The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Seduced By Silver

(I thought it was about time I wrote another rb story, but I didnt want to write the same old story all over again, so its taken a while to get here. Hopefully it was both worth the wait, and original enough.)

As she was unwrapping the package containing her fancy dress outfit for the New Year party, it struck Louise that maybe pushing the ‘lucky dip’ button on the shop website hadnt been such a good idea after all! But she hadnt known which outfit to choose, and well, it had just seemed the easy way out at the time. And she’d answered all the pertinent questions about her nature, style and things in her usually ‘femmy’ way that she’d been expecting to get a Fairy outfit, or something suitable for Cinderella or Snow White, but certainly not this!

It had surprised her slightly at the time when the questionnaire asked her about her sexuality, she’d simply answered bisexual because she was curious about ‘doing it with another woman’, and when asked if she was submissive or dominant, had simply not had a clue what they were on about, and guessed at submissive. And though slightly shocked at being asked how ‘sexually adventurous’ she was, she had giggled to herself and pressed ‘maybe a little’ on the list, rather than ‘deadly dull’ which would have been closer to the truth, even when she was in a relationship. It usually seemed to be Missionary position with lights out if she was telling the truth, though in recent years the only thing probing her even then was a vibrator!

So why on Earth had this all enclosing, seemingly very clingy silver body suit been sent to her? This looked far more suitable for a young, outgoing woman than someone of her age (she wouldnt ‘quite’ see 40 again) and slightly ‘more mature’ figure. But unless the correct recipient of this outfit was also called Louise, and had also chosen it by lucky dip, then well, seemingly it was meant for her. But why? She saw an envelope fall out as she pulled the suit out, opening it quickly to find a short letter inside. She started to read,

‘Thank you Louise, for choosing Fancy Dress Fantasies to purchase your outfit, we greatly appreciate your choice of Costumiers on this occasion. The computer studied your answers to our questions, and selected this outfit, The Robot, for you to be supplied with, we hope you like it.’

Louise would have said no if there had been someone there to tell, rather than just a piece of paper that she was reading. She looked quickly for a contact number to ring, but couldnt find one. Besides, the odds on anyone being there now, just after Christmas seemed unlikely, after all the outfit had been sent out just before the holiday season, so if she wanted something for the Fancy Dress party, it looked like this would be it, but... she read on,

‘This selection was made not only by your answers given to us, but also by a peek at your computer history enabled by the cookie when you opened our website. So, if you had ‘any little secrets’ hidden there, then these would have been used in the selection process. If these were someone else’s sites because of a shared computer then please contact us on ............ and we will arrange an alternative outfit.

Please note we are closed from December 24th till January 2nd, and all queries will be dealt with on our return.’

Louise smiled to herself, so that explained it, of sorts. Her friend Christine had stayed over, and used her computer on the night of the Christmas Do at work, and had ‘borrowed’ it for an hour or so on the Sunday morning before going home. And Christine had owned up to her that she had visited a Mind Control story site while on, to see if her story had made the latest update. So...Louise checked back, yes, it seemed Christine had clicked on ‘a couple’ of stories while there, both of the robot transformation type. A concept that didnt appeal to Louise in the slightest, the idea of being turned into a mindless machine just left her cold, but she’d gathered over a bottle of wine, that Christine found the idea very hot. She hadnt worried at the time, no one else used the computer, and even then, who would look at her history there, well now, someone had, and...! The snag was, she needed the outfit for New Years Eve, so the opprtunity to ‘explain things’ wouldnt arise, she would have to wear it, or go out and buy something else. And given that she had just struggled back from town shopping, she didnt fancy that idea. So it looked like she’d have to wear it! At least it wasnt going to be complicated to get on, though she wasnt quite sure how she did it up on her own.

It felt like a very clingy type of lycra, she’d seen zentai suits when trawling through Ebay, and it looked something like one of those. Only a very classy one, it felt almost like liquid in her hands as she touched it. The only other elements she could find in the package was a collar, apparantly designed to fit around her neck, which had a band of green led’s covering it, and a small skullcap. She assumed the collar was designed to twinkle as if she was an activated robot, then giggled at the thought. She was just deciding not to wear that part when she read the instructions, and found she had to do so, for some unexplained reason. And she also had to wear the skullcap, allegedly to give her the ‘smooth line’ of a robot from head to toe, thereby covering up (and protecting) her hair.

She poured herself a glass of wine, and set to working out the next (and hopefully the last) problem with the suit, how to get into it! Not that she was sure she wanted to try it on, but she would need to do so before the time of the party, but there seemed no way into it. and then, just as she was beginning to wonder if someone had forgotten to put an opening in it, she found it! Her fingernail found a seam that gave way, and the suit peeled open in front of her eyes. And now, now that is was ready and waiting for her, well it just seemed silly not to try it on, and make sure it fitted! It was lined for warmth and comfort, and as the instructions ‘suggested’ best worn with no clothing whatsoever, and the wearer should be shaved totally, that being the reason given for the skullcap, so that she didnt have to shave her head hair off. Maybe it was the instructions she was reading, more likely it was the wine she was drinking, but Louise thought

“In for a penny!”

And went off to the bathroom and shaved off all the hair on her body, apart from her head. There wasnt much in all honesty, other than her pussy, but she shaved that silky smooth anyway, a state she hadnt seen since puberty had struck, far too long ago in her case. She pulled her medium length reddish hair into the skull cap, and forced it snugly onto her head. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and burst into a fit of the giggles at the sight that greeted her, not a hair in sight, and if it wasnt for the (slightly) saggy C cup boobs, and (slightly) saggy tummy she would have looked like a lifesize doll, as hairless as the day she was born. She didnt see the look as sexy, but then again, it wouldnt be her naked body on display, though she suspected that the suit wouldnt hide a lot, especially as she wasnt even allowed to wear a bra or panties underneath it according to the instructions.

Trying to work out the easiest way to get into the suit was the first challenge, but eventually she thought she had it worked out. She slid her legs into the suit, gasping at the tingling sensation as she did so, though not as loud as the moan she let out as the suit nestled into her pussy, which to her shock and surprise seemed to dampen instantly on contact with the material, it was like her clit had been set alight by the tingling sensation. She just hoped it wouldnt ruin the suit for when she needed it for the party. However it was only when she slid her arms into the suit (with the same delightful tingle) that she realised the suit even covered her hands and feet.

“Hope the material is OK for holding things then.” she thought to herself as she pulled it over her full chest, gasping as the tingles, seemingly more powerful now, ran through her sensitive breasts and nipples, literally moaning with delight as the sensation of that, combined with the pleasant tingle ‘down below’ was rapidly bringing her towards climax.

“I cant believe I’m turned on by this!” purred Louise, “It must be the material thats doing it, because it sure isn’t the look!”

She pulled the hood up over her head, and was pleased to see that her visibility wasnt too impaired by it, though she did wonder how she ate and drunk with it up. She sealed the seam, and having done so, could hardly tell where the seam had been.

“Hope I can get myself back out of here on my own!” she thought, “I’d hate to have to explain this look to anyone else.”

Then she looked at the collar laying there, and thought to herself,

“Well, if its meant to be part of the suit, maybe I should put that on as well?”

It seemed symmetrical, so Louise slipped it around her neck with the opening at the front, her logic being it would be easiest to take it back off that way. The strange thing was, she couldnt see how it stayed on, there didnt seem any clasps, or hooks, just two smooth sides of silver metal.

“Magnetic I guess!” she said to herself, “Well I hope its strong enough to stay on while dancing, while at the same time easy to remove when I need to. Ah well, here goes nothing.”

Seemingly it was magnetic, because as Louise placed the two ends together it seemed to seal around her neck. She was just trying out the suit for walking, when...the green LED’s began to flash and flicker.

“What the hell...?” she said, and tried to remove the collar, but it wouldnt budge. She struggled for a few moments, then stopped doing so, lowering her hands to her sides, and saying in a calm, monotone voice,

“Initial programming commencing.”

then sitting herself down on the sofa, she went into a trance, unaware of anything around her.

For the next two hours Louise just sat there as the green lights flickered away, rewriting her mind according to the designated programming, and transforming her body. Not that she was aware of any of this. While her skeleton was made stronger, her thought capacities enhanced, and her sexuality changed Louise remained unmoving on the settee. The skullcap pierced her skull with fine needles, connecting up intricate circuitry between the cap, and her mind, and then taking control over her thoughts and deeds. Finally, at the end of the transformation Louise shuddered as a series of heavy, and pleasant climaxes raced through her body, her juices acting like adhesive in sealing the seam of the suit to her, so it would never come undone again.

Louise only became aware of things again when she heard a key turning in her door. She was trying to work out who could possibly have a key, as she hadnt given one to anyone, but...she tried to go to the bathroom and hide, but her legs wouldnt move an inch. She wanted to cry out, but her voice was silenced.

She heard someone approaching the living room door, she saw someone turn the handle...and in walked Christine, with a wicked smile on her face.

“Ah, my sweet Louise, so it seems my little hypnosis session worked perfectly on your pliant mind when I tried it on, when your resistance was low due to all that wine you were drinking. Of course, I knew it had worked when Kevin told me you’d been onto the website we created just for the purpose. All I had to do was give you the reason to go there, and then do the rest. I wasnt certain whether you would try on the suit straightaway, but I thought your curiousity might get the better of you.” Christine told her. “And then with my science skills, and Kevin’s medical knowledge, voila! My own Louisebot!”

“So, mean?...I’m a robot?...But how? Besides, if that’s the case why do I know who I am, and why can I think freely, even if I cant move?” Louise retorted defiantly.

“Yes, you are a robot, at least of sorts. In truth, you are more cyborg than robot, a nice combination of human flesh, and lots of cybernetic enhancements. You know who you are my sweet Louise, because I want you to know that. I could simply erase your name, and memories if I so desired, but whats the point when its you I want? As to the thinking freely...” Christine pulled a remote control out of her bag and waved it at Louise, “thats only because I’m permitting my Louisebot to do so at present. One push of this button, and total obedience as and when desired. But I’ll save that treat for later.”

“But why did you do it to me?” Louise asked her, seeking as much a logical answer as anything.

“Because I love you, maybe. And because dear Louise always said she wasnt interested in ‘getting close’ to other women, even when I yearned to show her the love she deserved. And also to prove I could do it I guess!” was the reply.

“Oh!” was all the reply Louise could manage.

She caught a glance at herself in the mirror, and saw that her whole body seemed to be gleaming silver from head to toe,

“And how do I go outside ever again looking like this, everyone is going to stare at me looking like this?”

Christine laughed, “Oh, is that your only concern Louisebot? Easily solved, I just turn this dial on your control box, and lo and behold...”

Louise gasped as the image in the mirror turned fleshy pink, “Oh wow!”

“Then back again...” and Louise was suddenly a silver colour again. “Much nicer!” said Christine.

“” mumbled Louise trying to find the words to match the crazy pictures in her head.

“Do you mean how can you repay me for this? Well funnily enough ‘Mistress’ Christine has a ‘little itch’ that could do with some treatment from her very special Louisebot. The question is, will Louise do it voluntarily, or do I have to make her?” Christine said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

Louise suspected she knew what the ‘little itch’ might be, she could smell a musky aroma emanating from Christine’s body already, and strongly suspected she knew what treatment she was meant to serve on ‘Mistress’ Christine! Louise laughed,

“You’d better make me do it then. Not so much because there is any point in trying to resist, but simply because I dont know what to do, but I suspect Louisebot would?”

Christine nodded.

“Besides,” Louise said with a sigh, “it might just be more fun that way!”

“Yup.” said Christine with a grin wide enough to outshine the Cheshire Cat, “And yes, Louisebot knows exactly how to please me!” and winked at Louise.

“So then?”

“How much do you want to know about it? Full awareness, vague memories or mindless robot. Your choice, you will only be a passenger in your body whichever you choose?”

Louise gulped, the idea of not knowing about it sounded good to her hetro side, but on the other hand, if Christine had control of her mind and body, she might as well be educated in Sapphic matters.

“Better be full awareness I guess, I might as well learn what to do at least. Mindless robot sounds pretty scary to me anyway.”

“Oh believe me Louise, the thought of you as my mindless, obedient robot doesnt sound scary to me! Just the opposite in fact.". Christine gave an evil laugh, “Dont worry, I’m going to try it sometime soon, I just might not tell you about it beforehand! But for now, full awareness it is.”

Louise saw her doing things with the control unit, and then felt something strange happen. Her body started moving towards the bedroom, but she wasnt in control of it, Christine was! Her thoughts didnt disappear, but her ability to think things through did, for now, Louisebot was in full control of her body. When they got to the bedroom, Christine commanded her,

“I think Mistress should be suitably dressed, or is that undressed for what’s about to occur. Dont you Louise?”

“Yes Mistress.” she replied, slightly taken aback at how natural she sounded, she’d expected her voice to be monotone, and well, robot like. She began to peel back Christine’s layers of clothing, taking extra care as she removed her bra, admiring, and fondling her Mistresses beautiful breasts. The panties were sodden as she pulled them down, Christine moaning with delight as Louisebot ‘tested out’ her pussy to see just how ready it was.

Louise pulled Christine down onto the bed, and set to work. Her fingers plunged deep into that hot, steamy opening, and set to the task of finding (which didnt take her long) and playing with her pleasure button. Not that Christine was just laying back and taking it, nothing of the sort. Her lips were passionately locked with Louise’s own, her tongue seeking out the back of her bot’s throat with eagerness. Her hands roamed over her ample breasts, before one hand went south to play with Louise’s by now ‘auto-lubricated’ pussy, and to bring her off as well. Christine was impressed by her programming skills, Louise was steadily bringing her to boiling point as desired, but not too quickly that she couldnt enjoy the whole experience.

Then she felt it, the big shudder inside, and she knew she was about to cum heavily,

“Louise, lower your face to my pussy, and lap.”

“Yes Mistress.” was the obedient reply.

The first lap of that slightly rough, silvered tongue was enough for Christine, and her juices poured out, covering Louise’s face in her glorious stickiness. She heard Louise’s gasp of delight, but she didnt cum herself. Christine thought for a moment as to why, then remembered, she hadnt reset the setting from the default one yet!

“You may cum Louise.” was the instruction, and she did. Christine gasping at the strength of her newly enhanced vaginal muscles on her fingers as she did so. Christine simply overloaded on the sensation, and climaxed again.

Ten minutes or so later, when Christine had sufficiently recovered from her exercise she pressed some buttons on the control unit, and asked,


“Truly amazing, I’ve never had that good an orgasm before in my whole life.” purred Louise.

Christine laughed, “Partly because I know what I’m doing, and partly because I’ve programmed you accordingly. But its nice to know my Louisebot is grateful for what I’ve done to her.”

Louise wasnt so sure,

“The sex was amazing, and the sensation of being a passenger in my own body was weird, but different. Nice in a strange sort of way though. But turning me into a robot like this, how could you?”

“Quite easily apparantly!” laughed Christine, “I wouldnt worry too much about it Louise, there isnt any way to change you back now, even if I wanted to, which I dont. I dont intend to be a harsh Mistress anyway, I was looking more for you as a lover than a slave, though there will be times when...” she winked at her, “But unless you complain too much I wont turn you into a mindless robot slave...well not too often at least!”

“You mean you would, you could do that?” Louise asked in a concerned way.

“Very simple, I could even make it a permanent state if I wanted to, but as long as you behave, dont give signs off to the wrong people, then I’ll let you think for yourself most of the time, though naturally I can ensure your obedience even then!” and winked at her again, “But yes, I find the idea of you, just occasionally as my mindless, obedient sexy robot a big turn on, so it will happen.”

Louise just gulped at the thought.

“What about my job, wont they notice the difference?”

“Not in the slightest, I simply set your skin to flesh tone, run the control package at the lowest safe level, and in all likelihood no one will notice. Just dont let them do any medical checkups on you, thats all!”

“So, what have you planned for me now you’ve turned me into this robot thing?” Louise asked

“Robot person, you will never only be a thing to me Louise.” Christine replied, “Well I will arrange for you to move in with me, but thats where lovers should be, together. Either sell or rent this place off, and live in my nice home. But for now, Mistress would like something to eat and drink. Will Louise provide that service willingly, or do I have to make her do it?”

Louise laughed, “Coffee and a sandwich?”

Christine nodded.

“Give me five minutes Mist-ress.” she replied, deliberately drawing out the last word.

When she reached the doorway Christine lifted the remote and pointed it at her. Ten minutes or so later Louise returned with two trays of food and drink. It was only when the two women were again snuggled up in bed that Christine pressed a button.

“What the hell...?” said Louise as she came back to the real world.

Christine laughed, “I let Louisebot make the food and drinks in non awareness mode, and it seems she did a very good job of it. What do you think?”

Louise just blushed and giggled.

“A very good job.”

* * *

(A few weeks later)

“How is she taking it? I mean, how is Louise herself taking it, when she gets to make her own opinion? I’m sure you dont let Louisebot have too much say in matters!”

“None whatsoever Kevin, but you can ask her yourself shortly, she’s due back from work anytime now, and her control levels are set at minimum at that stage for obvious reasons. She seems pretty content with matters I have to say, though without ‘assistance’ she doesnt yet make the greatest lesbian lover I’ve ever had. But she’s learning fast! But no, Louisebot does as her Mistress commands perfectly.” Christine added with a gleam in her eye.

She heard a key turn in the door, and a familiar voice call out,

“Hi, I’m home.”

So Christine picked up the control unit off the side, even if she wasnt changing her mind control levels just yet, the sight of Louise ‘silvering up’ turned her on everytime she saw it happening, and she usually carried it out as quickly as she could.

“Kevin’s come over to see you, see how you are getting on. Hope you dont mind?”

“Thats alright,” Louise said as she opened the door, “its just that Jenny has stopped off on the way back, so dont change...oh dear, too late I guess.” as Christine had already pressed the button, and Jenny had fainted at the sight of her turning silver.

Christine had a look of horror on her face, at least until she saw Louise burst into a fit of the giggles.

“Oh God, what have I done? And why are you laughing so much?”

“Because you proved my point to her! She was having one of her ‘I know best’ moments at work today, and was saying that it would never be possible to turn people into robots. I told her that I thought it could be, because I was already one, and she just laughed. So I invited her home to see, but I wanted to make sure she saw you change my skin colour. Well she did, but I’d planned to let her sit down first!” Louise replied, still laughing.

Kevin went and fetched Jenny a glass of water, and helped her to her feet. Finally she was able to talk,

“ you really are a robot then?” Jenny asked Louise.

Christine chimed in, “Technically more of a cyborg than a robot, but definitely not human either. Her body is highly enhanced, as is her mind, though thats ultimately controlled by me. Most of her internal stuff is still organic, but all linked by circuitry to the master computer system, which I have full control over. She can be like this, almost natural, well apart from her current skin colour, but thats easily changed, as you know. At the other extreme she is like a mindless, obedient machine, the perfect robot if you like. And programmed to be my lover. Why?”

“And you enjoy this life?” Jenny asked Louise.

“At first I didnt, I could have happily killed her when she first did this to me, well if I’d been able to at least! But now, I’m getting used to it, and even beginning to find it quite exciting, as I never know what she’s going to do to me next. And my love life is incredible, albeit a change in the direction of my sexuality through 180 degrees. I still find the mindless automaton mode a bit weird at times, when I’m ‘switched off’ in one room, and ‘switched on’ again a few hours later somewhere else in the house, but I’m getting used to it. Why do you ask?”

Jenny blushed a bright red, and looked at Christine, then said,

“Can you do it to me? Its been a fantasy of mine for years, but I didnt believe it was possible until Louise told me, and even then I thought she was just teasing me. Please?”

Christine thought for a moment, then asked her bluntly, “What do you think of Kevin?”

“He seems nice enough, why?”

“Kevin, what do you think of Jenny?”

“Gorgeous if you must know, but again, why?”

“Simple, I’m not into threesomes, but you’re single, and I’m assuming Jenny is if she’s asking to be robotised?”

Jenny nodded in confirmation.

“So if she’s sure?” Jenny nodded again, more eagerly this time, “How long to run up another Cyborg suit, and create unit number 2?”

Kevin replied, “I could have one ready by the weekend if that’s OK by Jenny?”

Jenny would have liked one available there and now, but the weekend would have to do. She nodded again.

“I’ll get the programming sorted then, I might make her bisexual though, not for me, but seeing her and Louise fucking each other might be fun for both of us?”

Kevin agreed with that idea.

Louise was ‘directed’ to fetch a bottle of wine, and four glasses. A toast was offered,

“To the weekend!” was the shout of all four of them.