The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Rose of Forgetfulness

part 4

They crashed through the front door of Rose’s apartment and danced off their clothes in half-drunken revelry. Rose could only awkwardly aim their bouncing off counters, walls and chairs into her bedroom, trying not to scatter purses and dishes and furniture, joyful and singing all the way. They alighted on the bed and let their eager hands caress everything and gasping with pleasure in response. Catherine’s mouth became a bottomless well of kisses. They rolled back and forth on the bed until Catherine was on top of her, giggling, looking ferocious, desire filling her every breath, staring deep into Rose. Rose reached up to undo Catherine’s hair and Catherine helped her, working together to cast all modesty and hesitation aside; and then rolled with her again until it was Catherine on her back, her hair wild across the pillows. Catherine laughed and giggled and sighed and relaxed and pulled Rose eagerly into her. Then Rose let go and enjoyed not thinking about anything but Catherine; and she thought about her for a long, long time.

* * *

Rose woke up in the darkness of the night. Where there should have been a woman next to her, there was a mess of cooling sheets. Catherine was gone.

Rose didn’t move, half-awake with a worried tightness in her chest. But when she heard sounds from the bathroom she relaxed again. Catherine creeped quietly and slipped back into bed, slowly wrapping her body around Rose, fitting her face under Rose’s as they lay facing each other. Her skin smelled so good. Catherine hummed in contentment, and as Rose felt the soft fuzz on the back of Catherine’s neck against her, she hummed too. She squeezed Catherine closer and they fell back to sleep.

* * *

Rose woke up again. Catherine was deep asleep, warm and heavy and relaxed. Without thinking she moved her mouth to Catherine’s ear and with barely a breath, whispered. Without thinking she listened to the tempo of Catherine’s breaths and felt Catherine’s soft undulations as she breathed. She whispered again in the silent darkness, listening and feeling. So softly into her ear that even if Catherine were awake she wouldn’t understand every word. But Catherine was wide asleep. After several tests of the depth and truth of Catherine’s sleep, Rose without thinking began to speak in the same whispering voice the words that appeared in her mind.

* * *

Day 39

When Rose cracked her eyes there was sunlight peeking through the curtains. She felt fantastic. They were still facing each other, Catherine deep asleep. Their arms and legs were so tangled she couldn’t help but wake her, so Rose kissed Catherine’s face and pulled her body out from the love-knot they made until they were untangled, and got up. Catherine shifted and sighed but didn’t open her eyes. Wearing a fetching bed-head look and nothing else, Rose stretched and yawned and walked into the kitchen and pulled open wide its window curtains, letting the dewy morning in.

The first thing she noticed were that there were strange smells in a strange room as she slowly opened her eyes. It was that incoherent moment between consciousness and memory awakening. Rose’s sheets were silky and felt electric on her skin as she wiggled around. Catherine hadn’t lived this way in years... decades. Whiffs of breakfast and the jostle of dishes snuck in through the cracks of the bedroom door.

“Hey, you! Good morning!” Rose hopped up from the table and rushed to throw herself around Catherine, laughing. Catherine instinctively pulled her closer and smiled. “Mmmm... darling. Good morning to you... but, Rose...” and she noticed how bright it was “...look, the curtains are open. Everyone can see us!”

“Let them see us!” Rose laughed. “Let them want what they can’t have!” And she put both arms on Catherine’s shoulders and kissed her again. Catherine kissed her back... then got a towel from the bathroom and wrapped it around herself anyway. One step at a time.

She walked to the table and looked closer at the dreamlike pencil and charcoal looseleaf papers Rose had been working on, next to the eggs and fruit. “These drawing are haunting. What are they of?”

“I don’t know, to be honest. I think I have an over-active imagination. Like broken pieces out of fairy tales. I don’t know where I get my inspiration!”

Catherine turned to her sketchbook. Several pages, one after another, of the same landscape; of a beach, of a boat, and a cliffside. Every sketch becoming more detailed, more real. Each subsequent sketch brought more details than the last; here a tree, there a small building.

“This is very different than your other work. What’s this about?”

“Honestly... I don’t know either! It’s been in my mind a lot recently.” She wanted suddenly to keep sketching on it again. Rose picked up the pencil, looked long at it, then over to Catherine... and laughed happily. She took Catherine in her arms again.

“Oh Rose...” Catherine nuzzled into Rose’s neck “...mmm...” and her whole body tingled at Rose’s embrace “ seem so happy!”

“Oh Catherine I am happy. I just can’t believe everything that’s happened! I love working in fashion and I love working with you...” and Rose gathered Catherine closer... “and I love being with you.” And kissed her passionately while pulling her waist into hers. Catherine couldn’t help but be moved.

“I... love it too, Rose!” Because she did.

Day 64

Today was the first day they walked in together and now everybody was finally allowed to know.

Of course, everybody had always known.

Rose and Catherine’s romance had progressed, despite her natural caution, much faster than Catherine intended. Rose was just so eager, so present; Catherine couldn’t help but wanting more. Rose gave herself so recklessly it intoxicated and in some small way even frightened her. Her growing desire for Rose made her feel unexpectedly vulnerable after being alone for so long.

Rose and Catherine walked together past everyone on the second and third floors, each holding a drink of their choice, chatting and letting everyone see. Catherine insisted this be the way they make their relationship public. Not a walk of resignation but of coronation. When they reached Rose’s office space and in front of everyone Catherine turned and clasped Rose firmly, leaned up and kissed her full on the lips. Rose kissed her back eagerly and without hesitation, her whole body leaning into Catherine’s. But when Catherine pulled away her body betrayed her composure with a slight tremble and a momentary flash of embarrassment, and her eyes softened as Rose smiled into them. She tried to sneak out a very quiet sigh. Suddenly her eyes flashed and with executive confidence turned and imperiously walked away.

Madeleine and Isabel were already in the office, gathered around the conference table spread with dozens of sketches and photos.

“Good morning, dear! How are you and Catherine today?” Madeleine smiled, discretion and propriety an inheritance she cultivated with pride. She was also pleased Rose had ever so slightly toned down her sex appeal, idly drifting towards respectability than speeding away from it.

Isabel tried to ignore Rose most days, simmering with disapproval at Rose’s presence. But while Isabel had been cool before, now she was icy. She handed Rose the catalog she had been working on the last few weeks.

Look at all the typographic and layout errors in this.” Biting her tongue with every word. “Please fix the redlined problems today, Rose. The deadlines for the fall shows are approaching and we don’t even have a catalog yet. I’m... sorry...” she said in her best sorry-not-sorry voice “that I need to be direct but we can’t have any more mistakes. Please, Rose.”

“Oh Isabel I’m so sorry, I promise that...” but Isabel had already turned her back and walked away. Madeleine sauntered to her and leaned in.

“Rose, don’t let Catherine or I down! You will have to earn Isabel’s respect in other ways than with us, you understand. I know you can do better!” And she winked and left her side.

Rose wanted to do better. She threw herself even more than usual into her work today.

Isabel and Madeleine did not see eye to eye about Catherine hiring her for those reasons, but both of them agreed Rose genuinely toiled with a single-minded dedication that couldn’t be faulted. And while Isabel pretended to be immune to Rose’s charms she stared like everyone else when she walked away. She well understood why Catherine hired her and that just made it so much worse.

Rose was surprised at the intensity and change of pace of working in the fashion industry. There were always things to do and keep up with running a coffee shop, a flock of petty problems and technical and personal difficulties to overcome every day; but not much long term planning. People always showed up for coffee and on some level, a bean was a bean was a bean. Not so with fashion.

Fashion was about being judged. About having it or not. And like everything creative finding “it” came in ebbs and flows and not a little luck. Sometimes days were easy with laughter and long lunches and some days everyone stayed long past midnight. And she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Rose worked without a break for hours until every problem Isabel identified had been corrected and improved.

Isabel was... “This is... tolerable. Thank you Rose.” ... actually impressed but certainly not going let Rose get the satisfaction of seeing her pleased.

“Oh, Rose, could you take these downstairs to Emily?” Madeleine handed Rose a stack of dresses. “She’s still working on the last of the fall line.” Rose gathered them and left and Isabel couldn’t help but stare. Oh, she understood Catherine completely about Rose. About Rose... Isabel caught herself rubbing her thighs together. Damn that woman.

* * *

There had been a predictable tension between Emily and Rose. Emily had been the only woman in Catherine’s life for a long time and when Rose started dating Catherine, Emily showed hints of jealousy. Yet at times, like a female goddess that smiled or frowned to the unknowable tempo of her own seasons, sometimes Emily seemed happy that Rose was there for her mother and even seemed to like Rose herself.

But not today.

Rose walked past the sewing floor into a side room reconfigured into a photography set. Green screen and white screen side by side. Photographers, seamstresses, assistants all running around. And at at the center of everyone’s attention was Emily.

Emily’s hair was long and thick and stylishly done. Her skin was flawless and tanned, her body was to die for, and her eyes enticingly bright. She was a study in Coachella ideals. But it was her mannerisms and personality that pushed her right into the volcano. The way her body language effortlessly pirouetted and danced to the moods which guided her daily performances and accentuated her natural attractiveness made her irresistible.

Emily wasn’t beautiful like cracked vases in museums or moldy fruit in old paintings; she was hot. Painfully, achingly hot. So hot famines and droughts followed in her wake. It’s why she already had hundreds of thousands of followers on social media after just more than a year and why, with her already well developed sense of style, even the most mundane activities she posted would receive tens of thousands of likes from an increasingly obsessed and growing fan base.

For all these reasons Catherine wanted to use Emily to model her line of clothes. Catherine knew that not only did Emily make the camera jealous but her fans would be eager to buy the brands she wore—her brands.

She had it, she knew it, and she loved it. And so did her growing audience. Girls would cry to meet her, boys would hide before her, men would kill to sleep with her, and women would do anything to be like her... or be with her.

Anything to be with her.

But today Emily was an uneager model and fidgeted and shifted her weight in ways that inconvenienced and annoyed her dressers. She stopped fidgeting to stare however when Rose walked into the room.

“Hi Emily! Madeleine wanted to bring you these additional dresses for your current shoot.”

“Oh, hello Rose! I’ll take those.” And an assistant swept them aside.

Emily said nothing, her eyes like a humid summer’s day, simmering with the potential for storms.

“Anyway... nice to see you Emily, Catherine says that....”

“MOTHER says that” Emily interjected. “It’s so weird hearing her called by her first name.”

Rose blinked. “I’m sorry if I said something wrong...”

“You’re not SAYING something wrong you’re DOING something wrong.” Emily stepped forward and stared at Rose. Almost daring her. The room grew silent and everyone stopped.

“Please, Emily, we have a lot of clothes to get through today... if you wouldn’t mind...”

“UGH fine.” She rolled her eyes. “Look, I’m sorry Rose. Ok?” And she batted her eyelashes.

Rose felt the best thing to do was let Emily win this ... whatever it was she was doing. “I am too Emily. I’ll see you around.” And quickly walked out, wondering why she was suddenly so unpleasant. Perhaps when you’re a drop dead gorgeous 21 year old college dropout, emotions run high?

Emily watched her with coiled, cat-like glances until she was out of sight. A couple of Emily’s friends were nearby, laughing at Emily and waiting for her to finish so they could take her out.

“Wow your mom’s girl toy is hot as fuck, Em. Almost as hot as you!” she laughed.

“Screw you guys I do not have to like that woman! My mother is an adult but that does not mean she always makes good choices. Something about her creeps me out. I stalked her on social media last night and she has nothing online. Not one post. It’s so weird. She’s not that much older than me, she should have something.”

“She seems genuine to me, Em.”

“She’s hiding something! And I’m going to figure out what it is.”

“She’s hiding from stalkers like you!”

“Screw—you—guys!” And everybody laughed.

* * *

Day -94

Sophie and Ellie were waiting in the garage. Sophie was naked and kneeling. Her eyes glistened. Occasionally they would pulse on their own. Ellie petted Sophie’s thick chestnut hair, luxurious curls falling like a hundred rainbows around her neck and shoulders, unkempt after days of neglect. She was still very beautiful, very shapely, a body full of desires, a body to be desired.

Sophie was kneeling and naked in the garage because Ellie told her to remove her clothes and wait with her in the garage, and so she did. She did so without thinking, because Ellie controlled her. Because Ellie controlled her mind.

Sophie’s mind belonged to Ellie and Ellie hypnotized her mind every day, very deeply, because it was hers. To use and change however Ellie wanted. Sophie wholly accepted this. However Ellie used her mind was right. Sophie’s mind, in the fleeting moments it grew aware of itself again, only yearned to be returned to trance and be hypnotized more deeply by Ellie. Ellie would sometimes keep her in hypnosis for a long time, reinforcing her programming over and over. She loved whatever Ellie did to her. She wanted to submit, wanted her mind to think whatever Ellie wanted it to think. Wanted her mind to do exactly what it was told to do. Told to do by Ellie.

Every day, the same routine. She waited for Ellie to return to her on her bed, naked and passive. Ellie put her in the deepest of trances, hypnotized her in the deepest of ways. So much deeper than she ever could have imagined when she let Ellie first hypnotize her. Ellie taking more and more from her, an endless spiral, a wonderful dance, Ellie taking so much and Sophie giving so much, a dance of hypnosis that Sophie couldn’t even imagine escaping; and then stopped being able to imagine; and then stopped thinking entirely.

Once vivacious and outgoing, Sophie now looked up doe-like at Ellie to decide everything. She had a promising career before but that was gone. Now her only job was to submit as Ellie hypnotized her over and over and over. They had met less than a year ago in a whirlwind romance that swept Sophie off her feet. And now she was waiting in her garage, naked on her knees.

Recently Ellie had taken Sophie deeper than ever before, leaving Sophie’s mind a glassy pond, only reflecting the images cast upon it, only those images Ellie told her mind to reflect. Sophie was so happy to obey. So happy to feel her mind only reflect, only respond, never create or question, never be aware, just submit endlessly and obey.

She was so glad Ellie did this to her. Everything that she was, she gave to Ellie. She belonged to Ellie. It was so wonderful.

The garage door opened.

A white service van pulled in. On top was a yellow construction ladder and on the sides were the marquees of some kind of service company. The van looked clean and new. There were no windows on the sides or back. The garage door closed. It was very close to Ellie and Sophie now, very loud. Exhaust began to fill the room. They remained still. The engine cut out and the back doors of the van opened from the inside.

The interior of the van was dimly lit. Three women stepped out.

At the front was an attractive, small and slender woman with thin lips with too-red lipstick, high cheekbones, pale skin and large, piercing grey eyes. Her coffee dark hair was gathered up but enough strands escaped to make her look almost artfully disheveled. Her dark clothing was an idiosyncratic mix of business fascist and soho fashionista. Her face gleamed like a devilish pixie, full of passionate intelligence and kaleidoscopic emotions and wearing an expression of maniacal potentiality.

The other two women were drab and grey and shapeless, middle aged and unremarkable other than looking above average in size and weight and having faces that had forgotten how to smile.

In the center of the van was a large box. The drab women began fussing with the box, pulling open its lid and moving around the bits and pieces within. Ellie caught sight of things in the box that looked like wires, restraints, padding and harnesses. It looked large enough for a person... for a woman. The slender woman with too-red lipstick looked at Sophie and Ellie and smiled.

“Such a delicious little lamb; and here is the shepherd patiently waiting for the wolves.” Her surprisingly sing-song voice was higher pitched and more animated than belied the meaning of her words. Suddenly she frowned and looked down.

“Oh, Ellie, it has been a long time!” And then her face brightened again, and she skipped to Ellie’s side, took her by the hands and started to spin her around. “Do you remember me Ellie? Of course you don’t. You are still so sexy!” and she laughed and spun them both around and around. Then she stopped spinning and gathered her close, putting her hand to Ellie’s face. Her face twisted into a strange mixture of joy and sadness. “Do you remember me Ellie? I hope you don’t...”

Ellie seemed lost and astonished. “Remember... you?”

“Shh... Ellie. Shh. You remember my voice, don’t you?” And she wrapped her head around to Ellie’s ear. “Shh... hear my voice. Yes. Listen, Ellie. Listen.”

Ellie listened... and trembled. The woman whispered even softer.

“Good girl. Listen. You hear me often. You know. Feel my voice in your mind and know. I brought you here, didn’t I? Listen. Let me in now Ellie. Listen.”

Suddenly she sighed. “Oohh...”

“Good girl. Now stand here and don’t speak while I talk with Sophie.”

The Controller left Ellie stunned and walked to face Sophie. She was still staring ahead, breathing hard.

“But aren’t you absolutely stunning Sophie! You’re such a catch and now you’re caught and I’m so sorry about that. Can you look at me Sophie?”

Sophie turned to look at her. The Controller, still standing, leaned a bit lower.

“There you are. Sophie, may I touch you? I’ll be so gentle. Don’t be afraid.” Her face an image of childlike innocence with large, questioning eyes.

“...yes?...” Sophie said, confusedly.

“Thank you so much!” and she reached up and gingerly touched Sophie’s face. “I want you to feel so good Sophie. Always. Nothing should ever hurt. Never.” And began to glide her fingers along shoulders.

“You were chosen, Sophie, long ago and not by me... Ellie has already taken you so far and together you and I are going to finish what she’s started.” The woman seemed to talk lower, softer, as she caressed Sophie gingerly and tussled her hair in a motherly way.

“I use to try and stop it Sophie but nothing I did worked. I couldn’t! I’m so sorry.” And she gave hard eyes to the women behind her.

“If its going to happen no matter what I do than I want it done my way. Oh, what they used to do with the women, oh god!” and she jolted up and grabbed her hair and suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs. “Aaah!” Tears were streaming down her face. She was trembling. She took out a cigarette and lit it, took a long drag, look up at the ceiling and tried to be alone for a brief moment in a full room. After calming herself, she looked down again. Sophie could only stare.

“Not that I would stop now!” and laughed with an off-kilter and desperate tone. “God damn me, I do love it. Not the end, though, Sophie, I swear, not the end! That isn’t up to me!” and she knelt by Sophie again and caressed her face.

Sophie seemed utterly astonished even in her state.


“Shh, Sophie, shh. I’m making a scene, telling you things you can’t understand. That you don’t need to understand. You don’t need to understand anything. Understanding is for other people now. Shh.” And she put her fingers to Sophie’s lips with apologetic eyes.

“But I promise Sophie, I promise it will never hurt, never, not for a second, not even the tiniest bit.” and she ran her hands up and down Sophie’s sides, to her waist back to her shoulders. “I want you to enjoy this journey Sophie, and you will so much. Don’t be surprised if I am very firm. But you will love that part too.” And she smiled a knowing grin.

“And I have already looked at and changed your mind a little Sophie. Forgive me for not telling you, but it had to be done that way. And I was... looking for something... something I lost a long time ago. I hoped it was in you. I always hope! It wasn’t, but that’s ok. You are special and perfect just the way you are.”

“Sophie, may I... kiss you? Just once?” Her hand was around Sophie’s neck, caressing her. “...yes?...” “Oh thank you Sophie. Here. Here...” and she ran her fingers across Sophie’s lips, with almost teenage giddiness and fascination, and then kissed her so tenderly and passionately that Sophie hummed. When she pulled away there were tears in her eyes again.

Suddenly her face became grey and stale and her voice became serious and businesslike and she stood up.

“Ellie, listen to me. Give Sophie to me now.”


Ellie turned to Sophie. She knelt beside her and brought Sophie’s face to her own. Sophie smiled when she saw Ellie, like she had forgotten where she was.

“sophie, look at the woman in front of you. look into her eyes. listen to her. submit to her. obey her. she will control you now. her desires are your desires. open your body to her. let her use you in every way. obey her as deeply as you obey me. she controls you now sophie.”

Ellie guided Sophie’s face to the direction of The Controller. Sophie looked into the woman’s eyes and shivered. Obeying Ellie’s command to obey another with all her body and mind. “...ooohhhh...” She slowly calmed, smoothed and relaxed as acceptance infected every pore and fiber, looking into the eyes of the strange woman who now controlled her.

Happiness blossomed across The Controller’s face as she watched Sophie’s response and listened to her sighs, her eyes twinkling and emotions roiling. “So deep and good, isn’t it? So natural and easy? I’m so glad to see such a beautiful woman receptive to the pleasure she needs, to the pleasure that owns her.”

“Look deeper into my eyes now Sophie. I’m going to touch you from now on without ever asking for your permission again. You know that is right don’t you? Do not resist.”

“...oohh... yess...” The Controller excitedly cupped her hands around Sophie’s face in response. Her smile became wolfish and her eyes flashed with a predatory gleam.

“Thank you. Good girl.” She kissed Sophie and then pulled back and stared with wide eyes, breathing hard.

“We’re going to finish your journey now Sophie. To make you into what you were always meant to be...” Her fingers began idly playing with Sophie’s lovely body. She looked at the van and Ellie. The drab women had finished preparing the box. Ellie was standing quiet and dazed, staring ahead.

“Ellie already is what she was meant to be.”