The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Ror-Ex

Author: BedHead

Chapter 4: Revolution

Gauri could only sit, pinned by the seatbelt and her immobile body, as Sally carefully drove through light traffic to a building on the outskirts of town. It was a tall, imposing building—was this Ror-Ex? She had never been there, though she had heard of others who had, like Sally and Helen. She tried to spot a logo, but being unable to move her head made this extremely difficult.

Sally’s VW drove into an underground parking area, and made a turn down a narrow avenue to where a rolled-down shutter blocked the route. Gauri heard a beep as Sally apparently swiped a card on the reader, and the shutter rose to allow them to proceed.

The car stopped in a small parking spot, facing an anonymous concrete wall. Now what?

Internally Gauri’s mind was running at a hundred miles an hour. No-one was going to miss her until the morning after next, since she had arranged to work at home tomorrow to address some admin tasks. Where was her phone? In her purse. The purse dangled tantalizingly at her side, only a few inches from her fingers, but the complete lack of muscle control meant it might as well have been a mile away.

What was Sally up to? Kidnapping somebody didn’t seem at all like her. Who was the other woman? And what did they want with an impoverished software tester? She doubted that her family in Hyderabad would be able to pay much of a ransom.

The passenger door opened, and she was vaguely aware of blue-suited figures leaning over to unbuckle her and move her floppy body out, placing her on a cart.

Sally was there, gracefully kneeling to take Gauri’s purse and remove it from her body. She slipped it in some kind of metal mesh bag.

The woman who had injected her was there too, bending to take Gauri’s pulse and look into her eyes. “A bit more, I think,” she muttered. Gauri felt another sting in her neck, and the paralysis strengthened. The woman stood up.

“Take her to Conversion.” At her command the blue-suited figures pulled Gauri’s cart along the sidewalk and into what looked like a freight elevator.

Gauri tried to look around as the elevator descended, but there were no clues to where she was or where she was going. The blue-suited figures were impassive in mien, with none taking any apparent interest in her. No doubt they believed, correctly, that Gauri wasn’t going to do anything surprising.

When the elevator door opened, after a long while, it was to a white-tiled corridor. The cart trundled down the corridor for what felt like a long time before being pulled to the side into a small room.

A couple of green-suited women with kind faces were there, and bent down to undress Gauri. Their hands were gentle, but firm in tugging off her going-out clothes, and her underwear. Their final act was to delicately remove Gauri’s earrings; of all the indignities, and against all reason, this bothered her the most.

“Up on the table.” The blue-suited figures scooped their hands under Gauri and lifted her onto a gurney in the middle of the room. Her head lolled to the side, out of her control.

“Thank you. You may go.” The older of the two women dismissed her escorts, closing the door behind them. She turned back to inspect Gauri.

“What a good body; very well-toned. You clearly take care of yourself. You are a fine choice.”

Choice? Choice for what? Gauri didn’t like the sound of that.

“It’s a shame about having to remove your hair. I wish mine had as much bounce as yours.” There was the buzz of clippers, and Gauri felt the younger woman running them over her scalp. Her hair was thick, so it took a while before the woman was done, and started to vacuum away the loose hair. She then moved down to Gauri’s pubic mound with a smaller set of clippers, and did the same. The vibration was on the edge of making Gauri horny, but the rest of the environment quickly squelched that feeling.

“We will infuse a depilatory drug soon, along with the others, but this just makes the shed hair manageable,” explained the older woman. She pulled over a trolley containing a number of sterile packages, and donned fresh gloves and a surgical mask. “We need to put your lines in now. I’m afraid this will be a little painful, they are quite big cannulas.”

Gauri managed a soft moan as first one arm then the other received a large needle and then a plastic port plumbed into the vein and securely taped in place. The women then spread her legs apart, and Gauri felt something cold being pushed inside her sex, then catheters going into her urethra and up her butt.

“You’re going to be in the tank for a while,” the older woman explained.

“No getting out to go to the bathroom!” the younger woman giggled from behind her mask, inflating the last cuff.

“All right, I think that’s it.” The older woman stood back to check. “Let’s go.” They fastened a couple of straps across Gauri to steady her on the gurney, and pushed it through to the next room.

This room was large, dark and warm. Gauri couldn’t see very much from the position of her head, but she heard bubbling noises, and periodic beeps from somewhere.

The gurney stopped, and Gauri heard a whirring. A harness was moving along a track in the ceiling until it was positioned almost directly above her, then lowered down. Various wires and tubes hung from it, and the women busied themselves attaching them to the sockets and tubes in Gauri. Several electrodes went across Gauri’s chest.

“Starting the sedative infusion.” The older woman was inspecting a monitor screen nearby; apparently satisfied, she came over to look into Gauri’s eyes.

“Think of this as a greenhouse, Gauri. Your body is like a beautiful plant we are cultivating. We’re going to put you to sleep soon, and while you dream our dreams your body is going to be fed, and grow.”

Someone placed a full-face mask over Gauri’s head, ensuring it was well-sealed around her neck. She almost panicked, being afraid of small spaces, but the cool air flowing in to the mask helped her control herself.

She could feel straps being passed underneath her. Sensations were starting to return to the edge of her fingers, but the rest of her body still felt like a bag of wet cement.

Whatever they were putting in her arms was taking effect; she was getting sleepy. As the straps tightened underneath her to take her weight, and lifted her off the gurney, she was aware but finding it very hard to care about anything.

There was a pause, then the sensation of being lowered. Her lower body touched warm water, and she was slowly submersed. It was so well-tuned to her body temperature that she could quickly forget it was even there. There was no pressure on any part of her body any more, she was just floating.

The older woman’s voice came through headphones in the mask. “You see Gauri, everything is going to be all right. Sleep, and dream beautiful things. Dream how to serve Rori.”

Who was Rori? Gauri didn’t know, but couldn’t keep her eyes open any more. A relaxing hum came through the headphones, and soon she was asleep.

* * *

Helen entered the tank room, directed by Ro. It was dark and warm in here, and she was starting to perspire so slipped off her jacket.

Around the walls of the room were a number of tanks, not dissimilar to aquarium tanks. These, however, were bigger—nearly eight feet long, and three feet high. Within many of them were floating human bodies, heads covered by masks, with various wires and tubes connecting them to systems outside the tanks. Each tank had a monitor, apparently reporting on the status of its occupant.

One monitor flashed at her, and Helen walked over to see what it was. On the screen was an inset window containing Rori’s avatar. The avatar spoke.

“Hello, Helen. This is where I am making the next evolution of my hive servants.”

“What are you doing to them?” Helen asked, fearful.

“The female mind is almost ideal for my purposes; well aligned with my ability to influence and control. The male mind is more primitive, brutish, prone to go mad. Therefore, most of my servants are women, but I cannot deny that men are physically stronger—and unfortunately there are times when there is no substitute for strength. This is where I address the imbalance. It took much experimentation, but now I have a reliable process.

“Do you recognize this future servant?” Rori asked.

Helen bent to look at the monitor. A name was displayed along the bottom, and she gasped when she read it. “Gauri! So this is why you took her.”

“She is an ideal starting point; in good physical condition, well-muscled, and with an acceptable mind. Over the next month we will infuse steroids and other substances to cause accelerated muscle and bone growth. By the end of that time, she will have strength and physique matched by few others, male or female.

“Of course, there is a high risk of psychosis from the steroids doing this normally, but my ability to manipulate the frontal lobe of the brain with my implants will ensure that the body remains very controllable. Of course, Gauri as you know her will by then be gone.

“But perhaps you feel that this is inhumane, Helen?”

“You know I do,” Helen snarled.

“Very well. I will allow you a choice.”

The touchscreen monitor display cleared, replaced by only two virtual buttons, one pink and one red: “PLEASURE” and “EUTHANIZE”.

“Which will you give her, Helen? A half hour of sexual and mental stimulation, or the sweet release of death?”

Helen hesitated. “This is a trick.”

“It is no trick, Helen. Ro is not controlling or hindering your actions. It is a completely free choice. What do you want for your friend Gauri? And she is still Gauri; I have not yet lobotomized her.”

“You don’t want her dead. You won’t let me.”

“I do not want her dead, I agree. It would be a waste. But I will not stop you, if that is what you want. If that is what you feel is best. If that is what you can do.”

Helen’s hand hovered over the screen for a long time. Then she stabbed at a button, and turned away with a sob.

“Gauri will thank you.” The sound of moans of soporific pleasure came from the monitor as Rori displayed Gauri’s face, smiling with closed eyes, on the monitor which also now displayed a 30 minute timer for “PLEASURE CYCLE”.

“Let us go back.” Ro directed Helen out of the tank room.

* * *

Helen was back in the green room with Ro. Ro didn’t seem inclined to talk, this time; she was clearly waiting for something.

Finally a door opened from nowhere and in came.... Ro? The figure seemed identical to the Ro who was already sitting in the room. Looking more closely, though, the new arrival’s eyes were different—her pupils were wide, and a tiny but fierce yellow fire burned in the center of each of them.

“You’re Rori.” It wasn’t a question.

“I am Rori. I am the first Rori.”

“Why are you here?”

“I have been observing your mind for the past two months, Helen, while Ro guided you. It is a good mind, and has been useful to me. But it is different from the minds of the others I share, in important ways.

“For many years now, I have not had a body. Now it is time to take one. I will still be Rori, I will still connect with my alter egos and AIs as I need to. But now I will also be Helen.

“I’m not sharing my body with you, you manipulative evil bitch.”

“I agree,” Rori replied emotionlessly. “Your ego will stay here, in this room. Ro will visit you from time to time, and I will allow you to share some of my perception as Helen, but your body will be all mine. I have missed many of the human pleasures, despite having others much greater in scope. Now is the time to enjoy them, and increase my understanding of the world.”

“You’re just keeping me here—forever?”

“Perhaps,” said Rori serenely. “Perhaps I might eventually tire of your body, or it might deteriorate with age and I would look for another, or perhaps your ego will be driven mad and you, as you know yourself, will be gone. I do not yet know which.”

She turned to go, the door re-appearing. Ro followed her. Helen strained to follow them, but her virtual body remained immobile.

“Au revoir, Helen. Thank you for your body.”

Then they were gone, and Helen was alone.

* * *

Consuela looked up as the apartment door was unlocked. Helen entered, hanging up her jacket.

“Hello, Consuela. How was your day?”

“Good, thank you Miss Helen.” She paused. Helen was smiling in a way that Consuela hadn’t seen before.

“What’s for dinner? And how are my kids?”

In the green room, Helen watched through Rori’s eyes, and wept in fear.