The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Sleeping Dogs

Debbie walk into her apartment and put her keys in the bowl on the little table by the door, she hated loosing the things and always tried to refuse to help Elaine find hers when as she inevitably she would loose them somewhere in the apt.

Debbie and Elaine had been going out for nearly a year when Elaine had asked Debbie to move in with her and now almost another year later things where starting to get a little stale. That always seemed be the way with Debbie, intense to start and then a slow burn until it smoldered out and then it was on to the next hot thing.

She honestly hoped that one day she would find someone she could spend more than a year or two with. She was getting closer to 30 than to 25, fit and strong she didn’t have any troubles attracting women, even ones that where much younger than her, but maybe that was part of the problem it was time to start looking for someone closer to her own age that she could think about settling down with.

Debbie was a Psychologist and she’d only been out of school a few years now and she was working for the near by hospital, but her goal was private practice.

Debbie had been out of town for a few days at a conference. She didn’t really mind them and the hospital paid for trip so that she could learn about new things. She usually had fun at them and quiet often ended up picking up some pretty receptionist or barista for the few days she was there.

She had a high sex drive, as did Elaine. But what was a girl to do while gone away for a few days.

Towards the end of the conference there was a lecture on hypnosis. She had a read a little about it back in college, but it wasn’t something her professor spent much time on. She got the impression that he didn’t feel it had any place in a real clinic setting.

This lecture had caught her attention and if she was being honest with herself, it turned her on a bit. More than she thought it should have actually she thought, so on her way home she did a it of research and learned some of the basics and even found a local class she could take to learn even more.

She thought it might fun if she could convince her girlfriend Elaine to play, maybe use it to spice things up again.

She got home late in the afternoon, coming in she placed her keys in the bowl on the table by the door and begin to take off her coat, but she hear a sound down the hall that didn’t sound right. As she stood there she put her coat up on the rack and kicked her shoes into the pile by the door, then she heard it again. A bit louder now, but definitely coming from the bedroom down the hall.

They didn’t hear her come in, but she heard them. As she listened. “Yep, that’s definitely Elaine.” She listened a bit more and then heard another sound. “Nope, definitely male.” She wondered if it was the neighbor’s 18 year old son down the hall, Elaine had commented on him a couple times.

With her shoes off she was able to move quietly down the hallway till she got to the doorway to her bedroom. The noises coming from there got louder and louder. She knew what they where doing now, but she wanted to confirm it and to who Elaine was fucking this time.

She walked quietly down the hall and looked in. Elaine was up on all fours on the bed with, yep with that boy from down the hall still going at her even though she knew that she had just cum.

“Well now.” She said to herself. “That solves that question.” She was referring to the fact that she was getting restless and now she knew that Elaine was as well.

She backed down the hallway quietly. “Now what?” She said to herself. Even though she knew that a break up was coming, she was still a bit hurt. “A male of all things and nearly underage at that.”

She stood there in the entrance hall, indecision leaving her paralyzed for a moment as to what the next step should be when she hear Elaine cumm again. She wasn’t quiet about it either, much louder than when she made her cum. One more thing to frustrate her.

She knew she shouldn’t be upset about the whole thing and she was sleeping with others as well, but dammit, with a boy of all people and again nearly young enough to get her arrested at that.

“The stamina of the young.” She said listening to them still going at it.

She looked around and didn’t see Buck. Buck is a young black lab, nearly 8 years old now. Young enough to have lots of energy, but ‘finally’ old enough to start behaving and to have his quiet moments. Which was always appreciate since she and Elaine lived in a smallish apartment in the city and taking long walks as good as they are for you is not always the easiest thing to do.

He was probably out with the dog walker, otherwise he would have tackled her as soon as she had walked through the door. Lucky for her since she wasn’t ready to confront them yet.

She put her shoes back on and grabbed her coat and keys and went back out the door. There was a coffee shop on the ground floor of her building, she needed time to think and they needed a moment to clean up her bed.

“They had better change the sheets on that bed.” She said as the elevator door closed behind her and she went back down stairs.

After finishing her cocoa and watching the people on the street outside the coffee shop window, she decided that they’d had enough time and she wanted to get home. Besides she had the beginnings of a plan. A little revenge and a little fun at the same time, both at the expense of Elaine.

‘Nothing drastic or mean, just a little fun on the way out this relationship.’ she thought. It would be a good time to practice the bit of hypnosis that she had learned at the lecture and the books.

She was so focused on her plans and putting things back into her purse as she walked out of the coffee shop, that she literally ran right into that boy. She bounced off of him and nearly fell to the floor, when he caught her and helped steady her.

He didn’t even looked fazed by the collision. She placed a hand on his chest and tapped it a couple time as she steadied herself on her feet. Very solid little boy.

‘He must be over 6 feet,’ She thought as she look up at him. She was 5′6 and he made her feel very tiny, Elaine was even smaller, she was barely 5′1 and everything on her was proportioned to fit her. She had a tiny waist and nice hips that flared out invitingly. Full, firm breasts with sharp nipples that pointed straight out and didn’t sit to high up on her breasts. She was a large B cup and they fit very nicely Debbie’s hands. A tummy so flat and tight that it was such a delight to touch and follow the contours of the muscles underneath.

“Thanks.” She said, as she regained her composure. He stepped back out of the doorway to give her room to pass.

“No problem Debbie.” He said nicely, not showing any signs that he had just been banging her girlfriend a few minutes before in her bed.

He could of at least have the decency look a little ashamed of what he had just been doing a few minutes earlier. She patted at his chest again saying, “I can almost see why.”

He gave her a strange look at that comment as she walked away, back to the elevator to start her plans and have a bit of fun with Elaine on the way out.

Debbie got back home and as far Elaine knew it was for the first time that day. “I’m home, she called down the hall.”

Buck came sliding down the hall at the sound of her voice, tail wagging so fast it looked like he was trying to pretend to be a peacock. She went down on her knees so that she was a bit more stable as he tried to climb up in her lap and run around her feet all at the same time.

“Hi boy.” She said petting him vigorously, while trying not to drown from all the dogs kisses.

“Eww,” El said. “I never understood how you can let him lick you like that knowing where his tongue had been.”

“I let you do it to me.” Deb said. “And I know where your tongue has been as well.”

Elaine smiled a bit more genuinely as she came down the hall and gave her a kiss as well. “Hi sweets, welcome back.” Elaine said a little out of breath. “How was your trip?”

“It was fun and educational” Debbie said. “You look a little wore out, everything okay?”

“hmm?” Elaine looked a bit flustered. “Oh, I was just cleaning the bedroom up and you know me I always nearly get eaten by the bed when I change the sheets.” She smiled a little as she pulled a bit of hair back behind her ear. It was a king sized bed and it was a bit of a beast for such a little girl.

Elaine met Debbie halfway down the hall, hugging her tightly and giving her an impressive welcome back kiss. Debbie knew it wasn’t her usual welcome home kiss, but she enjoyed it anyways and tried not to think about where her tongue had been or what had been in her mouth earlier.

“Need any help with the bed?” Deb asked as she continued down the hall.

“No, No, that’s okay, I got it.” Elaine said as she rushed back down the hall to the bedroom. “You just got home, no worries. I meant to have all this done hours ago.”

Debbie followed her down the hallway with a little smile on her face, knowing exactly what was going on.

The rest of the evening went okay, Elaine looked a bit stressed, even skittish as they worked on dinner. As they sat down Debbie asked her. “Every okay. You are looking a bit stressed.”

“Oh just work I suppose.” Elaine said as she sat down across from Debbie. “I’ve just had something big on my mind.”

Debbie just about chocked on her food. ‘I bet.’ She thought.

Elaine looked up at her at the sound and Deb waved her back down. “I’m okay, just swallowed something awkwardly.” At the thought of swallowing, she just about chocked again as she smiled. ‘This is going to be more fun than I thought.’ She said to herself.

“So I learned a few new things at the conference this week.” Debbie said in between bites of dinner.

“Oh?” Elaine was never particularly interested in Debbie’s line of work, but even so soon out of college, she was making more money than she was. Debbie was never late on her share of the money for the bills and that Elaine did like.

“Yea, they had a couple of lectures on the use of hypnosis and guided meditation and their uses on helping people overcoming some of their problems.” Debbie said casually as she worked on her salad. “This is a really good salad tonight El.”

“Thanks.” Elaine smiled at the complement, she really had worked extra hard on tonight’s dinner, she was feeling a little guilty and wanted to make herself feel better about what had happened earlier that day.

“It’s something I’ve been thinking about adding to my credentials.” Debbie was saying.

“Sounds like a good idea if it helps your career.”

“They showed us a few techniques.” Debbie said. “Just some basics and then gave us a couple small books that I read on the way home.”

‘Of course she had them all read by the time she got home.’ Elaine sighed to herself. She always envied that of Debbie The speed reading and memory retention. Made her feel dumb by comparison.

“Now I just need to find someone to try a couple things out on so I can see if it’s something I really want to pursue or not.” Debbie continued, pretending that she didn’t notice Elaine’s reactions. She was always such an easy read. Well except for her own blind spots, she had no idea how long El had been banging that boy or any boy for that fact.

“Oh … “ El fidgeted a little as she picked at her salad. “I mean sure.” She looked up at Deb and smiled.

“It’s really not as bad as it sounds. Nothing like those stage shows or old movies you’ve seen.”

“Yea that’s what I was thinking.” El said. “It actually seems a little creepy.”

“Well there is nothing to worry about.” Debbie was explaining. “One of the first things they teach us is that you can’t actually make someone do something that they don’t want to do.”

“Really.” The look of relief on Elaine’s face was evident to anyone watching.

“Really.” Deb replied. It was a true statement, but she didn’t mention that in all actuality it wasn’t that hard to actually change the desires of another person and convince them that what you where suggesting was actually what they wanted in the first place.

“Well then, Okay.” She said, her smile a little more genuine this time.

Debbie’s smile got a little bigger as well, she could feel her excitement starting to build. “We can try something simple, like a little basic guided meditation and a little neck and back massage.”

“Ooh, I could go for one of those.” Elaine enjoyed Deb’s neck and back massages. She had small, but strong hands and she always seemed to know right where to apply pressure.

“Come on then.” Deb said as she got up from the table.

“Right now?” El looked a little worried all of a sudden. “What about dinner and the dishes?”

“Are you still hungry?”


“Neither am I and I’m not really in the mood to do the dishes right now.”

“Okay.” Elaine said looking around the kitchen. Debbie didn’t usually like messes, but who was she to argue if she could get out of more chores for the moment.

They walked back to the bed and Debbie help her remove her top and her bra, making sure she brushed El’s quickly stiffening nipples.

“ooh. Careful what you start.” She said giving Deb a little wink.

“Okay lay down on the bed like normal, as if I was giving you a regular back rub.” Debbie was taking off her shoes before climbing up onto the bed as well.

Elaine climbed up on the bed and laid belly down and with her arms beside her body. “Like this.” She asked.

“Are you comfortable?” Deb asked.

“Yes.” El responded quietly.

Debbie straddled El’s legs without putting to much pressure on them, she began rubbing her back like normal, giving Elaine time to relax and almost forget about what they where going to be do. She put a little oil on her back and continued rubbing and working it in.

“I’m just going to start talking and if at some point you drift off and fall asleep on me, don’t worry about it okay.” Debbie said as she applied a bit more pressure up between her should blades.

Debbie started off by talking her through several relaxation steps, her muscles where relaxing and her breathing where slowing down … on and on she droned until she felt Elaine relaxing even more and then she started in on a bit more visualization and started guiding her down a path and through some trees, off in the distance she could hear some gulls and some waves crashing on the shore.

Before Debbie even got her to the beach she felt the muscles in El’s back soften and relax even more, indicating that she was much much deeper now.

“Can you hear me El?” She asked

“Yes.” Was the semi muffled and monotone reply she got back.

Debbie could feel her own excitement building. She figured she was going to have a hard time using this in a clinical setting if it got her so excited each time she put someone under.

A couple of things that the lectures had told to her about was that if you where expecting to put the same person under more than once, that before doing just about anything else you should create a positive experience and create set of positive feelings so that they will want to return to being hypnotized again. Than you should set a trigger word so that the person will respond more quickly and easily, there by eliminating a lot of repetitive unnecessary steps.

‘Okay … so here we go.” She said to herself.

“How are you feeling?” She asked of Elaine.

“Relaxed.” Was the replied

“Being relaxed is enjoyable.” No response, then after a few heartbeats waiting for a response she realized that that was a statement and not a question, so she continue on.

“The longer you are here in this relaxed state of mind, the more enjoyable it becomes and the more you want to be hypnotized by me.”

“Now the longer you stay in this hypnotized state of mind the more aroused you become.” She thought this should create a bit of fun for afterwards.

“Repeat that back to me El.” Debbie said. They said having a person repeat things back to you showed that they understood and reinforced what you had told them.

“The longer I am hypnotized the more aroused I get and the more I want to be hypnotized by you.”

“Good girl.” Deb said as she began to massage lower and lower on her back.

She continued on like this for about another 10 minutes, reinforcing how pleasurable it was to be hypnotized and how much she was enjoy it.

After about 15 minutes El began to squirm a little at first and then a little more as time went on. Debbie climbed off of her legs in case the pressure was getting to be t much for her, but El just continued to squirm in place.

“How are you feeling El?” Deb asked as she moved to sit in a chair next to the bed.

El’s head turned automatically in her direction as if following her voice. “Horny.” She said huskily and Deb could hear the beginnings of lust in her voice. So she stopped taking her down on that line of topic and decided it was time to set the trigger before she woke up.

Debbie had been thinking about this for awhile and she thought of all kinds of neutral words to trigger her going under. Descend, Drop, Now and so on and then she thought a of random words that El might not here on a regular basis. Bear, galaxy … but those where to random. She knew though that she needed to make the trigger word personal and set it so that it only worked if she said it to her.

“El, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Was the husky reply that came out.

“When ever you hear me and only me say the word .. Bitch.” That wasn’t the word she was intending to use, but it came out and she didn’t think it would be a good idea to change it now. She said it and now she was stuck with it, even if it was rather appropriate. “When you hear me say the word bitch you will immediately remember how good it feels to be hypnotized by me and your mind will immediately start to return you this quiet simple state of mind, but only when I say the word Bitch to you, not when anyone else says it.”

“What word will help you return to this relaxed and aroused state of mind?” Debbie asked her.

“Bitch.” Was the reply she got. She figured she had better end this session soon before she woke up on her own. The things that she had read said it worked better if she guided her out of the trance rather than let the trance break on it’s own.

“But only when who says it?”

“You. Only when you say it.” Debbie could hear the urgency in her voice.

‘Good enough for this first sessions.’ She thought, so she walked El through the steps the instructor told her about waking someone up. She snapped her finger and said. “Wake now.”

El cam up on to her hands and knees like a loaded spring and looked Deb straight in the eyes. “Oops.” She said, wondering if she had done something wrong. Maybe El knew all about her little plot and was just pretending to be under.

But she had little to worry about, at least for that out come. Elaine literally sprang at her from her spot on the bed, putting one hand on each of Deb’s shoulders, pushing her backwards. She hit her with such force that they both rolled off the bed, nearly knocking Deb’s head into the dresser as they hit he floor

El aggressively pinned her shoulders to the floor and started kissing her and licking at her. The she started in to trying to remove her shirt, but each time Deb tried to move to help Elaine knocked her back down to laying flat on the floor. She was getting more aggressive and it was starting to make Deb a little nervous, when suddenly El gave up on undoing button on the front of her blouse and just yanked really hard popping the last few buttons on Deb’s shirt.

Deb was getting more turned on with each aggressive move that El made that she barely noticed the ruined shirt till El started pulling blouse up like she was going to pull it off of her arms. She suddenly stopped and looked at Deb like she was a piece of meat. El had a hungry look in her eyes, like an animal and then a small smile started forming on her lips and that’s when Deb started getting really nervous.

Quickly El stopped trying to pull the shirt off of her arms and instead took the extra material and begun wrapping it around her arm from her elbow to her wrist and taking the last bit of material and tying a small knot in it, effectively tying Debs arms together above her head..

El let go of her arms and Debbie tried to bring her arms back up so she could see what El had done, but they didn’t come back up. Tilting her head a little to look, somehow El had tied her arms together and hen tied the whole thing to one of the legs on the dresser. Effectively tying her in place.

Deb never one for being restrained herself, it was actually a small phobia of hers since she was little, started kick out and wiggle, trying to toss El off of her. But she couldn’t get her hands free and Elaine had moved all of her weight right up to below Debbie’s ample chest.

Debbie was a D cup and always enjoy the freedom of having the front clasps on her bra. She never enjoyed having to fight her bra’s on in the morning.

Elaine unhooked the bra and pulled it up her arms to her elbows and then literally tied the piece into a knot, further restricting her movements. Making it difficult to move her head around much with her arms locked over her head as she was.

Elaine jumped and quickly pulled the rest of her clothes off of herself, revealing a freshly washed and shaved body.

Debbie was still struggling to get her arms and hands free as Elaine dropped back down to her knees, now full nude and juice dripping, almost pouring from her cunt. She straddled Deb’s chest and begin to grind her pussy all over her breasts, smearing her juices from nipple to nipple.

She could feel it beginning to drip down the sides of her tits and across her chest. It would have almost tickled if it all wasn’t so aggressively done.

Elaine was moving with pleasure at the site of Deb stuck there under her. She raised up and it was like someone had dumped a cup water across her chest. Elaine must have cum, she always made a mess when she did.

“What are you doing El.” This was getting out of hand, a little rough play was one thing but she wasn’t liking how and where this was going. Debbie was usually the one overpowering El.

Debbie started bucking hard as El began to inch up slowly with her knees press tightly to Deb’s body, slowly pinning her arms even further and there by restricting her head from moving even more.

“Stop this El.” Deb was getting a bit frantic now, this wasn’t fun anymore and it definitely wasn’t turning her on and that look on El’s face was beginning to freak her out. “El stop this.”

Elaine stopped and begin looking around for something and Debbie thought she had gotten thru to her, but suddenly she reached out kneeling up a little higher, giving Deb an excellent view of El’s dripping soppy pussy.

As she focused on the sight above her head several drops landed on her head and face with some falling into her mouth. Debbie always enjoy the way she tasted and this time was no different. If Deb had an aphrodisiac it was El’s juices.

She reached out her touched, but couldn’t quiet reach El’s dripping lips. So focused on her more tender parts she hadn’t been paying attention to what El was doing. Suddenly she lept off of Deb.

Thinking that it was over, Deb tried to wiggle herself free again, but she couldn’t seem to make any headway with her bonds and she wasn’t strong enough to move the dresser at the angle she was at.

Suddenly she felt El grab one of her ankle and yank it to the side so quickly she didn’t have to to respond and before she knew it something was around her ankle and as she looked up El was tying the other end of a belt to one of the legs of her bed.

“What the fuck El.” Deb yelled.

Suddenly El was back up in her face, she had grabbed something, Deb wasn’t sure what it was, but it was shoved into her mouth and then El grabbed her by the hair and wrapped what looked and felt like one of her scarves around and around her head, effectively keeping her gagged. She was really glad at that moment that she had her allergy shot and she wasn’t having any breathing problems, because by the look in El’s eyes there was no reasoning with her at the moment.

El was back up and before she realized it she had grabbed her other ankle and was effectively restraining her and had it tied to the other end of the dresser before she could do anything about it.

She was now spread eagle on the floor half her clothes off of her and the half either rip or shoved down one limb or another.

She watched El for a moment as she looked at her handy work before they locked eyes again. The hunger, the desire, the, she wasn’t sure what it was that was there. She had never seen anything like it in anyone’s eyes before. She looked like she was going mad, but it appeared she had a plan and that was scaring her a bit.

El Stepped across her, with one foot on each side of her waist and then she slowly lowered herself back down to her knees. Always watching her eyes, feeling Debbie tremble underneath her.

Debbie could feel her heat and the moisture that leaked from between El’s legs, coating first her belly and then across her breasts again.

Again El slowed and then stopped over her breasts, rubbing herself, back and forth, up and down. First slowly and then more vigorously. She began to rub her own breasts, pinching her own nipples, leaning back as she ground her hot moist crotch into her breasts faster and harder with each swing of her hips and then suddenly there was a gush of warm liquids running down her breasts and over her flat belly and down her sides, slowly dripping on to the floor.

She was going to rip her fucking long silky black hair off of her head when she got up. But the look in her eyes was building again and she didn’t think she would be getting up anytime soon.

Still no word was spoken by El as she climbed off of her, it seemed to Deb that just about anything was making her cum and just about anything was getting her going again. She’d had this problem with her before a few times, she would get so worked up that there was no stopping her no matter how many times she had an orgasm.

El moved out of her sight and came back a few moments later with the toy box. ‘What the fuck.’ Deb thought.

Her back was to Deb, so she couldn’t see what she was doing. After a moment she turned back and kneeled over her again this time, not on her breasts, but just about them, almost to the point where El’s cunt was in her mouth.

El grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head up rather roughly, she slipped the hood over head and tied it down around her neck, then her head was placed back down on the floor between her arms.

She felt El lift her shoulders and head again and slide something under her and she felt it come up over both of her arms and lay across her neck. Slowly, slowly it pulled tighter and tighter, under her chin pinning her arms to her head, effectively preventing her from moving her head but a little in any direction.

It was so quiet in the room she could her El moving about.

After a moment she felt her hand upon her lower belly just above her pussy and in spite of herself she could tell hat her juices where freely flowing as well and she was highly aroused and super sensitive as El’s had slide down further till first one finger, then two found there way to her click.

El knew just how push her buttons, literally even and she begun to tease her click, giving it just enough pressure and then finding a light but determined rhythm. In spite of herself, her hips began to lift, reaching for a firmer touch on her clit, just to have El pull her hand back and then as her hips returned to the floor El’s fingers would return and soon she couldn’t help but squirm, lifting her hips again.

Yet this time as her searching hips came up and before El’s fingers left her searching clit wanting more, a foam wedge was placed under he back, the narrow end up further under back. Forcing her hips to remain in the air, while providing support for her back.

It was designed as a pillow wedge, but it appeared that El had found another use for it. Now all of her bounds where even tighter and her pelvis was nearly 6 inches up off the floor, effectively leaving her even more helpless than before, as if that was even possible.

She was so trussed up, so furious that she wanted to throttle Elaine, so aroused and horny that she was about to bust. It was an incredible set of feelings and sensations, pain, discomfort, pleasure and so aroused that it made normal edging seem irritatingly boring.

The El was attacking her clit again, but not with her fingers. Then there was the sound of buzzing and she knew what that meant. She had brought out the vibrator. El knew that she loved that thing almost as much as her tongue and together, just pass out heaven.

It was upon her and her hips bucked and wiggled and squirmed, but there was no escape. She was trussed up so tight that she couldn’t escape the relentless vibration and with all that had come before, it only took moments and she started cumming.

El didn’t remove the vibrator as Debbie was cumming, she just wiggled it about a little bit as she continued to orgasm. The orgasm would subside for a moment, but El kept right on applying pressure and after a moment it would start to build again, but only stronger this time.

She had seen a video like this once, he woman would scream and shake and pass out and then wake screaming and shaking and then pass out again. Now she knew what that was like and she wasn’t sure where it and how it would end.

It vibrated and vibrated and the pressure built and built till she had another orgasm. She kept right on cumming and cumming.

After about the 4th or 5th time that she had an orgasm, she didn’t know anymore, she must have passed out for a few moments because she suddenly realized that she was cumming again and that dam vibrator was still there buzzing away and she could move in any direction to slow it down or get away from it.

She had another orgasm. It hit her hard, with the waves of intensity building till she felt like she must have been screaming. She couldn’t hear anything but the vibrator going and going and the small whimpering sounds that she knew must have been coming from herself.

She must have passed out again, because this time when she awoke there was no buzzing sound to be heard or even felt. Although she did feel El’s had resting just above her clit, not moving, just resting there.

She thought that perhaps El was done and would release her now, when she felt at her entrance what she knew was one of the wider dildos they had. She felt it press against her opening, moving very slowly as it started to part her still moist lips. It continued to move slowly into her, stretching her little by little till she felt the head of the thing was all the way in and then it stopped and just stayed there.

“Fucking tease.” She tried to shout but all that came out was a muffled. ‘umph’

Then she felt El’s warm moist crotch settle onto her chest again, this time though between her breasts and her chin. She knew what was coming next as the gag in her mouth began to loosen.