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Shore Leave

Synopsis: Navy Captain Nelson Kirk spends an eventful shore leave in Hong Kong and joins the middle-east war effort, but on which side?

Captain Nelson Kirk of the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Millard Fillmore, dressed in his civilian clothes, walked along Salisbury Street on the Kowloon side of the Harbour in Hong Kong. He stopped periodically to look into the windows of the many shops offering electronics, jewelry and up scale clothing. He wasn’t really in a buying mood. He DID want to get to his hotel, The Peninsula, just a few blocks away to rest. It had been a long cruise and he needed to have a day or two away from his command.

The Peninsula itself was the jewel of Hong Kong hotels, dripping in colonial-style elegance. He thought he would have tea and then go up to his room and rest. It’s not that he liked tea so much ,but he had wanted to experience tea at the Peninsula ever since he saw Clark Gable and Susan Hayword share a romantic afternoon doing just that in the classic movie “Soldior of Fortune.” The old hotel had been romantic background in “Blood Alley” , and “Love is a Many Splendored Thing.” as well, and the Captain was an old movie buff. He stood at the cafe entrance in the lofty-ceilinged lobby of the old hotel, listening to the live string quartet play Mozart. This sure wasn’t the officer’s mess.

He looked around and noted, with disappointment, that all the tables were occupied , as the tuxedo clad maitre’d approached. “Sir, I’m sorry all the tables are being utilized , but there is one seat left .. over there, with that lady. I’ll ask her if she minds if you join her ?”

Kirk glanced over at the woman and was pleasantly surprised. She was darkly beautiful , with long black hair, full lips, deep brown eyes, and from what he could tell, a sensuous figure ( he wished she would stand up so he could get a better look but that WOULD be asking too much). She was much too attractive to be sitting alone.

The Chinese maitre’d went over, spoke to the woman a moment, then nodded and gestured to the Captain. Nelson smiled his brightest smile and walked over to the table.

“My name is Nelson, ma’am. It’s very nice of you to let me join you. My time is short here in Hong Kong, I must leave day after tommorrow and thought it would be nice to have tea at the hotel, history and all, you know.”

The woman laughed musically, " Oh certainly. It’s Captain Nelson Kirk, is it not? Your picture was in the Hong Kong Morning Post yesterday when your ship anchored. It’s big news when the US fleet returns to Hong Kong after China forbad your American ships from spending shore leave here , right after the hand-over, or give-back as we call it here.” She smiled broadly at him sending little shivers down his back. He HAD been at sea a long time.

“And YOUR name, ma’am?”

“Oh my name is Abidah, and please...sit down.”

Kirk recognised that Abidah was an Arabic name and , given the times, was instantly on his guard. " What a beautiful name ,” he feigned, " does it have a meaning?”

“Again she laughed quietly, " Oh CERTAINLY it does, Abidah means worship, in my native language.”

“Does it mean YOU worship or people worship YOU?” he said with a smile.

“My, the LATTER one would hope! But look, here comes our waiter and he has lovely cups of tea and those delicious little pastries they make here. Bet you don’t have a pastry chef on the ship, Captain.”

“No we don’t. We get fed well, but nothing fancy like this.”

Abidah pointed to the table next to them and addressed the waiter, “Could we have a couple of those strawberry tartlets, like over at that table, please?”

As Kirk glanced quickly at the adjoining table the Arab beauty deftly placed a fast disolving tablet into Kirk’s tea. He didn’t seem to notice as he turned back to her and smiled ,then he offered her the sweets tray.

She politely took one and lifted her tea cup to her mouth. Kirk too , now assuming the tea to be safe, took a drink of his and a bite of one of the delicious little snacks.

“Let’s just sit and listen to the music, it’s beautiful isn’t it?” Abidah said, smiling .She focused her dark, deep eyes on the Captain.

And ,as the soft violins played their quiet classical melodies, Kirk felt strangely light headed.

“My head feels funny, " he whispered, to no one in particular.

“I’m sorry Captain, but you have slipped up so quickly. Of COURSE your head feels funny. The tea was drugged. And the effect will come on quickly. From the expression on your face you probably thought I worked for some middle-eastern government...well I do. I’m a spy. I don’t want anyone to notice that my drug has effected you, so I picked one that won’t render you unconcious. It WILL however make you VERY pliable and cooperative for the next half hour or so, and perhaps while you are in that condition I will help you to understand exactly what you will need to do for me. Let’s try it out shall we, you already should be feeling very obedient and I can probably ask you to do something that seems harmless. I don’t want to set up some kind of mental struugle yet, I’ll wait for later for THAT.”

“ Let’s try THIS.” She leaned across the small table and kissed him gently, with warm, parted lips.

“Now, would you like to follow me to my suite, dear?”

It seemed to Kirk that ANYONE would want to follow Abidah to her rooms. Especially after such a wonderful kiss. There would be no danger in that.

“ Yes Abidah, I’d love to follow you to your suite,” he quietly answered.

The sexy Arab spy got up from the table and walked toward the bank of elevators. Had the Captain been fully cognisant of his surroundings he would have realized his first thoughts about her body were correct, her figure was MOST alluring and sensuous. As it was, he just watched her swaying hips while he followed her , obediently to the lifts. They rode the elevator up to the hotel’s Fen Lai Suite, overlooking Victoria Harbour, and he again followed the dark beauty as she preceded him into the oppulant suite.

“Now I think we have about a half hour to recondition you to obey me Captain, or should I call you ‘my pet’. It wouldn’t be dangerous at all for you to watch a beautiful woman, like me, undress would it, my pet? Let me just undress for you. Watch me, dear. Just watch me.”

That, too seemed harmless to Kirk. He watched attentively.

Slowly, sensuously, the dark Arab beauty took off her jacket and dropped it to the floor. Then, in rhythm to some unheard music , she slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing more of her dark, flawless skin. She reached between her breasts and unhooked her silky bra revealing her full, round, perfect breasts to Kirk’s gaze.

Even if he had not been drugged he would have stared in awe at this gorgeous woman , the sight of her filling him with lust . But the effect of the drug made him more than desirous, it rendered him helpless to resist ANY of her suggestions. She knew this and would use this fleeting time, before the drugs wore off, to mesmerize the ship’s officer and turn him into her total hypno-slave. She had the power and skill to do this, and no man had EVER resisted her.

She cupped her breasts in her hands and pointed them toward the Captain, moving the large nipples in sensuous circles. Slowly, being sure to capture his gaze with the movement.

“Now my pet, just look at my breasts. Watch them slowly move around and around. Watch. Watch. Their beauty FASCINATES you. You are fascinated by my breasts. They seem to have the power to captivate your thoughts. All you want to think about are these gorgeous breasts. LOOK.”

Involuntarily Kirk’s prick became engorged, pushing against his trousers, seeking to burst free in response to the suggestions of his beautiful captor. All he could think about were those humongous tits.

Abidah smiled as she saw his eyes follow the slow movements of her breasts and laughed as his cock responded to her commands.

She knew the drug would wear off in a mere half hour and was going to use the entire time deepening his hypnotic trance. “Now look up into my eyes, dear, aren’t THEY beautiful too, dark, deep, hypnotic? Look deep into them. You love my breasts and you love my eyes too. Look deeper. All the secrets in the world are held in my eyes . Don’t you want to learn all the secrets? The only way you can learn the secrets is to look deeper and deeper into my eyes. Deeper. Deeper. You are spinning... falling ... ever deeper into my eyes ... seeking the secrets ... looking deeper... falling under my spell... ”

Long minutes passed and Abidah pulled Kirk deeper under her hypnotic control, keeping him staring helplessly into her eyes listening to her commands until she was sure he could not break free. In fact she felt certain he would no longer WANT to break free.

“Youv’e discovered the secret now haven’t you ? The secret is YOU MUST OBEY ME .”

Kirk nodded slowly.

“Now my little pet, I want you to remember my commands always, even after I allow you to awaken from your subservient, obedient hypnotic trance. Whenever Abidah says the words, " My breasts own you” you will again fall deeply under my hypnotic control, you will gaze again into my eyes and know I control you. My breasts control you. You’d do anything to touch my breasts, to kiss my breasts, to WORSHIP my breasts. You will be my total love-slave. Now tell me Captain, what are our magic words?”

“Abidah will say ’ my breasts own you’ and I will look deeply into her eyes and obey her. I will do ANYTHING to see her beautiful breasts.”

“You LOVE my breasts don’t you my little pet?”

“Yes Abidah, I love your breasts.”

“You love me don’t you Nelson.” It was no longer a question. It was a command.

“I love you Abidah.”

“Then you may kiss my breasts, NOW.” and she pointed to her tits , beckoning Kirk to worship them.

The sailor stepped forward and tenderly kissed the dark hypnotist’s breasts and his knees immediately felt like jelly, he fell to his knees before her. ’ I love you Abidah, dearest ... I love you....”

“That’s nice my pet. Let’s try a little experiment now. Stand up and when I snap my fingers you will be awake. Not remembering what has happened but remembering what you must do when I say the magic words. One ... two ... three.” and she snapped her fingers.

Kirk awoke, startled to see the topless woman standing in front of him. " I don’t know how I got here, but I do know I have to leave. Put your clothes on ! " and he turned to flee the suite , checking to see if there were any cameras in the room. He didn’t want to be blackmailed by this half naked Arab slut.

Just as he placed his hand on the door knob Abidah spoke softly to him, " My breasts OWN you my little slave.”

Nelson turned around and stiffly walked toward her, like a puppet being guided by some invisible strings, then when he stood next to her, towering over the petite Arab , he stared down , into her eyes . Her eyes immediately captured his gaze and enveloped his will. He was powerless to resist her. He was totally under her spell.

“I will obey you, Abidah.” he stated as if it were an always understood fact.

“Then I think I’d like you to call me Mistress Abidah, my little pet. After all you DO need to worship me don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress Abidah, I do need to worship and obey you.”

“And who do you love my pet?”

“I love you, Mistress Abidah.

“Then I must USE that love, my pet. Do you know the American Consul here in Hong Kong?”

“Oh yes my love, we had dinner last night.”

“Does he have the power to approve a marriage for you, my dear Captain. To me?”

“Certainly he does. I am a high enough rank to be trusted, and he does have the authority to approve such a marriage.

“Excellent, my dear. After you kneel down before me and eat my pussy, we will go see him, won’t we?”

Again the Captain fell to his knees , this time to tenderly worship her beautiful cunt, he gasped” Yes Abidah. ANYTHING you desire. I LOVE YOU!”

A couple of hours later the two had taken the Star Ferry across the Hong Kong Harbour and a red and silver taxi to the Consulate building , and were sitting in the office of the Consul, himself explaining themselves.

“Yes sir,” said the Captain, " Abidah and I have fallen in love and I’d like to take a couple of weeks liberty back in the US. You can officiate at our marriage, here in the Consulate, and then I’d like to take her home to meet the folks.”

“But isn’t this sort of sudden, Nelson?”

“ Not really sir, we’ve been exchanging emails for some time, and when we finally met, everything clicked,” he lied Then he grabbed Abidah’s hand, " We’re just like a couple of kids in love and we want to get married , now. I hope you can get everything cleared for us.”

“Sure I can, Captain. Consider it done.”

* * *

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk had been in their suburban Washington home for about four weeks . The Captain was scheduled to return to his ship in only three days. Abidah had been learning as much as she could about the US and it’s people for the last month, with the help of her new husband-slave Nelson.

That evening there was a knock on their door and Nelson answered it. There stood his former fiance Lt. Commander Lynda Meriweather, a tall, sexy, blonde, Navy Intelligence Officer . " You prick,” she shouted, “you didn’t even TELL me we were through. One day you are writing me love letters, the next day you marry some Arab bimbo, and leave me high and dry, and I don’t LEARN about it until I get back from assignment. I should have one of my Seal friends beat the shit out of you!”

Abidah came up behind Kirk. " Yes it was quite sudden. I’ve TOLD Nelson to call you, but you know how men are. Please come in and have a glass of wine. I’ll send Nelson out for some Italian carry-out and we can talk. I’m SOOO sorry he has treated you so badly. I’d LIKE to be your friend, if I can.”

Lynda was surprised by the abject apology and strode to the center of the living room and plopped down on the sofa. " Yeah. Send that asshole out to get some more wine and WE’LL talk,” she said angrily.

At a dismissive gesture from Abidah, Nelson got in his car and drove to the nearest Italian Restaurant and picked up a bottle of red wine and some pasta and sauce, then immediately headed for home.

When he arrived there were two empty wine glasses on the coffee table in the living room , but neither his voluptuous wife, or his sexy blonde ex-fiance were in the room.

He heard muffled noises in his bedroom, so he put down the carry-out food on the coffee table and headed there.

As he opened the bedroom door he was stunned to see his wife and ex fiance naked in HIS bed. Lynda was eating Abidah’s pussy enthusiastically and his beautiful wife looked up at him at him with an evil smile.

Kirk’s mind went into high gear. He concentrated hard on the lacivious sight, and suddenly ... his mind was free. Her REMEMBERED all that had happened in the last month. He KNEW that his wife was a spy for Sadaam and had learned much about the Navy defense plans from him, and now it seemed Lynda, with her knowledge of intelligence sources and information was Abidah’s love-slave just as he had been .

“I’ll save you Lynda,” he shouted, " don’t tell her ANYTHING!”

“Oh Nelson, " Abidah laughed, " Men can be so stupid. I’ve lived here for a month. in America .You DON’T torture and kill women here . We are free to go to school, to drive, even to wear short skirts. Women run companies, and own property. EVERYTHING Sadaam has said about the US is a lie and now I know that. . America isn’t perfect , but it beats the shit out of Iraq ! I’m going to use you and Lynda to GIVE information to the US Government , NOT to steal it. And as for rescuing Lynda....she doen’t want to be rescued. And... don’t you remember. " she cupped her naked breasts in her hands, then pointed the dark nipples toward him, " My breasts OWN you.”

His eyes became vacant again and his mind became HERS. " Your breasts OWN me.... I love you Abidah... please let me kiss your breasts... I’ll do anything just to LOOK at your beautiful breasts...” His hypnotic conditioning had kicked in.

Abidah laughed as she pulled her new blonde slave’s head up to her face and kissed Lynda, tasting her own sweet cunt juices on the intelligence officer’s lips.

“Lynda, you may kiss my breasts..” the voulptuous vixen commanded as she gracefully pointed at her darkly perfect tits. “Yes Mistress Abidah,” the entranced blonde responded, and wrapped her lips around the Arab beauty’s nipples.

“Nelson... now YOU eat my pussy.” Abidah groaned.

“Yes Mistress Abidah .” he echoed, and crawled obediently to her cunt.

“Sadaam is in a world of shit now " Abidah thought, " with America’s military strength and my knowledge about where his armaments are hidden.....”

Then she came.......and came again .... and again....momentarily all thoughts of the war were put aside. She LIKED being an American ..... goddess.