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I woke up the other morning, thinking about the jack-o‘-lantern I had carved the night before, some comments a long-time online friend of mine had made, and wanting to write a story for a Halloween contest on the MC Forum. As I did, this story just sprang into my head. So I decided to write it, as Halloween only comes once a year.

I can’t think of anything or anyone else that might have inspired it, but I like to give a special thanks to Cactus Juggler for some encouraging words when I needed them the most.

* * *

Seeing the Light

by flibinite

Catherine walked slowly through the house, looking for her mother. The place looked great, with lighted candles and Halloween decorations set up in practically every room. She had come home from college last night and spent the day with her mom cleaning and preparing food, the two of them getting everything ready for tonight’s party.

It would be a small, intimate affair... just Catherine, her mom, and her three aunts. It had the makings of a really swell time, though.

Catherine loved her mother and her aunts, and loved to hang around with them, to have a few drinks and get loose and happy and hear them dish on the other family members and the people they worked with.

And if the party went like it normally did when the five of them got together, eventually someone would suggest a game, and they’d end up playing Pictionary or charades or something. It never mattered what game they chose, however, as it always ended up with them getting lewd, loud, and silly.

“Yes... this will be fun,” Catherine thought, happy and excited.

She was enjoying being at the nearby college, living away from home for the first time, and she had already started to learn a lot more about herself there. But there were traces of homesickness still, and she was glad to be back, if only for just a couple of days.

But where was her mother right now?

She hadn’t been upstairs anywhere, and not in the living room, either. Catherine was just about to call out for her, when she got an idea. She walked over to the French door that led out to their large deck, opened it, and looked. She saw she was right, as her mother was out there, sitting on the glider, rocking slowly, seemingly lost in thought.

“There you are!” Catherine said, taking the two steps down to the deck and closing the door behind her. She saw her mother start, then turn to look at her. “Everyone will be here in an hour and half, and you’re out here daydreaming, Mom. What gives?”

Her mother smiled at her, almost dreamily, Catherine thought. “Nothing, Cath. I was just enjoying the evening, taking a break, and thinking about... things. It’s a beautiful night.”

“Yeah, it is,” Catherine replied, walking over to the glider, taking in a big breath of the early evening air.

And it was a beautiful night. Although it was totally dark already, what with the daylight savings time switch the night before, it still felt to be over 60 degrees, the lightest of breezes blowing, still quite balmy for the last day in October. It was quiet and peaceful, too. Their house was the last one on a dead-end country road, and that usually left them with just the sounds of nature, not of man.

Catherine was debating whether to sit down next to her, to risk interrupting her mother’s quiet time, when the other suddenly slapped her own thighs and stood up next to her.

“But enough of that. I have things to do before my sisters get here, hon.”

Catherine was a bit surprised then, when her mother grabbed her arm, and started to guide her down onto the glider. “But here… you take my spot. Enjoy some daydreaming of your own.”

Catherine did sit, thinking “why not,” as she had some time to kill, and sitting out here alone at night was something she’d always liked to do. An only child, she had often come out here to be in the quiet, to just relax and think.

She looked up at her mother to see her with that same dreamy smile, and wondered for a moment if she had already gotten into the pitcher of stingers sitting in the fridge. But so what if she has. It’s a party night, a fun night; so why not?

She saw and felt her mother pat her on the knee, then turn and walk off. Catherine called after her, “I thought we were all ready, Mom. What else is left to do?”

Her mother turned the latch on the door, opened it, and looked back at her. “Nothing really,” she said, still smiling softly. “But I need to take a shower.”

And with that, she was through the door and gone.

Catherine sighed, snuggled back into the glider, and began to rock it back and forth. She noticed that while the rest of the glider seat seemed cool to the touch, where she was sitting was still warm from the body heat of her mother. It felt good, and she let herself start to relax as she rocked slowly in the fragrant autumn air.

It took her a little while to notice it, but as she continued to rock and stare off across the deck, Catherine noticed that the light seemed to change slightly with each motion, getting darker as she moved forward, lighter as she pushed back. Once she recognized this was happening, it took her only a second to figure out why.

It was the pumpkins.

The jack-o’—lanterns, to be more specific. There were two of them on the deck railing opposite her, on either side of her, and about eight feet apart. She and her mom had each carved one of them. They hadn’t watched each other as they did it, but they had both turned out roughly the same anyway... both of them had goofy smiles and small, scary eyes.

Apparently, her mother had lighted the candles inside them, and that’s what was causing the light shifts in Catherine’s eyes as she moved forward and back.

Each time she moved forward, she changed the angle just enough so that each candle’s flame was hidden from her view. And when she pushed back, she could just see each flame again, see them flickering softly out here in the dark… one pumpkin’s left eye glowing; the other, the right.

No big. Kinda pleasant, actually.

Light, dark... light, dark... She settled back and relaxed, rocking slowly, letting her mind drift, staring between the pumpkins out into the night, but still “seeing” them both.

They didn’t seem quite so menacing now, almost as if they were keeping her company.

Light, dark... light, dark... light, dark...

While it wasn’t exactly cold outside, it wasn’t that warm either, and after a few minutes of just sitting there, of just sort of floating and not really focusing on anything, Catherine felt a slight chill. She squirmed her way a bit tighter into the glider’s padding, even more thankful now that her mother had warmed it with her body.

And why not, actually, as her mom’s body was really hot.

Catherine shook her head, wondering where that thought had come from?

It was true enough, though. Even at 43 years old, her mom was still in great shape—buxom and curvy, yet not overweight at all. Her parents certainly hadn’t broken up two years ago because she was no longer sexually attractive. But Catherine did wonder why she was suddenly thinking about that.

Maybe she had been unconsciously thinking about some of the things she had “learned” while being away at school. On the few occasions there when she had physically examined her “bi” side, she had found there were many aspects of female-to-female sex that she really enjoyed... the tastes, the scents, some of the “techniques”, and, well... the breasts.

Mom has great tits...

“Lord! Where are these thoughts coming from, and why are they so strong?” Catherine wondered. She was not only starting to think such things, but she was also starting to feel them deep inside herself.

She unknowingly began to rock just a bit faster, the pumpkins seeming to leer at her now, almost as if they were making fun of her mental indiscretions.

She’s naked in the shower now, lathering and rubbing those wonderful breasts...

The shiver Catherine felt at this thought had nothing to do with the cold. She could picture her mother so clearly now, standing in the pulsing water, steam rising around her, her body all wet and hot and sudsy. She could easily see her mom using her hands to work the lather into her soft skin.

She’s probably masturbating in the shower while thinking about you...

“About you? Noo... About me,” Catherine whispered. She felt very confused now, until she suddenly realized what she was doing.

What she was doing was starting to lose it here, to somehow imagine the pumpkins were speaking to her, were telling her these things. That had to be a stupid thought, though. All this was just some silly, Halloween childishness on her part.

But maybe, just maybe, her mom was masturbating in the shower right now. Maybe she did have a hand buried deep between her hot thighs, stroking and teasing her wet pussy, all the while moaning, “Ohh, Cathy!”

Light, dark, light, dark, light, dark...

She masturbates to thoughts of you (me!) all the time. She needs someone...

Now questions started flashing through Catherine’s mind. What had Mom been doing for sexual gratification since she and Dad had split up? Could it be true? Was it possible that her mother masturbated to thoughts of her?


She needs someone to fuck her. She needs someone she loves to give her pleasure. She’s hot and wet and slick with soap, with need, with desire. She needs someone to help her cum.

“Yess…,” Catherine thought wildly. “She needs me!” It was only then that she noticed how fast she was rocking, how hard she was rubbing her own wet pussy through her soaked panties. She couldn’t even remember sliding her hand underneath her skirt.

Catherine realized that she wasn’t staring off into space anymore, and that she wasn’t even cold anymore. In fact, she was warm and sweaty and all “smelly” now.

I could really use a shower, too.

She moaned as she stopped rubbing herself and stood up, her legs shaking, knowing what she had to do. Her mother needed her!

“I’m coming to help you, Mom,” she thought, hustling through the French door, through the living room and up the stairs toward the master bath. She tugged at her clothes as she went, knowing she had to hurry.

She reached the bathroom door, her short-sleeve blouse already off, fumbling behind her back for the clasp to her bra. She managed to release it, shrugging her bra off and letting it drop to the floor, her nipples stiff and achy. Opening the door as quietly as she could, Catherine stepped inside the humid bathroom.

She could hear the water running, thinking the shower massage must be set to faucet flow, the sound of it hitting the floor of the tub heavy and resonant. In counterpoint to that, she could hear her mother moaning softly, and going “Noo...noo, I can’t.”

It sounded as if she was in pain, and right then Catherine realized that every thought she had been having was correct. Her mother did need her now!

“And I need you, too,” she whispered, almost overcome by the suddenness and strength of her own admission.

She stepped out of her sandals, loosened her skirt, and pushed that and her clingy, wet panties down her legs and onto the floor, calling out, “Mom? Are you okay?”

Catherine could hear her mother grunt, certain she had startled her, now wishing she had knocked first before she entered.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Her mother’s voice sounded ragged and harsh. “I... I’ll be done in a few minutes, Cath.”

But Catherine knew better, and was already pushing the shower curtain aside, stepping into the tub. Her mother stood there and stared at her with stricken eyes, her body covered with lather, one arm under and lifting her soapy breasts, one hand between her thighs, now just appearing to try to cover herself.

She looked exactly as Catherine had pictured her while rocking on the glider.

But as Catherine took a small step toward her, her mother turned away, partially hunched over, and half-whispered, “Noo… this is wrong.”

“No it isn’t, Mom,” Catherine said, moving closer, pressing herself into her mother’s back, reaching around her with her left hand to stroke and fondle a slick, swollen nipple. “We need each other.”

Her mother shivered, whispering “noo” again, but did nothing to restrain her daughter’s teasing fingers. Her only resistance was verbal.

“We can’t do this, Cath. We don’t want to do this. It isn’t us. It’s the pumpkins. Somehow they’re making us act this way.” Her voice was plaintive now, almost as if she were trying to convince herself.

“But that’s just silly, Mom. They’re just pumpkins.” Catherine reached around with her other hand, both her mother’s nipples now feeling her tender assault.

But as she rubbed and massaged them, heard her mother’s soft moans, Catherine began to wonder. Fifteen minutes before I hadn’t been having any thoughts like this at all… none… and now look at me! Could the same thing have happened to her mom? After all, they had both done the same things—rocking in the glider, relaxing in the crisp night air, thinking and staring off beyond the lighted pumpkins.

She was just about to stop her sensuous teasing, and to give them both some time to reconsider where this intense arousal and need were actually coming from, when her mother straightened up with a thick moan and pressed back into her.

Catherine was not prepared, and had no defenses whatsoever, for the wave of desire that coursed through her as her mother did that. And when she leaned her head back on Catherine’s shoulder and began to kiss her cheek, and when she began to grind her back into Catherine’s aroused breasts, her ass into Catherine’s aching mound, any resistance she felt to doing this evaporated like a snowflake in July.

With a groan of her own, she spun her mother around until they were face to face. Holding her at arm’s length, Catherine stared at her, at her mother’s glazed eyes and open, needy mouth. She knew for certain that she looked exactly the same way, and with a helpless gasp, pulled her mother into her arms.

For a single second, they paused. Then lips sought out lips, and they kissed.

With no hesitation and no reservations at all now, they kissed. Clutching and grabbing at each other, their fingers and nails leaving trails all down each other’s back and asses, they kissed… hot, passionate kisses; tongue-filled, sloppy-wet kisses, driven by their insistent need and desire for each other.

They snorted and gasped as the kisses went on and on, the two of them afraid to stop, lest the passion of the moment fade. Writhing and twisting against each other like two soapy snakes, they let their breasts and nipples clash and slide, Catherine’s shaven mound grinding against the wet, silky pubis of her mother again and again.

So tight to one another, it was as if they were both trying to push inside each other’s bodies. It was very physical, almost violent, and if it weren’t for the rubberized strips glued to the bottom of the tub, they would have slipped and fallen into a painful pile.

Catherine had never felt anything like this in her young life…this driving need, the gut-wrenching arousal of it all. And when her mother finally moved to the side and thrust her thigh hard and tight between Catherine’s thighs and against her throbbing pussy, she lost all control. Going “oh fuck, oh god,” she humped her mother’s leg desperately, wantonly, the slight sting of the soap only adding to her arousal.

Within seconds, the pressure was too much for her to withstand, and Catherine came, her back arching, hips jerking. Her mother helped hold her up as Catherine shuddered and spasmed her release onto her thigh, her head back as she grunted and filled the bathroom with her moans of pleasure.

When her heavy orgasm finally ended, Catherine slowly sank to her knees, panting and momentarily spent. But she knew there was something she needed to do now, something that she wanted to do more than anything.

Her mother, sensing that, and needing that too, gasped out a “wait!” and turned to grab the shower massage, to fan out the flow and play it over her belly and loins to remove the remaining traces of soap there.

Before she could hook it back to the showerhead though, Catherine was upon her, sliding her arms between her spread legs, cupping her ass and pulling her dripping sex tight to her mouth. Helpless to resist, her mother simply dropped the hose and grabbed at her daughter’s hair, hanging on for dear life.

Catherine began to eat her, sucking hard at her seam, and driving her long tongue deep within its puffy folds. She licked and lapped and nursed on her mother’s swollen clit until it was the older woman’s moans that filled the air, along with her cries, of “please eat me”, “that’s it, baby”, and “oh my godd”.

It didn’t take her long to reach orgasm either, exploding against Catherine’s mouth and tongue as she bucked and ground her cumming cunt against them, her fingers buried in her daughter’s long, sweaty hair.

When she was finally spent, she sank onto her knees, too, and the two of them hugged. Cheek-to-cheek, they whispered soft endearments to each other as their pounding hearts finally began to slow.

Then they kissed again; not with the desperate passion of before, surely, but with tenderness and love, and as a way of saying thanks, and as a way of cementing the bond they had just formed between them.

Finally, her mother leaned back and said, “I hate to break this up, baby, but we have guests arriving shortly, and I don’t think they would quite understand if they found as like this. Do you?”

Catherine laughed and nodded, still unable to resist reaching out and fondling her mother’s breasts. “Yes. We’d better get ready for them. Besides, we have time for more of this after they leave. Right?” As she asked her question, she let her thumbs slide back and forth over her mother’s wet, stiff nipples.

“Oh yes,” her mother replied, licking her lips and tasting her own juices there. “We’ll have plenty of time after they’re gone.”

So, knowing they had to move quickly, they stood and cleaned up, soaping and rinsing themselves, knowing what might happen if they attempted to wash each other. As it was, the inadvertent touches and bumps between them as they moved about the tub were almost enough to set them off again.

Somehow, they managed to get through it though, and climbed out.

As they stood there drying themselves off, Catherine was struck by a sudden thought, and said, “Mom? Do you think it might be a good idea if we take our drinks out on the deck when they get here? It’s such a wonderful night, and there’s plenty of room on the glider for them to sit.”

Her mother just stared at Catherine for a moment, then gave her a wink and a knowing smile. “Yess… and perhaps a new game later tonight, as well.”

“Brilliant!” Catherine cried, and they both laughed as they left the bathroom together, hand in hand.