The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Seduction of Lily Eclair

Hello, my name is Lisa Sky and I am a succubus. Well, not a real succubus, I crave sexual excitement and the best way for me to get it by making women serve my needs. At 5′5 with butt long jet black hair, emerald green eyes, rosie red lips and a mighty double D chest. But my best feature is my beautiful, gold and diamond necklace. It was passed down from Mother to daughter in my family. It was said to make the wearer happy and grants luck. I don’t know about luck but happy was for sure.

Traveling around a lot, lets me see what the world has to offer, and today I traveled to a small drunken fishermen village called Advocate. I walked into the only store in town, and there was my latest slave. She was a young, well-endowed platinum blonde, with an ass shaped like freshly picked peach. Also had the mind of a bar of soap. She was the only person in sight, so she must of worked here. She saw me come in and went back to what she was doing.

Picking up a few items, I approached the cash register, and she trotted along to me. I look at her and introduce myself,

Hello, I’m Lisa.

Hi. She replied

Fuck, I need her name. I bend forward slightly and let my necklace fall out. The girl rang in my things and looks up at me, her eyes locked onto my cleavage and she slowly asked.

What... is... that?

Oh, this, it’s a necklace, do you like it?

She nodded.

Good, it going as well I could have hoped for.

“What’s your name?”


Now Lily, I want you to clear you mind of thoughts, every thought that is not about me is useless. I’m here to free you from thought and decision. when you enter this state again, you’ll drain yourself of thought and will. Now close your eyes and relax, the more your eyes close, the more relaxed you become, the more your relaxed, the more your eyes close, now close your eyes like a nice girl.

With that Lily eye’s shut

How do you feel?

Relaxed. She replied in a monotonous voice

Now Lily, when you enter this state you will only listen to me. Listen to me makes you horny. I control every motion you make. Every command you hear you must do. Preforming my commands gets you off, but I am in control of you actions, you can only do what I SAY! When you do good, you will be rewarded and when you do bad, you will be punished. From now on you’ll call me your mistress.

Yes Mistress.

Very good, now when I want you to return to this state I’ll say “wipe” and when I want you to leave this state I’ll say“order”.

Yes mistress.

You’re a very good girl. When I play with your breasts, you’ll start cumming but you may not CUM until I tell you too. Cumming is mine and only mine to control.

“Yes mistress.”

When I say, Paralyze, you’ll no longer be able to move your body. I can put you into any position that I want you to be in and you will stay in that position until you hear release.

“Yes Mistress”

Now Come with my me, I’ve decided to take you with me.

Walking to my car with Lily in tow. “I can’t believe how fast this works. They say you can’t make a person do anything that would be wrong to them but if they have even the faintest desire, you can make a person do what you wish. I think this little slut wanted to be with another girl.”

Driving to our location I noticed Lily’s nipples were stiffening.

Lily play with you nipples!

She played with them until we had arrived at the cabin I was renting on Cape D’or. I believe the complex was called “The light keeper’s kitchen and guesthouse.”

“Lily this way.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Walking down the very steep hill, almost killed me. But I had to my cabin for the night. This was a perfect site for me to create a slave. This Lily will be forever a slave to sexual needs. But there was work to be done. We entered the cabin and I walked right into one of my rooms. All at really good prices!

“Lily, come here!”

She walked over to me and waited for my next command.

“Now Lily, I want you to strip! BUT strip slowly for your Mistress.”

With no hesitation she slowly removed her tee-shirt to reveal a black, lace bra. Next she removed her jean shorts and to my surprise she had a black thongs on. Very nice, is all I could think of.

“Keep stripping!”

“Yes Mistress.”

Now was the moment of truth, slowly, almost taught-ing me, she unhooked her black lacy bra to reveal supple, creamy, breasts. The bra paretically jumped off her heaving chest. I have never saw a women’s bra that had so much flesh in it before. She must have been at least a DD. Her nipples were so hard with excitement, and the aureolas was a propionate dark brown. Theses breasts were crafted by the gods themselves. Moving closer, I took a nipple in my mouth, and for a small moment, her eyes widened. She must be afraid of what I was doing to her or she was excited. Taking my thumb and index finger, I started to tickle her lybia. Lily inhaled sharply. I moved my fingers down to her hot, young cunt and forced them in. A soft moan, escaped her mouth as I forced my finger into it.

Taste your juices, Lily enjoy your juice while you can. Soon it’ll be all mine. HA HA HA HA .

Thinking to myself, what role can she play in my house? Maid? Nurse? Lets see, she’s hot, young, big titted. I’ll make her my milk maid. Yes, that’ll do nicely for her. I’ll wait till I get her back at the house for full training. But in the mean time I can start, with some simple tools. Going to my suit case, I pulled out a high powered breast pump. This shall start her off.

On the bed!

“Yes mistress”

She got the bed, in the face up position. I walked over to her and attached the suction cups over her inflamed nipples. Turning it on full power, her reaction was immediate. Lily’s nipples grew, her body shivered, and her pussy started to flow with sweet nectar. Now’s my time for a little taste. Silently, I glided my body down her legs and forced them apart.

Now dear be a good little milk maid and produce me lots of milk, and juice.

“Yes Mistress”

Even before I could wrap my mouth around her tender, young, pussy, it started to flow. Her sweet nectar started to fill my mouth. It was so delicious, and sweet, like thick maple syrup. It dripped down my chin and covered my cheeks with a glossy shine. Soon, there was too much for me to handle, I couldn’t keep up swallowing. So I relaxed my throat, and allowed this sweet juice to drain right into my belly. My belly was so warm, I become light headed and dizzy. Never in my life, have I ever had a women produce so much sweet cum. My eyes looked up at her and to my surprise, her eyes had glazed over, saliva was running out of her mouth like a facet. I could tell that she wanted to cum, and badly. She was jest lying there, gasping, acting like she was in the middle of an orgasm. I grew bored with this and decided to end it , I really need to get her back to the house for her full training.


Without any noise, for I did not bid her to do so, she came into mouth. I started to choke on her fluids and forced my head aside to miss the rest of the load. I unhooked the breast pumps and looked at her sore nipples. I took one into my mouth and bite down easily. They doubled in size and I think her breasts have gotten heavier. This little adventure has gotten the results I wanted. Afterwards, Lily jest laid there mouth open, I strapped her feet and hands to the bed posts. After I thought them to be secure I decided to awaken Lily.


Lily’s eyes started to film over and slowly she shook her head. Lily looked around the room and noticed me.

“You were the women at the store. What have you done to me?”

Nothing that you didn’t want to do. You were quite eager to please me you know.

“NO, I’m not, a lesbian, I don’t even like, think about women.”

Really, I wouldn’t know by the way you act. Take a look at you nipples.

She looked down and her eyes went wide with fright

“What did you do!?”

I picked up the breast pump and showed it to her.

You see, I have decided to take you home with me. But in my home, you’ll have a very special position. I’m going to make you my milk maid.

“Milk maid?”

Yes, you’ll produce me lots of milk, juice to have and I should know. I’ve already had a huge drink.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

I collect beautiful objects in my household. Don’t worry your going to love it.

Lily started to cry, I walked over to her side and moved my hands over her breasts. I gently begin to stoke her nipples

Shhhh, Lily tell me how old you are?

“ I’m 20, please let me go. I have absolutely nothing to give you.”

Oh Lily that’s not true, you can produce me a lot of juice right now, here have a taste.

I walk over to the night stand and pick up a glass. I return to her side and cover her pussy with my glass.

I want you to cum for as long as I tell you. Lily cum!


Lily screamed at the top her lungs. Lily kept gasping for air and shouting as came.


Lily’s eyes started to roll in the back of her head and the glass was almost full.

Lily stop! Open your mouth

Lily stopped screaming and looked at me with longing

What did you do......

Pouring the glass of her sweet nectar down her throat. She started to cough a couple of times but rubbing her breasts, returned her to normal. When she finished her drink I put the glass down.

There, there. That’s a good girl.

There was anger in her eyes, when she looked at me Lily spoke

I hate you! That was the worst thing I have ever had to drink.

Tisk, Tisk, using such words against me. Paralyze!

Lily tries to move her right leg and then her right hand.

What did you jest do to me?

I have complete control of your body. Watch.

I moved her legs and feet, high into the air. I walked over to my suitcase, and reached inside of it to bring out an egg vibrator. I added a little lube to it and walked back over to Lily.

Tell me Lily, Have you ever been fucked in the ass?

A couple of times, the guys told me I’d love it.

And did you?

No, it sort of burned but I kept doing it anyway.

How old where you?

I think I was 14.

Tisk, even at a young age, you were a little slut!

Covering her mouth, I shoved the vibrator deep into her rectum. Turning it on to full power, I watched her face light up. She really didn’t want to have it her ass, but with my conditioning she’ll be having orgasms in no time.


Her eyes went blank again.

Now Lily, your ass is now going to be a second vagina, your ass is a pussy, your ass is a big pussy, everything your pussy can feel your ass will feel. Your ass will let your vagina to cum. How do you feel about your mistress??

“I Love you mistress.”

From now on, you love me! No matter what! You’ll never be angry with me, or hate me ever again. From now on, you’ll be loving, attentive, and totally submissive to me. At all times, you are to do what I say, and when I say it.

“Yes Mistress.”

Very good, Now ORDER!

Lily eyes clouded again and she looked back at with animal lust in her eyes.

“I love you mistress.”

laying down beside her, I began to tweak her nipples.

Very good Lily. Tomorrow we’ll head back to the Mansion.