The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Silken” Part Three

All characters 18 years of age or older.

Gina stood in her daughter’s bedroom attended by two slaves.

Coffee-colored pantyhose were all Gina was wearing, both on her legs, and over her face as a mask. Weeks ago, Gina had been made into one the Silken. Forced to wear a special pair of pantyhose that sapped her will and altered her memories, Gina had become a slave, and eventually, an enslaver of others. The nylons she wore now were practically sacred to her. Which was fitting because what she was doing—the first step towards her daughter Laura’s enslavement—was a holy act.

It was a Saturday night, and Laura was out at the movies with her friends. Or so she’d told her mother. It was so hard to believe what an 18-year-old told you. Especially since her father had died, and Gina had been left to raise her alone. Gina was tired of the fights, the slamming doors, the rolling eyes.

Tomorrow, everything would be different. It would be different because of what was in Gina’s hands. Bundled in them were several pairs of pantyhose of varying colors: nude, suntan, jet black, off black, navy, coffee. They didn’t appear different from any other sheer-to-waist pantyhose, except at the center seam was a thin gold thread.

That’s what marked these hose as something special. They would rewrite the wearer’s memories, making it seem as though they’d been a pantyhose fetishist their entire life. Once the victim’s memories were rewritten, there was nothing more normal than fucking while wearing nylon all over their body.

Their mind-altering power entered through the skin. If one wore them on your legs, it might take hours for their venom to penetrate you completely, and make you one of the Silken. Much faster to pull a pair over the victim’s head—closer to the mind, their power could force a victim’s capitulation in moments.

These were same kind of pantyhose that had been used on Gina to make her a slave, and which Gina had in turn used on two others. The first had been a handsome, young associate at Gina’s law firm named Mark. The other had been Mark’s baby sister, Amy, who worked at the firm as a paralegal.

The siblings were in the bedroom with Gina now, and they were both wearing dark pantyhose on their legs and over their faces.

They were holding hands, brother and sister. Amy turned to look at him through the diaphanous material covering her face. She was so wet just looking at her brother, seeing how his dick always straining against the hose, desperate to be released into their mistress Gina’s pussy, or his sister’s.

Amy had only been enslaved for two weeks. How many times since then had her brother filled her pussy and mouth with his cum? Too many to count.

She turned from him to look at her enslaver, Gina, padding across the carpet, bending over as she opened the dresser’s top drawer.

Looking at Gina’s nylon-covered ass. Tasting Gina’s pussy through the pantyhose slave mask that Amy always wore in the presence of other Silken was addictive. She couldn’t wait to lick Gina’s slit again.

But Amy was first and foremost a slave to Gina, and like a good slave, stood still until told to do otherwise, watching her mistress work.

From the drawer, Gina pulled out a dozen pairs of hose, and tossed them on the floor. In their place, she put the gold-threaded ones that were in her hand, and closed the drawer.

“She’ll wear these tomorrow,” Gina said as she turned to her slaves. “Going to church is one of the few traditions we’ve kept up with since Laura’s father passed. And Laura always wears her Sunday best. That includes stockings.” Even from across the room, her slaves could see through Gina’s taut, nylon mask to the smile underneath.

“But, mistress,” Mark began, “won’t she notice the gold thread and know that these pantyhose are replacements?”

Gina shrugged. “I doubt it. Most women don’t realize the innate power of pantyhose. I’m not merely talking about the special hose of the Silken, but just the kinds you can buy at a drugstore. So stupid, women not noticing how men look at their legs when they’re all clad in nylon. To most women, and especially teenagers like Laura, pantyhose are just a nicer kind of socks. But she’ll learn. Very soon. Just like the two of you did.”

“Mistress, why even try to fool your daughter? We can force them onto her, just like you and my brother did to me.” Amy shivered thinking about how her brother, wearing nothing but pantyhose, had grabbed her while she’d been working late one night. How once she’d been restrained, Gina had pulled a pair of gold-threaded hose over Amy’s head. How the hose had re-weaved her memories, until she remembered how her own father had fucked her while they’d both worn hose.

Gina slinked over to them as they stood before her like soldiers at attention. With her left hand, she touched Amy’s slick slit through the younger woman’s nylons. With her right, she massaged Mark’s hosed-up cock.

To Amy, she said, “You just love that, don’t you, bitch? How your brother and I raped you, made you into a hose slut?”

“Yes,” Amy said as Gina strummed the girl’s clit.

“How I was the first woman that ever licked your pussy, made you cum, forever bound you to the Silken?” Gina asked, pressing her fingers firmer against the material, deeper into Amy.


“How you became a slave?”


“And started fucking your brother three or four times a day?”

“Oh yes.”

“Because the pantyhose control you, don’t they?” Gina asked.

“They control me.”

“You’re obedient because of the hose.”

“I obey the hose, and you, mistress—always.”

“And obedience to the hose is pleasure,” Gina said, still masturbating Amy and her brother.

Amy was moaning now. “It’s such pleasure obeying the hose!”

“Then obey me and cum, you pantyhose slut.”

Oh god.” The orgasm radiated out from Gina’s fingers, to Amy’s clit, and then throughout the twenty-two-year-old’s body.

Amy fell to the carpet, the pleasure overtaking her, and Gina turned her attention fully to her other thrall.

“You liked hearing your sister profess her slavery, don’t you?”

“Yesssss,” Mark hissed through his own mask.

“Just like you’re a slave.”

“Yes, I’m a slave,” he said, his breathing sharp while Gina continued rubbing his nylon-covered cock.

“Remember how it felt, cumming inside your sister for the first time?” Gina asked.

“Yes,” he said, and Gina knew this was the truth judging by the precum glistening on interior of his hose.

“It felt good, didn’t it, being a pantyhose boy-slut, and fucking your pantyhose sister?”

“Hell yes,” Mark said.

“All your slave cum, getting into your sister’s slave pussy. Aren’t you looking forward to doing the same, inside my little girl?”

Mark groaned, and suddenly a stream of cum erupted from his cock, straining through the inside of his navy hose onto Gina’s hand.

Gina kept pumping the slave’s cock. “Good, slave, good!” When his cockhead finally ceased spewing its river of cum, Mark’s legs weakened beneath him. He knelt on the carpet beside his sister.

Amy had finally recovered from her own orgasm. Still kneeling, she touched Gina’s legs, ran her hands up over her mistress’s ass, brought her face close to Gina’s crotch.

“Thank you so much for this pleasure,” Amy said. “Let me serve you now, please.”

Gina smiled at her young slave. With the hand that Mark had cum on, she reached for Amy’s face, smeared her brother’s seed over her black nylon mask. Amy flicked her tongue against her pantyhose mask, tasting Mark’s cum as Gina continued rubbing it over his sister’s face.

“I’d love that, my pet,” Gina said, “but there isn’t time. My daughter will be home soon. Her curfew is midnight. And also, you still live with your parents. You should go back to them like a good girl, not give them any reason to suspect your true self.”

After she finished licking Gina’s fingers some more, Amy pouted, “I hate living at home.” The economy right now was bad, and she had moved home, working at Gina’s firm and trying to pay down some college loans. Of course, she had found her true calling thanks to Gina, but Amy resented having to keep up appearances. Living with her parents meant she couldn’t easily spend the night over at her brother’s, or her mistress’s.

“Don’t worry, sweet dear. We’ll take care of that, one day soon.” Amy looked up at her quizzically, but before she could ask her mistress anything, Gina said, “Hush.” Then the older woman ran her cummy fingers across the length of Amy’s mouth. “No questions right now. Just get dressed and be prepared to come over tomorrow morning to help initiate my sweet, little Laura.”

Amy smiled, peeling off her cum-soaked mask. “I’ll be ready,” she said, then got up to get the rest of her clothes from Gina’s bedroom.

As Amy got dressed, Gina looked at Mark. “As for you, help me get my daughter’s old hose out of her room. I don’t want her wearing any pantyhose except the special Silken ones until after she’s been converted. I’ll keep her old ones in my room until then.”

“Of course, mistress.” Mark would do anything for the woman that had enslaved him, especially if it meant touching an 18-year-old girl’s hosiery.

He collected Laura’s hose from the floor, then carried them to Gina’s room.

Gina followed him. Approaching him from behind, she wrapped her arms around his broad chest. His nylon-covered ass pressed against her pubis. It felt so good, feeling his warmth against her body. Since becoming one of the Silken, she had come to love licking pussy. But there was still something about having a good man. She had missed it. A man that would protect her, perhaps even love her with the devotion of her husband. A man that she could love, have another family with…

“Thank you for getting those, Mark,” she said.

“Anything for you,” he said.

“I would love for you to stay the night, but I don’t want Laura to discover anything. Not when we’re so close.”

He turned to her. His crotch was still slick with his cum, but his dick was growing hard again. “A slave obeys and is happy to.” They kissed then through their pantyhose masks.

A short time later, Mark left, but not before Gina had commanded him to leave his cum-stained hose on beneath his suit. The mask she naturally allowed him to remove—only one or two-percent of the small, wealthy town of Arclight was now Silken, so appearances still had to be kept-up.

“Think of me tonight when you masturbate in those hose,” Gina said as she slapped his ass on the way out the door. He wiggled it like a woman.

After he drove off in his BMW, Gina returned to her bedroom, stripped off her own hose. She felt incomplete without them clinging to her, but if Laura saw her wearing nylons at this hour, she might grow suspicious. Her daughter would never guess the perverse truth, of course, but Gina didn’t want to risk it. She wanted her daughter’s enslavement to be flawless.

Laura was twenty minutes past curfew when she finally came home. Gina was there to greet her in the kitchen.

“You’re late,” Gina said, wearing a robe while standing in the hallway door. The autumn air seemed to permeate the house, even though the heat was running. Gina felt the chill on her bare legs, and hated it.

“Whatever,” Laura said, opening up the fridge to get something to drink.

Laura sat on a stool by the kitchen table as she opened a Diet Coke can. Her deep chestnut hair was long and straight, a compromise between the German blood on her father’s side, and her mother’s Chinese ancestry. A perfect blend of the exotic and girl-next-door.

“I’m surprised you’d even notice, busy as you’ve been with your job. You can make time to stay up for me, but can’t even go to my recitals or plays?” Laura asked.

Gina had been through this before, and as much as she wanted to maintain appearances, she was tired of keeping up this act. “You’re right.”

Laura hadn’t made eye contact with her mother since coming home, but that last statement had surprised her. She looked at her mom with wide eyes: “What did you say?”

“I said that you’re right. I haven’t made enough time for you. That changes tomorrow. Or today, I guess, since it’s after midnight.”

“You’re not mad at me?” Laura sounded almost disappointed.

Gina laughed. “No, dear. Let’s start over. We’ll go to church tomorrow morning, like always, but afterward, we’ll spend some time together. A lot of time. We’ll become reacquainted. We’ll remake our mother-daughter relationship into something special.”

Laura shook her head. “You haven’t been there since Dad died, and you think you can just hit the reset button by saying so? Yeah right.” Laura stormed upstairs. Gina heard the slam of her daughter’s bedroom door.

“Well, that went splendidly,” Gina said to herself, checking her own anger. Gina had only pretended that she wasn’t upset with Laura for breaking curfew. Especially so since Gina had become used to Amy and Mark’s absolute obedience. Gina herself knew to be obedient to more senior members of the Silken. With such familiarity to sexual and intellectual obeisance, that her daughter couldn’t even act with common courtesy made Gina’s temper smolder.

But, as she had said to her own slaves, and hinted to her daughter, that would change very soon.

Gina went upstairs to her bedroom, locked the door. Laura’s old pantyhose were still on Gina’s big king-sized bed. Gina slipped off her robe. Taking a black pair of nylons from off the bed, Gina pulled them on. Standing, she smoothed the hose out, then looked at herself in her dresser mirror.

There she was: a trim, beautiful, Asian-American mother, wearing Laura’s pantyhose. Gina’s shaved slit, right where Laura’s pussy had been.

Was there anything more intimate than to wear someone else’s pantyhose? Masturbating as she went to sleep in her daughter’s nylons, Gina was certain there wasn’t.

* * *

The next morning was foggy, a cold, autumn mist covering the hills of Arclight. Laura woke up in her bed. She still kept all the stuffed animals she had collected as a child on it. Even as she’d made her way to womanhood, she wasn’t quite ready to let her girlishness go. Heaven knew she’d let enough of it go already.

Which was why she was groggy from the two beers she had the night before. She and her friends had gone to the movies as Laura had told her mother. Once there, they’d run into some guys from their high school. Heading back to one of the boys’ homes, they’d found some bottles in the fridge. The guy’s parents were divorced, and his mom was away on business. With no adult supervision, they had gotten into the alcohol.

The beer had tasted bitter to Laura, but she’d forced herself to drink. Had to keep up with her friends, after all. She was trim, and not means an experienced drinker—the beers had hit her hard. And it wasn’t long before one of the guys made their move.

It was in a guest bedroom. She hadn’t really liked the guy, but he was popular. It was expected that they’d hook-up. It had felt good, him fingering her, but then he’d wanted more.

They always do. She’d been lucky to get out of there by just giving him a blowjob.

Tipsy, sickened with herself for having demeaned herself (again) for a boy, half the reason Laura had been so mean to Gina was to make her mom keep her distance, and so not smell the booze or cum on her.

The other half was because Laura was simply anger. She understood her mother had to struggle to support them now that her father was gone. There was more to raising a daughter than money, though. What about spending time with each other? It hadn’t been so long ago that they’d been the best of friends. Laura missed those days, though being a teenager she’d never admitted it.

Part of her wanted to believe what her mom was saying last night, that things were about to start again.

Laura finally rose from bed, opened her curtains to the foggy day. The shower’s hot water felt good on her body, washed away the physical taint, if not the memory, of the night before.

Wrapping herself in a towel, she went back to her bedroom, started to get dressed. It was Sunday, which meant church. A relic of when Laura and her mother were so much closer, but a tradition they kept up largely because they’d always attended Mass with her father.

Once dry, she went over to her dresser, opened the top drawer where she kept her nylons. What to wear? Dark ones were probably a bit too sexy for church. Nude was too plain, and white too goody-goody. She decided on a pair of suntan hose. Pulling them out, she sat on the bed to put them on.

She never bothered with panties while wearing hose. Weren’t pantyhose basically underwear, anyway?

Laura noticed it: the gold thread running along the center seam.

That was weird. Wouldn’t she have noticed that before? Come to think of it, were these even her pantyhose? They felt…different. Better, actually. Silkier. Pleasant to the touch. Much nicer than what she normally wore, just pairs she got from the local drugstore.

She was being silly. Who would replace her pantyhose? She still had to dry her hair. No time to waste. She pulled them up, the nylon covering one leg, and then the other. Then Laura stood, pulled them up past her vagina, over her ass.

She did her hair, then her make-up, which didn’t take long—she had great skin. Then Laura slipped on a white bra. As she was deciding what dress to wear, her hands idly ran over the hose. A pleasant sensation. Actually, she was feeling more energized now, but also light-headed, as if something were clouding her thoughts even as her body began to feel better.

Boy, what a lightweight she was, still feeling the effects of just two beers!

She put on a simple, flowered dress, a dark, open sweater to guard against the autumn air, some closed-toe heels. Laura checked herself out in the full-length mirror attached to the back of her bedroom door. She looked good. Not slutty like so many teenage girls in an effort to look more mature, nor like a little girl going to her first Communion. She looked like herself: a budding, respectable woman, doing her best to find her way.

Then she noticed her legs. Owing to her father’s genes she was already slightly taller than her mom, but Laura had certainly inherited her mother’s shapeliness. Laura ran track every spring, so she’d always known she had strong legs. Suddenly, however, she was seeing as if for the first time that she had really nice legs. The kind that men would notice, even on days like today, when she wasn’t trying.

The hose really set them off. The slight glistening of the material highlighted what nature had given her. She imagined that all pantyhose did this on some level. That’s why women wore them, right? Strange that she never thought of it until now.

As she walked down the stairs, she again felt the lightheadedness, had to steady herself on the steps. It passed after a moment, and she felt fine. Good, in fact. She continued downstairs, where she found her mother in the kitchen.

“Coffee’s on,” Gina said from where she sat cross-legged at the kitchen table reading the paper.

“Thanks,” Laura said. Gina’s legs were clad in jet black hose. Her mother often wore stockings, but Laura had noticed that she’d been showing a lot more leg—nylon-covered leg, to be precise—the past few weeks.

“You look nice this morning, by the way,” her mother said, looking up from her paper.

Laura laughed. “Thanks, but you’re not my type.”

“Cute.” Something about the curl of Gina’s crimson lips made Laura think her mother might burst out maniacally: “But you soon will be!” Silly thought, Laura knew.

Instead, Gina turned back to her paper, occasionally touching her legs as though for comfort, not unlike how Laura had while deciding what to wear. Whatever her mother had said about starting over, Laura still wasn’t ready to play nice. “Aren’t those hose a bit much of church, mom?”

“What’s wrong with my pantyhose?”

“They’re dark.”

“So?” Gina asked.

“Don’t you think that’s too sexy for church?”

Gina put down her paper. “Why do you think dark hose are too sexy for church?”

Laura looked at her mother’s legs. Why couldn’t her mom get it? Why was she making Laura explain it?

The dark nylon, it highlighted a woman’s legs even more than the suntan-colored ones Laura wore. It accentuated the pleasant curve of the thigh and calf as the material stretched and became paler, only to become darker again as it reached down towards the narrower ankle. How the color and its intensity varied over the leg’s geography was like an alien environment that needed to be observed. Touched. Explored.

Society would keep strangers from touching, of course, but not from looking. And a woman’s legs in nylon demanded to be looked at. It was impossible for a man (or a woman) not to notice the hose, and noticing the hose made one think what one would do if they could actually feel them.

And her mother was going to wear something that had so much power to church?

Laura shook her head. The thoughts about the pantyhose and their meaning had hit her in a rush. Where had all that come from? Laura had no idea, but she certainly wasn’t going to tell her mother what had just raced through her mind.

Instead she said, “Never mind. We need to get going or we’re going to be late.”

“Of course,” Gina said, but Laura saw that smile again on her mom’s lips. It made Laura think her mother knew precisely what she had just been thinking.

As they walked to garage, Laura suddenly noticed how her pantyhose were playing against her clit. Rubbing against her pussy with every step she took, she was getting very wet.

She never wore panties under her hose, and this hadn’t happened before. Was it something about the pantyhose she was wearing? The gold tread running through their center seam?

Laura thought about going back upstairs to put some panties on underneath, but she didn’t want to make them late, have everyone turn and look as they entered. And what was going to tell her mom? “Hey, give me a minute to change my stockings, okay? These are turning me into a bitch in heat.”

Still, Gina seemed to notice something was amiss as they got into her SUV. “Is everything all right?”

“I’m fine.”

Once more, she saw her mom’s slight, knowing smile. After she started the Lexus, but before she pulled out of the driveway, Gina got her cell phone out of her purse. Laura watched as her mother sent a quick text.

“Who are you texting?” Laura asked.

“Just some friends of mine that will be coming by later,” Gina said.

“Do I know them?”

“Not yet, but I think you’ll like them.”

* * *

They left the house and drove through the fog. Even though she wasn’t walking now, it still felt as though the gold-threaded seam was playing with her clit. It felt good. Even still, she desperately wanted it to stop. She didn’t want to go into church all wet like this.

The drive to church always made her think of her father. He had been an awesome dad, so smart, so kind. Handsome, too. In her heart-of-hearts, she had wanted to marry someone just like him. But with the pantyhose making her so wet, bizarre associations began to form in her mind. The thoughts of her father began to mingle with thoughts of hosiery, and unbidden, an image of her father in pantyhose rose in her mind.

She tried to fight it, it seemed so disrespectful, but the image remained. In her mind’s eye, she could see his dick through the material. Navy pantyhose, she imagined it, blue being an appropriate color for a boy.

Worse still, it was making her even wetter. Laura was suddenly worried her slickness might soak through her dress down to the SUV’s leather interior.

They arrived at the church’s parking lot. Laura let herself out, again having to steady herself. The thought of her dad in pantyhose was making her legs weak.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Gina asked as she walked to the other side of the SUV to see what was taking her daughter so long. “Do you want to go home?”

“No, I’m fine,” Laura said, forcing herself to walk and again feeling the gold-threaded seam’s kiss on her clit.

Inside the crowded church, Laura did her best to straighten herself, hoped she was doing a passable job of looking normal.

Meanwhile, her mother greeted the usual handful of family friends they saw every Sunday. Then she saw her mother saying hello to people that Laura didn’t know. The first of these was a young Korean-American woman, and the first thing Laura noticed about her was that she, like her mother, was wearing dark hose.

“Laura, I want to introduce you to a special friend of mine. Cheryl,” Gina said to the pretty Korean woman, “this is Laura.”

“Special friend?” Laura said, again feeling lightheaded.

“Laura, I’ve heard so much about you!” Cheryl turned to Gina. “You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter.”

Gina beamed. “Thank you.”

“You mentioned last week you’ve got some big plans for today,” Cheryl said. “How are they going?”

Plans? Laura wondered. Like hanging out with the friends her mom was texting? Laura didn’t understand, and was feeling so confused and distracted she didn’t feel as though she had the willpower to riddle out what they were talking about.

“Oh, they’re going well,” Gina said.

Cheryl regarded Laura, looking the younger woman up-and-down. “Yes,” Cheryl said to Gina, “I’d say they are. Well, I don’t mean to hold you up. Laura, it was so nice to finally meet you!” Cheryl said, extending her hand.

Laura took it limply. “You too.”

Then Cheryl leaned in close to Laura, whispered, “You look very nice in your nylons, by the way. Beautiful legs, just like your mommy.”


What was Laura supposed to do? Run to the bathroom and strip off her hose? It was chilly inside the church, and she wasn’t even wearing any underwear. She’d freeze if she took off her hose and went bare-assed through the service.

Besides it felt so good wearing the hose. She’d take them off eventually, sure. Not yet, though.

Maybe her mom’s Korean friend was just trying to be nice, let Laura know how attractive she was. If you looked at it that way, Cheryl’s comment made sense. Not creepy at all. It was flattering, even.

Gina said hi to a few other people Laura didn’t know, mostly women wearing dark hose like the Korean woman, each with a handsome husband in tow. Most were of these couples were in their twenties or thirties, but some were there with their college-age children. There were several universities less than a couple hours’ drive from Arclight, so visiting home would be easy enough on special occasions. But Laura got the impression these sons and daughters were home virtually every weekend. Wasn’t the point of college to go to parties on the weekend and get laid? Why always come home?

With every introduction the names quickly escaped Laura, but she felt as if they could all see right through her, knew how strange she was feeling, and yet kept smiling as if everything was normal as could be.

As the service began, Laura kept looking at those families, the ones whose matriarch wore black, sheer pantyhose like her mother. From time to time they or their men would turn and look at Laura in the back pew.

Watching them, it seemed as though all of these families were somehow connected, like they all shared some big secret that Laura’s mom was in on too. Like they could read each others minds, as well as Laura’s own, knew all the sick thoughts that were blazing through it, knew how wet she was as the priest said his sermon.

Through the service, the mindreading became a two-way street. Whatever was happening to Laura gave her a glimpse into these families’ minds as well.

The women in these families, they weren’t wearing panties under their hose, either, Laura sensed. And suddenly she knew that those husbands in these families, they were wearing black pantyhose under their suits and khaki pants.

It sounded crazy, but was confirmed when one couple’s twenty-ish son again turned to look at her, and she could just make out the erection pressing against his pants. The erection, it wasn’t down a pants leg like you’d expect it to normally fall but sticking straight up against his zipper, held in place underneath by a nylon skin.

This realization, reminding what she’d been thinking of on the ride over—her father in navy pantyhose—almost made her climax right there in church.

But it was the understanding of why the men were wearing pantyhose, and the women weren’t wearing panties beneath their hose that made Laura sudden with pleasure and panic.

In these families with the kids visiting home from college, the fathers and mothers and adult sons and daughters, they were all having sex with each other.

“Mom, we have to go, right now,” Laura whispered.

Laura would have thought her mother would have questioned the request, but instead Gina said, “Of course, dear.”

They eased their way out of church and back into the fog, Laura’s clit becoming radioactive hot by the ministrations of her gold-seamed hose as she walked.

“Why’s wrong, dear?” Gina asked as she started the SUV and pulled out of the parking lot.

Normally Laura would never say such an insane thing aloud, but as confused and scared as she was, as weak as her will felt, she answered. “Those families, the ones with the moms and daughters that were wearing dark pantyhose…I think they’re all having sex!”

“What makes you think that?”

Laura tried to articulate the sense of knowing she had felt inside the church, as if she’d been able to peer briefly into the minds of the black pantyhose-wearing families—even as they could look into hers. Then she explained about the college guy’s erection she’d made out against the inside of his pants, how it lay as though bound in place by pantyhose. Laura winced at how insane it all sounded, but couldn’t bring herself to stop

“Very interesting observations. Assuming they were all wearing hose, why does that mean they were having sex?”

Laura remembered her earlier observations of her mother’s leg. “Because,” Laura began, “a pantyhose-clad leg commands to be looked at it, demands a woman’s leg be touched. If they’ve broken one of society’s rules by having their men wear it, why would they stop there? They couldn’t stop there. They couldn’t resist touching one another in their nylons, and if they were touching, they’d keep exploring one another until they fucked. And once they started fucking in their hose, they would keep it up—the effect of the hose would be too powerful, they couldn’t resist.” Laura spasmed in pleasure saying all this aloud. She felt as though she were drunk. “Oh god, Mom, I think there’s something wrong. I think the pantyhose I’m wearing are doing something to me…”

Gina was sweating too. “We’ll talk more about you in a moment,” she said. “But first, tell me, why do you think family members having sex with one another is bad?”

Laura’s head swam, her heart pounded. “Mom!” Laura needed some air. Clumsily, she tried power window, but her mother had locked it—and the passenger door as well.

“Don’t be so prudish. I bet if you think about it there’s some memory in your head now that will make you think it’s not so bad.”

“Mom, that’s so gross—” Laura began to protest, but then the image of her father in navy pantyhose flashed in her mind. “I…I…Mom, I think I remember something. Something strange, something very wrong…”

“But the memory, is it pleasurable?”

“Yes,” Laura confessed.

“Tell me,” Gina commanded. “Every detail.”

“It was right after my eighteenth birthday,” Laura said. “Dad was still alive. You were away for a trial. It was,” Laura struggled with the memory that was weaving itself inside of her even as she spoke, “the night of the Spring dance. I didn’t have a boyfriend, so I was going with a friend from school. It was Billy from theater. He hadn’t come out yet then, but everyone knew. His mom and dad dropped him off at our house. Dad was going to drive us over.

“I was running late and still getting dressed when I heard the doorbell ring and Dad answering,” Laura continued. “I finished my makeup as quickly as I could, and then slipped on my black pantyhose. Even then I never wore panties underneath. I was about to put on a black bra when I heard a noise from down the hall. A cry, maybe from pain, maybe from pleasure. I couldn’t tell.

“I called for Dad or Billy, but no one answered. It was dark outside already. The house felt kind of scary. I slipped on a white robe and went to investigate. It was coming from the guest room. The rest of the house was silent. As I went into the hall, I could see some light coming from beneath the guest room door.

“Slowly,” Laura continued, “I walked down the hall, my stockinged feet not making a sound on the carpet. I moved to the door. Through it, I heard a man’s grunt, and this one I could tell was from pleasure. I knew I shouldn’t, but I put my hand on the knob, slowly turned it. I cracked the door and peaked in.”

“What did you see?” her mother asked.

“Dad and Billy,” Laura breathed, her eyes closed, smiling at the memory. “They were on the bed together, above the covers. They were lying side-by-side. They were both wearing navy pantyhose.

“‘Hey, Laura,’ Billy said.

“‘Hey, Laurie-girl,’ Daddy said. ‘We were hoping you’d be here. Want to join us?’”

“Did you join them?” Gina asked.

Laura opened her eyes from the memory long enough to see that her mother was driving slowly for fear that she would run off the road. Gina’s skirt was hiked up and Laura saw with one hand on the wheel, her mother’s other hand was on her pantyhose-covered crotch, rubbing it.

Like mother like daughter. If it was okay for her mom to masturbate in front of her, wasn’t it okay for Laura to masturbate in front of her mommy? And since she wasn’t driving, she could use both hands.

Laura hiked up her dress and began running her fingers over her nylon-covered pussy.

Letting the pleasure wash over her, Laura leaned back, again closed her eyes, and continued. “I did join them, Mommy. It seemed…like the natural thing to do. I mean, it was so natural for them to be wearing navy-colored nylons, right? Blue for boys, after all. So natural for me, a budding woman, to be wearing black, slutty hose, and to act accordingly.

“‘I’d love to join you guys, Daddy,’ I said as I let the robe slip off my shoulders, let them see me in my dark, slut-hose.

“Daddy said: ‘Mmmmm, doesn’t see look good, Billy?’

“‘She really does,’ he said.

“Hearing my friend and my daddy say this made me so happy. I felt so beautiful. I crawled up onto the bed. They were both lying on their backs so that I could see them fully, their big dicks beneath the hose. That’s when I noticed the sticky stain on the crotches of their hosiery.

“‘Hey, you guys already came!’ I said.

“‘Yes, pumpkin,’ Daddy said, ‘we’ve been masturbating each other through our hose.’

“‘But don’t worry,’ Billy said, ‘we’ve got more for you. We’ve both wanted you for so long.’

“I could tell that they did. Their cummy-dicks began to grow and throb as I messaged them through their pantyhose.

“‘You’re a natural slut, Laurie-girl,’ Daddy said as his hard slab reached eight inches, ‘just like your mom.’ I was so happy when he said that!

“‘Are you going to entertain us both?’ Billy asked as his own dick made it to six inches.

“‘Yes,’ I said. I was so eager to please.

“‘Do you want our seed on you, or in you, Laura?’ Daddy asked.

“‘In me, please, Daddy,’ I said.

“Daddy got up from where he was lying, moved behind me, then positioned me so that my ass was against his dick and my face on top of Billy’s penis.

“‘Honey, I’m going to fuck you from behind while you blow Billy, okay?’

“‘Yes, Daddy! Whatever you both want!’ I said, then lowered my mouth on Billy’s pantyhose-covered dick. I could taste the spunk on his hose from when daddy made him cum earlier. It tasted so yummy, and I was glad my daddy had helped my gay friend feel good.

“Then I felt daddy moved his finger along the seam of my black pantyhose. As he reached my pussy, he pressed with his finger, and popped a hole into them. I groaned as my father’s finger entered me, then drew back out to tear a hole in my hose big enough so he could get at me with his cock.

“Daddy took his time, entering me slowly, letting my young pussy get used to the feel of a man. My mouth full of Billy’s gay dick, I let daddy know my gratitude by working harder on his lover.

“Billy groaned. ‘Oh god, the way she’s sucking me off, I think she likes your dick in her, Daddy!’ he said as he ran his hands through my hair. I loved that Billy called him daddy, too.

“‘Of course she does,’ Daddy grunted as he pushed himself fully into my waiting pussy. ‘It’s only natural she’d want the dick that gave her life inside of her.

“‘Is that why I wanted to masturbate you earlier, sir?’ Billy asked even as he rode the pleasure I was giving him. ‘I wanted to serve a father figure?’

“‘That’s right, Billy. It’s only natural.’

“‘Yes, it’s only natural,’ Billy droned. Even though I couldn’t say anything with my mouth so full, I agreed that it was natural.

“‘And the pantyhose bind us together,’ Daddy said, ‘a nylon knot, the uniform we wear to give one another pleasure, to serve each other, this is the most natural thing, this is the way it’s always going to be now when we fuck!’

“‘Oh shit, I’m so close to cumming!’ Billy cried.

“‘Do it!’ Daddy shouted. ‘Cum in my daughter’s mouth! I’m going to fill her with my daddy-cum! We have no choice now—we have to obey our needs and give into the hose.’ I felt Daddy ramming into my pussy harder and harder, just stuffing me. It was wonderful!

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, Daddy, I can’t hold it, little sis is making me cum, I’m going to chis into my baby-sister’s beautiful mouth, Daddy!’ I felt Billy’s warm cum strain through the nylon into my mouth as I continued running my hand up and down his dick and massaging his pantyhose-covered balls.

“‘Fuck, I’m cumming too, Billy, my baby-girl is making me cum too, filling her with my daddy-seed even while she mouth-fucks my pantyhosed gay-boy!’ Daddy screamed, and then I felt his cum flooding me. Knowing I’d just fucked them both, I came too, came like slut, father, gay lover, and daughter all rutting in their pantyhose, all cumming at once!”

Laura stopped there, the memory fully implanted inside of her mind. She opened her eyes again, saw that she and her mother were now just pulling up into their driveway. There was a BMW already parked there and they stopped next to it.

“That’s a very good memory,” Gina said, finally speaking now that her daughter had had her epiphany. “And it’s meaning is correct: it is natural for family to serve each other in their hose.”

Laura was still confused at the revelation and the pleasure the memory gave her. “But…did that really happen, Mommy?” she asked.

“It happened in your mind, dear. That’s all that matters right now.”

“Yes,” Laura agreed.

“With what you’ve just remembered, do you still think that those mommies and daddies and sisters and brothers having sex in their hose is wrong?”

Laura shook her head. “No, Mommy, it’s natural to do that, just like Daddy said.”

“Does that mean it’s also okay to have pantyhose sex with your own family?”

“Yes,” Laura said.

“Including with your mommy?”

“Yes,” Laura said. “I wanted to fuck the cock that gave me life. It’s only natural that I’d want to taste the pussy that gave me life.”

Her mother groaned at that. Gina turned off the engine, unlocked the passenger door. “My beautiful daughter…let’s go inside.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

* * *

They walked hand-in-hand through the fog, entering through the front door. Closing it behind them, they threw their coats to the hallway floor as Gina led her daughter to the family room and stood her in front of a large mirror atop the mantelpiece. “Look at yourself,” Gina said, indicating the mirror. “You’re so lovely, so newly a woman.”

“You’re beautiful too, Mommy.” As if for the first time, Laura saw how exotic her mother was with her dark, Asian eyes, and full lips, her black hair long and sheen as Gina pulled out the chopsticks that had been holding it in place, and shook it loose and wild. Standing behind her daughter, she kissed the back of the girl’s neck as she ran her hands down the length of Laura’s dress, reaching past the hem.

Laura sighed. Her mother touching the hose underneath Laura’s flowered dress felt electric.

“You don’t need this anymore,” Gina whispered as she began lifting up her little girl’s dress.

“I don’t need it anymore,” Laura repeated, raising her arms so that her mommy could strip her more easily.

Gina tossed the dress to the floor, and Laura saw herself again in the mirror, now only wearing her lacy white bra, suntan hose, and heels.

“You won’t need this anymore, either.” Gina unhooked her daughter’s bra.

“Thank you,” Laura said as Gina slipped it off her. It felt so good to be free of the thing, so good to only be wearing pantyhose and nothing else. The nipples of her pert tits felt hard as diamonds.

“Laura, would you help me?” Gina asked as she turned her back to her daughter.

“Of course,” she said, reaching to unzip the back of her mother’s skirt. It slipped off her Gina’s hips, and Laura saw for the first time her mommy’s pantyhose-covered ass. Beautiful. Laura wanted to touch it, but Gina said, “Help me with my top now.”

“Yes,” Laura said, unfastening the back of her mom’s silk blouse. It fell to the floor along with the rest of their clothes, and as it did, Laura said, surprised, “Mommy, you don’t have on a bra!”

Gina turned back to her daughter. The waistband of her sheer-to-waist hose reached over Gina’s C-cup tits. “I find that queen-size pantyhose works just as well. And besides, I love the feel of it.”

“Do you think I can start wearing them that way?”

“You like the idea of being covered in them, don’t you?”

“More than anything!”

“Then here,” Gina said, reaching for her purse. She pulled out two pair of jet black pantyhose, both completely sheer, but one with a golden thread at the center seam, and the other without. “Come here, dear. Let Mommy mask you.”

Laura saw the ones that Gina was going to use on her had a gold thread in them.

“The golden-seamed ones help you remember things, like your pantyhose sex with Billy and Daddy.”

“I’m so glad I remember now.”

“I know you are,” Gina said as she pulled the mind-controlling hose over her daughter’s face. “They do more than help you remember, though. They’re changing you, just like they did my friends in church and me. They make you into the Silken. That’s why you noticed those Silken families at church. In large groups we can sense one another, even know each other’s thoughts, though if we’re in small groups it’s harder. You’re almost completely one of us now. All we have to do is make you cum.”

Gina pulled her own nylon mask on. They held each other then, both women’s breasts touching the others. Their hands moved over one another’s nylon-encased asses, and they kissed through their hose masks.

Gina reached down, cupped her daughter’s soaking pussy.

“Oh god, Mommy, are we going to fuck?”

“Yes, precious, we’re going to fuck. But first, I want you meet some friends of mine.” Taking up the legs that extended from the top of Laura’s pantyhose mask as a leash, Gina led her daughter up the stairs.

Through the gauzy material of her hose-mask, Laura stared at her mommy’s tight ass on the way upstairs. How it moved…it was hypnotic.

Inside Laura’s bedroom, standing at attention were a man and a woman with only pantyhose on their heads and legs. Gina introduced them as Mark and Amy, brother and sister.

“My personal Silken slaves. They’ve been preparing while we were out,” Gina explained, leading Laura by her leash to the bed. “Do you like it?”

On her bed had been a bunch of stuffed animals, tokens from her childhood. Now Laura saw that Mark and Amy had pulled nylon stockings over each of the stuff animals’ heads. Even as her mind was washed in pleasure and her will rinsed away by the wetness between her legs, she understood the symbolism: her past, her childhood, her memories, had all been corrupted by the Silken. Now so was Laura herself.

And she was grateful.

Her bed was a queen size. A tight fit for four people, but they managed. Placing Laura in the center, Gina commanded her to spread her legs.

“Please do it, Mommy, I’m so close!” Gina smiled through her mask, then descended hungrily on her daughter’s young pussy. “Ooohhhhhh yesssss!” Laura cried.

Amy was to Laura’s right, while Mark was on her left, sucking Laura’s tits through his black, nylon mask. “You’re mother personally enslaved my brother and I—she’s our mistress, our queen. But you’re our princess, and we’ll give you all the pleasure you want,” Amy explained.

Instinctively, Laura stabbed her fingers through Amy’s hose and into her wet pussy. With her other arm, she cupped around Mark’s pantyhose-covered head, forcing him harder onto her breast.

Amy screamed in pleasure, “You’re going to be so good at this, Laura, just like your mommy! How does it feel, your mom’s tongue licking your tight slit?”

Gina was lapping at her little girl, savoring the taste, wanting only to give Laura pleasure. And pleasure was all that Laura was aware of as her mother’s ministrations took her to orgasm: “My mommy’s fucking me!” Laura kept screaming.

“Give in to your mommy’s tongue, Laura,” Amy said. “Climax and fully become one of us!”

Laura’s body shuddered. “Oh god, I’m cumming!”

Gina felt a fresh rush of wetness against her mouth as her baby girl came. Gina gripped even harder her daughter’s ass, and kept licking, determined to extend the girl’s pleasure.

Laura rode the orgasm and felt it peel away the last remnants of the old her. Gone was the self-involved teenager that had lashed out at her mother in their shared grief. Now there was only a slave who served out of love, wanted only to help her mother feel good, and help her enslave others.

There were so many people that she could enslave, starting at school. Her friends, certainly, but also their parents. She’d learned how natural it was having pantyhose sex with family. Perhaps she’d start with that boy that had made her blow him the night before. (Was it only the night before? It seemed like a lifetime ago now.)

She didn’t like him, but a servant was a servant. Wouldn’t it be interesting, making him turn his mother into Laura’s pantyhose slut?

Eventually, the orgasm ebbed, and Gina rose from Laura’s slit, pushed Amy and Mark aside so that she could kiss her daughter, smear Laura’s own juices onto her little girl’s mask.

“Thank you, Mommy, thank you,” was all Laura could say between kisses. “I want to return the favor. Can I please lick your mommy-pussy?”

Pulling away, Gina said, “All in good time. But tell me, besides that memory of your daddy fucking you, has your pussy ever had a dick in it?”

“No, Mommy.”

“I thought not.” Gina moved off her daughter’s body, turned to Mark. “I’ve taken her lesbian virginity. Now it’s time to take her hetero virginity.”

“Yes, mistress,” Mark said as he positioned himself between Laura’s legs.

Laura looked confused. “But I remember Daddy and I…”

Gina cut her off. “Let the adults do the thinking, dear,” she said, and Laura was silent. Instead, she looked at the big, athletic man above her, his dick pushing against his dark hose.

Her mother took a finger, popped a hole in Laura’s suntan pantyhose giving access to the girl’s wet crotch. Gina rolled down the front of Mark’s nylons, freeing his cock. It was enormous in her hand. “I can’t even tell you how many times in the past few weeks I’ve had this dick spitting its cum inside me. I want you to have it now, too, Laura. Tell me, do you want to share this big dick with mommy?”

“Yes!” Laura said through her slave mask.

Gina turned to Mark. “Fuck my daughter’s pussy. Be gentle as you break her hymen.”

“Yes, mistress.” Mark placed his body over Laura’s.

“Keep your legs nice and wide for him, dear,” Gina said as she grabbed Amy, pushed the twenty-something’s mouth onto Gina’s own pussy. Amy gratefully started lapping at her mistress.

“Like this, Mommy?”

“Yes, just like that.”

Mark eased himself into her. “I’ve been wanting to fuck my mistress’s baby for so long,” he hissed to her through his mask. She felt the pressure as her pussy, even as wet as she was, struggled to accommodate his cock. “Oh my god, I can’t believe how tight your little pussy is,” he said, which made Laura so happy. She wanted it to be good for him, too.

Still, it hurt a little bit and he had to rock himself in and out to get deeper into her. He did this slowly, patiently. Then, as if he couldn’t hold it anymore, he gave her a deep thrust that seemed to stuff her.

Laura yelped.

“It’s okay, Laura,” Gina said while she continued fucking Amy’s face. “That’s just your cherry getting popped. It’s another stage in becoming a fully grown woman.”

“Mommy, it hurts!”

“Accept the hurt, dear, and feel the pleasure underneath,” Gina said.

And Laura could feel the pleasure beneath the pain. The hurt was already starting to subside.

“Do you want me to stop?” Mark asked.

She could feel his dock filling her with so much love. Laura grabbed his nylon-encased ass, sunk her fingernails into it. “Keep giving me your dick, you pantyhose fuck, and don’t stop until I tell you too!”

She truly was her mother’s daughter. “Yes, mistress—I’ll keep fucking you!” Mark cried as he started battering his cock into her.

“That’s it, male-slut, fuck this pussy! Fucking it like my daddy would!”

“I will, mistress, just like your daddy!”

Laura closed her eyes, remembering her father, again picturing him in navy hose, but now also with a navy stocking over his face as one of the Silken. “Do it, Daddy!” she screamed. “Give me your daddy cream! I need it so bad!”

Mark, programmed as he was to be obedient, easily slipped into the role: “Daddy’s going to give his baby his cum! Is that what she wants?”

Laura dug her nails even further into Mark’s ass cheeks, making runs in his nylons. “Baby needs daddy’s cum!”

“Baby, Daddy can’t hold it anymore!”

“Give it to me, Daddy, give it all to me!”

“Oh fuck!” Mark moaned as his dick erupted in Laura’s yearning pussy.

Feeling her tight walls get washed with seed, imaging it was her father filling her womb, Laura for the second time in minutes came as well.

Through it all, her mother watched, so pleased as her male slave’s ass moved up-and-down as he pumped his seed into her little girl. Laura was already one of the Silken, but taking a man’s seed into her was her final step into full womanhood.

Being able to give her that, being able to watch it, Gina swelled with motherly pride. And hearing her baby girl’s moans of pleasure, feeling Amy’s mouth firmly on her own pussy, an orgasm detonated between Gina’s own pantyhose-covered thighs.

* * *

Hours later, Gina lay with her daughter in the bed. Amy and Mark were curled on the floor together, sleeping like cats.

Gina felt the heat radiating off her daughter’s nylon legs. She’d never felt so peaceful.

“Mommy,” Laura eventually whispered, “can we sleep together every night?”

“Yes, sweetie,” Gina said, stroking her child’s face through her nylon mask.

“And can we fuck every night?”

“Of course, dear, every night. And every morning too. You’ll feel so good wearing your hose beneath your jeans, and remembering how Mommy had made you cum before going to school. That’s what the Silken do for each other. It’s what family does for one other.”

“And can I use Amy and Mark to pleasure me?”

“That’s what they’re there for,” Gina said. “But we have to let Amy get home, eventually. She still lives with her parents, and we can’t have her mother and father suspecting.”

“Can we make more Silken slaves together, Mommy? There are a lot of teachers in my school that would look good encased in nylon.”

Gina was getting wet once again. “Yes, honey, we’ll make slaves together,” she said, running her hands up Laura’s legs and inserting a finger into her little girl’s cum-filled slit.

Laura responded by inserting her finger into her mother’s pussy. “I know who we should enslave first.”

“Who?” Gina asked, gasping as her daughter touched her clit.

“Mark and Amy’s mommy and daddy. That way, Amy can play with us as long as we need her.”

Her girl really was a natural at this. “We’ll do it, dear, and then make them fuck Mark and Amy.”

Laura beamed. “Thank you, Mommy. I love you so much.”

Gina smiled. “I love you too, sweetie. I’m so happy we’re talking again.”

“Me too. I never thought our mother-daughter relationship could be this healthy and strong,” Laura said as she kissed her mother on the lips.

The End