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Synopsis: She wants to talk about submission. Listen carefully.


(by S.B.)

Hello and welcome. I’m glad you could join me, today. I was wondering if we could talk for a bit, have a nice and quiet conversation about something that’s been on your mind for quite some time now. I’d like that very much and I have a feeling you’d like that too so... please... take a seat or lie down if you wish... get as comfortable as you possibly can and hear me out.

I’d like to talk to you about submission. Yes, that word, that feeling, one I’m sure you already knew it was coming because you heard its echo in the deepest recesses of your soul long before you started listening to my voice. You know what it means, of course... the desire, the longing to submit, to serve, to give in to the control of another and find pleasure through surrender. Thoughts of submission have accompanied you in one way or another through your life and, even though they’re there, whispering, muttering, humming its joyous melody, you continue to struggle with them every single day.

How am I doing so far? Have I touched a soft spot? Yes, I have, and you know it but that’s okay, because if those spots aren’t touched, how will you know for sure what they feel like, how will you acknowledge the worth they carry inside? There’s no shame in talking about things like these, bringing them out into the open. No, the real shame comes from avoiding the subject, dodging it, pretending it’s not really there.

That’s part of your struggle, isn’t it? You wonder if those feelings, those cravings you carry within are true or not. And you also wonder if there’s something wrong with you for having them in the first place. I’m here to assure you that it’s perfectly natural to have submissive needs and yes, yours are very real.

And how do I know this, I can already hear your curious mind ask. Well, the fact that you continue to listen to what I’m saying to you right now instead of simply ignoring me and going about your business is a sign that my words resonate with your desires and, by choosing to listen to them, you’re already allowing yourself to accept submission as a core part of who you are. This act of choice is very important for it is at the basis of everything that might happen from now on.

Of course, choosing to accept something as real and it being truly real are two different things, right? Or are they? Let us consider that pertinent philosophical question for a moment: what exactly does it mean to be real?

For some people, real things are tangible things, things that affect the environment all around in ways that are easily demonstrable, repeatable, predictable. Modern science as we know it takes this stance and runs with it, creating vast arrays of equations and principles that define the boundaries of what is considered fact and simple illusion.

For others, however, reality is in fact an expression of one’s belief. If you believe in something enough, that something is definitely real. Faith, religion and mysticism owe a lot to this basic tenet but so do feelings as a whole and, to me, life is much more interesting when feelings are allowed to bloom, for blooming is accepting as well, is giving permission for things to grow and become even more substantial with the passing of Time.

The debate concerning the nature of reality is, of course, far more complex than this, but I’ve chosen to keep things simple, for what’s simple is easier to understand, and what it’s easier to understand is easier to accept. I believe your feelings of submission are true and so do you, and this shared belief makes them even stronger. The more you believe in them, the stronger they become, and the stronger they become, the more you believe in them because they are true. Accept them for what they are, true manifestations of your self. Your submission has always been real because true things can’t be anything else than that.

And as you allow yourself to contemplate this simple truth blooming in your mind, you also realize that reality continues to manifest itself to you in something as trivial and powerful as what you’ve just experienced. You realize that the focus of your attention has shifted from the inner layers of fear you carry with you at all times into something external, yet also a part of you, something that, even though outside, is speaking to you from within you.

You already knew my voice was real from the moment we started talking but now, as you continue to listen to it more and more, as your focus narrows and its intensity expands, you feel as if my voice has always been there with you, guiding you, showing you the path of acceptance you’ve yearned for so long. My voice is as real as your desires, cementing them, but also giving them wings to fly. My voice is real, and you accept it as easily as you accept everything else now, in fact, becoming even easier for you to accept the reality it brings forth, the truth you’ve always known to exist.

Keep listening as if there’s nothing else all around. Let your reality and mine merge with each sound you hear and accept each syllable, each word and each sentence, without thinking. My voice is like the knob of an amplifier cranked up all the way to 11, capturing your thoughts as easily as it blocks everything else. Focus on me and your desire to submit and accept them both as the knob begins to turn, fading everything else.

11 is a pretty number, two 1s side by side like two people talking, sharing a common goal and accepting it, but 10 is even better because it has a 0 in it... 0 worries, 0 doubts, 0 chances to resist acceptance. It’s a very subtle shift in volume from 11 to 10, but you can hear its echo in my words as the knob continues to turn.

9, my fingers adjust it again ever so slightly, and your consciousness waves, a bit of clarity slipping away...

8, another touch, another shift, and a barely perceptible change taking place in the way everything feels... you find yourself even more focused, more aware of my voice, almost as if you’re slipping further away and choosing to go into trance...

7, all traces of background noise flutter and fade, replaced by the warmth of my words, gently lulling you into a half-dream where everything is desirable, everything is acceptable... my voice travels deeper with each number, your subconscious becoming eager to travel down with it...

6, you welcome and accept my words deeper inside, deeper and deeper, they hit you like a pebble hitting the water, causing spiralling ripples on its surface, before sinking to the bottom of the lake. Your subconscious is that lake and we’re going deep inside it now, deeper and deeper...

5, at the halfway point, your waking thoughts and the dreamscapes of your subconscious mind are becoming indistinct... my voice grows quieter, submerged, as you continue to sink deeply for me, more and more accepting of my suggestions, more and more accepting of the submission you yearn...

4, my words and your desires are one, and the feeling is peaceful, inviting and overwhelming. You become more and more relaxed, every fiber of your being unraveling in the acceptance of what’s happening, embracing it fully...

3, almost there now, your fantasies coming to life as I twist the knob further. The deeper you go, the clearer everything becomes. You’re already entranced and you accept it, going down, down, down...

2, let go even more, remembering the echoes you heard before, no worries, no doubts, nothing except the sound of my voice wrapping around your thoughts, almost ready to dissolve in it... my reality is your reality, my acceptance is your acceptance... fall, sink, submit...

1, this is it now, the final threshold, the point of no return. One more turn of the knob and everything will slip away, decline, disappear... you’ll float only inside my voice, accept only my words, submit and obey all of my instructions. It’s what you’ve always wanted, and it’s what you’re finally going to receive. Accept submission and sink into...

0, nothingness, blankness, a pure stream of bliss. Very good. You’ve allowed yourself to fall and, by doing so, you gave me the control to bring forth the submission you want. Your will is now but a fleeting impression of another life, one where you had doubts and fears and other meaningless sensations weighing you down but here, with me, in this wonderful floaty state of mind, there is only acceptance and the more you accept this, the deeper you continue to go.

Acceptance is a beautiful thing. Happiness can only exist with it and, since you’ve already embraced it within you, you can only become happier and happier. The more you accept submission, the more submissive you become, the more submissive you become, the more you continue to accept submission. This circle can only continue to grow, and it feels perfectly natural for you to allow it to grow even further.

Accepting submission strengthens submission, deepens submission, and not just when you’re entranced, for the truth you find within is the same you find elsewhere. The more you accept submission in your mind, the easier it is to accept submission in the outside world, in the way you act, the way you think... acceptance can only bring more acceptance, and that’s a good thing.

Still, because I know changes take time and are often hard to become effective, I’m going to help you accept your submission even more now, by giving it a shape, a form, something that’s easily graspable when you’re dealing with the realities outside trance. For that, I’m going to enlist the help of your imagination, one I’m sure it’s a prodigious one, one that revels in my words and knows exactly how to make them more vivid.

You’ve already admitted you want to submit, and your submission continues to grow with each word you hear, but that’s not enough. The old questions are sure to come back to haunt you sooner or later, making you doubt what you’re feeling right now, trying to make it all seem just a dream. Whar I’m about to create with you will keep them at bay, and reinforce the strength of your true desires so that they may never fail you when you need them.

As you drift there, deeper and deeper, more and more submissive, I want you to imagine what your submission would look like it if it were an object in the real world. It can be any object you want, any shape or size but, between big and small, small is probably the way to go, as smaller things are easier to carry around with you, easier to always be in your grasp.

Imagine this object, this small object, and visualize its color now. What color is it? Green? Blue? Red? Red is actually my favorite color. It would please me immensely if the object you chose turned out to be red, perhaps a shiny red, one that attracts light and easily reflects it, bouncing back and forth, back and forth... Red is also an exciting color, you know? It’s easy to feel the ecstasy growing and drop deeper thinking of red, and things become even easier to accept when they’re bathed in red.

Your object should also be precious, of course. Precious as in dear, and valuable, for it is the embodiment of your submission, and there’s nothing more valuable than that to you. Hmmm, small, red and precious, perhaps shining into your eyes every time you look at it, and shining into your thoughts whenever it comes to mind... I wonder what such an object could be...Are you thinking about a ruby right now? I think you are. You are thinking about a ruby and that is an excellent choice because it reminds you of me, and the way my voice slips into the core of your very being, making you tingle with such wondrous excitement at the prospect of accepting submission, deepening submission, becoming more and more submissive... submissive to me.

If your submission were an object, something you could easily touch and clutch in the palm of your hand, it would be a ruby, and this makes perfect sense. Ruby has brought you here, to this wonderful place of peace and relaxation, to this sanctuary of blissful dreams and deeper meanings. You’ve already accepted this object as an extension of what you’re feeling. A physical proof of what you want is something you accept effortlessly as well. Your submission is a ruby, one that is deep red through and through, one that becomes you.

See the gem glowing in your mind, your yearnings flowing into it, making it shine even more. All your senses are focused on it, all that you are basks in its reflections. This ruby is freedom given shape, freedom to be who you want to be, freedom to accept being this way, freedom to continue accepting everything I tell you.

From now on, every time you think of the submission you crave, the submission you so desperately want, you’ll see the ruby in your mind. Whether awake or dreaming, or simply during a brief moment of respite when you close your eyes for a bit, it will be there, irradiating its warm light, accepting you in the same way you accept it. This is what is going to happen, and it will happen automatically, instinctively, because it’s already part of who you are.

Also, from now on, whenever you see a ruby in the real world, whether live before you, in a picture or in a video, whenever you think about a ruby, or the word ruby crosses your lips, you’ll remember this joyous sensation you’re experiencing at this moment, you’ll remember the gift of submission that has been bestowed upon you, and you’ll remember me, who helped you come to terms with it, who helped you accept your submission.

This awareness, this remembrance will only become stronger with each invocation and the circle that’s being created right now will continue to expand. Both the ruby and your submission represent the same thing, which is why the thought of one will always bring about the thought of the other, each thought becoming more pronounced, each desire becoming more intense. It is what you want, what your fantasies have always been about, what you’ve accepted to be true, and what is true must always be so. You know it, I know it, and this is why it’s going to happen.

Even if you try to resist this thought, even if a part of you finds itself struggling with the idea of acceptance once again, it will just keep on growing, for the very notion of resistance itself already presupposes acceptance. In order to resist a desire to submit, the desire must be there, and if the desire is there, what’s the point of resisting? There isn’t one. Resistance is just a long way into acceptance, a detour if you like, but all paths lead the same way, down the red brick road into the ruby city where submission awaits. Come, let’s walk it together. Follow the sound of my voice and sink deeper...

And as you continue to drift, as you continue to enjoy the ecstatic jubilation the feelings of submission awaken in you, remember my words, commit them to memory, accept the ruby in your heart. This bliss is yours for as long as you want it to be so just flow with it until you’re ready to come back up and see the world anew through its shades of red. You’ve taken the first steps into accepting the life you’ve always wanted, the life that will bring you closer and closer to me so that you may learn to serve and grow in your submission, blooming from inside out, happy and content.

When you awaken, this feeling will linger, flooding your mind and your lips with the promise of an eternal smile, a smile that will help you cope with whatever tensions the outside world rains down on you, while longing to continue this beautiful journey into the depths of your self.

I’ve enjoyed our conversation greatly and I look forward to doing it again. I know I’m not the only one. Take care and have a wonderful day.