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Sigil Story #7: Service

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

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This is the final entry in the series, thank you for reading!

#7: An office worker gets turned into an obedient plaything, and sold off

* * *

“Great work today, Lin,” Ms. Stone gave a pat on the back that felt anything but reassuring. “As expected from my best employee.”

Lin nearly spat out the last of her lunch hearing those words from her boss. For the longest time, she felt Ms. Stone had her eyes on her—and not in a good way. Lin always received unwanted attention, praise around her appearance—doubly so when some of her cleavage showed through her shirt—and the occasional ass grab.

Having built her way into this career, Lin wasn’t so fast to give her boss a piece of her mind. Surely, there were worse problems in life than a trouble making boss. And—as misandrist as it sounded—at least it was coming from a hot MILF-y looking lady and not an old rich guy.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to make Lin feel any comfort with her treatment. Lin bit her lip and suppressed a sharp inhale. “Well,” she thought to herself, “it could always be worse.”

It’s not like her boss had pimped her off, or anything.

Lin sat down at her desk and grabbed her hours-old tea cup.The cafe down the street always had the best chai tea. Lin drank it like it was juice. She took a quick sip of it, intending to turn her focus to the computer.

Hm. Something was off. Lin glanced down at the cup, an eyebrow raised. Did a barista mess up an ingredient? No, it tasted fine in the morning. Lin knew she should have tossed it, but curiously, she drank more. She felt a sedating effect take place. All of a sudden she felt completely wiped out. Lin groaned. The last thing she needed was no caffeine to get through the day.

Lin stood up, intending to go back out to get a new drink. On the way, though, her fatigue began to set in more and more. Increasingly, it took over her body like a drug.

Like a drug.

Lin weakly had a horrible thought. Her drink hadn’t been drugged, had it? No. She needed to go to the bathroom to recuperate, wake herself up, splash her face with ice cold water... and get back to work. Hazily, she found the bathroom, and slid into one of the stalls.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

She couldn’t even make herself out.

Lin, as hastily as she could, whipped out her phone to call a rideshare home. “No,” she weakly murmured. This couldn’t be happening. It just... it couldn’t!

Just as Lin was about to have someone picking her up, her body collapsed. The last thing she felt was someone grabbing her, and scooping her away.

* * *

Lin came to what felt like hours later. Her body was completely exhausted. She couldn’t feel herself physically. Lin tried to move her legs to stand back up, and felt herself held back. Confused, her tired eyes glanced down.

The first thing she noticed was that she was strapped in. Thick leather belts restrained her legs and ankles to the chair, and her hands were tied back similarly. Lin knew it would be impossible to break free, especially with her slim body.

The second thing she noticed was that she was naked, lingerie aside.

The third thing was the strange symbol now suddenly tattooed on her left thigh.

Lin quickly woke up. Her face flushed with blood, she looked around to try and figure out what was happening. Soon, she glanced up. Her face paled.

There in front of her stood Ms. Stone, glancing down menacingly, a riding crop in her hand. The smile on her face turned from sinister to outright sadistic. Now she recognized her surroundings—Ms. Stone’s office. Her boss was behind this. Her boss drugged and kidnapped her.

“W-what did you do to me?” Lin immediately demanded. Fight or flight instincts kicked in, instincts she could do nothing about. Obviously, Lin knew what had been done, but she needed to ask anyway.

Ms. Stone walked around her, examining her body like a doctor’s experiment. “You’re smart, Lin.” The praise felt even more infuriating now. “I’m sure you can figure it out.”

“You…” Lin seethed. “You drugged me?”

“Correct. Almost. I drugged and brainwashed you.”

Lin’s eyebrows furrowed. Her teeth clenched, her cheeks flaring up in rage. “Enough with this! Let me go—I have a firm two week’s notice to draft!”

Ms. Stone cackled in response. Lin struggled, even if she knew there was no hope in her situation. “You think you wanting to quit will stop this? Please. We’re already far enough along. It’d be a waste to let you just leave.”

The cruel business lady faded from view, stepping behind Lin. She kneeled. Lin felt a tug on the leather around her wrists. “But, if you truly want, then fine, I’ll let you go.”

Lin paused. “You will?”

“Yes. Of course.”

The leather came apart, and Lin’s hands escaped. Lin’s arms instinctively flew to her knees, readying to set her legs free, too. “But first,” Ms. Stone stopped her, “let’s play a game. It’s called ‘Obey Miss’.”

Lin rolled her eyes. “Enough. I’m done—”

Ms. Stone cut through her words. “Obey Miss,” she started. Lin froze in place, unable to move a muscle. She blinked, and breathed heavily—those were the only two actions she could do. Ms. Stone continued, “play with your chest.”

Lin’s arms worked for her. Her hands went up to her chest, beginning to play with them. The exact way she enjoyed it. Despite the pleasurable sensations rushing through her, Lin felt nothing but horror. “W-what?”

“Brainwashed,” Ms. Stone laughed. “That tattoo on your thigh is special. It’s a sigil. Do you know what that is?”

“N-no,” Lin whimpered, continuing to play with herself.

“It’s magic,” Ms. Stone explained. “Magic that binds you to your Owner. Me, in this case.”

Lin shook her head. “N-no, please, take it off!”

“Awe, cutie,” Ms. Stone cooed demeaningly. “You know tattoos are permanent.”

Lin wanted to protest more—as much as her body complained otherwise—but before she could get another word out, Ms. Stone grabbed her. Her hand reached behind and snagged a handful of Lin’s hair, keeping her in place. Lin’s hands continued to move, groping her on Ms. Stone’s command. Lin’s eyes, however, were locked with Ms. Stone’s.

“You don’t need to speak on your behalf,” Ms. Stone whispered. “All you have to do is say as I do. Understand?”

As much as Lin wanted to speak otherwise, she nodded. “Y-yes, Ms. Stone.” She tried to stop her mouth from replying, another futile effort. Every action of hers was bound to Ms. Stone’s command. Her owner’s command.

Ms. Stone leaned in, whispering into Lin’s ear. “Repeat after me.” Okay. That should be easy enough. “I obey my Owner.”

Lin knew resisting was a fruitless effort. She repeated. “I obey my Owner.”

“My wishes are my Owner’s wishes.”

Again. “My wishes are my Owner’s wishes.”

“Obedience is pleasure.”

Once more, “Obedience is pleasure.”

“If I obey, I will feel pleasure.”

“If I obey, I will feel pleasure.”

Ms. Stone uttered the final mantra, “All I am made for is service.”

“All I am made for is service.”

Ms. Stone let out a quiet laugh. Her hand released Lin’s hair. It began trailing down her face, gently stroking her cheek. “Now,” she said, “all together.”

Lin wasn’t sure if she remembered everything. Which was fine, she didn’t have to. “I obey my Owner,” she spoke like clockwork, “my wishes are my Owner’s wishes. Obedience is pleasure. If I obey, I will feel pleasure. All I am made for is service.”

A sigh of relief was let out onto Lin’s skin. “All once again.”

“I obey my Owner. My wishes are my Owner’s wishes. Obedience is pleasure. If I obey, I will feel pleasure. All I am made for is service.” Lin wasn’t told to stop, so she repeated it. Over, and over, and over again. If her brain hadn’t been completely hardwired for mindless obedience by then, that slowly became the case. Every word felt more real than the last. Every sentence was another truth. And every time she ended the cycle, she didn’t have to think before starting the next round. It was simple. Easy. Lin didn’t have to think to obey. Not thinking...

Was rather nice.

Ms. Stone whispered once more. “Don’t stop,” she purred, “keep repeating those words, until you fall asleep in—”

“I obey my Owner.”


“My wishes are my Owner’s wishes.”


“Obedience is pleasure.”


“If I obey, I will feel pleasure.”


“All I am made for is service.”

Lin let her take an agonizing pause. “One,” she said slowly. “Sleep.”

As Lin fell into trance, she kept repeating.

* * *

Lin came to briefly, not sure how much time had passed. Her voice was sore. Had she been repeating the mantras in her deep sleep?

Lin raised her head. She hadn’t been told to stop. She repeated. Even as her voice begged her to stop—as she begged herself to stop—her vocal chords worked repeatedly.

She saw Ms. Stone. Ms. Stone wasn’t talking to Lin. She was talking to... someone else. Lin managed to get a good enough look of her. Another, older woman in yet another fancy suit. She looked immaculate. Rich, too. Lin couldn’t exactly put two and two together, but... it looked like some kind of business transaction.

She hesitated in her mantras as she tried to get a read on the situation. Ms. Stone noticed. After a quick apology, Lin was put back to sleep.

* * *

“Rise and shine, dear. You can stop repeating now.”

Lin woke up to see something new. Her surroundings had completely changed, and she was no longer bound in a heap of rope. In fact... she was no longer bound in general. Lin was free to stand and move from her seat. No limbs were tied, she was not locked in place. Lin thought it would be easy, to get up and move on her own will. It wasn’t. Mentally, hypnotically, she was still tied to her Owner’s command.

She looked in front of her. Her new Owner, apparently. “Who... are you?” she asked sleepily. Her voice was horse and tired, begging for water or a break.

“My name is Ms. Brandson, plaything.” So she wasn’t free quite yet. Still, though, she wasn’t painfully tied down to an uncomfortable chair... “Here, your voice must be tired. Have some water.”

“O-oh.” The gesture of kindness took Lin by surprise. Maybe this one wouldn’t be so bad... “Thank you,” she responded—it was more of a question than anything. Lin took the drink. Once again, she followed the command seamlessly—trying to ignore the aching in her cunt, wondering why obeying such a simple command felt good—but she would have accepted anyways.

She took a sip.

The second the first gulp of water went down her throat, she began to notice the changes. “H-huh?” Almost instantly, her voice twisted into more of a valley girl accent. “What, like, is happening?” She giggled.

Ms. Brandson sighed in relief. “I’m turning you into a bimbo,” she explained, “a mindlessly obedient, stupid bimbo. Testing my company’s new drug on you.”

“Oh.” Lin felt like she should have had a protest to that. She didn’t. “Does that mean I can still, like, obey you and stuff?”

Ms. Brandson smirked. “Oh yes. Just finish the rest, dear.”

By the time the glass was empty, Lin’s brains had completely sank. Her speech was more “ums” and giggles than words, and she couldn’t form an intelligent sentence to save her life. “Thankfully, I don’t need your brains for anything,” Ms. Brandson said. She unbuckled her belt, and her pants dropped. “I just need you, right now, to get on your knees and service me.”

“Like, yeah, of course, Owner!” Lin got on the floor and happily obliged.

* * *