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Saturday Night

mc, mf, fd, ft

Synopsis: Female party guest uses her breasts to hypnotize the host and use him for sex.

It was a Saturday. What had started as a few people pregaming before the real party elsewhere had turned into a party in its own right. Our house was small, but we still managed about a dozen or more people, depending on the time. Belinda and I were hitting it off pretty well even though she had been casually sleeping with my roommate’s brother and was in a committed lesbian relationship with Molly, both of whom were also at the party. Belinda was short, but curvy, with large breasts and a round ass. I usually preferred a more slender woman near my own height, but she exuded a confidence and charisma that made her difficult to ignore. I laid on the charm and she was definitely into it.

As the evening wore on, more and more people left for the other party. My roommates left with a knowing glance and a smirk that told me they would make sure not to come back for a long, long while. When I walked back into the living room, Belinda was alone, reclining back in my chair.

She looked up at me as I walked in. “I guess we’re all alone,” she said. I walked towards her, smiling, but she stopped me, placing her foot on my stomach. “Just wait, I want to show you something first. Look down at my foot.” I looked down as she wiggled her toes. Her feet didn’t do much for me, but I did notice that her feet were pedicured and well cared for. The skin looked soft to the touch, so I reached to feel if it was as soft as it looked when she pulled it away. Looking up at her, confused, I saw that she had opened her shirt and exposed her bare tits. A full E-cup on her 5′2″ frame, they were much more than a handful her fingers tracing circles around her tight aureola, her nipples hard. “Do you like them?” she asked innocently and with a smile, before switching to a more sultry, low voice. “You couldn’t keep your eyes off them while we were talking earlier, don’t take your eyes off them now. Watch my fingers spiral around, coming closer and closer to my nipples but never quite touching.”

I locked in on her fingers, waiting for her to give in to her own lust and pinch her nipples. My cock went from being half-hard to a full-blown erection tenting my pants. I lowered my zipper and was about to free my erection from its cotton prison when she kicked my hand away.

“All attention on my nipples. Take a deep breath in, and keep your eyes right here. Watching my fingers go round and round.” I inhaled deeply through my nose. “Good now hold it.” As I stood there, watching her tease her breasts, and holding my breath, I began to wonder what I was doing and just as I was about to reach for my cock again she said, “and exhale now. Letting all your tension go, as you relax your lungs.” I felt my body relax. I was slumping forward slightly now and still staring at her fingers, circling her nipples. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but I kept following her directions, confident that whatever this was would end with sex. She continued directing my breath, my relaxation taking a front seat to my arousal. Most of her words flitted straight past my ears and spoke directly to my subconscious.

“That’s it, relaxing deeper and deeper. Eyes focused only on my tits.” My vision blurred and crossed as I struggled to keep my eyes open. Her fingers continued to go round and round as my eyes followed. Somehow I knew that my eyes would not close until she pinched her nipples and once my eyes closed I would sleep. I don’t know if she went on for another minute or another hour, but suddenly her fingers stopped and she pinched her nipples, gasping sharply before saying, “Sleep!”

My eyes shut and my body slumped further and stumbled a bit. She placed her feet up to stabilize me. “Down, down you go.” I knelt down, her feet on my chest keeping me from falling over. “Deeper down. Deeper and deeper, all the way down.” As relaxation overtook me, I laid down on the carpet. “That’s right, completely asleep now. Let it wash over you as you listen to my voice.” Exhaustion overtook my body as she continued to deepen my relaxation. I felt as if I was deeply asleep, but I could still hear her voice. It felt like a dream, her words fading in and out of my awareness. I could tell that she was talking, but couldn’t quite make out the words sometimes. I heard another voice responding to her words, mostly single-word answers but then I got the feeling she was asking questions and the voice answered. The voice was familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it.

“Eyes open, still deep in trance,” she said and my eyes obeyed. I was laying on my back, a pillow propping up my head. Belinda was sitting on the floor, facing me, with her legs outstretched, feet towards my face. As my eyes grazed her arches and soles, my cock stood up to full attention again. It was at this point I noticed that I wasn’t wearing pants. Belinda scooted forward, bringing her toes to my lips as her hand reached for my erection.

“Suck my toes,” she said, as if she was asking me to answer the phone. My cock surged as her big toe pushed past my lips. I sucked it in deeply, the pungent taste strong on my tongue. She pulled her toe out and brushed it across my lips. I hungrily pulled her foot towards me and ran my tongue around all of her toes and down the sole. She moaned softly and switched feet. I repeated the process on her other foot, massaging her feet with my hands as I worshiped with my tongue. She moaned more deeply this time, and I noticed that she had thrust her free hand into her pants. She thrust the soles both of her feet into my face. I inhaled sharply and lost control. My cock erupted all over my chest. She kept jerking until I was dry, while she worked her clit harder with her other hand. I felt a wave of relaxation take over as I began to slip back into a deep trance. I wasn’t sure if she had cum yet, but she pulled her hand out of her pants and looked at me, satisfied with her handiwork. I struggled to keep my eyes open, but the pull was too strong. I looked over at Belinda one last time as she blew me a kiss. “Night night,” she said and I was out like a light.

* * *

I came to in the shower. At least, my next memory is of being in the shower, already covered in soap. I didn’t think anything of it, since I couldn’t actually remember any of what had transpired with Belinda. Slowly my brain began to fill in the gaps. Belinda had gone to lie down instead of going to the party with everybody else. I was taking a shower before bed. I started to question why I was showering at night, since I only showered in the mornings, but as soon as the thought entered my head, I became distracted with my now-throbbing erection. I started stroking as the rest of the soap rinsed off my body. As I came close to the edge, I stopped, wanting to save it for later.

Something else was off. I had always been quite the ladies man, with a reputation for taking charge and knowing how to please a woman. But now, that seemed wrong. Memories of the women I bedded were replaced with fantasies starring strippers and porn stars. The memory of burying my cock deep inside a warm pussy were now memories of my hand, gripping and twisting myself to orgasm. A secret stash of porn on my computer would reveal a submissive streak and a fetish for feet. I brushed off any remnants of my old memories as a fantasy. I was no ladies man. My only real experience with women was when I was 18 after the prom and I came in my pants as my date was dry humping me in the back of the car. I never did get the deposit back on those pants.

The memory, now fresh in my mind, kept my erection from diminishing. I reached from the shower for my razor and shave cream, taking the opportunity to whisk away my pubic hair. As I removed the trimmed hair, my mind was flooded with past memories of shaving, but at the same time the action felt foreign to my hands, as if I had never done this before. After rinsing off, I shut off the shower and toweled off, careful not to overstimulate myself. I slipped on a pair of underpants. They felt strange, as if I had never worn them before. They were a bit tight as my slowly softening penis tented lewdly.

I left the rest of my clothes on the bathroom floor, as I headed for my bedroom. The only thing on my mind was climbing into bed. However, that changed when I opened the door and found Belinda laying on my bed, her back to me. I felt my underwear get tighter as I cleared my throat.

“Uh, I was, uh going to go to sleep,” I stammered, unsure of what to say. “Would it, uh, be okay if I, uh, slept on the floor until you go?” I wasn’t really sure what to do. After all, I had never been this close to a real woman before. At least, I couldn’t remember any. Asking permission to sleep on my own floor probably wasn’t the smoothest move, but I couldn’t think of what else to say.

She turned onto her back, her large tits stretching the fabric of her shirt. Looking over at me, her eyes fixed on my erection in the dark as it started to throb. She smirked and said, “you can sleep in the bed, as long as you keep that to yourself.” I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself, as I nervously climbed into bed next to her. She had turned her back to me again. It was at this time I noticed her shirt had an open back. Unable to control myself, I ran my hand across the skin of her back. I heard a gentle moan escaped her lips, which gave me just enough courage to apply a bit more pressure, turning the caress into a massage. She leaned back into my hand, and started to turn slightly. As I pressed my hand into her side, she reached up and took hold of my hand. Gently and slowly she guided my hand down, across her stomach, until it was resting over her panty-clad pussy. Her moans turned louder and she squirmed as I rubbed through the fabric. My cock surged, demanding to be set free from its fabric prison as I slipped my hand beneath the waistband of her soft, satin panties. I felt her soft flesh for the first time. A gush of liquid hitting my fingers as they found her clit. Excited moans and gasps escaped her lips as I fingered her, spreading her juices all over. At the same time, I wiggled my way free of my underwear, my erection bobbing between us.

With a loud moan, she pushed my hand away and turned to the side, presenting her round ass just inches from my throbbing cock. “Don’t you want to hit it from the back?” she asks over her shoulder as she reaches behind her. Her fingers circle the base of my cock, lightly rubbing my tight balls. She runs he hand from base to tip with a gentle touch like a feather. As her hand pulled away, my dick surged past the point of no return. With no stimulation, my cock pulsed, cum squirting with each beat. Most of my mess leaving streaks across her ass.

I hear laughter as Belinda scoops some of the cum off her ass with her fingers, and again reaches for my still-hard cock. The light stimulation as she used my cum as lube on the head of my cock was too much for my over-sensitive erection. When I tried to squirm away, she took a firm grip and pulls me toward her, placing the tip of my cock against her well-lubricated opening. Unable to resist, I thrust myself inside her, her pussy tightly gripping my erection as my still-tight balls met her smooth, round ass. I stopped there, the post-orgasm sensations so overwhelming that I hadn’t realized that I had stopped until I felt her grinding beneath me. I gritted my teeth and suffered through the pain, determined to please her. I reached my hand around and inside the shirt she still wore. Her large breast filled my questing hand. Her hard nipple pressed against my palm as I squeezed. My cock, having weakened from the over-stimulation, came to full extension once again as my thrusting picked up pace.

Perhaps inspired by my resurgence, Belinda shifted her weight, forcing me onto my back, and twisted around to face me, without ever lifting off my cock. Before I could even orient myself to the new position, she peeled off her shirt, freeing her large tits, which immediately began bouncing as she worked herself into a frenzy on my hard dick. As I reached up to grab her breasts, she stops me, grabbing my by the wrists and leaning her weight into them, pinning me to the bed. Her nipples dragged against my body as her tight pussy gripped my slippery cock as she groung her round ass into my hips. Suddenly, she dropped onto my chest and braced herself as an orgasm rocked her pussy. A scream escaped her lips, which turned into a slow moan as she slowed her thrusts and came to a stop. My dick, once again hot and throbbing inside her. After a moment, she braces one foot down on the bed and lifts off of me. I can still feel her pussy gripping my cock, as if it doesn’t want to let go. Finally it emerges with a pop and slaps down against my stomach.

She stands up and dresses. Looking down at my wet, twitching penis, she says, “you should probably get cleaned up,” and leaves the room. I lay there in the dark, still hard while I decide what to do. I choose to get up and clean off with a nearby towel. I slide my underwear back on, stuffing in my semi-hard erection on and throw on a shirt.

Back out in the living room, I find Belinda casually sitting on the couch as if nothing had happened. She was absentmindedly running her finger around her erect nipple, which poked through the stretched fabric of her shirt as she stared at her phone, flicking her thumb against the screen. I stepped in close, certain she could see my arousal. With her eyes still locked on her phone, her foot slipped up my leg and came to rest right on top of my erect cockhead.

“Did you want to cum now?” she asked, casually, as she used her foot to slip the waistband of my underwear down just enough to gain access to the underside of my cock. I stared dumbfounded as she gripped the head of my penis with her toes briefly, before continuing to rub her foot up and down, bringing her other foot to join the first. At the same time, she turned her phone towards me. I heard a familiar sound as she hit the record button. Almost without warning, my dick went from leaking to squirting. My cum covered her feet as she continued to rub them against my dick until it deflated. Once soft, she smiled at me as she put her phone away and rubbed the cum off her feet and onto my shirt.

As my mind cleared, I realized I was still staring at her finger circling around her nipple. Even though she was wearing her shirt, it was still clear as day. I felt as if I could almost see right through her shirt, Around and around her finger went, as my eyes drew deeper and deeper into the circle. Then, without warning, she pinched her nipple. My eyes snapped shut, and my mind began to fade. The last thing I heard before everything went black was her voice, “Nobody can ever know what happened tonight. Not even you...”

I woke the next morning on the floor of my bedroom wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of red, satin panties, both sticky with cum. I had no memory of the night before, but I must have had a good time, right?