The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

And finally, a last story submission from Stephanie. Short and sweet, this one gets a little ‘meta’. So hold onto your hats, people! For your entertainment, her submission: Walking On Sunshine.


Walking On Sunshine

by Robotunit8

It wasn’t surprising that the buxom redhead, in a fairly revealing swimsuit was attracting the eye of a number of men, not all of whom were single! Some appeared to be queuing to offer her movie contracts, but she showed little concern. Even less so when she saw 2 ladies laying together on loungers, strong drinks in one hand, the hand of the other in the other. As she moved nearer, she saw the wedding rings, and smiled.

She got in behind them, and whispered in their ears, “You know, in my time, people would assumed you two were married to each other.", and all 3 burst into fits of giggles, “But seriously, where are the guys, I was sent back here to congratulate you all, you know.”

“And yes, we were expecting you, Roberta, you know.” Maria replied, cheekily. “Unfortunately the guys are currently in discussion with one of the movie studios, about some technical stuff they can provide, so couldn’t be here. They do send their regards though.”

Billie lifted her sunglasses, and flashed her wedding ring even more, then spoke,

“Wow, Robbie, that’s quite a look you’ve got there, what happened to the normal one?”

“Gene had a hunch that Jean Harlow appearing on Santa Monica beach in 1935 might not give us the privacy we needed, and I kind of agreed with him. Mind, 10 years from now, this look would have the same problem, its someone who will be known as Rita Hayworth, only with a bit more cleavage. Yes, Nigel has been tampering again with the skins, and I cant deny its fun, being this top heavy. Though maybe not permanently, all the same.”

“We’ll settle for what we’ve got!” Maria retorted cheekily.

“So its true then, congratulations Mrs. Frasier, and indeed Mrs, err, Rutland (formerly Rotwang, for those needing a clue), I gather?“

Billie laughed, “Yes, double wedding, double honeymoon too. They decided to make their surname more, err, American, given what we know is coming in a few years. Its sort of weird, knowing what’s in our fates, because of what Gene let me see in the Archives when in your time.”

“So I have to ask, are you and Gene actually related, Billie?”

“Yes, though I’m not direct family, if thats what you’re thinking. Both him, and Duncan are Callum’s brother’s children, as far as I can tell. Think I count as the eccentric Aunt, or something like that, but when I go through the portal, or Mr. Rutland makes me time travel for experiments, I’m younger than him, so we tend to stay quiet about that sort of thing.” Billie responded, and laughed.

“So I guess this is the end of the exciting stuff for you two then?” Robbie asked.

“Sort of, though we both carry on working at the business until the the children start to arrive at least, and that’s about 2 years away, for both of us. And I still do the odd thing as ‘Robot Girl’ with the suit the guys design, though its far more basic than your set up.”

“I’d rather not have this ‘set up’ you know?” Robbie retorted, and all three laughed. “So you’re putting our narrator out of business then?”

“Not strictly, I’ve got more than a few pranks she could tell people about, but I gather she’s got a few health issues, and it’s a bit tricky for Gene to sort them out for her, logistically at least, so she’s calling it a day, with writing. Gene tells me that the guy who puts HIS events into words might include me from time to time, though probably only when I pop into modernity for flying visits. Oh, and there is also that other crazy woman who might write about us too.” Billie replied.

“Oh heavens, I was trying to forget about her, especially after that last time, but anyway...” Robbie retorted. “Yes, Gene tells me his guy is going to include a few of my scraps as well, but anyway...”

Maria looked at the two of them, and smiled, “You two do realize, the readers of this are expecting some mind control stuff, and probably some sex, and all that?”

“Yes, but how, we’re laid comfortably on the beach, here in Santa Monica, not a villain to be seen!” Billie retorted.

“Well, according to my darling husband, there’s a little surprise waiting for us at the beach house. According to Lacie, it’s actually two surprises, but anyway... Shall we go?”

I nod, they signal that they’ve finished with their loungers for the day (these wealthy women!), and I follow them up the beach. We walk through the door, and find four metal helmets waiting for us on the large table, and a note. The note just says ‘Robbie needs to use helmet 4’, and invites us to check out the bedroom. We do, and find a woman who looks a bit out of her time, just like me, laying on the bed smiling.

The 4 of us walk out together, and pick up the note again. All it says is, ‘Each of you put on a helmet, push each other’s green button, and let the fun begin’. So we do as we’re told, suspecting what might be about to happen.

The next thing I remember is ‘Pleasurebot Roberta’ naked on the bed, being eaten out by ‘Pleasurebot Maria’ until I squeal out in pleasure, and squirt all over her face. We then swap places, and the process happens in reverse. Yes, ‘Pleasurebot Belinda’ and ‘Pleasurebot Stephanie’ were doing exactly the same thing, with similar results.

Just as the four of us are snuggling up in a Sapphic, mind controlled circle, we vaguely hear someone enter at the door, seemingly the two husbands!

“Well, they look comfortable.” I heard a male voice say, Callum, as I was later to find out.

“That was the idea, wasn’t it?” another voice added, with a slight German accent, “Time for us to have our fun now!”

The four ‘robots’ proceeded to make a meal for 6 people, with the two wives providing an extra service for their husbands, while it was cooking.

Then, eventually, after the meal, I received a signal from Lacie, stating that two ‘robots’ needed to be released, and sent back to their homes in the future. I passed the signal details on to Callum, he switched off all four helmets, and released us all from their control, and after some cleaning up, two of us left.

* * *

That, my dears, was the only time that I, Roberta Bayport ever went back to the 1930’s. Of course I got to see Billie a few more times, in my own time, but never saw the other two women again. Maria (two), and Billie (three) both had children, and long marriages, but all have now long since passed away, the children, I have no idea where they are. The other woman, no ideas, though I did hear rumors about her being...?