The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

She Has a Problem

(By S.B.)

Hi. You don’t know me and that’s okay but there’s something I would like to talk to you about. I promise it’s not anything weird and that I’m not a scam artist looking for an easy mark. Do you mind hearing me out for a few minutes? You’ll get to make a person thrilled if you do so... please?

Oh, thank you! First, forgive me if I came on too strong right now but I’m not used to doing stuff like this, you know? I’m only doing it because I was asked to and I’m not the person to say “no” to honest requests. I’m not. I like to help others in any way I can and... sorry, I’m rambling and I can tell you’re busy so I’ll get straight to the point.

So... I have a friend. It’s that cute little girl sitting in the corner over there and she has a problem. Okay, “problem” is perhaps too big of a word so how can I put this differently? She... well, something is bothering her at the moment, something she can’t work out on her own which is why she asked for my help and... this seat isn’t taken, right? In that case, allow me, and yes, I would love a soda just like the one you’re having, thank you very much.

Where was I? Ah yes, my friend. She... she thinks you’re hot, okay? She’s been eyeing you ever since you walked in but she’s also shy. She’s not good at talking to strangers especially those she finds attractive but she couldn’t let this opportunity pass by and... luckily, I was there. Hello again, I’m the designated friend to the rescue. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

What are you doing? Don’t look at her like that. You’ll make her even more embarrassed than what she already is. Please act casual. Pretend I haven’t told you anything about her true intents just yet and continue to listen. There are a few more things you need to know about her first.

Like I said, she’s shy, but there’s something more to it than just that. She’s also quite... submissive, you see? Yes, she doesn’t say it out loud or anything yet it’s perfectly obvious to anyone that knows how to identify certain personality traits. She’s an adorable, cute little thing that likes to be told what to do and I’m sure you can understand why, despite finding you hot and all, she’s also intimidated by you.

You don’t? Well, that’s strange. I mean, look at you. Your posture, your clothes, the way you’re holding that pen, that smile... there’s so much charisma irradiating from every pore of your body it’s a miracle you haven’t blinded anyone yet. That Alpha look suits you, it really does and because she’s a beta and all, she’s both drawn and scared of you. Can you blame her? I didn’t think so. To tell you the truth though, the thing she loves the most about you are your eyes and I’m inclined to agree.

They’re lovely, you know? What color are they? They seem blue right now but if I tilt my head to the right just a little, they appear to be green and if I move to the left, I see a golden tint in them that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A trick of light, I’m sure, but one that’s so fascinating... and almost hypnotic. God, I could sit here staring at your eyes for hours and hours, sinking deeper into them without notic...

God! What am I doing? This is not why I came here at all and yet it seems now I’m the one drawn to you. She’s right, you know? You are hot. That cool exterior doesn’t hide that fact no matter how much you... hmmm... where’s that soda? Sorry, let me get a sip and I promise I’ll collect my thoughts in no time.

Ah... much better. It’s on the sweet side but I’m a sweet girl too so all is good. I love soda, you know? I probably shouldn’t because of all the weird stuff they put in these but hey, it’s not one drink that will make me fat, you know? By the way, you don’t think I’m fat, do you?

I know I’m not and I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but my friend does. She thinks a lot of strange things. I swear she can’t get any thinner but she insists on going by without sweet things and other delicacies because she’s too afraid to gain a pound or two. It’s almost sad, really. People shouldn’t deprive themselves of things they truly enjoy for the sake of some arbitrary societal constraints, don’t you think? A toast if you agree with me. Go on.

Nice. So... I bet you’re used to being the leader, dictating the rules and whatnot but do you think rules should always stay the same? No, right? When change is needed, it becomes inevitable, and we should do everything in our power to make it happen. She’s not capable of doing that just yet for as cute as she is, she’s too much of a good girl. Me, on the other hand, when things get going, I’m anything but, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Yes, I may be sweet but I’m not a good girl. I’m not. And, as a matter of fact, I have a confession to make. It’s true she thinks you’re hot, but she didn’t really ask me to talk to you. Yeah, I kind of “volunteered” myself for the job without ever saying so. It was a hint, see? A simple suggestion to please her and she felt pleased when I took the burden from her shoulders. That’s something I like doing, throwing little hints at those around me to see if they follow. I already got a drink from you and a place at your table. What else can I get before this conversation is over?

Ah, clenching a fist, I see. What’s the matter, Mr. Hot Guy? Did I hurt your masculinity? Did you feel played by the things I said? If I got under your skin, you shouldn’t have showed it so openly for you just gave me something new to work with. I know Alphas don’t like to follow, but it seems you’re more of a follower than you think. It also seems you’ll believe it to be true sooner than later.

I see the dilemma in your eyes, in your big, seductive, and hypnotic eyes. You’re triggered, you’re upset, you want to make a scene right now but, if you do, your pride will suffer, your gentlemanly reputation will go down the drain. A true Alpha doesn’t do that, right? It controls his emotions, keeps his secrets close to the vest but I’ve just proven I can trick you easily with some well-timed flattery so... what’s stopping you? Go on, explode! Show everyone how much of a mess you really are! What are you waiting for? Do it! DO IT!

How cute, you chose silence; you chose to submit. Surely you’ll tell yourself you’re doing it for the status quo alone but that’s an easy excuse just like it was easy for my friend to accept what I whispered into her brain. Control suits you but so does being controlled. That’s the real reason you didn’t move a muscle but let me make things clearer for you.

You like good girls, girls that follow you around with puppy eyes, girls that swoon when you walk by, girls that giggle and blush when you bat an eye at them. You like girls like my friend because they make you feel you’re the king of the world, that you belong on a throne to be pampered and worshipped.

However, you also like bad girls, girls that bend the rules, girls that see right through your bullshit and enjoy it, girls that know it’s no fun to pretend to be in charge all the time, girls that are in fact Women with a capital W, and Women deserve respect, admiration and yes... devotion, and even better, submission. You want a Woman in your life. You need one to pull your strings and lo-and-behold, here I am.

Be a dear and look into my eyes. I know they’re not as pretty as yours but they’re enthralling, too. Everybody tells me my eyes make them feel calm, relaxed, and that’s easy to let go of the world’s concerns if they stare away. You can do that for me. You will do that for me, and you know it. You will allow your ego to go to sleep for while you lose yourself inside my eyes. Stare and listen. Stare and repeat. Stare and accept.

We all wear masks in our lives. Sometimes, we put on a happy face, sometimes, a sad face. Some masks run deeper than others for they’ve been worn for far too long. My friend hides her longing to be of service behind her timidness, her awkward gestures, the way she grabs on to my arm when we go out together. You hide yours underneath your masculine allure, a perfect front that is now coming undone.

Take a deep breath and keep staring, my eyes and my words, one and the same. I’ve removed my own mask to show you the truth and the more you stare, the more it makes sense to you. The moment my friend singled you from the crowd, I knew. I knew what you were hiding; I knew how you would react. I’m no mind reader, but you made it so simple. Had you turned me down the moment I talked to you in the first place, I could have suspected I made a mistake. Unlikely, but still... as it turns out, you went along with it, just like you continue to do so. You can’t stop yourself from wanting to follow, can you? No submissive can, sweetie. That’s why they’re called “submissives”.

Do what you must and follow my voice. Do what you must and follow my eyes. There’s another thing I love about sodas and it’s the fact they’re bubbly. Look at it. Look at your glass. So many perfect round bubbles coming to the surface, bubbles that pop the moment they’re out in the open. Your true self is like a bubble, rising, rising, almost ready to pop but only if you listen, only if you follow. You need this. You need someone to tell you how and when you’re allowed to shine. You need me.

Shhh... don’t fight it. You can’t. It’s a waste of time to go against my eyes, it’s a waste of energy to fight my commands. It’s also unpleasant, makes your head hurt, confusion bloom. Do you want to be confused? Of course not. You only want peace, bliss, tranquility. You want to feel loved, at peace, safe. When you think what you shouldn’t think, the opposite happens, and only misery remains, your bubble will never be set free. Deeper now, no thoughts. Deeper now, only my voice. Deeper now, my eyes reflected on yours. Deeper now. Yes, deeper.

Relax your muscles for me, that angry fist is an affront. Yes, loosen up, let your palm rest in mine. Eyes on the glass, the bubbles continuing to flow. Notice that when one disappears, another one speeds upwards, eager to take its place, an endless cycle of thoughts renewing themselves. Follow the pattern for me. With each bubble that goes away, so does one of your ideas, the unimportant ones, the things you know aren’t true. See them floating, see them breaking apart, washed away in submissive foam. Your memories will break with them, new ones will be born in three, two, one...


There’s no such thing as an Alpha male. It’s all an act. You will never wear that mask around me again.


Nothing feels better than following my lead, being hypnotized and brainwashed into wanting what I want, when I want it.


It pleases you to please me. My pleasure will always come first.


Submissives don’t get what they want, they get what they need, and I’m the only thing you need. I’m the only thing you’ll ever need.


There’s only me. There’s never been anyone else besides me. There will never be anyone one other than me.


Thinking of others causes you pain but when you think of me, everything makes sense. I make sense. Obeying me makes sense.


You will always obey me.


You will always obey me.


You will always obey me.


Hear your mind saying you will obey me.


Let your subconscious scream “I will obey you”.


Obey me now.




There, doesn’t that feel wonderful? What better place for a submissive such as yourself than in a deep, dreamy trance of endless obedience? You’re such a good boy and you will make someone thrilled like I said you would, but that someone is me, obviously.

Easy now, keep floating, your compliance becoming stronger, the brainwashing taking root. When I wake you up, you will not remember this, only that you enjoyed our conversation a lot. You will feel pleased for having been able to help me out. My friend had a problem, and you came through in the best way possible. When she sees how submissive you really are, she will accept her submission too and the three of us will have a blast together.

Here’s another thing I didn’t tell you before because you weren’t ready, but it’s one I’m sure you’ll love. She likes to suck and loves to swallow. I love to watch and see the mayhem that follows. Doesn’t that sound like a plan? Keep that image vivid in your brain as I count you upwards.

One, slowly regaining consciousness, but with no recollection of what I said. It will be as if we’ve just met.

Two, almost there, knowing you need not remember, only comply. You will love everything I suggest the moment you snap out of trance.

Three, wide awake, and ready to hear me out.

Hi. You don’t know me and that’s okay but there’s something I would like to talk to you about. You see, my friend over there, yes, that one in the corner, well... she’s a submissive little bitch that thinks you’re hot and wants nothing more than to eat you up like you’re the last fucking man in the world. I know you’re busy and all but why don’t you come with me so we can get this party started?

Oh, you were thinking the same thing, were you? What a funny coincidence. It’s settled then. And yes, I’ll let you both worship my pussy afterward until the sun goes down because it’s good to be bad. This will be awesome.