The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Samantha Sucks

Samantha does her best to ignore the fact that she’s sucking on Gary Coulder’s finger. Funny, how her mouth has a death grip on it almost up to the knuckle and Gary Coulder—one of the nastiest guys at school. First off, he’s fat, not humongous, not yet, but clearly will be someday. By the ten year reunion, Gary will be a fucking blimp. Probably, he’ll still sweat like a swimming pool with legs and shake hands like a pansy, offering the clammy tips of his fingers limply for you to squeeze. Not that Samantha has ever shaken Gary’s hand, of course. No way, but she saw someone do it once, trying to be nice. She imagined it had been slimy. The nice guy had wiped his hand on his pants afterward when he thought no one was looking.

That Gary’s hand is slimy. Samantha can verify it now. She could tell that nice guy something else about Gary’s fingers too, were her mouth not quite so busy. Gary’s fingers taste like fish. She thinks, it’d be just like him to have just touched his dick. The thought makes Samantha want to retch, but she sucks harder instead. Samantha is ultra aware as to how Gary’s finger feels in her mouth. It’s skinnier at the tip than at the base. The base is where she’s sucking, though really, Gary’s wiggling his finger all around inside her mouth. He’s simulating a french kiss, Samantha realizes. A french kiss is the one thing she thinks would be even grosser than this.

Samantha can’t help wiggling her tongue back in response. She can taste that greasy residue too—not the fish flavor—but the stuff that she’d tasted on her can of coke. Probably, it had been on the straw too, though the straw lay untouched on her tray. The residue had a faint sour taste that made Samantha’s mouth pucker, but without an actual sour taste. This residue was all over Gary’s finger, and she was licking it off—sucking it off—furiously.

The little asshole had drugged her. Samantha was sure of that. Whatever that stuff was he’d tricked her into tasting, it made Samantha want to suck. It set her mouth in motion sucking anything that was put into it.

Or waved in front of it, Samantha thought. Gary’s finger in her face was the last thing she remembered. Next thing she knew, it was in her mouth. Oh, he could have pressed it against her lips. That would have connected them like this. Yet, Samantha might have latched onto him on her own. She wasn’t sure.

“What makes babies know to suck their mommies’ titties?” Gary was gloating. “It’s a reflex we’re born with, you know.”

This was like the dentist asking you questions about school when your mouth was full of picks and mirrors. Samantha didn’t answer.

Gary continued, “That reflex never entirely goes away. I read about it on the Internet, and how the right chemicals can snap your mouth right back to infancy. Are you my little baby now, Samantha? Do you wish you could pull warm, sweet milk from my fingertip?” Gary laughed and Samantha hated him. She wanted to knee him in the balls, but wasn’t a violent kind of girl. Besides, everyone was watching.

Oh, shit, it dawned on her now. Everyone was watching.

They had to be wondering why she, one of the most popular girls in school, was sucking on the grossest boy in school’s finger. Not even two years ago, Gary had been that kid who would eat things for money: lizards, bugs, school lunch sludge piles, ABC gum... Did he still? Samantha didn’t know, but could picture it. She thought about her reputation. It’d be impossible to go anywhere now without being laughed at by everyone. She wished she could die.

Samantha closed her eyes and tried not to think about anything. This was surprisingly easy to do.

“Yeah,” Gary whispered, “lose yourself in it. Just like a baby. Ever wonder why they always fall asleep when they breastfeed? It’s so easy to focus only on sucking. Did you know that mommies experience an oxytocin flush when they breastfeed? It makes them bond to their babies. Do you think maybe babies experience something like that too? How about it, Samantha? Are you bonding with me?”

This would end eventually. It was only a matter of time until the bell rang, calling them all to fourth period.

Samantha lost herself in the rhythm of her sucking, let her surroundings fade to black, focused all her attention on the suck suck sucking of her mouth on Gary’s finger.

Blessedly, he stopped wiggling it around in her mouth. Sucking was easier now. With his other hand, Gary stroked Samantha’s hair and face. Strangely, instead of repelling her, Samantha felt drawn to the warmth of human contact. She rubbed her cheek up against his palm like a cat.

Samantha was aware of Gary tugging his finger away now, gently, and Samantha went with it. She was walking now, with her eyes closed. Gary, leading her somewhere. It didn’t matter. Samantha let him lead her, and it was like sleepwalking. She never once feared crashing either. Gary took care of her.

Samantha heard a door open. Gary held it open for them. She heard it swing slowly shut once they passed. Another door, then the sliding of a bolt.

He’d brought her into a bathroom stall.

Samantha didn’t so much ignore the sound of a zipper being pulled down, as didn’t lend any awareness to it. Next she felt the warmth of Gary’s stomach as he pulled her face into his abdomen. It was warm like lying out in the sun on a spring afternoon. Samantha put her arms around him, to have someplace to put them, so they wouldn’t dangle.

She could fall asleep like this, she thought.

Then Gary pulled his finger from her mouth. The abruptness of it made a soft popping sound. Gary held Samantha’s head steady against him so she couldn’t chase after his finger. Her lips continued to smack like she was still sucking. She rolled her face searchingly against Gary’s abdomen.

“Baby’s have another reflex they’re born with,” Gary was saying. “It’s called rooting. You put a baby’s face against a breast, they’ll find the nipple every time.”

It occurred to Samantha that’s what she was doing: rooting. Samantha rolled her face side to side looking for the nipple. What she found was larger than a nipple, but perfect for her purposes. Samantha sucked. Maybe if she kept it up, she’d get milk.

Whatever the drug had been—or maybe the combination of drugs and her sucking action—it hung a grogginess over Samantha’s face. She was so dim, she actually believed she was sucking a nipple. Only when it began stirring—becoming erect—did it occur to her she was giving Gary Coulder a blowjob. She was sucking his dick in a bathroom stall.

What a slut! Or so she’d have thought if she’d heard of this being done by someone else. The idea of discovery mortified her. They weren’t alone in the bathroom. Samantha could hear voices. She could smell smoke too. How’s that for a stereotype: smoking in the boys room... Had anyone seen them come in here? Gary leading her blind with her mouth wrapped around his finger? Most likely their display in the cafeteria had gotten everyone’s attention and they had watched in amazement as Gary led her away for... they undoubtably assumed sex and really, was this all that different? How had it looked to everyone? Like she was under some kind of spell? Oh, Gary, I’d follow you anywhere...

There were more voices in the bathroom by the moment. Boys and girls. Nosey fucks unable to mind their own business. Gary was loving this. With little Miss Popular sucking his dick, he looked like the biggest stud in school.

Someone banging on the stall door. A teacher or student? Either would be horrible. Samantha tried to be an ostrich, except instead of burying her face in the sand, she buried it in Gary’s crotch. Sucking made her feel safe. She concentrated on it to the exclusion of everything else. If she could only keep going, everything else would sort itself out, Samantha knew, the world would forget all about her, leave her alone with her pacifier.

Samantha nursed on the head of Gary’s dick. It made her feel good when it throbbed against her lips or when it relinquished a tiny taste of precum. That was what she wanted after all, wasn’t it? Gary’s milk? These teasing tastes encouraged her. They helped to carry her away, to keep from noticing the students hanging over the walls of the stall, peeking in the cracks, watching her suck cock.

Here was proof that even the dorkiest loser could get the girl. If Gary Coulder could get his dick sucked by Samantha Kisler, then there was hope for the rest of them. Maybe since she was so easy, Samantha would suck their dicks too. This afternoon, anything seemed possible.

Gary ran his fingers through Samantha’s hair, letting her know he liked what she was doing. He was getting closer. The juicy backwashes of precum were coming more frequently now. Samantha was so close to getting a big, yummy swallow of Gary’s cum. The excitement of this pushed her onward. She got her second wind, really throwing herself into getting Gary off.

When he was ready, he held her head with one hand, trying to ease her sucking. The head of his penis felt sensitive beyond belief. Gary came, squirting over and over down her throat. And as Samantha swallowed down his delicious milk, Gary unlatched the door, letting it swing open. Everyone got to see Samantha down on her knees in the dirty bathroom stall sucking Gary’s dick. How was this? The most popular girl and the dorkiest guy? Gary’s reputation was secured forever and alas, so was Samantha’s.