The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Ryan and Eric

Chapter 16: Final Acquisition

Eric’s heart swelled as he heard the door lock, and then footsteps draw near. “I’m very pleased, very pleased! Good boy! Good boys, both of you!

Ryan reached down and lifted Eric’s face to meet his gaze. “You understand now, don’t you boy? You understand everything?”

“I—I think so, Sir; yes, I do.”

Ryan had been preparing Eric for this moment the past few weeks; during several trances, Ryan explained to Eric his unique power, and the destiny that had brought Eric to him; he explained how it had been fated, since they were in high school, for Ryan to be Master, and Eric to be his boy; how, in high school, and this year of college, Ryan had asserted that rightful control; how in the past few months, he had brought Eric to a point where he could—and gladly would—reciprocate the desire his Master felt for him, in every way possible. When all that had been implanted, the last trigger phrase was designed to bring everything from his subconscious, to his conscious mind.

“It was meant to be, boy—this is what you were made for,” Ryan said, stroking Eric’s upturned face, staring into his shining eyes. “I hope you like the gift I gave you.”

Eric nodded toward his crotch—he thought Ryan meant the ring. Before he could speak, Ryan stopped him.

“Well, I’m glad you like that gift, too, boy—but I meant another gift. The gift I’ve given you over the past few months.”

Eric looked up, puzzled.

“You feel desire for me, don’t you boy? You didn’t used to. Lift up, just on your knees—there’s a good boy!” Ryan said, patting his puppy on his head. “Look at that, puppy,” he said, indicating Eric’s tented crotch. “Look at that! Look how happy my puppy is to see his Master!” Ryan scratched his boy behind his ears, and continued rubbing his head. His tone of voice shifted—he spoke as if to a pet.

“That’s my gift, boy! Before, you would have hung limp, unfeeling, for me, wouldn’t you boy, huh? Wouldn’t you boy? Yeah, that’s a good boy!” Ryan smiled, enjoying the sight of Eric’s cock thumping hard against the netting of his jockstrap. Eric, knowing his Master enjoyed what he saw, beamed with pride.

“See, boy—that’s also my gift, huh? Before, if you had gotten excited around me, you’d have been embarrassed—thought there was something wrong with that! But my puppy’s not embarrassed now, is he? Is he? No!

“Puppy Drew helped, didn’t he? Huh, didn’t he?” At this, Drew knew to draw up, on all fours, next to Eric. Ryan reached out and petted him, too. “And Puppy Eric likes Drew, doesn’t he? Hmmm?” That made Eric blush deeply. “Yeah, my puppy learned to like boys from puppy Drew—good puppies!

“And Master taught you too, didn’t he, boy?” Eric nodded vigorously. “Master taught you to like boys, not girls, right? And to want a Man—not a woman, didn’t he?” Eric nodded again. His eyes gazed up at his friend—his Master now—full of wonder.

“Now do you understand, boy? What my gift was?”

“Yes, Sir—oh, yes I do!

“Good boy! Good boy! Now, Drew is going to help us a little more—and he will be here to witness something very special—right boy? Something I did for you last year, huh boy? Yeah! Then, he’s going to leave you alone with your Master tonight—because, I think you know—this is a very special night for my boy!!

Eric blushed deeply now. He understood: Master knew he was a virgin—in fact, he’d helped ensure that he was. And now—tonight—that would all change…

Ryan read Eric’s thoughts on his face. “Yes, tonight my boy will know! Tonight he’ll know what no one else knows…

Eric’s eyes widened more—that’s when he realized it: Ryan had dominated Drew, Ryan had not taken—and enjoyed—him, as he would enjoy Eric tonight.

Ryan leaned close to Eric’s ear. He whispered: “That’s right, boy.” Ryan put his hand to the bulge in his pants—which Eric kept gazing at. “I’ve saved this for you—just for you—no one else.” He shifted back to a normal voice. “You’re my one-and-only, Eric—you always have been; and you always will.”

Ryan gestured for Eric to get back on all fours. “Wait here, boy.” With that, Ryan went out of sight, behind him. He heard the bathroom door shut.

A few minutes later, Ryan came back. He had changed from his street clothes, into pajamas that looked like silk—loose pants, and a long-tailed shirt, which lay open, exposing his beautiful chest. Eric marveled to see the weight of Ryan’s manhood laying heavily against the loose silky fabric—it was almost hard.

Eric’s heart pounded as Ryan moved near, only thin silk, and a few inches, separating the boy from his Master’s swelling Manhood.

“You want this, don’t you boy,” Ryan said, barely above a whisper. “You long for a Man—one Man, right boy?” Eric nodded. “You long for the flesh of Man, the embrace of Man, the love of your Man, don’t you boy? You need it; you hunger for it, oh—you have to have it, don’t you boy?”

Eric nodded vigorously, his eyes closed now because the feelings were so intense.

“But you need something else, too—don’t you? Huh boy? You could never love Me as an equal—because that’s not possible. What you needed was to submit—to be owned—so I could truly possess you. That’s what you needed; that’s how you need to be loved by a Man—not as a man—no, that’s not your place! That’s not right for you! No! But as a boy! My boy! My pet—my puppy! Oh yes, that’s it, isn’t it? Yes, boy, yes!”

Ryan was stroking his boy’s face as tears began to appear. “Oh, that’s a good boy, yes, my good boy!”

“You need to belong to me—you know that now! Totally, completely—and forever—don’t you, puppy? Oh, yes! And that’s why you haven’t been able to cum without my permission for months, isn’t it? That’s why it had to end with that girl—she couldn’t help you. That’s why I’ve changed you—it’s right that I did—of course, a Master is free to change his own property! Yes!

“That’s why I changed you, from wanting girls—you don’t want girls anymore, do you?” Eric shook his head hard. “You used to—remember?” Eric nodded. “But not anymore! I changed you! Hmmm!”

“And that’s what that ring on your boy-cock says, doesn’t it? Yes it does! It tells everyone the truth about you—about what you need—and where you belong!

“But there’s one more thing you need, don’t you puppy? Hmm, yes! You see it on the table, don’t you? Yes! You want it, don’t you boy? Good boy!”

Eric grew very excited as Ryan now reached for the collar, and brought it near. He held it before Eric, so he could see what the dog-bone-shaped tag said. On back: “Puppy Erik (heart) Master Ryan”; on the front: “Puppy Erik: Property of his Master Ryan Hyatt”

Eric beamed when he read the tag. It was perfect.

“You want it now, doncha boy! Huh? Yeah! Good boy!”

Ryan beamed at Eric, and stroked his boy some more; then he got solemn as he placed the open collar around his boy’s neck. Without haste, he pulled the collar closed, and snapped it in place. “Now, just one more thing.” With that, Ryan pulled something from his pocket. It was a small, golden padlock—which he now snapped onto the collar.

Tears streamed from Eric’s eyes, and he sobbed happily now. Master was right—this was what he’d needed all his life. He owed Master everything—how could he ever repay him. He loved Master so!

Chapter 17: Consummation

Ryan kept petting his boy, soothing him; Eric slowly finished crying. He did not notice Drew leave—but when he opened his eyes, he realized he was alone with Master.

“You see, boy, Drew actually belongs to another Master. I mastered him, yes—but I realized I didn’t want him. I wanted you. So I gave him away; I only borrowed him for tonight.”

With that, Ryan placed both hands on his boy’s face, and drew it to his crotch, so that the boy could feel his member heavy against his face. Eric’s eyes closed as he snuggled close. “You belong to It; and It belongs to you, now, boy.” Ryan was speaking very softly. He was becoming very aroused—Eric felt his Master’s Manhood stiffen, and rise to full glory behind the silk.

In his hypnotic training, Ryan had taught Eric all manner of terms to use to describe a Man’s body, and the love they would express—none of them common or crude. Now Ryan spoke to his boy in this fashion.

“You’re going to love my Manhood, my glory—aren’t you boy? Hmm? Yes, you love It already, don’t you? Oh, but you’re going to love It even more!

“You’re going to become very close to my Phallus—you’re going to meet Peter every day—every morning, aren’t you puppy? Let’s meet him now…”

With that, Ryan opened the drawstring of his pants, and let them drop. Eric gasped. He’d seen his buddy naked in the showers, but now, he saw his Master’s eight-incher in its full glory—and with the eyes of love—for the first time.

Ryan’s Member throbbed and bobbed in the air, inches from his boy’s face. He stepped closer, and it began to strike the boy’s face gently. Eric leaned in, letting his Master’s Glory rest against his face. He felt it calm down, then begin to droop, hanging down. The hood of his Master’s foreskin began to cover the glans again.

“Your Master had a couple of beers earlier—and now he needs to be rid of it. Will puppy help him?”

Eric’s eyes lit up with recognition. At last! At last!

Ryan reached down, and placed his fingers inside his boy’s mouth to open it. Then he gently placed his softening, but still engorged Member within his open mouth. A stroke on the chin led Eric to close his lips around the Phallus.

Eric waited—then it came. A trickle became a flood of hot fluid gushed into his mouth, forcing the boy to swallow rapidly. It was wine! Just as Master had said! The puppy greedily drank it all; and when the stream subsided, he began to suckle gently, coaxing the last drops.

After he had swallowed the last, the full realization hit him: he had a Man’s Cock in his mouth! He felt It’s power; he felt awe—a Man’s Life-giver…resting in his mouth.

“Get used to that, boy—mmm, yes, you’ll do that every day for me, from now on—aren’t you happy?” Eric looked up at Master; his wide eyes told him how deeply happy he was.

“That’s new, isn’t it—a Man filling your mouth. Mmm, yeah! Feel me growing again! Like that?”

As his Manhood stiffened fully, Ryan knew he had to pull it out, or else Eric would choke. “That’s all right. You’ll learn.”

Ryan let Eric enjoy the feeling of his Member throb in his mouth, then slowly withdrew it. He stepped back, out of his pajama bottoms, and removed the tops. He cupped his boy’s chin, indicating for him to rise.

He drew Eric to him, exploring his body with his hands. Eric closed his eyes, the feeling was so intense. Ryan’s hands cupped Eric’s bottom, then drew around to fondle his throbbing cock through the fabric of the jockstrap. “I know the jockstrap doesn’t fit with being a puppy,” Ryan whispered conspiratorially, “but I just love seeing you in it!” Eric beamed as his cock throbbed in his Master’s hand.

Suddenly, Ryan grabbed Eric’s shoulders, and pulled his face to his. He began to kiss him with an explosive passion. He drew him into an embrace; Eric gripped Ryan’s back, as Ryan’s ranged all over his boy’s head, neck, back and bottom. His tongue forced past Eric’s lips, and explored his mouth, finding, and jousting with his tongue.

Moaning, gasping, almost yelping with passion, they kissed—almost with violence. Ryan tore at his boy’s lips, his mouth, then moved to his face and his neck. As he kissed Eric, he led him to the bed.

Ryan lay Eric on the bed, face up, positioning him over the pillows already in place. Eric’s excitement mounted as he saw his Master kneel on the bed, at his feet; his Manhood vertical, smacking his abs; as Ryan lifted his boy’s legs to his shoulders…

Ryan reached down, and pulled off his boy’s supporter. “I want to see all of you, now, boy,” he growled. At last, Eric’s six-incher popped free, slapping hard against his belly. Ryan noted, approvingly, that his boy was fresh-shaved: his balls clean of all hair, his pubes trimmed close; his boyhole pink and clean.

It felt good for Eric to be naked before his Master. For the first time, he felt no shame, no embarrassment, at being naked for someone else to see. It wasn’t that he wasn’t still bashful—but with his Master, it was different. There was no need for shame or hiding. It all belonged to him, anyway—isn’t that what the gold ring now hugging his privates said?

Eric closed his eyes to savor the moment. There was a pause; then, Eric felt his Master’s fingers against his private place, pressing past the sphincter. Eric reddened as one, then two fingers probed and invaded; they were slick with something cool and wet. He felt his chute quickly warm and tingle, and his hole begin to wink with longing.

Ryan continued working on his Eric’s hole—it was cherry-tight, and he didn’t want to hurt his beloved boy. The lube he’d used was designed to relax the rectum.

Eric surrendered to the waves of pleasure this manipulation was causing. He leaned back and moaned as Ryan opened him with one hand, with the other, petted his tummy and played with the toy between his legs. Eric purred with pleasure.

Then Ryan withdrew his hand. Now, a moment of fear shook Eric’s calm as he realized what was coming. “Ssshhhh, be calm, puppy, don’t worry…it’ll be all right,” Master said, petting him.

Eric felt him press against his sphincter. “Push down, now, boy—push hard, as if you were emptying yourself. That’s it…” He felt something spreading his sphincter, invading, larger, larger, oh, ohhhh!

Eric reared his head back as Ryan began to enter him—it was too much, he couldn’t take it! But he had to try—he had to be brave for Master! He bit his lip, he refused to cry out as he felt himself being split.

Then, just as he thought he couldn’t take anymore, the pain eased—Master was in! Even as tears streamed from his eyes, Eric felt very proud.

Ryan applied more lube, then began to slide slowly inside Eric. Eric’s eyes widened with shock—he already felt full!—as his Master laid inch after inch of pipe inside him. Ryan was gentle—he slowly slid his thick Member inside his boy, until at last, his body was fast against Eric’s.

The boy was gasping—not from pain, that was minimal—but from the shock of being invaded by something so massive—and the pleasure exploding from his boy-cunt.

Ryan leaned over Eric, kissing him. “I’m all inside you now, boy—feel It? Mmmm, all inside you! That’s where I belong, you understand? That’s where my Sword belongs—all the way inside you…”

With that, Ryan began slowly to fuck his boy. Slowly, he drew back, then with a fluid stroke, slid all the way back in. As he found a rhythm, he lifted and lowered his torso, to see if he could increase the friction. Eric’s arched back, gasps and moans told him he was succeeding.

Ryan felt the pleasure radiate up from his Member, through his whole body. He closed his eyes, leaned his head back, and bit his lip as he felt his body shudder. He kept plowing his boy, feeling the virgin tightness caress him, drawing him toward climax.

Eric was lost in ecstasy, writhing, moaning. His leaking boy-cock told Ryan that his puppy might explode without being touched—just from being mounted. “You want to cum, don’t you boy—huh boy? I’m want you to hold it a little longer—but when you feel me shoot inside you—and you know I’m permanently a part of you—then cum, boy! You will have my permission to cum—not now, but then!”

His pace quickened as he sensed the climax mounting. Eric felt his Man stiffen inside him and knew it was very close. Under all the waves of pleasure and ecstasy, Eric sensed the deep meaning of this moment. This was the first time; there would be more—but this was the first…

Suddenly, Ryan’s body stiffened; and Eric knew. Then he felt it: scalding, flooding, rich and full, inside him; his Master’s Gun firing shot after shot.

Eric let go completely at that point, and felt his cock shoot, again and again and again, coating his belly with his cream. He felt Ryan clutch his flanks, holding him tight against himself as he emptied his seed deep inside him. The iron grip with which Ryan held him expressed Eric’s realization—at that instant—that he never had any choice—this could never have been otherwise. He had always been powerless to resist Ryan’s conquest, and now that conquest was complete.

As his orgasm subsided, Ryan drew closer to Eric, sharing many tender kisses. He kept himself deep inside his boy—neither of them wanted to lose that connection. Finally, Ryan slowly pulled out of his boy; then brought a towel to his puppy’s bottom to wipe him—and himself—clean.

Ryan let Eric’s legs down, then snuggled up close to his boy. They cuddled and kissed quietly for awhile.

“That…that was the first time!” Eric exclaimed. “My first time—ever!

“Yes.” Ryan continued nibbling around Eric’s face, ear and neck.

“My first time…”

“Yes—but just the first, my love!”