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A maid for hire catches a break when Roman Dalton, a multi-millionaire, requests her cleaning services specifically. Initially she finds herself in one of the sleekest, cleanest mansions she’s ever seen—but things are about to get a whole lot dirtier.

Disclaimer: All characters are entirely fictional and all resemblances to anyone in real life is entirely coincidental. If you are under 18 or offended by sexual material, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Roman’s Girls

By Sinistra


Allison gripped the steering wheel as she her way up the winding gravel path, flanked by two large hedgerows. The drive had been long and tedious, but as she caught glimpses of the estate through the leaves she was filled with a sense of awe. When Roman Dalton, founder of Dalton Chemical Manufacturing, had requested her service offering a wildly premium rate, she hardly believed her luck. She’d looked up the address, seen it online—but there it was. The mansion. Behind two black gates stood 300 Sunrise Terrace. Everything—from the sheared hedges to the sharp, blocky walls of the main building, was immaculate. She had to stop herself from gawking. Allison was no stranger to the modern, furnished mansions of bankers, lawyers, businessmen where she usually worked—but all were humbled before this pinnacle of modern luxury. She pressed the access button on the intercom, and after a few seconds she heard a crisp voice through a speaker.

‘300 Sunrise Terrace, what is your business?’

‘Um, hi, I’m Allison from Elm Housekeeping, we had a pho—’

‘Come right in. You will find a garage on your let.’ A click, and slowly the gate swung open. The mansion was bright against the celestial blue of the night, softly illuminated by lamps in the ground. She parked her Kia, awkwardly out of place among the several Sportscars already lined up, and hurried towards the property, her suitcase trailing behind her. She spotted a woman ahead, waving at her from a glass doorway. She was wearing a typical maid’s uniform, albeit skimpier than Allison was used to: a black dress which left little to the imagination, black stockings, a lace headpiece, and high heels. She had raven tousled hair and entrancing hazel eyes.

Allison ascended the marble steps, and as she walked through the glass doors the woman on the other side beamed at her, exclaiming ‘Hello! My name’s Vanessa, and welcome to 300 Sunrise Terrace. My, aren’t you beautiful!’ and instantly flung her arms around her in a tight embrace.

Allison immediately felt uncomfortable with the force that Vanessa’s obscenely displayed bosom pressed into her own chest, but before she could sputter a protest she was released.

‘Come. Don’t be shy, oh, I can’t wait for you to join the team. Here, let me take your stuff.’

Wait—are there more? ‘Oh no, it’s fine, really —’

But Vanessa grabbed her suitcase and began to walk away down the white corridor. She was surprisingly swift despite her high heels, and Allison struggled to keep up. Vanessa described every aspect of the mansion as they walked in unison through the hallway.

‘...and here you will find the entrance to the indoor cinema. Even though it is only used on weekends, Ma- Roman will have a fit if it’s not spotless...’

Allison wanted to explain her she was only been contracted for a couple of days, and hadn’t been told she was part of a team, but she struggled to get a word in. As they walked past a rack of feather dusters she began to grow uneasy.

‘You said I’d be part of a team. How many does Roman employ?’

‘Two girls currently, and you’ll be the third. It—’

‘Woman. I’m a woman, not a girl.’

Vanessa looked at her blankly. ‘Suit yourself. Anyway, you may think it excessive—but as you will see, it can get quite dirty. This leads to the dining room...’

The long, colourless corridors seemed to be too bright, and Vanessa’s constant chatter seemed to echo off the narrow walls and reverberate inside Allison’s skull.

‘...and here is the Grand Foyer.’ The hall opened up into a large open space, with rooms shooting off left and right. The back wall was made entirely of glass, overlooking the city. A coffee table marked the centre of the room, and a few chairs and a sofa surrounded it. A spray bottle and cloth had been placed on the table.

‘Roman, the Master of the House, has already made his way to bed, so please be quiet. Here is your uniform.’ A small black dress, a pair of tights, and black lace garters lay on the sofa, and a pair of black heels sat on the floor. Allison felt a little bit repulsed. This had to be some sort of joke.

‘Oh no—honestly it’s fine, I don’t...need a uniform. These clothes are fine.’

Vanessa frowned. ‘Oh, you silly thing. You can’t be serious.’ Her eyes scanned Allison head to toe. ‘No, no no, this won’t do. Your skirt is much too long, and this blouse is hardly flattering. It makes you look kinda...frumpy.’

Allison was momentarily shocked, but as she looked at Vanessa’s utterly serious expression, her disbelief turned to fury.

‘How dare you.’ she said, barely concealing her spite. ‘What makes you think you can say things like that to me?’

Vanessa shrugged. ‘Because it’s true, Miss.’

Allison stood staring at her, failing to conjure a similarly petty riposte.

‘You’re lucky Roman isn’t here to hear you say this. You won’t get away with it. No one speaks to me like that.’

‘Whatever. He doesn’t like frumpy women anyway.’

‘I don’t...I don’t think what I wear is any of his business.’ Allison responded, narrowing her eyes. ‘And even so, if you think I am going to play sexy dress up like some whore for some perverted millionaire, you—’


A burst of cool mist shot from the nozzle of the spray bottle that Vanessa now held in her hand. It smelt...limey. Allison felt her face sag, and her mouth hung limply as the milky droplets absorbed into her skin. It felt tingly. Itchy. She was sure she had been trying to say something, but her lips were suddenly numb, and she didn’t know...she just...didn’t know. She felt she should be cross, and so tried to furrow her brow, but she struggled to remember how, and just ended up looking confused.

‘Allison, I’m really hurt you would say something so horrible and untrue. I’m not going to make you apologise, because I know how hard it must be for you.’

What does she mean, hard for me? Allison could feel the droplets melt into her skin, seeping into her skull...she tried to formulate a sentence, but she felt sluggish and dizzy. Her eyes were wide open, and she couldn’t think of any objection to Vanessa, even though she knew it was wrong. Might as well...get her to explain it herself. That’s a good idea. ‘What do you...what do you mean?’

‘I mean suppressing your impulses. Your desires. It’s obvious that you want nothing more than to just change out of your ugly, professional outfit, into something more...exciting. Isn’t that right?’

Oh no, oh no. That can’t be right. Surely… But she felt Vanessa’s words melt into her mind like a blanket of cool, moist vapour...she felt an icy sharpness behind her eyes, and she shuddered, goosebumps rippling on her skin. ‘Ah...ah...ah…’ she whimpered, gripped by an acute sensation. It passed swiftly, leaving her even more confused. Where were we? Oh yes, getting out of this boring old work uniform. ‘Um, maybe, yeah it would be nice...but not, uh, for Damien, or, or—’

‘And that maid uniform just looks so juicy! It would look perfect on you, especially considering your remarkable tits. You must be itching to show them off.’

Allison was gazing, mouth gaping, at the pair of moving lips in front of her. It was becoming so hard to think, so much easier to just relax, Vanessa’s voice like honey, seeping deeper, fuzzy,… She suddenly felt a warm flush on her chest, as if something was rubbing against her nipples. perfect…want off…

‘It feels so nice,’ Vanessa continued, ‘when men stare at you, desire you. It must make you feel really good, otherwise you wouldn’t fantasise so much about wearing such revealing clothes.’

She felt a fizzy crackling sensation between her eyes. It was so hard to concentrate. Oh...but I don’t...I’m not…

‘Mmm, you’re going to love working for Roman. He’s wonderful. You’re looking forward to it, I can tell. He’s a real man. Ladies like us can’t resist a guy like him.’

Allison thought she felt a hand on her rump, and she was being guided upstairs, vision hazy, thoughts shaky. Roman...can’t resist...but...but… she was face down, she was comfy, and she was warm.

‘Good night. Sleep well.’ Vanessa slipped out of the bedroom, shutting the door slowly. A hot itch had grown between her thighs, and as she walked towards Roman’s room, she could feel her heartbeat quicken. She found him sitting at his desk with his back to her, a large array of screens on the wall casting a blue light on the room.

‘I did it, Sir. I used the spray just like you said.’ She moved closer. ‘It happened just like you told me. And I did the induction, all that stuff—but not too much; just how you like it.’ She said the last few words slowly. She was standing in front of him now, swaying her chest slightly side to side.

His eyes were glued to the screens, the bright pale glow reflecting in his glasses. ‘That’s great sweetheart.’ he said flatly.

Vanessa’s face lit up. He called me sweetheart!

‘I just need to respond to this, uh, client here…’

She shuffled towards him, leaning over slightly, teasing her straining cleavage. ‘Mmm, she’s so hot. We- I mean you’re going to love her. It was so sexy when her eyes glazed over. Just like that! Was I like that too? Was I?’

‘Mmh. Yeah. You always were a submissive little slut.’ He pulled her onto his lap, her knee resting on the arm of his chair.

Vanessa gasped. ‘You really think so?’

Roman’s eyes were glued to the hem of her dress as it slid teasingly up her thighs. ‘Yeah.’ He licked his lips. ‘God you’re gorgeous. I think you deserve a reward.’

She beamed at him as she undid his belt. The tender thing looked as though she was about to cry with joy. His cock sprang free and she positioned herself delicately above him. ‘Oh, Roman….’ she sighed, sinking down blissfully onto him.

* * *

When Allison woke up she found her new uniform at the end of her bed. She hesitated when she realised that whoever had laid it out for her had forgotten any underwear, but it wasn’t her place to worry about things like that. Besides, it was sort of cute. Her room had an ensuite bathroom and a dressing table with a lucrative array of all sorts of make-up. Roman must really care about me. She got dressed and dolled herself up like she should, and headed downstairs into the kitchen. She took a petty glee in knowing she was the first of her team to be up. With such a good impression she was sure Roman would take her side when she complained about whatever happened last night. She noticed dirty dishes in the sink behind the large table, so she set to washing them.

Roman lifted Vanessa’s limp arm off him, got out of bed, and dressed himself in a white t-shirt and jeans. He saw Allison washing up in the kitchen through the security interface in his room, and, itching to get to know her, walked downstairs. He stood in the kitchen doorway for a few minutes, admiring her outfit. Her hair was mostly tied up in a top bun, a few blonde ringlets hanging loose over a lacy black choker. Her black dress was outlined by white frills that barely covered her hips, her supple legs were tightened by her heels, and were clad in virgin white stockings held up by garter straps. Her heart shaped pussy winked at him every time she bent over to reach for another plate. Obviously the Mist had worked a charm, and she hadn’t had a second thought about the outfit Vanessa had laid out for her last night.

‘Morning Allison.’

She gasped in surprise, and Roman ogled the tight jiggle of her ass as she jumped. ‘Did you sleep well?’

Allison turned to look at Roman. He fixed her with a warm smile, noticing her blusher and pink lipstick—but his piercing blue eyes made her feel uncomfortable, naked even. Not that that’s a bad thing of course. She reminded herself. It feels good knowing he desires me...of course.

‘Good, good. I trust Vanessa was a kind host to you yesterday, showing you around? She’s wonderful, isn’t she?’

‘Yes Sir, she’s lovel—’ Allison faltered. She scoured her memories. A small nagging feeling, a dry itch, demanded attention in the corner of her mind… ‘But yesterday, before bed, there was…’

‘Allison.’ He interrupted. ‘It’s normal to feel jealous of other attractive women. Intimidated even. But it doesn’t feel very nice to complain. And after all, Vanessa is your friend; you’re part of a team. Isn’t that right?’

‘Um...I don’t...I mean, I suppose so...yes, it...doesn’t feel very...good to complain. Of course. Forgive me.’ Allison felt as though she should be confused. After all, didn’t I just do...say...uh…and I don’t think but instead she just felt a serene pleasure as she let Roman’s voice melt away all other thoughts. He’s so smart! It just makes sense for him to do the thinking for me—he is the boss, after all. So she resumed washing. She could barely remember what they’d just been talking about.

‘Allison, I don’t want to stop you doing a great job, but I’m really thirsty. Do you think you could get me a glass of orange jui—’

‘Of course, Roman.’ she gushed. Allison couldn’t separate one thought from another in her mind’s drugged-up haze, but whenever He spoke, it just...all became clear. She took a bottle of blood-orange juice from the fridge, and as she bent over to pour him a glass, her legs erect in her heels, her hairless pussy and arsehole wiggling just inches from his face. He reached in, and squeezed the pliant flesh of her smooth ass.

She gasped—as if truly realising that she had been exposed this entire time. He could see it all along? Why didn’t he say? She tensed up, suddenly worried. But when I got clothes...How can he...but I don’t…this isn’t... She felt like protesting...but it was as if she had forgotten how. The only thing she knew for certain was how nice it felt to surrender to his warm touch, to just relax, especially when his fingers felt so good, went further, right there, yes right there... He was probably just distracted by me. I can’t blame him. I’m such a little tease. I just can’t help myself, and knowing how happy I must make him gets me all...oh...

‘Allison. Allison. You’re making a mess.’

Allison nodded, despite her confusion, but kept pouring. She slowly looked down and as her eyes focused she realised she had been spilling juice all over the table. ‘Oh. Oh, I-I’m so sorry. I’ll just go and…’ she mewled as Roman’s finger left her glistening thighs. ‘...fetch a towel.’

His eyes were glued to her swaying buttocks with each sensual step, made cat-like and firm by her heels. As she returned she removed her hairband, letting her rich golden hair tumble down her shoulders, fixing him with a sultry stare. The spill had accumulated in the middle of the table, and she realised she would have to bend over fully to reach it. She stretched her long, smooth legs appealingly, her heels together, showing off her shapely rear. She loved showing off to powerful, dominant men. She just about managed to reach—but the task became even harder when Roman began to rub his fingers around her pussy, and Allison had to quell the urge to just collapse on the table and surrender totally to her...Master. Instead, she sighed and whimpered, coquettishly raising a stocking-clad leg at the knee, her heel pointed upwards.

She heard him fiddling with his zipper behind her, and bit her lip in anticipation. Finally, a real man. She absent-mindedly wiped the table in circular motions, despite the cloth being clearly too soggy to be of any use anymore. She wiggled her derriere enticingly, glancing back over her shoulder. Maybe he needs a word of encouragement? ‘Ro- Master, your...slave is all hot and, and I need you to- ah!’ She gasped as he slid into her, and she melted into him, enveloping his shaft. She closed her eyes in bliss and rolled her hips to meet each thrust, sighing in delight.

‘Morning Vanessa. Are you just going to stand there?’

Allison opened her eyes and saw Vanessa in the doorway. She was wearing the same, ludicrously short dress that Allison was, not the boring old maid’s uniform she had worn yesterday. She was gently stroking her pussy with her hand.

‘Good morning, Roman. I hope you’re enjoying your breakfast.’ She walked over to him and he captured her in a long, wet kiss, snaking his hand between her thighs.

‘Mmh, yeah. She’s quite, uh, something. I bet you can’t wait to get a taste, huh?’

Vanessa licked her lips. ‘She looks delicious.’

Allison steadied herself on the table, the rhythmic pounding becoming more intense. Her breasts lurched back and forth, the black lace barely keeping them together. She looked up at Vanessa coyly. ‘Uh, I’m s-sorry about last, last night, Vanessa. Roman made it all make, oh, sense. You’re just so, mmm, beautiful, and I didn’t...I was just jealous…’

‘Oh Allison, there’s no need to apologise. Here,’ she said, taking the cloth and wringing it out in the sink. ‘Let me help you with that.’ She wiped the table spotless, and then swung herself onto the table, spreading her creamy thighs apart. ‘Mmm’ she sighed, plunging her fingers into her glistening cunt. ‘You guys have got me all horny.’

Allison was rather taken aback by finding herself face to face with another naked woman, something she realised she’d never done up until this day. Well—of course—I’m not a lesbian, but as long as Roman’s happy, th-

‘Allison, I don’t think it’s, mmh, fair that Vanessa is missing out. Why don’t you, ah, show her how...sorry you are?’

‘Of course, Sir.’ Allison replied breathlessly. ‘Anything’

‘God, uh, and doesn’t licking her pussy seem like way that?’ He grunted.

‘ yes, of course.’ Without think she knelt down and began suckling on Vanessa’s clitoris. It was nice, but it was even nicer to submit. And this wasn’t so bad, She felt so happy—it made so much sense to just agree with him. He is sooo right. It’s only fair that I repay Vanessa for being such a bitch. Nothing feels better, mmm… She hoped she was pleasing them, and if Roman’s heavy breathing and Vanessa’s delicate gasps were anything to go by, she was. I could stay like this forever…

‘Oh Allison, that feels wonderful, oh…’ Vanessa bucked her hips into Allison’s face, enjoying the electric thrills as her tongue ran through her pink folds.

Roman’s thrusting became more frantic and his gasps more shallow, ‘Oh, oh man, Allison you—mmm, you, oh, sexy beast.’ He reached round to fondle her tits through the thin material, Allison squealing in response.

‘Oh yes, M-Master, are you gonna come in my, oh, my hole, just- oh yes! I’m your slave, yes yes, your horny sexy maid, feels so, so good!’ she gushed, before Vanessa pushed her head back between her thighs, muffling her enthused cries.

Roman grunted, seeing stars as he spurted his seed into Allison’s silky depths. She squirmed in joy, milking his cock, bucking with her own quivering orgasm.

‘Yes, yes, oh, feels so good!’ She collapsed on the table, sweaty and breathless, as his softening member slid out of her honeypot, leaking cum, now dripping down her thigh.

‘Vanessa, I think my slave here needs to be cleaned up. You wouldn’t mind doing that for me, would you?’

Vanessa giggled, sliding her legs off the table, and dove her tongue right into Allison’s snatch, who suddenly realised how much she had always wanted to be eaten out by a woman.

‘Oh my God, Vanessa! This is- this is, oh, soooo wonderful. I’m in heaven. Yes, yes yes!’

A loud buzzer rang through the room. ‘One second,’ Roman said to his girls, before leaving the room. He went to the front door, and pressed the buzzer. ‘Yes? Is this Rosie?’

‘Hi Master, I’m back! The negotiations went sooo smoothly, I managed to secure a fantastic deal—oh you’re going to be soooo pleased with me, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!’

Roman grinned.