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Bonus Pairing: Sharing with Kari

Larya had never been much of a cat person before she’d met Lim.

“Nuh,” she gasped, squirming in place, shivers skittering up and down her back.

Lim looked down at her, smiling playfully. “Nuh?” she cooed, wriggling atop her prone lover, causing the cool tent canvas beneath them to crinkle slightly.

“I mean—” Larya struggled desperately to muster clear speech, staring back up at Lim in helpless arousal. She almost couldn’t think straight right now. “Yes. Y-yes, yes, that’s g-good...”

“Who’s your good kitty?” Lim cooed. The redheaded fey lapped at Larya’s breast tenderly with her slightly rough tongue. They were such tiny, kittenish licks, Larya couldn’t control herself—she squirmed needily.

“You!” she whimpered. Her dark hair spread in a halo beneath her head, striking against the rusty red canvas. She bit her lip hard, trying desperately to hold in her cries, to not scream like a wanton cambion as the tongue played delicately—oh, so delicately—with her sensitive nipple. And Lim’s fingers weren’t making it easy. “Lim, Lim, please...”

“I’m your kitty?” The catgirl snuggled up against her, playful, affectionate, oblivious to her near-babbling need. “I’m your good, good kitty?” She beamed up at Larya, purring loudly as she nuzzled her neck, and for a moment they were just two warm bodies on a chilly evening in early spring, nestled in their blankets in a one-person tent. It would have been a sweet, intimate moment.

Except Lim was still tormenting Larya’s pussy with those delicate, teasing strokes, even as her innocent grin widened.

Larya whimpered and squirmed feebly, helpless to look away from those eyes. She felt Lim’s pert nipples pressing against her chest, felt Lim’s tongue lapping along her jawline, and breathed out, “Yes, Lim. You’re my good, good kitty.”

Lim winked and gave Larya a peck on the cheek. “Thanks, giggledove!” She started kissing and licking Larya’s neck. Her fingers continued their slow, teasing attentions. “So you don’t mind if your... good kitty wants to, um... play a li’l, I hope?”

The wicked mirth in her voice made Larya’s pussy positively drip.

Larya’s eyes widened. “Lim!” But the catgirl was giggling as her fingers continued to lazily spiral around Larya’s clit, never quite touching it, long little teasing touches and tickles, around and around. Larya’s breath caught. “Lim, p-please... pretty please? Lim, c-come on. Lim. Lim!”

Lim just purred loudly. “What’s wrong?” Larya heard and felt her soft voice resonate against her ear, and she trembled as shivers of pleasure ran up her neck. “You’re squeaking like a mouse!”

Larya’s cheeks were burning. Lim always, always did this, every time they hooked up. Which they did every time she tagged along on one of Larya’s and Alrek’s quests. “Lim, come on, you know I don’t lik—”

“Don’t like?” Lim gave her neck a long lick. “Ooh, but you always make such charming noises! Don’t you want a little... anticipation?” She licked again. “Isn’t it so cute to just... beg?”

That tone of voice melted Larya’s dignity like candy on the woodstove. As the fingers tickled around her clit, her breath let out in a whimper, and she knew she would do anything to get Lim to just make her come.

“Lim,” Larya whined, “I neeeeed—”

She squeaked as Lim gave her neck a little nibble.

As the teeth grazed her skin—sharp and pointy, but gentle, careful not to actually break the skin—a strange feeling filled Larya. A feeling of familiarity. Of longing. Of... sleepiness...

Larya’s mind skipped a beat.

Her breath left her.

Memories flowed through her dreamy, empty mind like slow rivers of amber syrup. She remembered being locked in coils. Held so tightly, so safe, so submissive. She remembered being locked in pleasure, quivering, locked in beautiful spiraling eyes as...

… as something...

… oh, the gentle nibbles, so delicate, so erotic, the whispers in her ear as the little stings turned into molten, idiotic happiness...


Larya didn’t notice her mouth hanging open. She didn’t notice anything. She just shivered, lost in the memory of a growing tightness, a growing sense of... dreaminess...


Larya started slightly. She found she was staring into Lim’s pretty green eyes. The catgirl looked confused.

“Mm?” Larya managed. She realized Lim had stopped fingering her. She was puzzled, but also a bit bothered, longing to return to that strange, warm place.

“You tranced out.” Lim’s ears were slightly flattened, and Larya realized she was worried. “Went absolutely still and just started... sighing.”

Larya blinked. “Oh.”

She swallowed. The memory of the coils made her squirm slightly, but she tried to mask it. She did not want Lim knowing about... that. “Really? I, um, feel fine.”

Lim frowned. “Really?”

“Mm. Yeah.” Larya nodded, and subconsciously found herself tilting her head slightly, baring the neck Lim had been kissing, licking, and... biting. She licked her lips, finding them dry. “I’m fine.”

All she could think about was getting back to the trance. Part of her knew she should feel bad about that, but... it wasn’t like Lim had to know, right? And maybe Lim wouldn’t bite her again. Maybe. It wasn’t like Larya wanted that, not really, so hopefully Lim wouldn’t. Hopefully.

Larya tilted her head a little more and presented her neck to Lim’s puzzled gaze, biting her lip.

Lim regarded her curiously a moment. Larya let her eyes half-close, just to avoid giving Lim the chance to read her. Her heart quickened slightly as the catgirl seemed to give in and drop back down, her hair brushing by Larya’s neck a moment before her warm breath.

“So,” Lim whispered, her voice soft, “as I was saying...”

She gave Larya’s neck a nibble, and Larya felt sharp teeth, hot breath. She fell, with guilty eagerness, once more into the dream.

Larya stared in wonder as she felt the poison trickling through her foggy, dreamy mind. She could almost feel her thoughts melting away, turning into little pink hearts swirling around inside her head.

Kaari rose back to eye level, her smile wide, her eyes beautiful spiraling galaxies. Larya’s lips parted, letting out a happy sigh.

Her tongue flicked out and tickled Larya’s lips. Nothing but a whine escaped Larya’s open mouth. “Sssso ssssilly,” Kaari whispered smugly, her fingers tracing the outline of a little nibblemark on Larya’s breast. The grip around Larya tightened slightly, as her eyes drew Larya deeper and deeper into those wonderful spirals. “Ssso easy.”

Larya sighed and smiled up into the spirals. “Ooh.”

Kaari licked Larya’s lips again.“Would you like another, my sssweet?” she hissed. “Another little... kisssss?”

Larya tried to muster words as the tongue flicked over her cheek. Her eyes were wide, drawn endlessly into those crystalline spirals...

“Larya! Hey!” Snap. “Larya, c’mon!”

Larya blinked. Lim was glaring down at her, clearly frustrated.

Reality trickled back into Larya as she realized she was very, very close to coming. Kaari’s voice echoed in her head, exquisite, irresistible.

“Did I do it again?” she asked, her voice very small.

Lim nodded. “Do you wanna stop?” she asked, head tilting. An ear flicked. “Or... do you wanna use it? I know you really like that whole hypno thing.”

Larya’s cheeks were hot, and not just because there was a warm, slender catgirl on top of her. Lim always liked to make fun of her for ‘the whole hypno thing’—not that Lim was any great willpower herself. Larya always liked to remind her of the incident with the Green Twins in the jungles last year.

But Lim didn’t... crave it like Larya did. Lim liked the sex, and she liked the domination (and submission, though she rarely admitted it), but the mind control was more just a tangent for her. She wasn’t patient enough for it.

Larya swallowed. “I... I don’t know.”

Oh, gods, how she wanted to say ‘yes’. But was that a good idea? The idea of Lim sending her into wonderful, blissful trance, making her nice and submissive before licking her out...

But it wasn’t Lim sending her into trance. It was Kaari.

“Do you have any idea why it’s happening?” Lim asked. She was still lying on top of Larya, seemingly oblivious to how this might make the current conversation difficult. “Is this... new?”

Larya chewed her lower lip. “It’s... it was a few weeks ago. I got caught up with a... lamia.” She hated how Lim’s eyes lit up at that. “I got caught up, and she bit me. Poisoned me. Paralyzed me.” She shivered. “Played with me.”

“... and so now whenever I bite you,” Lim said softly, thoughtfully, “you get all silly. And sleepy.”


“You’re thinking of her.” Lim giggled, leaning in. “Your little lamia playmate. And her spiraling eyes?”

Larya squirmed. “Cut it out,” she complained.

“Ooh, Larya,” Lim purred, “are you entranced by my eyes? How they spiral around? Around and around and around?” She bobbed her head like a snake. “Wheeee.”

Larya suppressed a giggle, even as she felt the fingers slipping between her legs again. “You better not,” she whispered. “We mustn’t. If we play with it, it might... reinforce her conditioning.”

She tried to convince herself to say ‘Furball’ then. She really did. One word and Lim would be off, and Larya could sleep easy, responsibly.

But as Lim leaned in closer, Larya found the word dying on her lips.

It would feel so good... what was wrong with a little play? Lim never wanted to play with hypno.

“Don’t worry, mouse,” the catgirl cooed, as her finger tickled Larya’s clit and made her jump. “If the gopher snake comes by, your kitty will protect you. I just... want... a taste.”

“No,” Larya whined. “No no no, I can resist...” You’re just baiting her now. Say the safeword, say it—say it, you dumbass.

“Ressssissst thissss?” Lim asked with a teasing, exaggerated hiss. Larya was humiliated at how wet that voice made her.

Larya steeled herself. Responsible. She had to be responsible. Had to resist temptation. Had to be good. A good girl.

She opened her mouth to squeak out the word...

… and hesitated.

Had to... to be a good girl...

Then Lim’s teeth grazed her neck, and Larya happily lost herself to sighing bliss.

* * *

Later that night, Lim left the tent and went for a little stroll, her smile big enough to swallow a canary. She was dressed in a plain brown skirt and white shirt—Larya’s clothes, which were honestly a bit big on her. Lim didn’t mind her own barely-long-enough-to-be-called-a skirt normally, but in this weather, she had goosebumps.

“Finally,” she heard a rough voice growl. She glanced over with a grin, noticing Snatch lurking in the bushes. The sturdy fellow was leaning on his scythe, clearly very tired. “My watch ended, like, an hour ago, cat.”

Oh, right. The watch.

“Ah, real sorry, there.” Lim gave a bashful nod. “Larya and I... well, you know how it is.”

“I wouldn’t if you two weren’t so goddamn noisy.”

Lim beamed with pride. “You’re always free to join us, love!” she chirped, as Snatch stalked back toward his tent.

“I don’t fool around with my coworkers.” He paused, giving a snort. “Or their cats.”

Lim giggled and hummed, rolling her eyes as he disappeared into the tent. Larya always said she and Snatch were strictly working together on a tolerance basis, and looked quite queasy whenever Lim suggested they try anything more. But Larya was as bi as a bittern, and Lim had definitely seen Snatch fall for women, at least. And they were both easy on the eyes.

Lim didn’t get it. If you got along with somebody well enough to travel together, and you were the right gender and all that boring stuff, why wouldn’t you fuck?

She smirked slightly, disappearing into the trees to begin the patrol (she’d actually forgotten Snatch wanted them to trade off on watches, but hey, as long as she was up and about, why not make the watch a bit more mobile?).

Maybe Larya wasn’t into Snatch because she was still looking for a snake.

Now that was adorable. Lim had tried to not be too mean—though she’d failed, as always—but, really. A lamia? Lamias didn’t have anything worth playing with. Most of them didn’t have pussies or cocks, and all they really had going for them was the mind control. Which wasn’t even that strong, in Lim’s experience. She’d met a couple. Anyone could resist a lamia.

She put her hands on her hips, pausing to study her surroundings. This part of the Evergreen Forest was very quiet, which struck her as a bit off. Her head tilted, and ears flicked, as she used her catgirl magic to dull her vision and enhance her hearing in turn.

She blinked as the world around her got darker and blurrier.

Her ear flicked. She heard something. She enhanced her hearing a bit more, chewing her tongue.

Ah, there it was: a hissing sound coming from up above her.

Lim looked up.

“Hi, kitten,” purred a sibilant voice. Lim felt long-nailed fingers cup her chin. “I was wondering when you’d notice me.”

Lim’s eyes widened.

And she giggled. Speak of the devil. “Hi there!” she chirped up at those big turquoise eyes. “Your name wouldn’t happen to be Kaari, would it, love?”

“Mm.” The eyes glimmered. Lim grinned up, consciously dampening her vision until those glimmering stars were just faint specks. She enhanced her touch and hearing to compensate. She didn’t let on she’d done so, of course—why spoil this little beastfey’s fun? “You’re a pretty kitty, aren’t you??”

Lim giggled again and brushed back a stray lock of hair, happy to play the part of the clueless catgirl—other fey were always total suckers for naïve kitties. “Am I really?” Her finger went to her lips with a coquettish smile and attempted duck of her head, though the lamia’s fingers kept her looking up. “Teehee! That’s so nice of you.”

“I’m just telling the truth.” Kaari let out a little sigh. “You’re such a pretty kitty.”

“Aw! Heeheehee!” Making a show of clasping her hands bashfully, Lim subtly reached for the woven mistletoe wand in her pocket. Oh, right, this was Larya’s skirt. No matter; she didn’t need a conduit for this. “You’re so nice! That’s so—”

The tip of the lamia’s tail dipped down and rubbed Lim’s cat ear. Lim’s breath caught. Oh, this lamia had... had played with catgirls before. All the more reason to bring her back to Larya nice and subdued.

“Pretty kitty,” Kaari repeated, her voice soft.

“Ooh.” Lim beamed, trying to recapture her focus. “Gosh, wow, that’s really...” Her mock-innocence cut off into a little gasp as the tail rubbed behind the ear. Her right foot kicked reflexively, much to her embarrassment.

“Pretty kitty,” Kaari cooed. “Pretty kitty.”

Ooh.” Lim batted her eyelashes, even as she leaned in, enjoying the touch. Catgirls’ ears were the focus for their sensory magic, and they were, as a consequence, very, very sensitive. Even when she hadn’t enhanced her sense of touch to compensate for sight. “Um, yes, right...”

“Pretty kitty,” kaari said, her voice light, lilting and quick. “Preeetty kiiitty. Pretty kitty!”

“Oh.” Lim nodded slightly, relishing the soft scratches and rubbing as a hand joined the tail to rub and scritch her other ear. Her foot kicked faster as she leaned further and further, her breath catching as the scratching got closer and closer to where she needed it, embarrassingly cute squeaks slipping from her lips like a sputtering faucet. “Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh—aah!”

She shivered and brushed her head eagerly against the touches as she felt the scritches rub away the itch she’d been feeling. Oh, that felt good...

But even as relief filled her, she realized the ‘itch’ Kaari had been scratching was the magic Lim had been working with those ears. Lim had just restored her vision.

Enhanced it, even.

Pretty kitty,” purred the lamia, her voice like silk, as Lim felt the tail wrap around her neck and gently guide her to stare upwards.

She met the lamia’s gaze.

Lim stared up into brilliant, spiraling constellations—turquoise eyes blossoming with sparkling stars, framed within a cute heart-shaped face and black hair cascading down below her head. ‘Below her head’ because she was currently upside-down. She had a wonderful rack, and Lim would have loved to admire those big, hanging titties...

But she was busy admiring her own slack-jawed face in the reflections of those big, serpentine eyes. Melting into those swirling colors.

Her own eyes, in the reflections, slowly began to show the same pretty, pretty spirals.

“Pretty kitty,” she breathed, as her head lolled to the side and the coils began to tighten.

* * *

“Larya? Larya, can you hear me?”

Larya’s eyes fluttered open. She whimpered and groaned, reaching over and rubbing her neck. It was positively covered in tender little bite marks. Oh, Lim, you bad girl...

She was alone in the tent, though.

“Larya?” Lim’s voice was coming from outside.

Larya threw on a robe and stumbled through the flap into the chilly night air. She covered her bite marks with a hand; Alrek was there, scowling, his eyes half-closed in sleepiness.. “Your girlfriend’s calling you,” he said.

“Yeah. Weird.” Larya looked over into the darkness. She couldn’t see the catgirl from here, but it was dark.

“Think she found something?” Alrek turned back to the tent and started to pull out his backpack. “Or it might be a trap. We should...”

“Larya, come here!” Lim called, and Larya detected the familiar little growl of arousal tinging her voice. “I... want to show you something!”

Larya’s neck tingled beneath her hand. “I... I think it’s okay,” she said softly. “She probably just wants...” She shivered in the cold night air.

Alrek stared at her a moment, then groaned. “It’s... it’s two in the fucking morning.”

“I’m sorry.”

She’s been yelling for ten minutes.

“I’m sorry!” Larya threw her hands up, blushing. “I’ll talk to her!”

Alrek looked at her neck, grimaced, and turned back to the tent. “Good night, druid.”

He disappeared inside.

Despite her embarrassment, Larya couldn’t help but giggle slightly at the rogue’s clear discomfort.

She turned toward the sound of Lim’s voice. “Lim?” she called, stepping into the darkness.

Her feet crunched over dead leaves as she departed the campsite. She could just barely see in the faint moonlight shed through the trees above. Briefly, Larya wondered why the forest was so quiet. “Lim, where are you?”

“Larya.” Larya’s heart leaped in fright as the voice came from right behind her.

“Lim?” Larya tried to turn around, but hands on her hips stopped her. Oh. Oh.

Warmth pressed against her—soft, smooth, supple. A deep purring reached her ears. “Larya.”

Soft lips started to smack against Larya’s skin, her arms, her side. Lim was purring very, very loudly, and she felt totally naked—but very warm. How was she so warm?

“Lim.” Larya’s voice was barely a gasp as the lips and tongue lovingly lapped and pecked over her underarm. She flinched slightly, almost letting her robe be slipped to the ground. “Lim, I—oh, Lim...”

Lim’s kisses climbed up to Larya’s neck, and Larya let a whimper escape her as her lips started to kiss the sensitive bite marks...

She heard a faint, hissing laugh.

Like lightning, Larya darted into the World Base, called to a vine, and leaped, carrying Lim with her. The vine snaked around her waist as she pulled Lim close to her and let it jerk them into the air.

They flew for a moment as Larya exited the World Base, landing upon a fallen log a few meter away. She stumbled slightly, then spun around.

Big, red lips curved upwards in a very wide smile. Brilliant turquoise eyes shone like they were full of diamonds. Larya’s heart stopped.

“Hi, there,” Kaari sang, her long, serpentine coils coiling beneath her as she bobbed about. “My sssilly, dreamy girl.”

“K-Kaari,” Larya stammered. Her breaths came in ragged. “H-How did you find us again?”

Kaari beamed. “I never left,” she said silkily, continuing to coil about, keeping her balance. “Because I love you, don’t I?”

Larya’s breath caught.

Her lips quivered as that sweet, sibilant voice returned to her mind like water to a woman in the desert. But she refused to give in this time. With Lim on her side, she had her chance to regain her dignity, to put Kaari in her place once and for all. “You love controlling me, that’s all.”

Yesss,” Kaari said, her voice a husky moan. “And you love me for that, don’t you?” Her eyes began to glow, to spiral. “You love me, don’t you... my ssssweeeet?”

Larya forced her gaze down to the coils, breathing heavily. “Lim, whatever you do, don’t loo...”

Next to her, she heard Lim whining and crying out, and heard slick, slippery sounds as the catgirl fell to her knees. “Pretty kitty,” Lim panted. “Pretty kitty!”

Larya’s heart sank. So much for backup. Or emotional support. Or anything other than a soundtrack of cute little whimpers and moans and mews that made Larya even hornier, especially with those wet noises, Lim’s frantic stroking...

Sssilly girl,” Kaari teased, giggling as her tail wound beneath her. “Our little kitty is already very happy! No need to involve her.”

“Um. Okay.” Larya was trying to think quickly, and not about kaari’s pretty voice and prettier eyes. She didn’t want Kaari to try to involve Lim in any way, in fact, because while Larya was stronger than the catgirl, the last thing she needed was to have to fend her off while also avoiding Kaari’s control. So best to just agree for now. “No need to involve her..”

“Oh, why don’t you look me in the eyes when you ssspeak to me, little one?” Kaari almost sounded reproachful. Like a teacher admonishing a rude child.

Larya bit her lip. “F-Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...”

“Shame on you.” She could tell Kaari’s smile was widening. “Ooh, shameless girl. Wouldn’t it be nice, though? Lim loves my eyes. She’s ssso happy now. Just look at her!”

Larya resisted to urge to look—but only barely. She knew Lim would be staring right into Kaari’s eyes, drooling and vacant, and her eyes would be reflecting those same pretty spirals. “N-Nice try,” she stammered. “As if I’d fall for that.”

“Ooh, you might.” Kaari laughed. “But really, now. My eyes aren’t ssso powerful, are they?”

Larya’s mouth was try. Beside her, Lim whimpered, “Feels so good to stare. S-s-soooo good. Pretty eyes. Pretty kitty!”

Larya took a step back as Kaari started to slither forward. “That’s close enough.”

The lamia paused. “At least look me in the eyes if you’re going to be so rude.” Kaari sounded petulant.

There was a long pause. Lim fell onto her back, whimpering and mewing. Larya carefully avoided even glancing at the wanton kitten’s display.

Kaari sighed. “My eyes aren’t even that hypnotic,” she said. “Really, they’re quite ordinary—you just got dizzy last time from me circling around you.” Her hands caressed her body, her skin smooth and milky. “It’s a real shame. Last time we met, you never even got to sssee my boobies!”

“I-I’ve seen them,” Larya said, swallowing.

“No,” Kaari purred, “you ignored them to focus on my eyes. Remember my eyes? You thought they were prettier, maybe.” She swayed back and forth. “But my breasts are sssooo beautiful, my sssweet girl.”

Larya blinked. Was this reverse psychology? Kaari was practically telling her not to look in her eyes. It had to be a trick. Looking in Kaari’s eyes was the one thing guaranteed to brainwash Larya in seconds.

But out of the corner of her eye, she could see Kaari’s breasts jiggling. They were quite nice, she supposed.

“Beautiful,” Lim whined beneath her. “Pretty boobies. Pretty eyes. Oh, oh Larya, they’re so pretty, so swirly...” She started tugging at Larya’s nightgown, trying to pull it down, to climb up Larya’s body and plant more kisses on Larya’s sensitive skin. “Larya, ooh, Larya, look at the pretty...”

“Pretty kitty,” Larya choked out.

Lim’s hands stopped tugging.

“Ooh.” Her tone had gone soft, blank and docile. “Pretty kitty,” Lim whispered, as the stroking resumed. “Pretty kitty!”

“That was mean,” Kaari said, sounding amused.

“I... can’t afford distractions,” Larya said, trying to ignore a twinge of guilt.

“Indeed you can’t.” Kaari slithered a bit closer; Larya took another step back. “Oh, sssilly girl, you need to choose.” The tip of her tail wove through the air, and Larya watched it warily, but it didn’t come closer. “I want to know if you really think my eyes are so much prettier than my nice, big tits.”

Larya’s eye followed the tail tip as it started to circle around one swaying breast.

She bit her lip. Kaari’s tits were... wonderful. Full and round, smooth, and so bouncy that they swung back and forth every time she swayed.

“See?” Kaari whispered. “My eyes aren’t anything ssspecial compared to these, are they? Oh...” The tail tip spiraled around a nipple. “S-So sensitive... so soft, and sssquishy...” Her voice became softer and more sibilant as she wove through the air, swaying back and forth like a bellydancer, like a cobra. Her breasts bounced with every motion.

“Squishy,” Larya heard Lim whine. “Squishy kitty. Silly kitty. Boob goes squish, mind goes squish...”

Boob goes squish. Mind goes squish.

Kaari smiled at Larya, and the tail tip rose up to where Larya could just barely see her eyes. They were spiraling with turquoise light bathed in fire, swirling, swirling...

Larya tore her gaze back to the breasts, breathing heavily. She couldn’t let the tail lead her gaze.

Kaari was laughing. “Aren’t they sssooo pretty?” she cooed. “Which do you think is prettier, sssweetie? I want to know!” She placed her hands on her breasts and squished therm together. “Give me your... thoughtsss.”

Larya shifted in her footing. “Um.” Don’t answer this. Don’t answer this. But it was so hard to keep in mind what an obvious trap this was with sounds of Lim’s joy drooling into her ears like dribbling syrup.

“If you answer,” Kaari whispered, “I’ll cover up the part you think is more seductive, and keep it covered as long as you’re with me. That way, if you get it right, you’ll be able to resist me! Maybe.”

Larya hesitated. She watched Kaari sway, her head swimming with thoughts of pretty jiggling breasts and swirling eyes and whimpering catgirls. “Really? Do you... swear by the Reality?”

The words rang out cold, as they always did when the Reality was mentioned.

A pause. Lim’s moans halted for just a half-second. Kaari stopped swaying.

After a moment, Lim resumed, and so did Kaari. Larya was almost relieved. “I swear by the Reality,” Kaari said quietly, “that if you tell me which one is prettier, I will keep it covered for as long as you are here, even if you ask to have it uncovered. No tricks.”

Larya swallowed. “Okay,” she managed, staring at the breasts, “it’s the... the, um—”

“Not so quickly!” Kaari giggled, her good mood returning to her. “You have to actually think, sssilly!” Her voice turned coy. “It’s not that hard just to think, is it?”

Larya frowned, watching the tits jiggle. “That wasn’t in the deal!” she complained.

“Aww, is thinking sssooo hard?” Kaari shook her head ruefully. “Too hard for sssilly bimbos?”

Larya felt her cheeks heating up. “N-No,” she said lamely, “but...”

“Don’t you want to be sure before you choose?” Kaari asked, her words as sweet and reasonable as apple pie. “If you tell me my eyes are prettier—and they’re sssooo pretty, sssooo sparkly and swirly...”

Swirly eyes,” Lim echoed in singsong, “pretty eyes, pretty kitty... pretty kitty...

“Why,” Kaari purred, “what if it turns out my breasts are even prettier?” She squished one tit slightly with her hand, then slapped it lightly, making it jiggle and quiver. Larya’s attention was riveted. “Ooh, why you’d be helplessss. Because maybe they’re even harder to look away from. Even easier to be drawn to, to watch, to sssink for...”

“Sinking,” Lim whimpered, “sinking like a good kitty, a pretty kitty, s-such a good, good girl...”

“That’s right,” Kaari agreed, smirking, “and they make you sssooooo terribly bouncy and giggly, just a sssilly little bimbo, really, so helplessly in love and sssensitive to my touch...”

Larya wrung her hands together, struggling to contain herself.

“But,” Kaari whispered, and her elegantly-painted nail pointed up to her eyes. They swirled and spun with an intensity that almost made Larya forget to not look at them. Such a pretty range of greens and blues. “But, sssweetie, my sssweet, sssilly girl, what if you tell me my breasts are prettier... and really, my eyes are?”

She batted her eyelashes. Larya heard Lim let out helpless mews as the catgirl came to climax, and Larya blinked rapidly, trying to recover from the rapid-flashing lights, to force her gaze away as Kaari went on. “I’d cover up my breasts,” she cooed, “and you’d be sssafe from that sssoft bouncing, but my eyes... ooh, my eyes are very pretty, aren’t they?”

They were very, very pretty.

Larya felt like she stared into those eyes for an eternity. Everything went slow as the eyes gently spiraled, deeper and deeper in, oozing Larya’s thoughts out like a whirlpool...

Larya forced her gaze away, heart pounding. Even she felt a bit surprised that she even managed that much. Okay. The eyes were strong.

But now she was looking at Kaari’s tits, and Kaari was gently bouncing them in her hands, almost playful. “Don’t you wish your mind could be like this?” she purred, her voice as wispy and sweet as cotton candy.

Karya tried to process Kaari’s wors, and finally realized that they didn’t exactly make sense. “Um... what?”

The lamia’s milky-white tits bounced up and down. Up and down. Swinging gently as she swayed, gyrated. They were so big, so firm, those nipples so pert and promising... “Bouncy,” Kaari said, giggling. “Bouncy and sssilly. But ssso sssoft and sssquishy, so sssubmissive and...”

She gave them an extra-big bounce. “... ssso hard to look away...”

Larya noticed a little nibblemark on the side of one. Even the thought of Lim getting to touch and worship those breasts made her knees weak.

She was still trying to make sense of what Kaari had said when she realized she was squirming beneath her nightgown, her hands very slightly groping her own breasts.

She forced her eyes away from the lamia’s rack, even as Kaari giggled and batted her eyelashes again. “But my eyes just turn you into goopy goo, don’t they?” she cooed, slithering a bit closer. Her eyes swirled like twin galaxies. “How could anyone look away from these? Ssso easy to just... let them take you in... melt and sssiiiink...”

Larya’s mind spun. It was so hard to stay... awake?

“No,” Larya whimpered, and forced her gaze back down.

“Ooh, do you like the boobies better?” Kaari drew a bit closer still. “It’s sssooo important to think very hard, even though I know it’s hard to think with these big, burdensome breasts bouncing in front of you.”

“I...” Larya licked her lips, watching the Lamia’s boobies bounce. Bounce. So soft. So big and smooth. So sensitive. “I, um...”

“That’s right,” Kaari said encouragingly, pinching a nipple. Larya dimly found herself doing the same to herself, and wriggled in place in unwanted pleasure. “That’s sssuch a good girl! Gotta think hard. But it’s hard to think, isn’t it, when you’re all bouncy and horny and ditzy. Which one is prettier? My eyes, or my bouncy, bouncy, sssquishy boobies?

Larya’s mind felt so scattered. So bouncy. So soft and... and vulnerable, and pliant, and squishy... and... and squishy...

Kaari’s eyes shone and spiraled. They were all she needed to think about, Larya distantly knew. It felt so good to stare, to sink, to sway in time with Kaari as the lamia came closer and closer. The eyes got bigger and bigger.

Kaari’s breasts bounced and smooshed together, and Larya’s thoughts felt so nicely scattered, like dandelion seeds. Lary felt so nice, so good and horny, so soft and obedient. Bouncy-bouncy-bouncy.

Kaari’s eyes shimmered and sparkled beautifully, and she giggled. Larya giggled, too, then bit her lip. No. She was... she was being silly She needed to not do that. She needed to just sink. Sink deep, deep down into those eyes, let her lips part, let Kaari plant all the thoughts she needed into her empty, sleepy head.

Or... no. Larya pouted in confusion. As she brought her gaze back down to the nice, soft, jiggling bosom, Larya started to feel a cool breeze on her calves—and realized lim was pushing up her nightgown.

Larya wanted to tell her to stop, but the words were so hard to find. They kept... kept bouncing away...

Her words came out as soft as snow as Lim started planting little kisses on Larya’s bare skin. “Lim... stop...”

Lim did not stop. Larya whimpered.

As Lim kissed and licked tenderly, Kaari cooed over her pretty, squishy boobies, pressing them together, bouncing them against one another. So, so soft. So supple. Larya’s tongue lolled as she attempted her objections.

“Eyes,” she heard Kaari coo, and her eyes drifted up to meet Kaari’s before she knew what she was doing. Kaari was smiling smugly, and Larya felt bad about that. But then she saw those eyes, and it was so, so hard to not smile right back. “Aren’t they pretty, pretty girl?”

“Pretty...” Larya panted. “Um, no. Nnuh. Ooh.” She squirmed as Lim climbed higher, towards her thighs. Lim was halfway under her nightgown now, and just the feel of those hands, of the catgirl’s hot breath... “Ooh. Stop.” Her voice was weak and distant. Like she was sleeptalking.

Sssilly, dreamy girl,” Kaari hissed.

“Mm.” Larya tried to shake her head, but she barely moved as the eyes spiraled her inwards, deeper into Kaari’s power. “Nn.”

Sssinking into my breasts...”

Bouncy, squishy, making Larya feel so soft and silly. So dumb and slutty.

Sssinking into my eyes...”

Swirly, pretty, sparkly, making Larya feel so sleepy and dreamy. So obedient and vacant.

Sssooo bouncy.” Bouncy. Bouncy. Larya giggled, smiling in adoration as Lim’s kisses reached her inner thigh. “So sssilly.” Larya whined and found herself nodding, desperate. “Sssooo in love.”

Kaari was very close now, as Lim finally let Larya’s nightgown spill around her ankles. Larya shivered, but then Lim was pressed up against her, kissing her neck, moaning and mewing and purring loudly. Larya wasn’t cold anymore. Not that it was possible to ever feel discomfort when she got to be so wonderfully lost in Kaari’s wonderful eyes.

Kaari smiled, circling Larya. Larya turned, struggling to keep her gaze locked onto those breasts, those eyes...

“Are you ready to choose?” Kaari asked sweetly. “A deal’s a deal, sssilly girl! You’d better decide quick.”

Her words echoed as if from very, very far away. Larya was more conscious of plump lips moving, of the little sharp fangs behind them, then the words themselves. Choose? Choose what? The eyes allowed no choice. She could only sink.

“Uh?” Larya felt dizzy as she tried to keep turning around, keep Kaari in view, keep watching those pretty eyes.

“Because sssoon,” Kaari hissed, “you’ll be sssooo silly and sleepy and in love, you don’t be able to resist!” Around and around she went. Larya swayed, but Lim held her up.

“Nn. Yes.” Larya nodded dreamily. “Uh-huh. B-Bad.”

There was a long silence. Lim moaned and kissed Larya’s neck, suckling on it like a teething infant.

Larya’s eyes drifted blissfully between the eyes—swirly, spiraly, drawing her thoughts out and making her so sleepy and thoughtless—and the breasts—bouncy, squishy, making her grope herself, touch herself, whimper and giggle in helpless delight as Lim lapped at her neck with that rough, kittenish tongue of hers...

Her head sank. And bounced. And squished. She smiled at Kaari, feeling so... so silly... so warm and soft, nestled against Lim, nestled inside the nice, tight coils...

Sssoooo?” Kaari asked, leaning in indulgently. Larya’s thoughts jumbled and jiggled together as those breasts hung before her, perfect, smooth, round...

“Muh?” Larya managed. Lim was pressed so tightly to her, and purring so loudly, Larya felt like she was physically vibrating in the coils’ embrace. It was so hard to think. And anything she did think was so... silly. With the boobies bouncing so nicely. It would be so nice to... to touch one...

“Which is prettier?” Kaari sang. “I wanna know!” Her eyes glittered wickedly. “And sssilly girl wants to tell me, doesn’t she?”

With that condescending coo, Larya knew there was only one right answer.

“Mm.” Larya’s eyelids fluttered. “Uh-huh. Mm.”

“My bouncy boobies,” Kaari cooed, jiggling them with her hands before Larya’s wide eyes, “or my ssswirling eyes.” She lowered down and forced Larya to gaze into endless lights. They drew Larya endlessly inward, as her jaw hung slack.

“Eyes,” Larya whimpered. Of course it was the eyes. It had to be the eyes—Larya was confused, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew the eyes were better. You’d have to be an idiot to think otherwise.

“Eyes?” She heard Kaari giggle. “Not my big, bouncy breasts?” She rose back up and practically shoved them in Larya’s face. “Not these jiggling titties?”

“Titties,” Larya whimpered, nodding eagerly. It had to be the breasts—you’d have to be an idiot to think otherwise.

Kaari was practically humming in glee. The coils gave her and Lim a gentle squeeze. “Which is it, sssilly girl? Which is prettier?”

“Um.” Larya let out a whine. “I. I don’t.” She spun between the two, her mind bouncing and spinning helplessly. She lost so, so long with every look—and Lim’s kisses didn’t help her think clearly.

“Can’t you choose?” Kaari whispered. “Don’t you have a favorite?” She took Larya’s chin in her fingers and smiled down at her. “Go on,” she whispered. “Just pick your favorite!”

Larya stared up at Kaari, and into those endless, swirling eyes.

Her lips parted as she sank. She felt so dizzy. So sleepy. She wriggled and snuggled up against Lim, her thoughts a bouncy, giggly mess. It felt so good to stare. To sink. To submit.

She couldn’t remember why she’d ever wanted to resist Kaari. She was so sweet for Kaari. Felt so good to be so sweet. So silly.

She never wanted to lose those eyes on hers.

But... but Kaari would cover whatever Larya said. And then Larya would be free from hypnosis!

Larya didn’t want to be free. Larya was too silly to be free. She needed Kaari to take good care of her. She needed to sink deeper. To obey.

“Boobies,” she whimpered miserably, giving them one last longing look.

Kaari smiled very, very widely.

She leaned in close and kissed Larya on the cheek, then on the lips. Larya gasped as she felt a tiny pinprick each time, then cried out in pleasure into the kiss as she felt Kaari’s wonderful toxins trickling into her once more.

“Then,” karri hissed in her ear, “we’d better cover them up, sssilly girl!”

She put a hand on the back of Larya’s head, and took Larya’s left hand.

Larya blinked up at Kaari as she was guided to place her hand onto Kaari’s breast. She sighed, feeling the smoothness, the pert nipple, the softness.

She gave it a little squish. Mind goes squish, she thought, and giggled as the hand at the back of her head pushed her forward.

Then she found her lips being guided to the breast, latching onto the nipple, and a squeal of bliss escaped her. Eagerly, she began to suckle and worship, staring up at Kaari in devotion.

“You love me?” Kaari asked, smirking. “Shame on you, my shamelessss girl.”

“Mm-hm!” Larya nodded eagerly, lost in those wonderful eyes. Her head was spinning in clouds, lost to lust as the coils grew tighter and they began to rise into the canopy. She covered the breast with kisses before returning to suckling at Kaari’s nipple, feeling how soft it was, whimpering in joy at how soft everything was...

“You wanna be mine forever,” Kaari cooed, caressing her cheek. Larya shivered, and realized Lim wasn’t just kissing her now—she was magically pouring sensitivity into Larya, happily assisting with Larya’s brainwashing. Every touch was heavenly, even fingertips. And the warm, tight embrace of the coils...

“Mm-hm!” Larya was molten with bliss as she drowned in those eyes. “Yesh. Mmyesh.”

“You’re gonna come it all out,” Kaari sang, her fingernail tracing spirals on Larya’s cheek as Lim sucked and moaned at her. “All out for me, okay, ssswweet girl?” She giggled. “No more pretending you don’t want me from now on. Next time we meet, you’ll be ssssoooo silly, you won’t know what to do except get losssst in my eyes and ssstroke. Isn’t that right?”

“Mm!” Larya squirmed and writhed in pleasure. She could barely breathe, and not just because of the coils’ tightness—her pussy was dripping from every little touch, every kiss, and the wonderful feeling of these tits that had enslaved her so, so wonderfully.

Plus, a deliciously tart sweetness was pouring into her mouth right now and nearly drowning her in lamia venom.

She giggled. Ooh, she was gonna get so, so silly...

“Kitty?” Kaari cooed.

“Mew?” Lim slurred, licking Larya’s jawline as though every inch of Larya’s skin was a treat. “Pretty kitty.”

“Pretty kitty wants pretty titty, remember?”

Larya heard Lim sigh softly in understanding. Lim slid down within the coils. Larya felt hot breath against her naked breast.

Her breath caught.

“Pretty kitty,” the catgirl moaned, and gave Larya’s breast the tiniest of nibbles.

And as Larya drowned in trance and began to go totally, physically and mentally limp in Kaari’s control, she let the orgasm take her. Pure pleasure flowed through her like honey, drowning out every last thought.

She was vaguely conscious of what came after—licking, kissing, begging, and most importantly, coming and coming and coming. Kaari whispered to them all the while, explaining who they were and how they felt about their Mistress—especially how much Larya loved her.

Laya absorbed it all, a vacant, docile titslave. It felt so good to stare into the eyes and let Kaari remind her of things.

Even when Kaari told her she didn’t need to remember any of this, as she eased Larya away from her breast and encouraged Larya and Lim to start suckling each other, wrapping a length of ilk around her chest and descending between Larya’s legs.

She kept whispering and explaining as she began to lick and kiss Larya’s clit, nibbling her inner thighs with the tenderest of touches—how Larya would find excuses to not think about the bite marks Kaari was going to give her, not wonder why she and Lim would be found in the morning locked in each other’s arms, desperately suckling one another like tranced-out lovebirds.

Larya smiled into Lim’s equally lost, spiraling eyes as she plummeted into an exquisite climax that went on, and on, and on.

Their Mistress would come back for them, Kaari whispered in her ear, her forked tongue tickling Larya and making her giggle, when she was ready to take them just a little bit further. And Larya would be so happy to obey.

And, she reminded Larya, Larya just couldn’t wait to find out how far Kaari was going to go.

* * *