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Road Trip (Dr. Quoll)

by Dr. Quoll

Added 12 July 2009

Updated 29 January 2011

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A jaded psychic goes on a road trip to help reawaken himself.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1: A Brief Exposition on the Reasons for a Journey, and a Departure from Familiar Climes 3928 words 12 Jul 2009
Chapter 2: In Which our Hero Dispenses Three Orgasms, by which Aspects of His Character are Revealed. 3105 words 02 Aug 2009
Chapter 3: A Discussion upon the Nature of Free Will 7416 words 05 Sep 2009
Chapter Four: A Study in Wishful Thinking, and a Violation of Trust 7498 words 03 Oct 2009
Chapter 5: History is Rewritten, with Uncertain Results 10971 words 08 Nov 2009
Chapter Six: A Visit to the Desert Tents of the Black Queen 6672 words 03 Jan 2010
Chapter Seven, Part 1: The Adoration of the Crowd, and Encounters with Celebrated Personages 4762 words 29 Jan 2011