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‘Sienna’s Bimbo Limbo’


WARNING: This work of fiction may contain elements including but not limited to the weird, cruel and unethical. Reader discretion is mandatory.

SUMMARY: Sienna Summers the Slutty Streamer ends up in Bimbo Limbo.

Chapter One

Sienna Summers wakes up feeling great on her 18th birthday. She’s in nothing more but a thin pink thong and a super tight white belly shirt that reads ‘I am a dumb cow’ in large pink sparkly letters as she runs down the stairs, her massive breasts bouncing with each step, bursting into the living room with a cheerful “Goooooooooooooooood morning!”

Her mother sits there, smiling. “Good morning. Happy birthday sweetheart!”

Her father sits there, a little awkward, but says “Good birthday, sweetie. Happy morning.”

“Dad!” she giggles, poking him in the ribs, and gives each of them a kiss.

“You missed the postman. Seems like a lot of your fans sent you gifts!” her mother says, pointing to a hamper full of presents all neatly wrapped that arrived for Sienna. “Are you going to open all of them on the internet?”

“My subscribers sent me these so it’d be unfair to not let them see the look on my face when I open them.” Sienna nods, making her massive breasts jiggle.

“What makes you think they’re looking at your face?” her father asks, which gets him a foul look from his wife. “What? All I’m saying is, yes, so far Sienna dropping out of high school to be a full time streamer has provided with a surprising income but that might end at any moment... and in this economy—”

“Hush, you big party pooper!” the mother huffs at him. “Honey, take your gifts up to your room and go do your thing. Pay your gloomy daddy no mind.”

“Thanks! Love you both!” she smiles, taking the big hamper full of presents upstairs. Most of them are little things, but there’s three large boxes too, so those should make for some interesting viewing.

The father knows they’re only throwing money at her because she’s got a cute face, a sweet, cheerful personality and a gorgeously perfect body that’s to die for. Every last bit of her is just juicy and round, and now that she’s 18, he’s worried all kinds of pervert are going to try to get their hands on his little girl. Even more than she’s already had to fend off.

Sienna takes her seat in her pro gaming chair, and boots up her computer, getting ready to live stream her opening her presents.

In mere minutes, her gaming PC is ready to roll, and she turns on the lights to shine on her beautiful face. Then, with a smile, she starts her broadcast and the little red light starts to blink.

“Hey guys! Good morning! I hope everyone’s had a good sleep, I for one slept like a baby... even though I was super excited because you guys have been sending in presents all week and today I finally get to open them!” she giggles, her stuffed cow plushie on her lap, petting it as she jiggles in place excitedly, her chest bouncing. It’s what the audience wants, and she gets off a little thinking about all those horny sods jerking off to her right now...

She got famous because of those huge udders, with so much cow themed stuff in her room, from her favorite plushie to the one piece pajamas she likes to put on. And she’s been showing her breasts off at every opportunity, as much as the stream guidelines will allow for girls her age.

But she’s legally an adult now, and if she wants to show herself butt naked live on the internet, that’s fine. She can masturbate, suck off guys, even take ridiculously sized toys right in the ass if she wanted to. She’ll start small, though, she’s thought about it a lot.

First she’s going to start with a limited series body pillow, for all the horny perverts to rub themselves into.

“But first I gotta get into the moooooo-ood!” she teases, winking as she gets a leather collar with a cow bell, strapping it on and bouncing her large breasts up so the bell clangs. “Woohoo! Is everybody ready?”

She’s only been on a minute and already she’s got a hundred people watching. Seconds later it’s three hundred. Then, eight hundred people watching as she starts on the first present.

It’s a tiny present, but it’s in a rather sturdy little box. “A gift from BigDickSilver, one of my moderators! It’s...” she goes, unwrapping it and showing off the fancy little box. “Ooh, jewelry?” she giggles, her fat tits jiggling with excitement as the comments flood by uncontrollably, much too fast to read any of them. Most of it is just gross degenerates saying gross things, so she doesn’t mind missing it. “A diamond necklace! Thanks, BigDickSilver!” she goes, leaning over, making a big kissy face at the camera as her large, round breasts press flat against Miss Moo, laying on her lap.

She puts on a teasing little show for each present, getting many things like a new microphone, a new camera, some stilettos, a riding crop for those kink night specials she promised... and even three diamond rings with wedding proposals. She keeps the rings, of course, but she declines to comment. Why turn anyone away? If she keeps it vague enough, they might send more expensive presents...

Then, one of the bigger, longer gifts is a huge black dildo. It’s huge, as thick as her ankle and rippling with thick veins. So she teases “I’m probably gonna break this big boy in right after the stream... although... if I hit this month’s donation target before the end of the stream I might let you guys watch me put it up my ass...”

Her words aren’t cold or people are donating one after the other, the notification sound pinging again and again and again. Pretty decent amounts, too. Some donate twenty, some a hundred. One guys donates a thousand in mere seconds.

“Phew... it’s getting hot in here...” she plays, lifting up her tight top just enough to show a huge amount of underboob almost spilling out of her shirt. Just before they fall out one at a time, she lowers her top again and giggles. “Gotcha! Shall we move on to the big presents?”

She takes up a big box, and rattles it. “Ooh, what could it be?”

The package is wrapped up in pink glitter paper, with a big white bow. “It’s from... SiennasOwner! Sorry, I don’t think we’ve met. Are you a subscriber?” she giggles, opening up the present. It’s a beautiful and luxurious white VR headset with large, cushioned earphones.

“Oh, that’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to try Virtual Reality games!” she cheers, excitedly wobbling her chest at the camera.

Of course, she has to try it on. With a push of a button on the side, the screen boots up and she slides it onto her head, the cups covering her ears.

She tries the pre-installed game, a program called ‘Bimbo Limbo’.

She then goes silent for a moment, her mouth wide open, as she stares into the screen stuck before her pretty little eyes. A bit of drool drips from her large, plush lips, onto her fat, heaving breasts, as she’s rendered completely still.

Sienna sits there a good thirty seconds before flinching, going “Oh? Oh! Oops! I nodded off there! Really cool gift, master!” she giggles, taking the headset off and putting it back in the box, on top of a second gift hidden inside, which has ‘do not open on camera’ written on it. “I’m gonna play with this a lot after the stream!”

Without anyone noticing, perhaps even without noticing herself, she opens up a private chat window and sends a certain stranger her phone number.

Seconds later, her phone buzzes, and she checks it. It’s from an unknown number, which she saves in her phone as ‘Master’, and then checks the message.

‘Pleasure that dildo like it was my own dick.’

She takes the huge black cock in the hamper and holds it up. “Maybe I should... play with this for you guys...” she says, sucking her plump, thick bimbo lips on the side and drooling all over it, her tongue trying to grip around it as she holds it in her mouth, bouncing up and down to make her huge rack jiggle. Something takes a hold of her, and she just wants to act like the huge slut she is... and everyone gets to see.

With her slobber all over the huge toy, she raises up her top just enough to stick the massive, thick rod up between her breasts, where it gets stuck, and she manually pumps it up, the tip peeking out of her cleavage as she works it up and down, up and down. It makes her squirm and blush, moaning in front of the camera.

Then, with a big loud gagging gulp, she stuffs the large toy balls deep down her throat, making her neck bulge against the tight leather collar, which in turn makes the bell clang as she leans over, straightening out her gullet for it to fit. She starts pumping it back and forth down her esophagus, covering her bell and chest in copious amounts of drool, as her eyes cross on stream and chat goes a little quieter—either because her viewers are in shock, or their hands are busy.

Suddenly this habitual tease puts on a rowdy, randy show, and nobody saw it coming.

Well, one man did.

The tanned beauty with the raven hair and the big plush lips gags loudly and messily on that huge rubber toy, rubbing herself into a hot squirming mess live in front of, by now, two thousand people. And she hadn’t even opened all her presents yet, something the next text message reminds her of.

‘Calm down and open the other presents.’

She spits up the massive toy and takes a loud, long breath. Suddenly she’s all cool and collected, and wipes some sweat off her brow. “Wow, I got some good use out of that thing, didn’t I?” she giggles, picking up the larger of the two boxes. “Ooh, it’s kinda light...” she says, rattling the box.

Inside is a big plush of a black bull, in the same style of her favorite plushie, Miss Moo. “Aww, a Mister Moo!” she cheers, hugging both plushies against her massive, slobber-covered breasts. They stick to her soaked top, leaving little to the imagination of the viewers.

Finally, the last present was a real VR set... which she’d probably never even take out of the box. She was nice and appreciative about it on stream, but she already had one and she knew deep down it was the only one she’d ever need. Plus, with her new job she wouldn’t have much time left to play games, or even stream.

Wait, what job?

The thought circles in her head for a moment, leaving her visibly confused.

Buzz buzz. ‘End the stream, and put your VR headset back on.’

“Guys, sorry it’s been such a quick little stream, but I have a few things I wanna do on my birthday, but I’ll be back tonight at the usual time and we’ll continue playing Ion Valkyrie!”

She ends the stream, and takes the white headset back out of the box. Sienna notices the second package underneath, but she doesn’t open it yet.

When she turns it on, the same voice she heard when she wore it before echoes deep, mellow tones into her brain, leaving her soft and malleable. Colors and patterns of swirling lines spin and dance before her eyes, and she sinks deeper and deeper in a long, loving daydream.

Sienna sits there, subjecting herself to the voice and colors and spinning lines leaving her obedient and eager. An hour passes. Two hours pass. Noon comes and goes, and finally after a full four hours worth of exposure does the program end, and she takes it off.

She’s got a light headache, but she doesn’t worry about it. At least now she can remember what her job is. She’s to be a good girl. Master’s good girl.

Sienna gets her favorite skin tight jeans with rips in the front and her leather jacket, and puts that big dildo in her purse, before heading out. “I’m going to the mall, don’t wait up! I’m gonna hang out with a friend and we’re probably gonna do all kinds of stuff.” she calls out from the hall as she gets into her white tennis shoes.

Her mom leans in. “Oh, well, have fun, honey! Do you need any money?”

“I won’t say no to that.” she giggles, holding out her hand.

Mom hands over some spending money and kisses her daughter on the cheek. “Go and have fun, honey.”

“Right!” she nods, then blinks. “Oh, shoot, almost forgot!”

She runs back upstairs and gets the present she hasn’t opened yet, the one she shouldn’t open on stream. She takes it with her, leaving it on the passenger seat of the car her parents got her for her birthday. It’s an adorable little second hand car, and she’s only got a learner’s permit, but for the time being she can drive unaccompanied.

Leaving left off the driveway she makes her way across town towards the mall, only to stay in the parking lot. She texts this ‘Master’ number where she is, and after only a few minutes, an unmarked white van pulls up next to her, and the man comes out.

He’s in his late forties or early fifties, and he’s got a bit of a belly on him to match the scratchy beard. The man leans in with a big smile and taps on her window, which makes her roll down the window. “Who am I?”

“You’re my master, master.” she says without hesitation, as if she’s telling him what time it is. “You own me.”

“Good girl.” he smiles, the phrase sending a blush and a tremble through her body as it tickles something naughty deep inside her. The praise makes her feel wonderful, but she’ll always want more. “Pull up that top and let me see those tits of yours.”

Immediately, she does as she’s told, her massive udders flopping free for him to grab and play with. The bell hangs down from her collar onto those huge tits, as his large, thick hand grabs one and digs the fingers into that soft skin. The nipple hardens into his palm, and he enjoys groping her... though not nearly as much as she enjoys being groped by him.

“Put your gift in the trunk, then lock your car and get in mine. We’re going for a drive. Leave your phone in the trunk, too.” he instructs, and she obeys immediately without hesitation or complaint.

With her fat tits still out she follows him into his van, where he tells her to take off all her clothes except for her collar. She does so happily, and it earns her another ‘good girl’ and with it another rush of brief happiness.

They get onto the highway with Sienna in the back and the man up front, chuckling to himself. “Tell me, slave... how far did you get in Bimbo Limbo?”

“Level eight.” she says immediately, which makes him perform a double take.

“S-Seriously?” he blinks, then bursts out laughing. “You mean you’re super susceptible to brainwashing? Lucky me!” he chuckles. “I would have been happy if you made it past the first two levels of indoctrination.”

She doesn’t know how to respond to that, so she says nothing, and does nothing.

“Are you a virgin?”

“Yes, master. I’ve only used toys.”

“Fine bitch like you probably has to beat the guys off... i mean, away. How come you’re a virgin?” he asks, genuinely curious.

“I don’t really care for sex. I think I’m asexual.” she shrugs, fully unconcerned that she’s in a stranger’s van, fully naked, with no means to escape.

“But you’re dying to fuck me, aren’t ya?” he asks with a grin.

“Of course, master! I ache to pleasure your cock however you wish!”

He pulls up to a four-building apartment complex half an hour from Sienna’s home by an off-ramp, and parks around back where no-one can see.

“Bring all your stuff inside.” he orders, as he gets out and unlocks the door. “All this is mine. Once I’m done with you, you’ll live and work here full-time as a whore to make me money, like all my other girls.” he says, to which she nods.

“I understand, master!”

“Hah. You really don’t care what I make you do, huh? You must be my easiest catch yet.” he chuckles, grabbing her ass as she enters his home.

“I ache only to obey you, master!” she winks, giggling as she’s led into his bedroom. “Please command me...”

The man takes a moment to take in the sights. Such large, round breasts. True udders in shape and size, he wouldn’t be surprised if he could actually milk her. A thick, round butt and plump, plush lips, and soft, swollen thighs... even her feet were perfect for whatever his urges might be at any day.

The man reaches in and sucks a nipple into his mouth. He’s pleasantly surprised that she’s actually lactating, as the program swirling in her brain has commanded her body to do so. It seems that her mind isn’t the only thing eager to please...

He removes his clothes and grins, his naked, sagging body at the ready for this needy teen’s virginity. His cock is erect and large, easily a match for that toy in her purse. “Spread your legs, slave! It’s time to claim you as my own... and before you ask, I don’t do foreplay!”

She lays back on his bed, her legs spread as commanded as he gets on top of her and inserts himself into her virgin pussy. “There we go. Happy birthday, slave!” he groans, as she pants underneath his heavy body.

“Th-Thank you, m-master!” she says, as he’s thrusting into her with reckless abandon. “Y-You’re so big!” Her large breasts flatten down against her chest, bouncing about as he pumps into her, even making her bell clang.

Her programming commands her to enjoy this, no matter how poorly her master performs. It makes her toes curl and her eyes cross, a powerful orgasm washing over her tiny, curvy body making her tremble and moan out.

“I’ll tell you what...” he chuckles, groaning as he gets ready to fill her up with his seed. “If I knock you up on my first try, I’ll keep you as my personal breeder. You’re certainly the hottest girl I’ve ever enslaved.”

“Th-ank yo-uuu mmm-ast-errrrrrr” she moans, having another orgasm. Her heart is pounding hard and racing in her chest, she’s soaking wet both from sweat and arousal, and the room is spinning, though she can hardly tell through all the bright colorful spots she’s seeing.

“I get my girls fixed, of course. Don’t want the stupid sluts to get pregnant on the job! Kids are expensive, and if they’re not mine then I don’t want ’em!”

She doesn’t react, as she’s too far into sexual stimulation to even hear him.

And there he goes. A thick, hot load right into her womb, as the cervix has opened wide for this cunning invader.

“Turn over and offer me your ass. I took a pill so my erection’s not going down just yet.” he grins, and she obeys happily.

She rolls over and perks up her ass, jiggling it at him as he pushes his fat tip into her tight hole, making her cry out loudly. The harder he pushed, the louder she cried, until she yelled out hard as the tip punches inside, getting stuck behind her ring. “M-master... you’re too big...” she whines, her voice squeaky. “It hurts so bad.”

“That’s a you-problem, slave, not a me-problem.” he shrugs, leaning his chubby body onto her beautiful form, his gut resting on her lower back as his greedy paws reach underneath her to grope her large, juicy udders, squeezing them firmly and causing her great discomfort as his ramrod stuffs itself slowly and awkwardly deeper into her trembling guts, making her bite into the sheets. She’s crying from the sheer discomfort, long after his balls rub against her sopping wet pussy. Then, when he starts pumping away, groaning and puffing, she whines like a stuck dog. “Here. Quit your whining and put this on.” he huffs, handing her a red ball gag.

She immediately puts it in her mouth and goes fully quiet, tying the strap around back her head as he violates her insides, his sack slapping against her hairless pussy with every thrust. He has no load to pump inside her anymore, but his dry assault lasts for another good hour, until the effects of the performance enhancing drug he took wears off.

He pulls out, his erection going soft, and he lays down on the bed, his legs spread. “Remove the ball gag and suck master’s cock clean, slave!”

Still sobbing, she does as she’s told. Her frail body trembles from the assault her poor intestines had to endure, not to speak of how sore her tight ring is... Yet, she eagerly opens her mouth and wraps those soft, plush bimbo lips around his fat cock, sucking the taste of her own ass off of it, and drags the back of her sweet tongue across his fat, hairy sack. Her eyes look up at him as the program that now fills her mind has taught her to, as once-proud Sienna Summers dutifully performs for her master, her owner... her everything.

But then she slows down, and she stops.

He takes notice, watching her hold his dick in her mouth, doing nothing.

“Wh-What am I... Where am I?” she asks, blinking. She starts to worry, and looks around in a panic.

He hold out his hand and snaps his fingers at her, freezing her in place. “Guess I demanded too much from you this first time. Eight levels... none of them had any time to really imprint on your brain yet...”

He grabs her by the shoulders and moves her off the bed, then pokes her in the middle of her forehead as she stands up straight.

“I am ready to obey.” she says, staring forward, completely unaware of her surroundings.

“You’ll play Bimbo Limbo six hours every day, and you’ll make sure no-one disturbs you when you do so.”

“I hear and obey.”

“And in two weeks, you’ll open your last gift, and do what needs to be done!”

“I hear and obey.”

“You’ll stick to your usual routine, and not let anyone know anything about me, or your obedience to me!”

“I hear and obey.”

“You’ll get dressed and get in my van, and fall asleep in the back until I wake you.”

“I hear and obey.”

He taps her forehead again and she starts to put her clothes on without delay, moving towards the van. She’s in complete bimbot mode, showing no thought of her own, doing nothing but what she’s instructed to.

Only minutes later, he’s already driving her back, to leave her by her car.

“I’ll see you in two weeks, girl.” he grins, licking his lips as he gropes her fat tits one last time for the day.

“Yes, Master.”

He gets back in his van and drives off, and she starts blinking more the further he gets. Suddenly, she finds herself in the parking lot, and scratches her head.

“Where’s my phone?” she asks, searching her purse, but then remembers, somehow, it’s in the trunk.

She retrieves it, and calls home. “Mom? It’s me. I didn’t miss dinner, did I?”

“No, honey, I’m still working on it.” her mom answers. “I thought you were gonna be gone super late?”

“Nah, didn’t work out.” she shrugs. “It’s fine.”

“Okay, well, hurry home, sweetheart. Dinner’s almost ready.”

She hangs up, and gets in her car. Only then, when she’s trying to sit down, does she realize something’s up. Her ass is killing her, and sitting down causes her great discomfort. “Holy shit, dad’s always complaining about ‘old man pains’ but I didn’t know they’d be such a pain in the ass right off on my 18th birthday!” she huffs, trying to get comfy before driving off.

Sienna wants to get home in time for dinner... and then play that cool new game, Bimbo Limbo a bit. Perhaps, an hour or two, three before bed...

And in the blink of an eye, two weeks have passed. Sienna’s done nothing but stream to her followers and play Bimbo Limbo, and for some reason help with chores around the house. Cooking and cleaning mostly.

She’s even talked with her parents about moving out, about how she makes enough streaming to pay rent and get her own place. Nothing too far... perhaps twenty, thirty minutes from her parents, so they won’t worry.

It’s her fourteenth day as an adult, and suddenly Sienna feels herself compelled to get that present she forgot about out of her trunk.

She returns inside, and asks her mom for a pen, before opening the gift. Inside is a stack of papers. One to rent an apartment in Master’s buildings. Another one that gives him power of attorney over her, and signs herself over to his whims. She signs both without thinking about it, and puts them back in the folder.

“Good girl...” she tells herself, and it makes her happy, sending a tingle up her body starting between her legs. She’ll take the documents to city hall to make things official tomorrow... but for now, she’s thinking about taking a little drive, and showing Master what a well trained slave she’s become. With two weeks worth of brainwashing, it’ll be very unlikely she’ll ever relapse into her old, boring self.

Buzz buzz. A text from master. ‘I have your accommodations all ready for you.’

Buzz buzz. Another text from master. This time, it’s just a picture of a dog cage next to two metal bowls, one filled with water.

It makes her so happy that master wants her to move in with him... perhaps she’ll get another chance to be his breeder.

She’s so lucky, she thinks, and it brings a smile to her face.

[THE END for Sienna Summers]