The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Secret of Brookrose College”

Part 3

By Templeton Rose

A week later, Julie and Alisha were lying together in their nuns’ residence bedroom. It was Christmas Eve. Both girls were heavily pregnant already, due to give birth shortly before the New Year. Neither had bothered returning to their dorm rooms since their enslavement, the sisters and clones making sure their every need was met.

As the crisp, winter sunlight streamed into the room, the girls lounged on the bed. Adopting the sisters’ private dress code, they were nude except for their thigh highs. Sister Maggie had explained that the stockings heightened their femininity in Lord Foeto’s eyes, while their otherwise exposed tits and pussies stressed they were bodies to be bred.

The girls spoke to one another in whispers, their lips slick with one another’s milk. “Strange Christmas, huh?” Julie said.

“Strange, and wonderful,” Alisha said. “Maybe appropriate too, though.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, Christmas is about a birth, right?”

Julie giggled. “You’re weird.”

“No, you’re weird,” Alisha said before kissing her best friend once more.

Julie asked, “Are you nervous about giving birth?”

“Yes, but I know it’ll be okay. Sister Maggie says that we’ll heal and slim back down quickly. We’ll have our bodies back in time for when people start coming back for next semester.”

Julie said, “Our boobs will still be bigger. I think the girls in the dorm might notice that.”

“Let them,” Alisha said. “A lot of them will be finding their tits growing when we help enslave them.”

Sister Maggie had told them that, in addition to breeding more clones over Spring Break, they would be tasked with luring their most beautiful fellow coeds to Lord Foeto. Between their lovemaking the past week, they’d made lists of fellow students they wanted to fuck.

Julie had wanted to make a priority of the most stereotypical sorority blondes, while Alisha had thought it more fun to “liberate” cute but shrinking-violet type girls. Time would tell.

“Enslaving classmates…even the thought of it turns me on,” Julie said.

“We’re going to be busy. Enslaving our classmates, serving the nuns, getting fucked by the clones of our mothers…and by our own clones.”

“Do you think our clone-daughters will double-team us?”

The thought of sucking off a dickgirl version of Julie made Alisha’s mouth water. “I think they’ll do whatever their mommies tell them to.”

“Us as mommies…still crazy to think about.”

There was a knock at the girl, and Sister Maggie entered. Showing their superior slave proper respect, the girls came immediately to their knees on the bed.

Sister Maggie was in her usual black thigh highs and heels, with a short, black, translucent robe hanging open on her. Maggie’s eyes lingered on the girls, their beautiful faces, admiring their large breasts, their bellies filled with life.

She had had sex with both several times since the girls’ first meeting with Lord Foeto. There was something about Alisha she found particularly intoxicating. Her taste, her earnest to serve…she had a feeling Alisha had quite a destiny at Brookrose, and possibly beyond.

But that was for the future. Sister Maggie had a surprise for Alisha in the meantime. “Good morning, ladies. Alisha, please follow me.”

Pausing only to give her friend a quick kiss, Alisha obeyed. As Alisha was led into the second floor hallway, she stared at Maggie’s ass through her sheer robe. What Maggie felt for Alisha, the young girl indeed reciprocated.

They began down the residence’s grand staircase, but Alisha abruptly paused seeing who was awaiting them on the second floor.

It was her parents.

Her mother, Alisha knew, was a slave, but her father? Alisha instinctively began to cover herself.

“It’s okay,” Maggie whispered. “Your father was made to repeatedly cum while entranced by the light of one of Lord Foeto’s opals. He’s as much a slave as us women.”

Alisha nodded, and displaying confidence she didn’t entirely feel began again down the staircase proudly displaying her exposed body.

Maggie kissed Alisha’s parents before presenting their daughter to them. Alisha’s mother was positively radiant. “Merry Christmas, hon,” JoAnn said before kissing her daughter on the lips.

“We wanted to surprise you.” Alisha’s father, Adam, leered at his daughter’s pregnant body. It turned her on.

“Did the conference end early?” she asked her parents.

“There was never any conference, hon, we just needed you to be here over the break.” JoAnn explained. “We would have come seen you before now, but Sister Maggie and I agreed that you and Julie should have some time together after your meeting with Lord Foeto.”

That made sense to Alisha. The pain she’d felt thinking her parents didn’t care about her was largely forgotten now. They were right to ensure her enslavement, and she was so grateful to them.

“Well,” Alisha said, running her hands up from her thighs, over her pregnant belly, and to her swollen tits, “do you like my new look?”

JoAnn beamed. “You’re beautiful.”

“Stunning,” Adam said, eyes fixed on his little girl’s tits.

Before Sister Maggie excused herself from the room, she whispered to Alisha, “Make love to them. You can have the closeness you always wanted now.”

Kissing the school’s chancellor as she left the room, Alisha understood. “The only bad thing about my new look as how quickly my tits fill,” Alisha said, eyeing her father. “Sooooo much pressure! I could use some help relieving it.” Then, feeling her confidence in what she was fully bloom, Alisha shifted her gaze to her mother. “From both of you.”

Mother and father smiled. “Of course, dear,” JoAnn said, letting her coat fall to the floor before peeling off the tight sweater beneath. “I know how that can feel.” JoAnn removed her bra, revealing her own milk-heavy breasts.

They guided their daughter to a nearby couch, just off from the dining room. Sitting on either side of her, they suckled from her at the same time. Alisha sighed, enjoying the warmth of their mouths on her firm nipples, the pleasure at the pressure being drained.

She felt her father’s hand on her nylon-covered legs, running up her thigh highs before moving to her pussy. He sucked harder as his finger entered his daughter’s moist fold. “Daddy, that’s lovely,” she purred. Instinctively, her own hand reached for his crotch, feeling it first through his pants before unzipping him and freeing his dick.

Her father’s cock felt heavy in her hand, a hard, blunt object capable of so much damage. She stroked it, and felt him moan into her tit as he kept sucking.

JoAnn started kissing her daughter, smearing Alisha’s own milk onto her lips. “Mommy’s tits need some relief too,” she said, positioning her breasts in front of Alisha.

Eyes leaden with lust, Alisha extended her tongue, inviting her mother to feed her. JoAnn placed her nipple into the girl’s mouth, and Alisha latched on, drinking from her mother. First one breast, then the other. It tasted so sweet.

“Your father probably needs to have pressure relieved too. All that cum, backing up in is cock. Isn’t that right, Adam?”

He grunted agreement.

Alisha continued stroking her father. “I know, I can feel it.” She took a deep breath, feeling the magnitude of what she was about to suggest. “But Daddy’s cum shouldn’t be wasted on a hand job. It needs a pussy. It needs my pussy.”

Hearing that his daughter wanted him to fuck her almost made the enslaved Adam immediately jizz in Alisha’s hand. He probably would have, if a new voice hadn’t called into the room, distracting Alisha from her stroking: “There’s more than one cock in this family that needs some relief.”

Mother, father, and daughter all looked up to see JoAnn-1 exiting the dining room’s secret passage. The clone’s lithe body was slick, her thick nipples firm, her big cock erect.

“One!” the original JoAnn called to her daughter-clone. “I heard you’re the one that bred my little girl.”

“And on the first try,” the clone smirked. “I must have good genes.”

Adam had left the couch to greet JoAnn-1. In truth, she was his second daughter. After his wife’s transformation and his own enslavement, it had been his seed that had impregnated JoAnn with JoAnn-1. Adam’s erect dick point from out of his pants, he kissed the clone hungrily, rubbing his cock against hers.

Alisha stared, marveling at their sexuality familiarity. “They’ve fucked,” she whispered, images of her father taking the clone’s cock appearing in her mind’s eye.

“Oh yes,” JoAnn said, playing with her daughter’s long hair, “he’s quite the catamite for our little clone girl. He’ll do the same for your clone-daughter, I’m sure. We’ll all be taking your clone’s big cock soon enough.”

Her mother’s words made Alisha hornier, which she hadn’t thought possible. She reached for the button of JoAnn’s fashionable jeans. “I need to see all of you.”

JoAnn looked at the girl with fuck-me eyes. “Then do it.”

Alisha stripped her mother’s jeans, not surprised at all to find she wore thigh highs like all the Brookrose family. Like the nuns, JoAnn’s body had been made unnaturally lithe and youthful thanks to Lord Foeto’s love. Alisha quickly peeled off JoAnn’s thin, nylon panties, but left the stockings. “So you think coffee-colored hose are sexy too?” she said, rubbing her own nylon-clad legs against her mother’s. They were both wearing the same color.

“Must be genetic.” JoAnn guided the girl’s hand to her smooth slit. Alisha bit her bottom lip as she felt her mother’s moistness.

“Must be,” Alisha said, withdrawing her slick fingers from JoAnn, and inserting them into herself.

The women, lost in one another for so long, noticed again JoAnn-1 and Adam. She had stripped him, and they both groped one another’s cocks while they kissed.

“If you want that cum before he blows, you need to go get it,” JoAnn said.

Alisha felt something primal stir in her, the same kind of wild, womanly need that had changed Brookrose from just another girl’s college to an incubator of feminine perversion. Sshe wanted her father so much. Still, she had to think of her mother. “What about you?”

“I think I’ll have my other daughter,” she said, referring. “I’m fertile right now. Maybe I’ll get knocked up with a clone daughter again.”

“I’d love to see you pregnant,” Alisha said, thinking about touching JoAnn’s full body, serving her pregnant pussy.

“Then let’s get to it,” JoAnn said with a smile.

Alisha approached her father from behind, pressing her pregnant belly against his strong, nude back while taking his dick in hand from JoAnn-1. “I have something you need, Daddy,” she breathed into his ear.

As much as Adam craved the dickgirl clone of his wife, Alisha’s whisper practically made him forget JoAnn-1. He kissed her deeply, madly, his hands all over her.

She pulled him onto the floor of sitting room. The windows were open staring over Brookrose’s snow-covered campus on a clear, cold day. There was no shame, no fear. The oriental carpet was soft, warm from the dining room’s fire, a natural place to make love.

Her mother, now intertwined with JoAnn-1, spared a second to position Alisha onto all fours, placing pillows beneath her to support Alisha’s pregnant belly. JoAnn had experience being fucked while heavily pregnant. It was only natural that in her enslaved state, her maternal instincts were to pass that knowledge on to her daughter.

As her father moved behind Alisha’s upturned ass, JoAnn got on all fours facing Alisha. She stared lovingly into her daughter’s face as JoAnn-1 knelt behind her. “I’m so glad we can be like this together,” JoAnn said.

“Me too,” Alisha said lovingly, feeling her father’s cockhead pressing against her opening. As Adam pushed into her, she closed her eyes and breathed in sharply. The look on her daughter’s face, a mixture of pain and pleasure, pleased JoAnn as she watched. Then she, in turn, was made to wear a similar expression as JoAnn-1 penetrated her.

Alisha felt so hot, and her tits leaking onto the carpet. “Oh god, Mom, I had no idea it could be like this.”

JoAnn grunted with her clone-daughter’s every thrust. “It is wonderful, honey. You have so much in store for you, you have no idea.”

Alisha could feel her father’s balls slapping against her as he rammed in and out of her. “There are so many beautiful girls in my dorm. I…oh god…I want to make them like us!”

“I’m sure some of the girls will stay on campus over Spring Break. You’ll help them to be what they’re meant to be, lead them to Lord Foeto?”


“My little girl wants to see all her friends enslaved and bred?”

“Yes! I want them to suck my tits, and I want to suck theirs.”

“Do you want them to have sex with their parents, honey?”

“Yes,” Alisha said, “all of those girls need to make their mommies and daddies feel good. It’s a daughter’s duty.”

“It is, it is,” JoAnn said, so happy her daughter understood and embraced what they were now. She looked up into her husband’s sweat-streaked face. “Do it, Adam, cum in her, she needs it! I want to see it!”

Alisha looked past her mother into JoAnn-1’s eyes. “Cum in our mommy,” Alisha moaned. “Cum in her and make her nice and pregnant like me!”

Both Adam and JoAnn-1 obeyed, thrusting faster and faster.

“Oh fuck,” Adam cried, “I can’t hold it any longer! I’m going to cum!”

Music to Alisha’s ears. “Do it, Daddy, fucking fill me!” Then she felt it: her father’s seed flooding her. The sensation, so primal, overwhelmed her. Her body trembled. “Oh god, oh god, fuck, Daddy, I’m cumming too!”

Seeing her daughter cumming touched again JoAnn’s perverted maternal instinct. “You deserve to cum all the time, I’m so happy seeing my little girl cum, it’s fuck, it’s making me cummmmm!

JoAnn’s orgasm triggered her clone’s, and suddenly the dickgirl was shooting load after load into the mother’s yearning pussy.

After mother and daughter had received their filling of seed, the quartet of lovers lingered on the floor. Everything was silent. Dicks still in them, Alisha reached to her mother’s face, brushed her sweaty hair aside. “Merry Christmas,” Alisha said.

The End