!” She tried tugging at her bonds, but to no avail.

Becky lowered her chin and shot Angela a look that was almost intelligent. “Do you really think I’m going to do that? Puh-lease. Master would be so unhappy if I did. And we can’t have that. We just can’t.”

Angela watched as the woman’s eyelids fluttered and a dreamy look stole over her face.

“Now I just need to take some readings and then you’ll be ready for Master.”

Angela didn’t like the sound of that. She twisted around, trying to see what Becky was doing, but her bonds didn’t give her much opportunity.

From somewhere behind her Angela heard the click of a switch and the buzz of an intercom before Becky announced “She’s awake Master.”

Angela took the chance to look around the room, hoping she might find something that would help her escape. She couldn’t spot anything useful. White floor, white walls, white ceiling, what looked like a door set into one of the walls. No windows. Clear, sharp, light from fluorescent strips set in the ceiling. Nothing to tell Angela where she was or how long she’d been there. The effect was disorienting. Even as she realised that was probably the intent it didn’t help her, the fear continuing to gnaw away at her.

The only furniture in the room appeared to be the chair in which she was strapped. From what Angela could see it seemed to resemble some sort of dentist chair. Apart from that there was a silver metal drain cover, a few inches across, in the middle of the floor.

Given who she’d been fighting Angela didn’t like the looks of that.

She didn’t have long to think about it, a quiet hiss announcing the door opening.

Darkwave stood there, a satisfied smirk on his face.

“Not so confident now, are we?” he grinned.

Angela didn’t dignify his question with a reply, especially with the way his eyes swept greedily over her naked form.

“You’re probably wondering what’s happened to your powers,” Angela’s captor smirked. “Don’t worry, they’re still there. You’ll get them back. When I want you to.” The fear in Angela shot higher at the way Darkwave’s eyes narrowed as he delivered that last statement.

“What, what have you done?” Angela spluttered.

“Did you know the human body is 60% water?” Darkwave mused, ignoring her question as he sauntered over to her and ran a hand over her upper arm.

“Get your hand off me you bastard!” Angela snapped, trying to twist away from him. In her bonds she couldn’t, but that didn’t stop her trying. She pulled against them futilely. “I’m going to fry your arse when I get out of this chair.”

“Oh, you are firey,” Darkwave grinned. “I’m going to enjoy this.” Angela almost gagged as he cupped her cheek. “Anyway, as I was saying. We’re mostly water. The brain comes in at 73% water. And water is my domain. So it was quite simple to get in your head while you were asleep and put a little block in the way of your powers.”

A pit opened up in Angela’s stomach. If she didn’t have her powers then she was just an ordinary person. An ordinary person tied to a chair by a super-powered villain. There had to be something she could do. But she had no idea what.

“I did a few other things while you were out to it,” Darkwave continued. “Things I wouldn’t have been able to do if you were awake. Getting you ready.”

Ready for what? Angela wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer to that.

Darkwave didn’t seem to care about any internal monologue Angela might be having. “The conscious mind has barriers. Not like the unconscious mind. I’ve already been in your head. Wearing your will away. Undermining those barriers.”

“You’re lying!” Angela cried. She had to believe that. She couldn’t bear to think about what it would mean if Darkwave was telling the truth. Not with the look she’d seen in Becky’s eyes.

The villain didn’t bother replying to her accusation. “Ordinary people, well it’s not too hard getting them unconscious and doing what I need. Not that Becky here or the others are what I’d call that ordinary. But you’re my first Super. I have to admit that I’m grateful for the way you got yourself knocked out by that building. Took me a little bit to dig you out but it will be totally worthwhile. Come here Becky.”

Dutifully the brunette trotted over to her master’s side, Darkwave casually groping her breast after she’d come to a stop. Becky’s head fell back, a look of bliss shooting over her face. “Becky will do anything I want. Won’t you Becky?”

“Y-yes Master,” the brunette stammered.

“Let her go!” Angela demanded.

“Are we really going to play that game?” Darkwave sighed. “I’m not going to do it. You know I’m not going to do it. And Becky doesn’t want me to let her go. Do you Becky?” For emphasis he squeezed Becky’s breast again.

“N-no M-master,” the girl panted.

“You can cum now Becky,” Darkwave declared.

Angela watched, horrified, as the girl’s hips jerked. “Oh, oh fuck Master, thank you, thank you,” the brunette moaned, visible quivers continuing to shoot through her.

“You, see, it’s all water,” the villain declared as he leaned over Angela. He planted the palm of his hand on her stomach. She tried to squirm back into the seat but there was nowhere to go. “Well, liquid anyway. Your powers are fire based, aren’t they? Are you feeling hot right now?”

Angela gasped, dismayed, as she felt arousal burning and coiling at her center.

“Get away from me you sick fuck,” she spat. “I’ll never do what you want.”

“Yes. You will,” Darkwave declared, his eyes boring into her as he placed the fingertips of both hands on her temple. “It’s already started. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you feel me? In your head. In your mind. Water always finds a way. It gets in. It eats away. Piece by piece. Drop by drop.”

Angela tried to tell herself that it was just the power of suggestion. That the slight dampness she felt on her skin was just nervous sweat. That the odd sensation at the edge of her mind was just her imagination. There couldn’t be anything lapping away there.

“Maybe a demonstration.” Darkwave stood back and snapped his fingers, the door sliding open again. Angela’s eyes went wide as a tall blonde, stunning in nothing but a scarlet teddy and matching heels, strode into the room. There was another of those silver collars around her neck, the girl’s name, Mandy, clearly engraved.

“Yes Master?” Mandy asked brightly. Angela was sure there wasn’t very much at all behind her bright eyes and wide smile.

“Why don’t you and Becky provide a little entertainment for our guest while I get to work?”

The two girls squealed in glee before falling into a passionate embrace, Angela unable to tear her eyes away as lips met, hands explored.

“That’ll be you soon,” Darkwave whispered in her ear. “Doing exactly what I say. Wanting to. Needing to. You won’t be able to help yourself. Won’t be able to think of doing anything else. It takes a little while. But it always works.”

Angela felt something wash across her mind, like a splash of water on a windscreen. She wanted to deny it. It had to be just her imagination.

“Water wears away,” her captor declared. His voice was calm. Almost soft. Like water running over rock. Wearing it away. “A little at a time. Things dissolve in water. They seep away. Until there’s nothing left. My water is in your head. Finding your will. How long do you think until your will is totally dissolved? How long until you can’t think unless I tell you to?”

“I won’t let you,” Angela spat.

“It’s already started,” Darkwave declared. “Those bonds on your wrist? The others? Have a good look at them.”

Horrified, Angela stared down at her right wrist. What she’d thought was solid metal curled and rippled before settling back into the shape she’d first seen. She tested it, but the bond was as solid as ever.

“My water,” Darkwave whispered. “Seeping into you. Every time you touched it. Every time you struggled against it. Through your skin. Into your blood. To your brain. It’s in there now.” He tapped her forehead. “I’m in there now. What’s it feel like?”

Angela didn’t want to answer that. Didn’t want to admit that she thought she could feel something, washing against the edges of her consciousness.

“Just like the collars around my girls’ necks. My water. Me. Always there. But for you those cuffs are just the beginning.”

Angela gasped as she was tipped back. She felt her legs rising. She caught a faint hum of machinery as the chair transformed itself into a table.

“It’s better like this,” Darkwave whispered, his fingertips gently coming to rest on her temples. “Like you’re floating on water. Like it’s all around you. Just float. Let it wash over you. Let your will seep away.”

Angela wanted to speak, but she couldn’t. She writhed against her bonds, some instinct forcing her to, even though she knew what they were, what they were doing to her. It couldn’t be worse than what Darkwave’s fingers were doing. They were so gentle against her temples. Almost soothing. Like something was spreading out from them, through her skin, through her skull.

Oh God, no.

Angela reached inside herself, seeking the fire that lay at her core. Darkwave may have blocked her powers, but that fire was part of her. With a sense of relief she found it, then tensed. It was there, but muted, the flames doused and sputtering, out of reach.

“Just lie there,” Darkwave murmured as his fingers drew lazy circles on Angela’s temples. “Just let yourself drift off. Float away. It’s so easy. Let it wash over you.”



Angela did.

* * *

Angela was floating. At least she thought she was. There was water all around her. Maybe she was under the water. Just her nose and mouth exposed so that she could breath. She couldn’t tell. It felt so good. The water was washing over her. She wasn’t sure where the water ended and she began.

How long had she been here? Where was she? She didn’t know. The last thing she could remember…

She couldn’t remember. There was just the water, washing away at her. Had there been more of her? Was she just dissolving away into the water?

She couldn’t let that happen. She had to fight it. Had to hold onto her flame.

But there was so little of it left and there was so much water.

* * *

Angela woke up. She was still in that white room. Still lying on that table. She blinked. She wondered how long she’d been there. It was somewhere she didn’t want to be, wasn’t it?

“Hello again,” a voice said from beside.

Fuck, Darkwave.

Angela struggled against her bonds before she remembered what they were.

“How’s that will going?” the villain smirked. “Still as strong as ever? Or worn away a bit? I loved watching you know. You have a wonderful smile when you’re asleep. Just watching you, your eyes closed, a smile on your face, as your will dissolved away. There’s still a bit left though. Water takes its time. But it never stops. Never ends. I wonder how much will you have left.”

“Go to Hell,” Angela spat. Somewhere hot and burning was exactly where this bastard should end up.

“Still firey?” Darkwave laughed. “Maybe I’ll let you keep that temper. But you should address me properly. Call me Master. That’s the only way you can address me. The only way you can think of me. Can’t you feel that, seeping into your mind?”

Master? She was never going to call Master Master. His name was Master not Master. Oh shit.

“What do you call me?” Master demanded.

Desperately Angela tried to stay silent. She didn’t want to answer. Didn’t want to say the word.

Angela knew that Master had another name. She could almost remember it. It was there, in her mind, just out of reach. But her thoughts were sluggish, like they were moving underwater. Whatever thought she’d been reaching for washed away.

“M-Master,” she stammered. Angela still managed convey a great deal of hate in that one word.

“Good enough,” Master smiled. “I do like the struggle. Like a drowning woman. Thrashing in the water. The water always wins though.”

Angela glared at him.

“I’m going to let you up in a moment,” Master announced. “You won’t try to run away. You won’t try to attack me or anyone else. You’ll simply do what you’re told.”

Like hell I will Master. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Think. But it was so hard. Even her desire to escape was a slippery thing, so easy to let go of.

“Stand up,” Darkwave instructed as Angela’s bonds dissolved into nothingness. “Don’t try to cover yourself. And don’t speak except to answer any question I might ask you.”

Angela seethed as she followed her instructions, simply standing at attention as the villain casually circled her. At least she could still think of Master that way. But his name was definitely Master.

“If you’re wondering controlling your body is so much easier than controlling your thoughts. So much more water to work with. But the mind and body are so linked. Let me give you a demonstration.”

Master placed his fingertips on Angela’s temples. She felt that soothing flow of sensation from them, seeping into her head.

Like water.

“You love displaying yourself for me,” Master instructed. “You love being naked for me. Or wearing slutty clothes. You want me to look at you. The sensations are slipping through you, hot and wet. It turns you on to display yourself for me. It makes you so wet.”

Angela gasped. She could feel how wet she was. Arousal was shooting through her. A tidal wave. Tidal waves are water and she was water and master could do anything with water…

She wouldn’t think that. Couldn’t think that. Even if liquid warmth was tingling down to her fingers and toes. She was so wet she was sure that she was dripping down her thighs. Being naked for Master turned her on so much.

No! She couldn’t feel like that. Didn’t want to. She couldn’t let Master win.

But it felt so good, little sparks of pleasure as she saw Master gazing at her breasts, her dripping pussy. She wanted Master looking at her.

“Now I would say follow me,” Master laughed. “But I don’t think that’s what either of us wants, is it? So you’re going to walk ahead of me and I’m going to tell you where to go. You’ll know that all the time I’ll be looking at you. You have a very nice arse by the way. It feels good for me to tell you that, doesn’t it?”

As much as Angela didn’t want to admit it, it was true, a bolt of pleasure shooting through her at Master’s praise. He liked her arse!

“So I’ll be looking at you the whole time. And you’ll be so turned on by that. And you’ll be doing exactly what I say. Like a good little puppet. Now say ‘Yes Master’.”

Angela fought only for a moment before replying “Yes Master.”

“Now head out the door and turn left,” Master instructed.

Master directed her down a series of halls.

It was Angela’s first time in a villain lair. Not at all the way she’d imagined being in one though. Feeling like this. So turned on. All her other thoughts slipping away. Angela tried to hold on to something other than her arousal.

Where the hell do villains get the money for this stuff? Angela wondered, trying to focus on that.

The thought slipped away, replaced by pleasure, warm and dark and wet, as she imagined Master’s eyes on her. Slipping over her. Like water would.

Seeping in.

They passed other girls on the way, a mix of races and colourings, but all of them beautiful.

And all of them dressed in skimpy lingerie and high heels and all with those collars around their neck that Angela now knew were actually water. Master’s water. She wondered what the girls were doing. Besides sighing in delight at the sight of their Master. Some carried tools and equipment. Angela wondered how efficient their outfits made them in whatever tasks they had. It didn’t seem to matter to Master.

Or to her.

“Don’t worry about them,” Master said from behind her. “Right now I only have eyes for you.”

Angela’s breath caught. Master was looking at her. At her naked body. Glistening arousal coursed through her. It was so wonderful to display herself for Master. Maybe Master would give her some sexy lingerie so she could display herself like all the other girls. That would turn her on so much. She’d be so wet. Like the other girls. She’d seen the signs on those skimpy panties. So wet. Dripping. Always dripping.

Like she was now.

Angela clenched her hands into fists.


She couldn’t give up that easily. She was fire. She burnt. She wasn’t going to let water win. The fire was always there, at her core, her flame. Angela seized on it, warmed herself on it, even if she couldn’t quite reach it.

Your name is Darkwave you bastard.

“Stop,” Darkwave ordered.

Angela could still feel a tingle of pleasure at thought that he was looking at her naked rear.

“Is everything ready Jenny?” he asked.

Angela realized that they were in another room. Its walls and ceiling were white, like the other room. But this one had more equipment in it, banks of displays. And in the middle of the floor what looked like a large spa bath or small pool. Angela could see that it was almost full of water, clear and still. She didn’t like the look of it at all.

One of Darkwave’s women stood over to the side of the room, adjusting some of the controls, a beautiful Asian woman with flowing black hair and dressed in powder blue underwear. Angela assumed that this must be Jenny

“Yes Master,” the woman replied, a bright smile on her face. “It just needs your touch.”

“You’re ready for this now,” Darkwave declared. “I could have put you in here to start with, but that would have washed you away. It doesn’t leave much useful when I do that. But now you’ve been smoothed down, prepared. Take my hand and let me help you in.”

No, no, no. Angela wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen to her in that pool but she knew it wasn’t anything good.

She took his hand, let him lead her over to water.

“You won’t need any restraints in here,” Darkwave grinned. “You won’t even think of getting out. Not until I tell you. You’ll just float. And let the water do the rest. Put your foot in.”

Angela tried with everything she had to keep her foot planted firmly on the ground. She tried to bury herself in her fire. She had to stay where she was.

Her foot lifted off the ground, lowered itself into the water. It felt so good, cool and soothing and right. She had to hold onto Darkwave, to Master, almost stumbling as she realized that the bottom of the pool was below the level of the floor.

“Lower yourself in,” Master directed. When had she started thinking of him as Master again? Angela wasn’t sure. Had it been when her toes touched the water? When her foot had slipped underneath the surface? As her calf sank down? It had all felt so good. And of course she should call Master Master. It was his name.

The fire in her center died just a little bit more, sputtering. The water was so much softer than fire. Gentle. Soothing. Calling to her. She could just float there.

Master was whispering to her. “Feel the water. All around you. You can’t tell where you stop and the water starts. You want to float there.”

Angela floated.

She didn’t know how much later she became aware again. She was still floating in the water. She could feel it gently lapping over her. Dimly she thought that there was some reason she shouldn’t be in the water but she couldn’t remember what.

It felt too good to want to move.

“Hello,” Master said.

Master! Master was here. Angela could tell that she was naked as she floated in the water. That meant Master could see her. She loved being naked for Master.

Something about that didn’t feel right.

There was hardly any fire left in her.

“You want to do what I say,” Master whispered. The sound was soft and smooth. Like water trickling over a rock. Wearing it away. “You want to obey me. Obeying me turns you on.”

Angela frowned. Was that right? She wasn’t sure. Something inside her seemed to be saying no. But it was so small. Worn away. Like a pebble rolled over and over on a river bed. Maybe once that pebble had been a rock. But the water had worn it down and there was so little left.

It wasn’t gone yet.


“Feel yourself washing away. Your will dissolving. It’s so easy to just float there.”

Master was right about that.

“So easy to listen to me. To do what I say. No thoughts of your own. Only the thoughts I give you.”

That wasn’t right. Was it? But that pebble was so small.

“So little of your will left now. So easy to let it go. Soon it will just dissolve away completely.”

Maybe the pebble was her will. Maybe the water would wash it away. Would that be so wrong? Letting it go, a little at a time. Hardly noticing as it got smaller and smaller.

Until there was nothing left but arousal and obedience.

“My water is inside you. I’ll always be inside you. Isn’t that so good?”

Angela’s pussy was melting. She was so wet. She almost smiled as she thought of her juices mixing with the water she was floating in. Dissolving into them. Like she was. Like her will was. Dissolving into nothing.

She was no longer sure whether her thoughts were her own. Was she thinking of the pebble or was Master telling her about it? Telling her how small it was becoming. How it was disappearing. Was she thinking of her will dissolving or was Master telling her that too?

Master had said she’d only have the thoughts he gave her. It was so nice of Master to give her thoughts. Was that her thought or was it Master’s voice? It didn’t matter. Master’s voice was her thoughts. Her only thoughts.

“You love me touching you.”

That was definitely Master’s voice. He was touching her, his thumb rubbing over an engorged nipple. It felt so good. Dimly Angela remembered that Master could do things with water. Had he made her nipple become so hard? His touch felt so good that it probably would have done it on its own.

“You want me touching you.”

She did. Master had said it and it was true. Her thoughts were what Master gave her. His fingers were on her pussy now, stroking her.

“You’re so wet.” She was so wet. She knew that. Because Master told her.

“Your will is so small now.” It was. Did she even have one anymore?

“You love my fingers inside you.”

She did. She could feel Master’s fingers inside her, stroking, exploring, her pussy burning in pleasure. The fire of her arousal was so much bigger than that other fire. Some little voice inside her head said she should worry about that. But the fire was so small, flickering. Angela couldn’t bring herself to care. The only fire that mattered was the heat in her pussy, her need for Master, a liquid fire burning through her. That was the only fire she wanted now. Because Master told her so.

It was hot and wet and slippery sweet. Just like her.

Master told her so.

“I’ll always be inside you. My water. My fingers. My cock. It’s what you want.”

It was true. It was what she wanted. What she needed. It was so good that Master would always be inside her.

“You’re so turned on. But you can’t cum. Not yet. No matter how turned on you are.”

Angela mewled in disappointment. But if Master said it was so then it was. She was so turned on. She wanted to cum. Was that her thought or Master telling her that? Was there any difference anymore? It didn’t matter. She thought what Master told her to think. She couldn’t cum.

Angela thrashed in the water, writhing around the fingers that stroked her insides, desperate to cum.

“Sleep. Let the last of your will wash away.”

Angela slept.

* * *

“And awake.”

Angela stared at the ceiling. Master hadn’t told her to do anything else.

“It’s almost gone now isn’t it?” Master asked. “Your will, there’s so little left.”

Angela wasn’t sure there was any left at all. But she knew how to answer “Yes Master.”

She felt Master’s fingers on her forehead, arousal coursing through her. Her naked body was displayed for Master. She was so turned on. So wet. Liquid. She’d always be like that now.

Master told her so.

“Let the last of your will dissolve way, slipping into the water. Dissolving into nothing. The only thoughts in your head the ones I put there.”

The water wasn’t just around her, it was inside her. Washing away at any thoughts that weren’t Master’s. There were so few of them. Angela felt the last of them wash away.

In her mind Angela watched, uncaring, as the last embers of that other fire died away. Now there was a different fire, hot and sweet and liquid. She was still burning, but now she burnt for her Master.

“Get up, slave.”

It felt so right for Master to call her that. She did what she was told. So she was a slave. Dimly she remembered Master telling her that.

Master offered Angela his hand as she rose from the water. His water, sliding along her body. Dripping. Like she was dripping.

Master was in front of her. He was naked as well. Angela wanted him inside her. His water was, but it wasn’t enough.

“One last thing,” Master smiled, his hand reaching for her neck. Even that touch was enough to have Angela gasping in pleasure.

She felt something coil around her neck.

“What’s your first name slave?” Master asked.

“Angela,” she replied.

“Oh, that’s too much,” Master smirked. “I think Angie is much better for you. That’s your name now. That’s what it says on your collar.”

Master’s hand withdrew but Angie could still feel something around her neck. Her collar! She had a collar like all Master’s other slaves. Made of Master’s water! It would always be against her skin. And it had her name on it.

Slippery arousal spread out from where Angie’s collar rested tight against her neck.

“On your knees,” Master orders.

Angie fell to her knees. There wasn’t even a hint of a thought of doing anything else. Master’s cock was in front of her. She wanted that cock in her. But she didn’t think of doing anything about that. Master hadn’t given her those thoughts.

“Suck it.”

Now he had.

Eagerly Angie leaned forward, licking and kissing his member, joy rising in her as it inflated. Inflated for her. Master liked what she was doing! That felt so good.

Gingerly she wrapped her lips around the engorged tip. Angie didn’t have a lot of experience but her hesitation lasted only a moment. She couldn’t think enough to be worried.

“That’s it slave, suck it down.”

Angie did as she was told, greedily sucking and licking at that cock, filling her throat. She didn’t care whether she could breathe. It was what Master wanted. Having him inside her was glorious. Pleasure radiated from her lips, her tongue, a torrent coursing through her, washing over her. Having Master inside her was right. She was quivering, the tips of her nipples so hard, her pussy dripping.

“Don’t you dare cum, you slut,” Master snarled. “We’re not having that.”

At Master’s words a wall fell between Angie and her crest. Liquid and silver and shimmering. She was so aroused. More aroused than she could ever remember. But she couldn’t cum.

Master had said so.

Of course that didn’t stop Master cumming, shooting down her throat in hot, liquid, spurts.

“Swallow it,” Master commanded. “Swallow it all.”

Angie eagerly did as she was told. It was so good to have more of Master inside her. She was shaking, she needed to cum so badly. But Master had told her not to.

“Stand up and turn around,” Master ordered curtly. “Then bend over.”

Angie let Master’s still erect cock slip from her mouth. Dull as her thoughts were she knew what was going to happen. He was going to fuck her! She was going to get more of Master inside her!

“Are you wondering why I’m still erect?” Master asked, grinning, flaunting his member before her. “It’s all water, remember. I can fuck you and the others as often as I want. You like that idea, don’t you?”

“Yes Master,” Angie replied, bending over and steadying herself on a nearby desk. She was so lucky to have a Master who could fuck her over and over again. She hadn’t wondered why he was still erect though. He hadn’t told her to have that thought. But he had told her that she liked the idea that he could keep fuck her whenever he wanted.

So she did.

Angie cried out in bliss as Master thrust into her waiting pussy from behind. He hadn’t needed to wait. She was so wet he’d slipped into her so easily.

Like he belonged there.

Angie jerked forward as Master pounded into her, again and again. He cried out, cumming, filling her. She could feel the spurts deep inside. Her pussy was burning, she was so close, the pressure unbearable. But Master had told her that she couldn’t cum.

“I’m not stopping at one,” Master gloated, leaning over her. Angie shivered in delight, feeling the press of Master’s body on top of hers. He was going to fill her. It was so good. “I could do this for hours. I can’t do that with the other girls. But you can take it. Fill you up until my cum is dripping down your legs. You’d like that.”

It wasn’t a question. It was an order. Angie would like that. Master’s cum dripping down her legs. Marking her with his liquid. Filling her with it.

“My own little superhero fuck toy.”

If that’s what Master wanted her to be, then that’s what Angie would be. She was drowning in pleasure.

“So wet,” Master continued. “So dripping. You want me in you.”

It was all so true, bliss engulfing Angie’s mind, heat flaring from her centre, filling her body.

“You want to cum,” Master declared. “You need to cum. With me fucking you. With me filling you. But you can’t cum. I’ve blocked it. How many times would you have cum by now if I’d let you? You’re going to cum so hard when I let you.”

Yes, yes, yes! I want to cum! With you fucking me.

Master had given her those thoughts. She was so lucky to have a Master who would fuck her so well. The heat was in every corner of her body, liquid and hot. Angie was ready to explode. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. She might die if she didn’t cum.

“You’ll cum when I do this time,” Master instructed. “It will be the best orgasm of your life.”

Angie knew that was true.

Master thrust into her one last time, the jets of his cum coating her insides. Bliss exploded through Angie’s body as she came, the heat searing into a fire. Igniting.

Inside her a fire roared back into life.

Something exploded.

It was her, flames licking around Angie’s body. Coursing through her. Burning out the water. Burning out the thoughts Master—No, not Master, Darkwave!—had put there.

“You bastard!” Angela whirled around, as the collar around her neck dissolved.

Her fire was back, an inferno raging at her centre. She shot bolt after bolt at the figure of her tormentor, anger burning red at the edges of her vision. It was a while before she realized that Darkwave wasn’t moving.

Oh shit,

Angela rushed over to the slumped figure, bent over near the wall. A wall that was blackened with marks from her bolts.

She drew a shuddering breath as she realized that Darkwave was hardly marked from her attack. Though there wasn’t a hair left on his body.

The villain drew a shuddering breath, his eyes fluttering.

Angela kicked him in the ribs. His answering moan was satisfying, but it wasn’t solving her problem. She really didn’t want to deal with facing him now. Or how her temper might explode if she had to.

If I could control your blood flow I could knock you out for hours, she thought. Luckily for her it looked like Darkwave needed to touch a subject to have that sort of control. But it didn’t help her. As he’d said, human bodies were mostly water, and water was his element.

Mostly water.

She didn’t know whether she could do it. Had never tried anything like this. Much as she didn’t want to touch him, the thought making her feel ill, Angela crouched down, placed her fingers on Darkwave’s temples, reached out with her thoughts. Thoughts are electricity, right? That’s sort of fire. Angela wasn’t entirely convinced but she was determined to try.

There! She could sense, something. She tamped it down. Not much, not permanently, but she hoped long enough that she could call for help.

Darkwave slumped lower against the wall, his breathing even.

Angela sprang up as she heard a panicked cry from behind her. “Master!”

It was Jenny, the Asian girl today dressed in a white corset with matching stockings and high heels.

“What’s wrong with Master?” she cried, looking wildly between Angela and the unconscious villain.

Angela realized that she might be free, but there was still all the other women Darkwave had enslaved. But if she could burn his water out of herself, then perhaps…

“Jenny, right?” she ventured, edging closer to the nervous woman. “It’s okay. Master said he just needed a little rest. That we were to entertain ourselves until he woke up.”

She damped down the flames that surrounded her, not wanting to hurt the woman.

“Oh, okay,” Jenny answered brightly. Angela thought that Darkwave should have cultivated a little more intelligence in his slaves. Luckily for her he hadn’t.

Gently she placed her fingertips on Jenny’s temples, the woman frowning up at her. Angela could sense the woman, the heat of her being. And shot through it was Darkwave’s water. She sent a pulse of power through the Asian woman, hunting down every last little trace of the villain’s presence.

Jenny stepped back from her, a look of horror on her face. “Oh God. Oh God, no. What did he do?”

“It’s alright,” Angela answered softly. She knew what the woman was thinking. How Darkwave had violated her. She was going to have to deal with that herself. “You’re safe now. But I have to free all the others. Like I did you. Can you help me?”

Emotions flared over Jenny’s face, too fast for Angela to follow. She could almost sense them, electric trails in the woman’s mind, a dizzying pattern of almost infinite complexity.

She watched as the pattern changed.

Jenny nodded, swallowing. “Yes, I’ll help.”

It took some time to track down and free all the women in the complex. Some reacted better than others, stoically. Others broke down. At least Darkwave’s lair had decent communication equipment and Angela had been able to call for help from the police, Darkwave locked in a pair of Eugene Frasier’s power-dampening cuffs and taken away. Most, if not all, of the women were going to need professional help. Dr Eva Snow was going to have a busy time in the next few weeks. Angela thought that maybe she’d need to see the good doctor as well. But she’d beaten Darkwave. More than that, freed all his other slaves.

Jenny had been the last one to go, even asking Angela if there was anything else she could do to help before being led away by paramedics.

Back in her apartment that night Angela tried to console herself with her success. She’d have to deal with what Darkwave had done to her, but that was the life of a superhero in River City. She’d even learnt some more subtle uses of her power, burning out Darkwave’s water from herself and the other women, knocking him out with a touch. Although she suspected that wouldn’t work on a fully conscious target. And being able to see the patterns of Jenny’s thoughts. She’d seen the same thing in all the other women, the patterns so much more alive and complex as she freed them, gave them back their own thoughts.

She remembered how Jenny’s had changed when she’d asked the woman to help.

Oh Hell.

Angela remembered watching the patterns shift. It could have been because the woman had made that decision. But Angela knew, knew, that wasn’t true. She’d made that change. It was why Jenny had been so reluctant to leave.

Angela felt ill. It was too much like what Darkwave had done to her and all the others.

She wasn’t ever going to do that again.

Was she?

The end