The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Short Stories with Eve

1. Passenger

Eve woke up with someone else’s voice in her head. “Shit. This is working. I can’t believe this is working!” She felt her body pull itself up and walk over to the mirror without her having any say in the matter. Then the voice in her head spoke again.

“Fuck. This little slut’s body is cute. I’m going to get so fucked.” Eve couldnt seem to get her body to respond as it twisted and turned and posed and removed her nightwear in front of the mirror. Now naked, she heard the voice again, “She looks like she might be a good girl most of the time but I bet she has some slutty clothes.” she heard as her body walked over to her dresser and started rumaging through her clothes.

“I knew it,” the voice said triumphantly as her hands came across the slutty outfit she had bought for her boyfriend but never had the confidence to actually wear. Her body moved to put it on, and picked up her phone as she went back to the mirror. “A little memento I think,” the voice said as Eve’s body took a couple of posed selfies and sent them to a number she had never seen before, before deleting the number and sent messages.

“Now, let’s go and find some cock,” the voice said as she felt her body turn, pick up the red stiletto heels she had only worn a couple of times and put them on. Once the heels were slipped on, her body walked out of the front door of her apartment and out into the world.

* * *

Whoever was controlling Eve’s body seemed to be having trouble getting what he or she wanted. Eve found herself unable to stop her body going up to random guys on the street and begging them to fuck her, but they were all suspicious of her. Seeing a girl dressed like a slut and begging to get fucked was too good to be true. They thought she was crazy. Or a junkie. Or running a scam. Eventually, the voice in her head grew frustrated. “What the fuck is wrong with all these pussies!? Wait. I know where there are some guys who won’t turn down a piece of arse like this.”

10 minutes later Eve found herself in an adult club, surrounded by people who were dressed to fuck. Her body moved through the club until it came across a group of guys. There must have been 20 of them, clearly all drinking and looking to get laid but so far unsuccessful.

Eve heard her own voice suddenly shout out to them, “Any of you pussies man enough to fuck me properly?” That got their attention. They all moved towards her like a wolf pack closing on its prey. The lead guy grabbed her arm. “Let’s see if we can help the little lady out shall we?” He growled. Eve heard the voice in her head again. “Wait. I didn’t mean all of you, just one or.. oh shit. This isn’t what I signed up for. I am out of here.”

Eve had control of her body back, but she was dressed in barely any clothes, tottering on stiletto heels and surrounded by guys who she had just dared to fuck her properly. As she opened her mouth to suggest perhaps she had made a mistake, the lead guy grabbed her mouth under her chin, put his other hand on her shoulder and pushed her to her knees, as one of his friends moved behind her to grab her arms, “Let’s see what you are like at sucking cock to start with. Then maybe we will let you take our dicks in your other holes,” he said undoing his fly and pushing his dick in her mouth…