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Sensitive Scanner

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A follow-up to “Industrial Espionage” and inspired by something Privatepages did. So enjoy.

The mood inside the board room was quite tense as the man at the end of the table went over the files. He sighed, placing the folder down and leaning back in his chair, the seat creaking under the weight of his aged body. “How accurate is this?” Arthur Carristers asked, running a hand through his thinning silver hair.

“If you mean will any of this stand up in court, the answer’s no,” Eugene Capeshaw, Carrister’s long time consultant said. “But we have reason to believe it’s accurate.”

“Dammit!” Carristers, smacking his fist into the table’s surface. “How could she do this to us?”

“Apparently, she got a lucrative offer from SatCo,” Capeshaw replied. “Selling some of our secret files to them undoubtedly fixed her a nice bank account. In essence, she’s drawing two salaries in one.”

“So we’re paying her to rip us off,” Carrister sighed. “Wonderful.” He closed his eyes and shook his head, focusing on the men at the table. “How bad can this be?”

“Well, we don’t know of how much information she’s managed to pass,” Capeshaw said. “And she’s covered her tracks well. If it hadn’t been for that surprise computer check a few weeks back, we wouldn’t have known about it at all.”

“So how can we find out what SatCo has gotten from her?” Carristers said.

Capeshaw sighed. “We can’t. Not as far as I can see.”

Shuffling in his seat, Carristers sighed. “Well, there’s one thing we can do and do right now. As of this moment, she’s fired, you hear me, she is fired effective immediately.”

“I’m not quite sure that’s the right course of action.” Everyone at the table turned to look at the young man seated at one end. In contrast to the fine suits and ties around him, Greg Masters was wearing a light jacket over a simple shirt with brown trousers. He was young, in his twenties still, with dark hair and handsome features but seemed out of place among the board of directors. However, he had more than proven his worth and many felt a presidency wasn’t far in his future.

“What do you suggest?” Carristers said. He had learned to value Greg’s opinion, the young man helping to get his company out of a jam more than once.

Greg sat up a bit in his chair, looking down the table at the chairman. “I think she’d be of more use to us right where she is. Only we control what she tells SatCo.”

“You’re suggesting we feed her false information?” Capeshaw frowned.

“Not exactly,” Greg said. “I think I have a way of getting back what she took and set SatCo back a few years. All I ask is that you let me handle this.”

Carristers stared at him for a long moment, then nodded. “All right, Greg,” he announced. “You have full discretion in this. But make it fast and make it good.”

“I intend to on both counts,” Greg smiled, his brilliant mind already racing to an idea......

The laboratory division of the company was quiet that night, no surprise since it was nearly midnight. Most of the personnel had gone home, making it much easier for Lin to come in and copy a few files. Files that SatCo would pay quite a lot of money for.

The Asian woman had to smile as she thought of the way she had been fooling everyone the last few months. It was easy to get a job here with her qualifications and easier still to get access to the computer labs. What that all equaled was a payday she couldn’t wait for, a hell of a lot more money than Carristers was paying for someone of her talents. At least SatCo appreciated her skills.

The computer beeped, letting Lin know the copying was done. She ejected the disc and placed it into a case in her purse. She quickly erased all traces of her copying the files and stood up, turning the computer on as she turned towards the door to the lab.

She was a strikingly beautiful woman with almond eyes, long black hair framing her exquisite china doll-like Asian features. Her lithe body was wearing a black suit, her entire body language one of pure business with a bit of scheming on the side, the perfect attitude for a spy.

As she headed for the door, Lin was still amazed no one had stumbled onto her yet. She was cool and stand-offish, not letting anyone at the company get close enough to make guesses as to what she was truly here for. Lin didn’t have any bad feelings at all about what she was doing. She was looking out for number one was all and in this world, that meant screwing over a few people. SatCo was paying her money and promising her a prominent position when she eventually jumped over to them. That meant two big incentives she just couldn’t pass up.

She came up to the retinal scanner set to the side of the door. She stood before it, keeping her face blank as it lit up, a square of light highlighting the area around her eyes. A long light slowly swept back and forth across her vision, then a beep. Only it wasn’t the usual green beep that let Lin know she was accepted, it was a red one that said access was denied.

“Damn it,” Lin muttered. It figured. She had a few thousand dollars worth of info in her purse and an e-mail to SatCo just waiting to be sent and she couldn’t get out of the lab. She sighed, hoping this was just a momentary glitch and kept her expression blank as the light swept over her eyes again. The beep didn’t go off, the door remained locked, so Lin just kept gazing into the scanner, trying to keep her face as blank and expressionless as possible so it would work.

Lin sighed and concentrated on pushing down her anger, trying to keep her face blank and expressionless, just like she’d been told. She kept looking into the scanner, letting the light move back and forth, back and forth, just kept keeping her face blank as the light moved back and forth, back and forth, she had to just concentrate on keeping her face as blank as possible as the light moved back and forth, back and forth, expressionless as she watched the light move back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Lin knew it was important she stay blank, important that she let her face be blank and emotionless as the light moved over her eyes, back and forth, over her eyes, back and forth, she just had to keep looking into the scanner and keeping her face blank as the light moved back and forth over her eyes, back and forth, back and forth, over her eyes, back and forth, over her eyes, her blank eyes, back and forth over her blank eyes, back and forth, her face blank and expressionless, blank and expressionless as she kept watching the light move back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.........

A beep went off as the lab door opened promptly at 8 a.m. Greg slid the door open enough to enter the lab, then closed and locked it behind him. He turned to see how well his scheme was working.

Lin was still standing there, her face blank and expressionless as she continued to look into the scanner, the light still moving back and forth over her eyes. Her purse had fallen to the floor long ago and a little drool hung from her lip as she stared into the pulsing scanner. Greg could see his special programming had obviously worked and after eight non-stop hours of being exposed to it, he knew Lin was far too gone to offer any resistance whatsoever to anything he wanted.

Greg swiftly undressed, his cock hard at the sight of Lin standing, entranced, her eyes blankly staring at the pulsing light. It was surprisingly easy to set up for Greg. The thing only took a few minutes to lull someone into a light trance. After that, it was just a matter of having them stare at it longer until they were in a state of total obedience. And eight hours was more than enough to send Lin there.

Greg stepped up behind her, unzipping her dress from behind and letting it fall off of her. He reached over and unsnapped her bra. As he brushed it off her, he reached around to cup her pert breasts, a slight intake of breath the only sign she knew it was happening. He reached over and slid her panties down to the floor and, while there, helped her step out of each shoe. Now she was dressed only in garters and pantyhose, her ass and pussy exposed. Greg stood back up, cupping both of her cheeks in his hands and squeezing to get a sigh out of her.

Greg backed up, getting such a thrill over the naked Lin staring without expression at the still pulsing light, its hypnotic rhythm taking her deeper and deeper into a trance with every sweep. Finally, he spoke. “Face me, Lin.”

Obediently, she turned, her breasts and pussy exposed to him, her almond eyes glazed and without thought. “You’ve been a bad girl, Lin,” Greg said in a reproachful tone. “A very bad girl. You’ve been doing things you shouldn’t. Now, you’ll do only what you’re told. Kneel.”

Lin slowly moved to her knees, still staring blankly outward. Greg held his hard cock up and spoke. “Suck my cock, Lin.” Lin obediently moved forward, taking Greg’s rod in her hands and bringing it to her mouth, tickling the tip of the penis with her tongue as she brought it into her lips. She slid her lips up and down the long, hard shaft, taking it deep in her throat. She was quite good at it, Greg had to admit, holding onto her hair and pulling her in on his cock, her lips moving up and down the shaft as she tickled his balls. Greg had already been turned on by the sight of the naked and entranced Asian and was driven by a night of imagining what it would be like to have the little bitch under his control. That thought drove him to come into her mouth, all his juices sucked away by the mindless Lin and swallowed.

Deciding he needed time to build a bit, Greg took Lin and sat her down on a nearby chair. He hooked one leg over each armrest, exposing and spreading her clit. He moved forward, pushing his face into her pussy and licking away, his tongue lapping at the shaved lips and what lay beneath. Pleasure the only thing her brainwashed mind could register, Lin moaned softly as she felt Greg lap at her, sliding his tongue around her pussy as he tried to ignite more passion from her, not a hard thing to do given her mindless status.

Feeling himself start to build again, Greg moved up and onto the chair, pushing his cock into Lin’s pussy and began pumping. Lin threw her head against the seat, her hair flowing behind it as she felt Greg slide his cock in and out of her pussy. He pushed down on her as he did, his face at her pert tits, licking around the nipples as he thrust in and out of her, the tip of his penis pushing harder into her vagina. Lin’s groans grew louder, the soundproofed walls the only thing that kept the whole floor from hearing her, Greg’s face moving over her chest as his cock burrowed deeper and deeper into her, his hands running over her hosed legs as he did, tickling the fabric under his fingers. Finally, Greg came, causing Lin to scream in absolute pleasure as she felt his wad blast through her body, the chair shaking under them.

Soon, Lin was on her knees again, sucking off the sitting Greg. As he ran his hands through her hair, Greg remembered the plan. Lin would indeed copy information but as soon as she left the lab, a post-hypnotic suggestion would cause her to bring the info to Greg. He would check it and alter a few things here and there to fool the SatCo guys. He figured it would take a while before they figured out they were being sold a bill of goods. By that time, Lin would be firmly convinced that selling them fake info was her idea all along and would be getting a nice fat raise from a grateful Carristers.

As the former spy sucked his cock, Greg looked at the still pulsing scanner, his mind racing. He wondered if he should show it to some other female executives here. Purely for security reasons of course. You never know when a spy could show up again and Greg intended to be there to nip it in the bud. And then nip a few other things as well.